VIDEO: Shit Straight Girls Say To Lesbians

Lemme be honest with you here for a moment — I’ve found every single one of these fucking videos hilarious. Even the first one that some people found ambivalently offensive but ESPECIALLY “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls,” that one is by far the best.

Of course it was only a matter of time until one of our own took up the cause — Vlogger/comedian Arielle Scarcella has constructed “Shit straight girls say to lesbians.” ‘Cause you know they say some shit.

Obviously it opens with scissoring because I mean, who doesn’t.

Here it is!


So, how much does this ring true and what would you add to the video?

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  1. Omg! The question, “So a strap-on is like the same thing right? Why don’t you just have sex with guys then?” is so annoying. My guy friend just asked me this the other night and he starts off the questions, “Okay I’m not trying to offend you but…” Great video!

  2. Ha!

    My roommate said this to me when I came out to her last year: “Thanks for telling me! Just so you know, I’m, like, into guys…”

    Yes, thank you for that. Because that fact that you’re a woman makes me automatically want to bang you.

    • If this were done in the right tone, though, I think it could be an awesomely equal reaction to a coming out. “I like girls.” “That’s nice, I like guys.” Everyone should have to state their sexual orientation in such a conversation, not just the gay person. Share the awkward!

      • I fully support that idea. Almost like being into girls and being into guys and everything in between are all completely and equally okay!

        Unfortunately, I don’t think she meant it in the awkward sharing circle kind of way. I think she meant it in the semi-sort-of-I-don’t-want-to-be-weird-but-don’t-hit-on-me kind of way. Sigh.

  3. Oh no, there was this really cute totally gay lady working at the PeiWei by my old beauty school..the straight girls there assumed she was checking them out,and talked about how cute she was and if they were gay they would bang her. (Ya know cause shes not being nice to get tips like a straight girl would, she must wanna do them). Oh, and this gem: If a random girl you don’t know requests you on Facebook, she is probably gay and wants to bang you. In other words this is true…

  4. I always get, “You don’t think that guy is even a little bit hot?” And then if I admit, on rare occasions, “Yeah, he dresses nice/has nice hair/a cute face,” they’ll say, “So you’re bisexual then?”

  5. note to self: do not eat soup and a roll while on autostraddle. the rainbow bracelets one made me laugh so much I think there’s bread lodged in my sinuses.

    Seriously. It hurts. Stupid funny youtube.

  6. Rings true: “This doesn’t mean you’re gonna start dressing like a man, too, right?” Also followed by a precious and confusing “Ohmygod please don’t do that”-like plea.

    It was said to me while I was wearing a very spiffy blazer meant for spiffy 13- to 14-year-old boys, though, so I think that, fortunately, those straight ones are okay with me partially dressing like a spiffy little man. Bless their hearts.

  7. I always get the, “Are you SURE you just haven’t dated a decent guy yet?” Because the guy I dated when I was 15 was super effeminate and girly (he was even super thin and had long hair) so people think he just “turned me gay”, because “weaker” guys make girls gay. No dipshit, maybe I just dated him instead of macho man because I like things associated with femininity. In conclusion: high school sucks.

  8. I was laughing pretty hard through the whole video – my lesbian GF would totally agree with these things. It’s terrible! Davey Wavey needs to make a gay version of this!

  9. Somebody should totally make a “shit straight guys say to lesbians” version!

    Can I watch? JK.
    I’ve slept with a lesbian before.
    So you’d be totally hot if you just grew your hair out.
    I’ve slept with more girls than you have.
    Did some guy just like, really mess you up or something?
    Can I watch?
    Lesbians are totally hot. Wait, why is that offensive? It’s a compliment!
    Have you met my girlfriend?
    So, seriously, how do you know when you’re having sex?
    Wait, but seriously, I’ll just sit in the corner and not say anything.
    Well, if you ever want to switch it up a little bit….you know where to find me.
    You just haven’t been with a guy who knows what he’s doing.
    How do you feel about video cameras?
    Did you ever check out other girls in the shower during gym? Can you tell me about it?
    I’m totally cool with lesbians. I watch a lot of your porn!

  10. Me: “I’m just a masculine girl, you know?”

    Well-meaning acquaintance: “Omigod don’t say that! You are SO pretty! All you need to do is change your hair a little, start wearing makeup, maybe wear lighter colors…”

    oh my god my face during that convo. Masculine is suddenly bad? Who’s the alleged man-hater here? (Been called that too, not by the same person, thank god.)

  11. After having a long rant about her male friend who is an asshole:
    *serious, contemplative voice* “Sometimes, I really think I should just turn lez.”

    Every time!!

    Also: (expecting me to be excited) “Hey hey I’ve been wanting to tell you I made out with a girl last week!! It was really fun but not as good as with my boyfriend.”

    Awesome video :D

  12. the best one I got a couple of weeks ago was – and this was one sentence, no sign of any interpunction whatsoever: “I like your hair I’M NOT A LESBIAN OR ANYTHING.”

    she tried to explain to me how she liked my new hairstyle but wasn’t hitting on me for what felt like five whole minutes.
    until I just said: “No homo!”

  13. I was initially ambivalent about these videos. But then I realized, this is really a great way to explain microagressions without having to explain what microagression is.

    Too many people don’t realize that the stuff they say has been said a million times and the person they’re saying it to has probably heard it dozens of times…maybe in one day. And then they wonder why you’re irritated. Then they get defensive when you try to explain. These videos just bypass all that and get right to the point.

  14. My personal favorite, I can’t believe I forgot:

    “So would it be cheating on your girlfriend if you slept with a guy? . . . But why? . . . Okay, what if SHE slept with a guy? . . . I just don’t understand how that would be cheating. Sex with guys is different from what you, you know, do.”

  15. Friend: “Cool because you’re pretty and I don’t have to worry about you being in competition :D”

    *At some bar some of men hit one me/offer to buy me drinks*

    Friend: “OMFG you are lying about being gay you have the attention of every guy at this bar ugbggggghhghghhh! Are you using this to get attention!?!”

    At that point I was just like “I don’t about you but although I’m gay I’m still sexy *takes shot* SHEEEIIIIT! *snaps*

  16. What about shit straight guys say to lesbians? I have a guy friend that I think just thinks of me as another guy friend. Which is okay up to the point where he starts making penis jokes. He’s just trying to be funny, but I don’t think he gets that I can’t relate.

  17. My favorite: “I don’t think you’re a lesbian, because you’re not manly like [person]. Also, you like pretty girls. You’re obviously bisexual.”
    (The logic was strong with this one)
    My second favorite: “It’s obviously just a phase. You’ll grow out of it.”

  18. It’s not exactly something they SAY, but how annoying is it when two straight girls decide to be “in a relationship” or “married” on Facebook?

    There should be a word for that little flicker of hope followed by anger and sullenness when you see, “*Straight girl* is in a relationship with *straight girl.”

    You know, it’s a funny joke, right? Because it’s like they’re gay?

    • as a person who is online-married to a straight girl, I am torn about this one. it started as an inside-joke between us and a couple of friends, and I mostly see it as a way to have a slightly inaccurate facebook profile. I also find it rather amusing that since we got “married”, she gets advertising for rainbow jewelry and gay cruises.

      I find it way more disturbing that my cousins 18/19-year-old (female) friends post pictures of themeselves in little clothing/really high heels and that this growing up with facebook thing is turning into something that makes teenage girls take professional yet exploitive pictures and post them online and then wait for likes and comments to get approval.

        • I am still very excited about the fact that someone obviously misread my above comment [left a snarky comment and never explained it] as something it was not, which is:
          a) me looking down on 18/19 year olds
          b) me thinking I am “so much older” at 24
          c) me making fun of “the youth of today”

          when in fact it was about the self-representation of women in our society, women seeing themselves through the male gaze and the role the internet/facebook plays in this.

          and no, when I was 18, facebook wasn’t around. and I am happy about it. because at 24, I am already leaving too much content there, and it would have been more if I’d had it at 18. We did too much stupid stuff on the internet, left too much information about ourselves at teens anyways.

          before that, I purchased some rather delightful paintings of my legs.

    • I guess mainly what bugs me is that I’ve spent so much of my life feeling really lonely, like really, most of the time I’ve been the only queer girl I knew (EVEN AT MY WOMEN’S COLLEGE WHAT THE FUCK).

      So it was that moment, you know? Like, it got me EVERY TIME–a little surge of hope that maybe I’m not alone anymore, followed by the swift realization that it was just a joke. I don’t know, possibly people who can be that emotionally affected by Facebook just shouldn’t be on Facebook?

      Anyway, my skin has thickened up over time and now I pretty much assume all same-sex relationship updates are jokes unless proven otherwise (you notice it’s never hetero couples making that joke? like, my best friend is a dude, and we’d never have the freedom to make a fake relationship update because everyone would assume I’d gone straight).

      And that’s created some awkward moments too, like when a close friend started dating his boyfriend.

      So, like, I get that it’s not malicious, and I’m totally not judging.

      • I know, right? Most disappointing girls’ school ever! It had a reputation as a finishing school for young ladies until pretty recently. The kind of place you send your daughter to get a degree so she’ll be respectable when you marry her off? I dunno, it’s a great school but not a very gay one.

    • I was going to say “But does the same thing go for me(queer gal) and my best pal(boy homo) being married on fb?” And then I was like “Lol no because we’re just, like, deconstructing the construct of marriage through our being cis-het- seeming folk, when really we’re both homosexuals who like to fist fuck.

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  20. My friend recently:

    “So…in lesbian sex, you never have a vaginal orgasm, right?”

    I was also asked to give a detailed analysis of what pussy tastes like.


    “So…do you actually enjoy going down on other girls?”

  21. “OH YEAH. What about babies then?! Turkey baster.. that’s a real thing right?”

    “Ohhh I went to school with/work with/know a lesbian… Maybe I can hook you guys up?” AKA “Yeah, I know of them… Lesbians.”

    “Yeah but I’ve noticed that when we go out and arrogant, sleazy guys hit on you, you get really annoyed. Maybe if you met a guy who was nicer and more sensitive…”

    Response: “Ah hell no.”

  22. I went ahead and made the “shit straight guys say… to lesbians” one! It’s not as high quality as this one, but it’s exactly what you’d expect. A lady dressed as a creepy auto mechanic, sounding douchey.

  23. Things my straight twin sister says to me:

    “So…your girlfriend is the butch then, right?”

    “Have you had, like, sex? REALLY?! Do you use…you know…*whispers* vibrators? Because I totally have some of those, too.”

    “My friend can’t wait to have you and [girlfriend] stay at his house. I mean, he likes you a lot…but mostly, he’s excited to have two lesbians sleep over. It’ll be great!”

    “This is a phase, right? Because I like [girlfriend] a lot, but I picture you marrying a guy.”

    “Wait, what’s ‘LGBT’?”

    On Valentine’s Day: “…how do you know which one of you is supposed to buy flowers?”

    And the list goes on.

  24. Lmfao the one question that I’ve heard a lot is would u fuck me? just cause I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I want to fingerblast every girl smh Haha but I loved the what’s it taste like ?? My respond would’ve been skittles so come taste my rainbow LOL

  25. My least favorite is when my roommate asks about whatever my plans are for the evening, in those rare cases where I’ve invited her, by cautiously saying “So what kind of thing is this” and I have to say if it’s a “gay thing” or not

  26. My favorite comment that I’ve personally experienced is my straight friend asking her sister “Does this outfit make me look too much like a lesbian?”. However, in hindsight, she did warn me that what she was going to say might be offensive, so I guess I should be grateful for that.

  27. “maybe I am a lesbian you know I think Megan Fox is beatiful!”

    Said by a straight friend after she told a few minutes before “eww lesbians are gross!” me “uhm where have you seen a lesbian?” she “on porn!”

    Some people are just hopeless.

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