No Filter: And Now, Watch Hayley Kiyoko Turn a Straight Girl With Lesbian Eye Contact

This week in No Filter news, I am dismayed to inform you that my imaginary girlfriend Trace Lysette recently took to her Instagram stories to admit that our long-struggling heroine Miss Margaret (the flowering tree who lived on her balcony) had finally passed away. She held a moving tribute to the famously troubled plant, and many tears were shed. I may never be the same.

Additionally, this tabloid bit about Samantha Ronson and her current girlfriend made me long for the days when Samantha and Lindsay Lohan were the definitive lesbian Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of our time.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about Instagram!

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i love you. #home πŸŒ΅πŸŒ–πŸœπŸŒŒ

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Here’s a series of photographs of Paris Jackson climbing a tree. She has not posted ANYTHING regarding Cara Delevingne in several days but I maintain hope that these two are still very much canoodling. Cara did repost a meme from Paris which seems promising? The couple who memes together something something?
Kehlani has posted a lot of videos of herself cheesing at Coachella but this particular video of her reveling in Beyonce’s very existence is my favorite.

OK, here’s a really cute photo of Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko dreaming of the day she’d one day take the stage at Coachella. Amazingly, once she actually did play Coachella, she took this blessed opportunity to turn a straight girl:

Also, Hayley’s Mom had a very good time:
This is honestly the best argument anyone has ever made for Coachella.

Danielle Brooks dancing videos are guaranteed to improve your week by about 214243%.

Will season 2 of Westworld actually kill me? IT MIGHT.


Where is everybody getting these cute cat ears from and why weren’t they cool when I was a 16-year-old mall goth?

This is a lot of lesbian superhero power in one photo, and also Catwoman.

This video is exactly what it claims to be and I have watched it approximately thirteen times on a loop today.

Join us next week, as Hayley Kiyoko’s reign of terror/splendor continues.

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  1. I’m going to need a “Kiyoko Swag 101” seminar immediately – I think there is much I could learn from her.

  2. Since upgrading my OS, I am finally able to watch Instagram videos on my laptop and as a result No Filter has been making my life 515% more excellent.

  3. In this week of No Filter: Women’s Soccer edition…

    Abby Erceg (Courage/New Zealand) celebrated her girlfriend and teammate Kristen Hamilton’s (Courage) birthday with a sweet post (@abbyerceg, @k_ham17 if you want to follow them).

    Houston Dash had a bye week so lovebirds Rachel Daly and Kristie Mewis watched the Courage game to cheer on Kristie’s sister Sam. They also spent a lot of time with Jane Campbell’s puppy. (@racheldaly3, @kmewis19, @janecampbell_ for cute puppy photos)

    Sam Kerr (Australia/Red Stars) cheered on Nikki Stanton as she made her second start with the Red Stars while Kerr wraps up the Asian Cup with Australia (@samanthakerr20, @nikkiguti7 if you want to follow them, and you do).

    Mackenzie Arnold (Australia) and Carson Pickett (Pride) continued to inspire speculation that they are dating. First Macca sent Pickett a new pair of shoes, then Pickett’s Instagram story chronicled her watching Macca start against Thailand for Australia. Rough game, but she ended it by making 3 penalty saves in the shoot-out, sending Australia to the finals. Pickett celebrated by posting a cute photo of them together with the hashtag #proudofya. (@carson.pickett, @mackenziearnold)

    Mandy Laddish (Royals FC) and Becca Moros (Royals FC) are now both injured – Laddish had season-ending surgery, and Moros was injured in Utah’s second game against the Dash – but they looked real cute attending Utah’s home opener against Chicago together! (@mladdish, @beccamoros)

  4. That Hayley Kiyoko look was like a gay baptism. I’ve reaffirmed my lesbian faith and been born again hot damn.

  5. “This is a lot of lesbian superhero power in one photo, and also Catwoman.”

    Hahahaha, this caption was so perfect it made my day better. thank you Stef!

  6. I can’t be the only one here with a big crush on Wanda Sykes, She is just soo cool and funny!

  7. 1.) Wow I’m gay
    2.) Pls don’t climb Joshua Trees they have a very shallow and fibrous root system and can fall over if they’re in drought conditions! This is because they’re not a tree but a tree-like growth form of a yucca-like plant, which is more like a grass. #themoreyouknow
    3.) She cute tho

  8. Everyone is out being young, cool, woke, rich, etc. at Coachella, but the real party is in Danielle Brooks’ living room.

  9. I can’t decide which video I love more. Hayley Kiyoko, her mom (SO CUTE), or Danielle Brooks. So much amazingness in one No Filter. A+

  10. Honestly right now my life goal is to make out with Hayley’s beautiful, beautiful face, and tell her that I love her <3

  11. Every time I watch any video of Hayley Kiyoko, I become at least 1% more gay. Her faaaaace! Her swaggerrrr! Between those and new Janelle Monae videos, I am now 800% gay.

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