Daily Fix: No H8 For Haviland, Glambert Does Ziggy Stardust, Jackson Palin Jackson Palin Jackson Palin WAAA!

HAVILAND ALSO DOESN’T LIKE H8 Hands down best no on h8er ever: Haviland Stillwell!

BRITNEY: Did an Album Ever Save Your Life?: ”A new documentary titled “Britney Spears Saved My Life” explores the lives of hardcore Britney fans who claim that the singer’s music and ability to regain control over her often turbulent personal life has had quite an impact on them.” (@jezebel)

IF I DON’T GET MICHEAL JACKSON’S CAUSE OF DEATH AND SARAH PALIN’S REASON FOR RESIGNATION WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS I AM QUITTING THE INTERNET!: The past week has been a vertiable minefield of “things one can easily obsess over via internet.” Michael Jackson’s drug abuse! Sarah Palin – future TV star? Networks will blanket Tuesday with Michael Jackson coverage! Sarah Palin comes unhinged! Who won a ticket to the Michael Jackson funeral? Sarah Palin has absolutely no interest in governing Alaska! And, if you haven’t already, read Vanity Fair‘s recent piece on why Palin was big trouble.

SARAH PALIN IS COMING UNHINGED & IS OBSESSED WITH THE INTERNET, ITS ABILITY TO SWAY PUBLIC OPINION: Sarah Palin comes unhinged! “While most Americans spent the 4th of July dressed in red, white and blue, grilling various forms of animal flesh with their friends and neighbors, going to the beach, perhaps watching other Americans compete in a contest to see who could consume the most processed meats in a ten-minute time frame, Sarah Palin was cranking out an insane letter with some ridiculous Alaskan lawyer which basically threatens to sue anyone who dares to speak ill of Saint Sarah.” (@jezebel)

GLAMBERT: Videos from the first American Idol concert include an Adam Lambert David Bowie Medley … who could ask for anything more?

STONEWALL: New York’s Stonewall riot in 1969 is credited with launching the gay rights movement – and 40 years on, its impact is still being felt by politicians in the UK.

AMAZING ACTS OF GAYNESS: Dropping One’s Pants to Prove One’s Sex: According to a Clarksville Police report, a customer became angry when she and an office clerk got into an argument about the customer’s gender. The suspect then allegedly dropped her pants to prove she was a female.”

ANA ON ICE: “If I were to say that skating was solely to blame for my development of the disorder, it would be a lie. Eating disorders aren’t caused by just one thing. However, being in the skating world fostered the disease and made the completely horrible things I was doing to my body every day seem “normal.” (@trueslant)

PALINISMS: Didn’t you miss the Sarah Palin runarounds? The linguistic slights of hand? The maddening inability to speak in anything but cheery, aggressive abstractions? Well, they’re back! Anderson Cooper battles the muck.

HATERS: Roeder Continues his Campaign of Hate From Behind Bars: Scott Roeder, the man accused of assassinating Dr. George Tiller last month, is continuing his hate-filled campaign from his jail cell, mailing out pamphlets praising Paul Hill, who was executed for killing a physician and abortion clinic escort in 1994. (@jezebel)

SPARE YOUR PUPPIES, YOUTUBE: Everyone read this and stop talkng about videos “going viral” as part of any kind of marketing plan, thank yous! “You might have better odds playing the lottery than of becoming a viral video sensation.” (@slate)

Have you seen this photo of Camen De La Pica Morales before? I haven’t! Here:


Mullen Advises ‘Measured’ Approach to Gay PolicyThe nation’s top military officer said Sunday he has advised President Barack Obama to move “in a measured way” in changing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military.” (@associated press)

Defender of Marriage Marion Barry Arrested Again:Marion Barry, the noble defender of marriage who recently joined with Bishop Harry Jackson to fight DC’s same-sex marriage recognition bill, has been arrested for the 87th (or so) time.” (@joe my god)

“Listen, Big O, I don’t know if you saw Season 1 or Season 2 of A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila but here is a video starring a select group of Tila Tequila’s biggest fans. You do not want these people storming 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – or to leave their houses for that matter.” but (@gracethespot)

↑ Absolut Vodka Goes Label-Free for LGBTQ: ABSOLUT wants to challenge labels and prejudice to make the world more diverse, vibrant and respectful.

↑  Rainbow Lounge Incident puts Fort Worth at Forefront of Struggle for Gay Rights: ”But a week after the disturbing incident at the Rainbow Lounge [..] members of the community have embraced Fort Worth’s role as the latest ground zero for gay rights.” (@star telegram)


Auto-Straddler of the Day

stef-iconfrom Stef:
Oh look, more sensitive dance music! Modernaire are from England and they are my new obsession-of-the-moment.. Recommended for fans of Yelle, the Faint, maybe the Blow? Hook-y, synth-heavy, sorta-sentimental pop for people who have hearts. RCRD LBL has a download of their song “Faites Vos Jeux” here.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
I love this — Madonna pays a little tribute to the King of Pop on the opening night of her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour on July 4th. Her dancer is fucking awesome.

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