The 15 Gayest Pop Songs of 2017

We’ve got Tegan and Sara, of course, but also Hayley Kiyoko, Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui, Kehlani, Kesha Halsey, Mary Lambert, Babeo Baggins and more! This is great! We’re taking over the industry, the future is queer!

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Pop Culture Fix: Masc Selena Gomez Crushes On Femme Selena Gomez In “Bad Liar” Maybe and Other Stories

SO MANY THINGS TODAY! Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar” music video sure is a wild ride, Claws came out, The Handmaid’s Tale finishes up today, Kate Mulgrew talks about Season 6 of OITNB, Hayley Kiyoko is in a new lesbian film, also there’s this Whitney Houston documentary, also Lady Gaga made a Starbucks drink??, also an interview about Brown Girls!!, also Ellen Page, Beth Ditto, and so much more…