Daily Fix: She Missed the Bisexuality Boat, But “Miami Social” Is Riding that Train


Soooo how about that Girl-on-Gallery of ladies in swimsuits! Also, how about that article about Spinnerette and omg the Autostraddle Roundtable about “is there a lesbian generation gap?” Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. Also you have four more days to get your hands/eyes on every photo taken at Rodeo Disco!

double_linesCHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE: “The Door” is a haven for GBLTQ kids in Paris. (@the villager)

9021-OH! OH!: “This is what I foresee. Naomi gets drunk, and she gets a little crazy. Naomi wants to experiment. And then a little lip-on-lip action with Rumer Willis can’t hurt anybody, right? How fabulous would that be. They totally need to make it happen!” (@perez revenge)

GAY TEEVEE: Bravo’s new “lives of the rich & famous” docusoap fiesta Miami Social, premiering July 14th, features a bisexual lady who does not want to rob half the population of her supreme skills as  a lover. Her name is Maria. Furthermore, Carlytron has pointed out that Ari Fish, a contestant on the new season of Project Runway, looks like a “hotter Samantha Ronson.”

IT GOES THERE: Degrassi: The Hollywood Movie comes this summer, but how can there be a Degrassi movie without PALEX? (@ohnotheydidnt)

WOMYN: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg explains it all for you. (@jezebel)

LADY GAGA OBVS: She said: “I’m inspired by the moonlight, sex, slasher films and pornography.” (@thesun)

LOHAN: Lindsay Lohan and her fashion-line partner are hoping to create unforgettable TV and movie content with a new production company.

AMANDA PALMER: Watch Out magazine’s interview!

A VERY GOOD ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF BRUNO SERIOUSLY: After Brüno, Hollywood depictions of gays may never be the same. That’s a good thing:“Leave it to a movie with a talking penis to come up with a brilliant tactic against homophobia: the gay-panic offense.” (@slate)

THE DEATH OF PRINT: Window media, publishers of The Washington Blade, The Southern Voice, Express Gay News, David, Houston Voice, The South Florida Blade and 411 Magazine, may close by the end of the month. (@queerty) (Even more important that existing gay/lesbian media companies put their differences aside, realize we’re all in this together and support each other to meet mutually beneficial goals!)

PALINISMS: Sarah Palin, has quit her job, now is bored, has taken her Schizoophasia and General Nonsense to Twitter! (@gawker)

Speaking of kids, Levi has now said on the record that she quit to work on her book deal, reportedly worth millions!

THE GREAT UNEMPLOYEDS: Paulina Porizkova of ANTM speaks out“Performers are, by nature, self-employed. Sort of. We are used to being out of work; we are used to the thought that this job may be our last. The threat of unemployment doesn’t so much hang over your head as it surrounds you like water in a pool.”(@huffpo)

BISEXUAL CHIC, TAKE 10,000: Why does point three make me feel old? Well, I think I just missed the boat on the bisexuality trendIn the last five years or so, female bisexuality has become quite “cool.”: “Bisexuality on The Real World Cancun.”  (@thefrisky)

FANatic: Last word with Margret Cho:“I went to go see PJ Harvey, and I really wanted to go backstage and meet her, and she said no [laughs]. I was devastated.”(@ok!magazine)

GENDERF*CK: Zooey Deschanel plays Sid Vicious: “Zooey Deschanel is about as adorable as it gets. Her voice, big blue eyes and generally charming persona make it pretty much impossible not to like her — even when she adopts an English accent, dresses as Sid Vicious and stabs Nancy Spungen, who is also in drag.”(@afterellen)


Australian Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduces gay marriage bill“The Bill seeks to remove all discrimination based on sexuality and gender from the Marriage Act. It will also allow same-sex marriages legalized abroad to be recognized in Australia.” (@ Independent Political report)

National Park Service includes gays and lesbians in civil rights trail plans “The National Park Service says gays and lesbians have been neglected by a lack of historic landmarks and trails to honor their struggle for equal rights, according to advance testimony to Congress.” [The Dana Fairbanks waterfall is under consideration)

Prosecutors say they have offered a plea deal to a 15-year-old boy charged with fatally shooting a gay student in an Oxnard classroom.

↑ ROCKSTAR energy drinks gets gay wings.

A kiss between two men that got them and three friends thrown out of a Chico’s Tacos restaurant has become the backdrop of a citywide debate on gay rights.

Sikh clergy decree against solemnizing gay marriages “The Sikh clergy has issued a decree to the community not to solemnize any gay marriage, terming it as unacceptable in the faith.” (@ Daily India)

HIV Travel Ban to be Lifted. (@pamshouseblend)


Auto-Straddler of the Day


x-iconfrom Intern X:
So this is heavily contending to take the number two spot on my greatest website list. It’s called Hype machine and it’s an awesome place to find music. Lately my life has required that I only listen to up-tempo music and this site has tons of remixes, covers, mash-ups, and generally good music.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
Urban Outfitters teamed up with Republic Bikes to launch a co-branded bike shop. You can assemble your own single-speed/fixed-gear bike. I created my own online one time and pretended that I could buy it — fun times!

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  1. X! I la-la-LOVE hypem! I found out about a few months ago [thanks to my dj friend] and it’s just one of those sites I can be on for hours listening/looking for new music. Yay!

  2. i really love ruth bader ginsberg. sometimes i have dreams where rbg and madeline albright are my friends. is that weird? anyway, my favorite from that article is this line: “If you’re going to change things, you have to be with the people who hold the levers.” kind of reminds me of the women’s suffrage movement knowing that in order to gain traction they needed male voters on their side and how straight allies are super important to our progress as well.

    • i think those dreams are indicative of you being overall a very smart person. i have dreams about joey from “friends.”? sigh!

  3. I totally agree with Carly about Ari! I watched her video on the Project Runway website yesterday, and I’m convinced that she’s gay. I’m sort of wondering if LiLo will do a double take when she guest judges on the show…

  4. 1) I still maintain that Sam Ronson is quite smashing. Also, Ari Fish wears too much makeup.

    2) Admittedly not having read the article on the National Park Service’s “civil rights trails,” I’ve got this rather baffling image of queers of yore traipsing through woods and over mountains into the wilderness to escape persecution, a la Trail of Tears. (Do we get a Gay Reservation too??)

    • 1. it’s possible howevs that Ari Fish just submitted to too much airbushing? I like Sam-Ro too. I like her better in the pics where she’s younger and wasn’t so skinny yet.
      2. maybe it will be a little expedition to the site of the michigan womyn’s music festival?

  5. I’m acquainted with a few of the people on Miami Social. Sadly, the bisexual woman is not one of them.

    And Sarah Palin on twitter = amazing.

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