Vote Now in Autostraddle’s Second Annual Gay Emmys!

Queer women’s television has grown significantly in recent years. Still, we’ve watched our best continue to be sidelined by a straight white male majority that won’t pay attention to queer stories, women’s stories, stories about people of color. Well, no more my friends!

VOTE NOW in Autostraddle’s Inaugural Gay Emmys!

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences — like Hollywood itself, and mainstream TV criticism — continues to be dominated by a voting block of mostly straight white men. So, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to host our own Autostraddle TV awards to coincide with the Emmys.

Women on TV I’d Like to Befriend

“Jessica Williams would be the type of friend that would tell me to my face that my shirt is open and everyone can see my bra as plainly and swiftly as telling someone her drink order.”

Broad City, Ilana and Space Enough for Bothness

I remember the day I found out that Ilana from Broad City wasn’t biracial. I Googled around until I found evidence that there were others like me: biracial girls who felt a little bit incredulous; just a hair shy of betrayed. To this day I haven’t been able to convince whatever part of my brain that initially projected that identity onto her to unclench.