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We Love Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Impression More Than Anyone Loves Sarah Palin

We love nothing more than Tina Fey being Sarah Palin, amirite? Well, we have an infographic to prove it. Constance McMillen has now been invited to more queer-inclusive proms than we were aware existed, Lady Gaga tells you about safe sex, and her stalker fans tell you about her dressing room. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are huge lezzies, selling cars to gays, gay priests in Utah, NEWSIES MUSICAL and oh, Tila Tequila.

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Sarah Palin Fans Fumble in Palinisms, NYC Bookstore Forgoes Palin Altogether

Palin supporters in Ohio can’t explain Palin too good, and Comedy Central finds there are no Palin supporters in New York b/c of the liberal elite. American evangelical groups are spreading their anti-gay message to Africa, and it’s coming back around to affect the USA. Lady Gaga will be on Ellen this week. And one group in D.C. is fighting hypocrisy by outing priests.

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Sarah Palin Lies (& Loves Glenn Beck), Double X Folds, Women Bare 40% and Feminism Allegedly Won?

WHAT A DAY FOR THE LADIES! Mr. Buckingham Palace thinks feminism has triumphed because men have all turned into little girls who like to sing their way into our heart. Double X folds, Sarah Palin lies, Oprah talks porn, Sarah Haskins will protect you and new research suggests ladies should bare 40% of their bodies for optimum sex appeal, so roll up those cargo shorts!