Sunday Funday Is Studying Queer TV History With Rachel Maddow

Happy Sunday! I ran out of milk last night, so yes I am having ice cream for breakfast! I’m an adult! I ironed my napkins. I deserve this.

+ The little known feminist-y history of the Supreme Court.

+ This nonbinary teen talks about coming of age and getting their parents to use their new name.

+ Bex Taylor Klaus is here to save lives on Deputy. Hopefully. (Natalie wrote about Bex’s incredibly episode of Deputy in this week’s “Boobs On Your Tube” and you can check it out.)

Visible: Out on Television is a new 5-part Apple TV+ documentary that Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya wants you to watch.(Heather’s also writing full review for us shortly!)

+ Queer artists have been in country music forever! Forever!!

+ Queer tango in Buenos Aires is taking back its revolutionary roots.

+ Vi Khi Nao on poetry and sapphic tendencies

+ Have you seen the newest film about lesbian yearning?? Portrait of a Lady on Fire is finally out in wide-release and everyone’s talking about it. Here is Drew’s review of the movie (she called it “staggering work of a lesbian gaze”) and her interview with director Céline Sciamma.

Okay, go out in love and do good to the people around you! I love you, your hair looks great, you’re doing amazing! Keep it up! I’ll see you next week and we’ll celebrate again.

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  1. For those interested in expanding their collect of queer country music beyond the great artists in that article, I’m really digging Sarah Shook. No clue how she identifies but she’s got some super great, queer songs. And she’s touring and coming to my favorite venue soon!!! I’m excited.

  2. Semi-related. I purchased a new trail bike today & the local bike shop took a picture of me for the Insta. I checked when I got home, after test riding it, to see they used the correct pronoun for me. He either must have noticed my gold AS they/them pin. (He runs a popular cycling site that wrote a few articles about WTF bike explorers, which stands for Women, trans, & femmes.) Win!

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