Saturday Morning Cartoons: A Case of the Floppies

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where four artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our four esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron GlavinAnna BongiovanniMegan Prazenica and Sarah Rosenblatt. Today’s cartoon is by Anna!

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Period, Part IPeriod, Part IIperiod3Period, Part IVPeriod, Part V

Anna’s next comic will let you win at skee ball on May 17th. In the meantime, explore they/them pronouns some more with Anna!


I'm a cartoonist living in Minneapolis. Co-Author and artist of A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns. Author of Grease Bats, coming out Fall 2019 with Boom! Studios! If I'm not working I'm socializing. If I'm not out with friends I'm drawing. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably depressed. Support me using Patreon.

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  1. <3 Every Andy should have a Scout. "Your gender is not a personality flaw." So good! And the pronouns handout! Thank you for all of this. I look forward to reading all your comics!

  2. “Carlos” posted a queerphobic idiot comment on here earlier that got taken down, this one probably won’t be up for long either. What I’m wondering is, what’s someone like “Carlos” doing on a website like Autostraddle? Internalized queerphobia, perhaps?

  3. ok so it’s been many moons since i first read this comic and off-handledly left a comment, but i wanted to let you know that this continutes to be

    a) the Real-est comic wrt gender i have ever read
    and b) incredibly relevant to my life i mean like this just happened to me AGAIN literally yesterday right down to the period, the dysphoria, the reactionary bar-hopping, and the subsequent misgendering

    so, yknow. thank you.

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