Comics 101: The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Have you ever wanted to read comic books but found yourself a) overwhelmed, b) intimidated or c-g) five kinds of confused? We lay it all out for you, kind of like a railroad magnate would. But he’d be laying railroad track, and we’re layin’ knowledge and we’re a layin’ it about comic books. So check it out– get schooled about the comic book, the graphic novel, the comic strip and that wily beast the webcomic.


10 Awesome ’00s Books by Queer Women

Autostraddle looks back on some of the decade’s most awesome books by queer ladies. Annie Leboivitz shoots Britney’s Candies Campaign, a year in Gaga costumes, Disney’s best & worst princesses, and Lady Gaga gives an interview that’s really weird, even for her.