Alison Bechdel Talks In Speech Bubbles With The Rumpus

Rachel’s Team Pick:

Obviously we have a lot of Alison Bechdel Feelings around here. From Dykes to Watch Out For to Fun Home to Are You My Mother?, we are interested in all the intricacies of her thoughts and feelings. Lucky for us, many of them are contained in her book, but sometimes there are extra special treats, like in this interview with the Rumpus! The interview is conducted by MariNaomi, whose own graphic memoir also scandalized her parents. Both are charming and hilarious and eminently enjoyable, and maybe the best part of all is that the interview itself is partly in graphic novel form.

drawn by marinaomi for the rumpus

If you’re interested in hearing about narcissism, representations of women’s bodies, and “furtive forays into autobiography in Dykes to Watch Out For” then check out the whole thing!

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  1. I loved the part at the end of the interview, where the interviewer compared interviewing your hero with making small talk with a childhood crush. That is so great.

    Also, 4000 reference pictures?? That’s a lot of work! Geez.

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