NEW! Mia Kirshner’s Vampire Diaries Role Summons Some of Jenny Schecter’s Parts

VAMPIRE JENNY: Mia Kirshner has landed a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries when it returns to the airwaves on January 21st. See? We told you Jenny was immortal! JK, Jenny won’t be playing a vampire. But she will probs get murdered again (more on this exclusive info in a second) (@latimes)mia kirshner seductive

This is the breakdown for Mia’s part:

[ISOBEL]: 32-38 years old, a beautiful Caucasian woman, sweet but can make the turn to dangerous. She is Alaric’s (Matt Davis) wife. STAR NAMES OR STRONG GUEST STAR ACTORS ONLY. GUEST STAR, RECURRING. (@actors access)

According to E! Online, “Kirshner will appear on the series beginning Jan. 21, but her scenes won’t be in present-day. They will be in flashbacks because her character Isobel is already dead. And you’ll never guess who killed her. No really, go ahead, try! Though my sources have asked me not to spoil the big twist outright, suffice it to say that Isobel died at the hands of a main (hot) character we already know. (Did I mention hot?)” (@e!)

An exclusive source tells Autostraddle (SPOILER ALERT!) that although Isobel is straight, she shares something else in common with Jenny — a dedication to her work that just may lead to her death. When Isobel isn’t up all night on her computer investigating stories like this one — “There’s a town in Virginia. It’s small. Out of the way. Quiet. And every decade or so something happens there, and all these people die. They say it’s animal attacks. The bodies …they’re drained of blood. It’s vampires. I know it.” — she’ll be making multiple trips to investigate her story.  And much like poor Tim Haspel, Alaric could lose his wife to his wife’s story — all that chasing down vampires could get her very mixed up with the wrong crowd and a dangerous love interest. Lesbians, Vampires, Potato, Potahhhto.

Hey did you know Jennifer Beals once played a Vampire?


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DIVA-UK-SkinsSKINS: Naomi & Emily — I mean Kathryn Prescott & Lily Loveless — grace the cover of UK’s Lesbian Magazine DIVA, which will hit the stands in January 2010. (@diva)

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GAGA: Lady Gaga’s Kandy Life LEAKED! and 2007 Demos! (@ontd)

AMBER ROSE: Bisexual model Amber Rose hosted a stripper party. Necole Bitchie says this “further raises [her] suspicion that [Amber] may be single again. If she was still with Kanye, I’d assume she’d be spending time traveling to exotic cities and tending to his needs rather than hosting strip parties.” (@necolebitchie)

KATY PERRY: Another reason to dislike Katy Perry! “I Kissed A Girl” Singer Katy Perry Ridicules Transgender Community on Twitter. (@glaadblog)

PLUS NONE: For January, V made the questionable decision of pairing plus-size model Crystal Renn with straight-size model Jacquelyn Jablonksi, in the same outfits. The magazine says this “proves fashion can flatter any figure.” We say, why pit one women against another?” (@jezebel)

GRAMMYS: The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will have no shortage of powerhouse artists performing. Taylor Swift and Beyonce are among the first round of performers announced to perform at music’s biggest night. (@ontd)

LOHAN: Reader Lauren has tipped us that Lohan did a recent photoshoot in Santa Barbara, where a Brazillian paper reported that Lindsay had “scratches & stains in the leg and right arm … she needed to be made up to disguise the wounds.” The photos with the Brazillian article suggest self-mutilation but the shots from PopSugar look a-ok, even candids. So; someone photoshopped something somewhere… oh Lilo, we don’t know what else to say without getting yelled at! People have ways of dealing with pain that don’t make sense to everyone and we hope she’s okay, and being taken care of, and is probs coming to NYC to reunite with her TRUE LOVE SAMANTHA and HANG OUT WITH US.


LA VIDA LOCA: Take heart, gaymos, Ricky Martin has your back. The singer released a statement yesterday lamenting the recent anti-gay attacks in Puerto Rico, where Martin was born: The murders of James Byrd, Matthew Shepard, Jorge Steven Lopez, Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez and countless others who were victims of violent ‘hate crimes’ should be completely unacceptable to every human being; because we’re all human beings. It’s up to us to change the paradigm. (@advocate)

VISIBILITY MATTERS: Sarah Warn has a visual look back at all the ladies who came out in the 00’s, from Angelina Jolie (2000) to Sheryl Swoopes (2005) to Wanda Sykes (2008) to Meredith Baxter (2009).

BRITTANY MURPHY: Brittany Murphy Update! (@vulture)

WRITTEN ON THE BODY: A portrait of lesbian British author Jeanette Winterson. (@eurout)

ADAM LAMBERT: Adam Lambert was on Jay Leno last night, there were heaps of adorbs moments, like when Adam talked about safe plucking.


Jay: You know, see I don’t buy any of it. Because networks love scandal, and then they’re like, “Huh what gambling?!! I can’t believe this!” To me, you hire performers, you know what performers do. See, I think they secretly hope somebody does something outrageous so they can all pretend as if they’re tremendously shocked by all of this. No seriously, remember the whole Super Bowl thing, oh that couldn’t have been staged, come on.
Adam: I’m kind of a conspiracy theorist too, but I really think they were kind of backed into a corner on what happened. You know there’s the FCC, there’s different groups that took offense. They have to do what they’ve gotta do.
Jay: Did you feel as if they bailed on you?
Adam: I mean, I did surprise them with some things that I didn’t do during rehearsals. Let’s be fair, I wasn’t as consistent during rehearsal. So I mean…
Jay: That’s like lawyer talk, ‘oh I wasn’t as consistent during rehearsals’ oh I like that. I was not as consistent during rehearsals, like Tiger had transgressions. I love that kind of talk.

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  1. Let’s just hope that there are no Oompa Loompa vampire parties in that show. Mia should be allowed to maintain a tiny bit of dignity.

  2. Now I wish I lived in the UK so I could get that issue of DIVA. I totally got hooked on Skins because of the autostraddle recaps; I watched all 3 seasons online (I don’t have BBC America)and I LOVED IT!

    Thanks ladies!

  3. i can’t see the picture Katy Perry posted and i’m not entirely clear on the context, so i’m hesitant to go WTF, but at the same time katy perry annoys the fuck out of me so i’d like to. wtf katy perry. go fuck yourself.

    you guys. i had this dream last night. about Lady Gaga. we were making out and stuff. it was so awesome you guys.

    • A couple weeks ago, apparently for fun/shits and giggles, she posted a picture of a nude transman (hairy body, no top surgery) in rainbow socks on her twitter (directed at a friend?) with a horrible comment about how this must be what birth control does to your body or something, and her followers filled the comments with nasty things, calling the guy an ‘it’ and such… I actually saw it because someone else got angry and tweeted about it, but forgot until Rhiannon Argo tweeted about it again, and then these articles popped up. Apparently KP *finally* took notice of the complaints and removed the picture. You can still see it at Queerty-

      • thanks for the link. the queerty comments are pretty special, too. personally i’m offended by the rainbow socks in that picture but otherwise i’m just categorically unimpressed with the whole thing. fuck off, katy perry.

  4. Wow.. Vampire Diaries, Jenny, Sandra, Emily & Naomi, Taylor Swift … you guys, this post is basically all of my favourite topics / people condensed into one post. I love you Autostraddle. Really.

  5. I am coming out as a Vampire Diaries watcher. Its not good but its got me. I think it may be the one of the hot main characters MK’s character will be linked too. I hope it is Damon, Ian Somerhalder, because he is an evil manipulative jack ass that makes the show. And his deviousness with MK’s craziness should be VERY entertaining. Although i wish her character would be alive present day. When it airs I will have a full feeling report.

    what movie was JB in?

  6. Really, Katy? Really?

    ANYwho. You guys are absotively right, why are they putting the two models against each other?

  7. i can’t wait to see Mia in Vamp.D. I hope her character goes totally nuts- as in cuckoo(but not for cocoa puffs)-
    {like all of the characters Mia usually plays} so i can have the familiar pleasure of seeing Mia aka Jenny being jenny in a not-so-pleasant tv show

    Jb looks really weird/scary in that pic…i’m gonna see her in my sleep now…not a good thing in this case because it will not be THAT DREAM but more of a nightmare-ish kinda thing…
    so yeah… thanx

  8. Obvs it was Angelica who killed Jenny, guys, she had a gun. Angelica probably wandered off while Bette and Tina weren’t paying attention and she’s out to kill Jenny’s new character.

    • Angelica? hmmm i thought it was sounder, who then turned her into a vampire (because he had a mad case of rabies…like TER-RI-BLE) but then i read that she gets killed (again)
      so that totally blew my theory out

  9. im sorry but Jenny was my favorite charachter on the L word, i lovedddd her , everyone else was blah to me…

    amber rose smh her story is ridiculous her ex girlfriend Tiffany did that lesbian documentary “the aggresives” and then a few years later amber rose met kanye, according to Tiffany, amber got lost in the money and decided to go “bi” when she met kanye and she left her for kanye….crazy thing is that if you watch the documentary”the aggresives” Amber Roses ex gf which is Tiffany was a lesbian but she considered herself to be a gay male and didn’t really identify as being a lesbian because she felt she was born to be a gay male…

    so then amber goes and dates Kanye who im like 99percent sure is gay and sooo it all makes since…Amber is more attracted to gay males…

    and Kanye is def gay…idk but if you read the story about the couple online or see the documentary you’ll see what i mean

    anyway back to jenny…cant wait to see this lol


    • GO TEAM JENNY — Alex and I also love Jenny. We don’t have a lot of friends who love Jenny like we do. We loved her and then Ilene ruined her and it hurt our feelings.

      That’s really weird that you mention “the aggressives” b/c me & alex were talking about it tonight, alex hasn’t seen it and i was telling her about it. i totallyyyyy remember tiffany, i didn’t know she dated amber rose!

      i guess it works for kanye cuz probs she doesn’t wanna have sex all the time and luckily he doesn’t either cuz he likes dudes.



        “i guess it works for kanye cuz probs she doesn’t wanna have sex all the time and luckily he doesn’t either cuz he likes dudes.”

        omg ive been saying this toooooolol

        you have to make her watch the documentary, i mean its not the greatest but tiffany was so interesting to me, yeah if you google amber rose and tiffany the photos of them will come up and its also on necolebitchie the entire story between them madness lol

        • also i identify as a jenny-defender. granted i didn’t see the last 1.5 seasons, but i was loyal to the show before that. and ilene def took her too far/wrote her into a really stupid black hole at times, but yeah. i still think mia krishner was one of the best things that show had going for it. like…her acting skillz vs. say, tina’s. TINAFAIL

      • omg the agressives is so interesting! i didn’t know anyone else who’s watched it. who was that hot fella/lady who went into the military? i still have a crush on them i think. which one was tiffany?! also i don’t know who amber rose is because i got confused

        • I WATCH ALL DOCUMENTARIES. No seriously actually I rarely see a narrative film, but I’ve seen probs 75% of the documentaries given any kind of mainstream release. Except for Helvetica, I haven’t seen that one yet.

          Marquise! That was the one that went to the military and I agree she was really really really good looking.

          I think Tiffany and Marquise were the ones I thought was cute. Then there was the girl who picked up lots of girls and went on Ricki Lake, the model girl, and the Asian girl?

          Amber Rose is Kanye West’s girlfriend but she’s bisexual.

  10. P.S can u believe Asher Roth came out the closet last week, when i first heard it I waslike “ohhh noo poor Demi” cuz i was a little drunk at a bar in alphabet city when i found out, but then they said “nooo andrea asher roth the rapper”

    i’m like thank goodness it wasn’t ashton, so yeah the first openly gay rapper in history…kind of amazing!

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t like seeing Kathryn and Lily all tarted up in that picture? I mean it looks like they’re having fun and all, but I just want to yell them to get out of Mom’s makeup drawer and run a brush through their hair. God, I feel old.

    Katy Perry ftf. Guys, did anyone know she started out as a Contemporary Christian Music singer? Following in the footsteps of her two preacher singer parents? Thinking of her as a bratty PK who’s trying to piss off her parents but lacking the critical thinking skills to actually examine the narrow worldview she’s inherited? Explains So Much.

    • Katy Perry ftf. Guys, did anyone know she started out as a Contemporary Christian Music singer? Following in the footsteps of her two preacher singer parents? Thinking of her as a bratty PK who’s trying to piss off her parents but lacking the critical thinking skills to actually examine the narrow worldview she’s inherited? Explains So Much.

      WOW i def did not know that…that makes alot of things clear now

  12. I just watched the last episode of The L Word & finished the series today. :( I don’t even have words… I know, I’m like 1000 lesbian lightyears behind. So sad.

    P.S. Am I the only lesbian on Earth who likes Katy Perry? I can’t help it! She’s so, so attractive!

    • Oh, I totally think she’s attractive. And she can rock a sexy retro fifties-style one-piece with the best of them.

      But that just makes her LGBT fail and general shallowness that much more painful.

  13. I’ve never felt that Katy Perry was a friend to the LGBT community. She has simply made money off of us. Blech.

  14. So, this is way old, but I was searching for a specific post and came across this one in the results.

    The title of the post caught my eye, so I just had to stop and say that I like what you did here with the title. Very nice. :D

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