We Grieve, and Then We Get to Work

It’s heartbreaking to know that this is the country we live in — that this is the country we’ve lived in all along. But the fact that this is the country we’ve lived in all along and that we’re here to read this means that we’ve survived it so far, and that the tools to keep surviving in it are at our hands.

2016’s Democratic Platform Includes Indigenous People; That Doesn’t Mean It’s Earned the “Indian Vote”

“At one point the DNC and Clinton representatives weren’t going to include anything in regards to Native People in the party platform. ‘I was angry. I was just devastated… No you’re not, no you’re not going to do this to Native Americans. You’re not going to further marginalize my people any longer,’ Ms. Parker said to me.”

Conservatives Are Out of Control with Rampant Anti-Trans Legislation

There’s more anti-trans legislation this year like never before a new report says, what happened with Hillary and Bernie in Nevada, a Yelp employee was fired after penning an open letter to her CEO about her unlivable wages, anti-gay protestors showed up at the Arizona high school where two teen girls died in a murder-suicide, and more news!