1. Didn’t think I could love Charlene any more! Totally wrong. I <3 Charlene so much, even before the show. You better believe when she screams into the mic for all the ladies to “get yo gay motherf^#^ing asses in here” that we all listen. Lol.

    Seriously, if you’re in LA, you must go to truck stop and show the ladies of fuse some love.

    -truck stop advocate

      • Awesome interview. (:
        Charlene seems very sweet and down to earth. I also watched your vlog with her and that was awesome too. ^
        Wooh! Two thumbs up!

    • Oh we will for sure be visiting the ladies of Truck Stop when we head over to LA soon. Looking forward to it, Charlene was such a cutie to interview!

  2. Loved the interview, but there seems to be some mess in part V (her day job is probably not to take stuff with a grain of salt, and I doubt she was that repetitive)?

    • Urm actually yeah that is exactly what she said … the repetitive stuff and the answer to the day job question. That being said, she probs didn’t hear us ask that question, or else her day job IS to not take stuff with a grain of salt, which is also an awesome day job. Personally, my day job is taking things with a dash of sugar. Like Gimme Sugar. See how I brought that back around. I’m a genius. Charlene is sweet like sugar.

  3. Charlene: Oh, I’m the same. Girls to this day scare me. But when I’m out, and when I’m working, I’m working. I don’t pay attention to the girls in there unless someone really cute catches my eye, and then it’s not like, Hey, you’re super cute, can I have your number?

    YEAH. TRUE STORY!!! Girl just workworkworks.

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