S L I C K: Sizzling Erotica Round-Up

S L I C K is an erotica series for A+ members about titillation, torture, fucking and getting off.

If you’re an avid S L I C K reader, then you are already familiar with the breath-catching, lean-in-a-little-closer moments that our writers have delivered to us in this dirty little queer erotica series. While I’m out finding new writers to whip up some hot action for us, I wanted to give you a reminder of what we’ve experienced so far. Life moves fast. It’s possible that some tension-filled moments have slipped your mind. And it’s always the slow, tight tension right before the frenzy that I love.

Every week when I’m reading these stories and making edits, there is a moment where I understand the premise of the hotness that will unfold. I live for the moment of surprise in everything — food, art, conversation, fashion, sex, humor — and so these stories and the small worlds of desire I get pulled into are so delightful. They encourage me to take a turn I might never have taken on my own. So that if I’m open and willing (and I pretty much always am), I find myself standing at the edge of a lake, being slightly aroused by a breeze drifting through my clothes, and suddenly understanding the concept of wanting to wanted by a very horny, very insatiable, very large werewolf.

Like I said, I like a surprise.

Anyway, I’m going to share my very favorite turns and moments from the stories that we’ve posted since April, and as always I want to hear from you about what makes you pause and go, “Oh, mmhmm.” Join A+ if you want to luxuriate in the full length of these stories.

S L I C K: King of Cups by Junauda Petrus

woman lays in a clawfoot bathtub full of rose petals, her breasts out of the water, surrounded by steam, puddles, and honey.
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

“You think Audre Lorde ever ‘shroomed?” I ask the universe. I feel so grateful for my body, for my erotic, for her erotic. For my ass on this ground and my heart facing the sky. I feel Ozara’s and my bodies blending.

“You think you would have kissed me that night, if I would have asked you? I always wondered,” she says her eyes gazing at the sky and into me somehow at the same time.

“I would kiss you now,” I say and we start giggling. “I think I’ve made love to your ass in multiple lifetimes, Ozara. And fucked you good too.”

Closing my eyes, a pink haze and indigo softness and a golden hum to the rhythm of Ozara’s breathing and body heat.

“I can see that,” she says, her hands gliding over my skin.

“I distinctly remember you eating my pussy on the banks of the Nile river, ” I say and we both waterfall into each other’s bodies. I climb on top of her and straddle her hips while she grabs my ass.

“You tasted good too,” she says, the fire glistening on her nose ring as she guides her hands to my hard nipples, pushing out through my turquoise lace bra. She plays with my heavy titties, while I grind my clit into her pelvis.

“Damn, girl, you can move them hips. Can I taste you?” she says kinda high, kinda shy. I bite my lip and nod yes.

S L I C K: Sad Girl Cruising by Juli Delgado Lopera

girl laying down, plaid skirt up around her waist wearing purple cheeky underwear and yellow kneesocks. in the background is a case of beautiful buns, reflecting the shape of her cheeks
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

Every day after school I undress in front of my Salserín posters. Door locked. The posters are taped inside my closet: boys with long hair, baggy jeans, hand signs and ridiculous sunglasses. I also have posters of The Velvet Underground, The Ramones and The Cure — those are my background. The crowd that cheers me on. The music as I wrap a blanket around me, as I walk slowly with a mirada fija, holding my cigarette, staring at the eyes of the salsa teenagers like I’ve seen every mujer bella at every telenovela since I was a kid. This is my moment. I am the fanciest hoe. The most desirable. I let them wait for me. I walk slow, sure to showcase my legs, my shoulders, all curls down and flowing about to devour the pieces of paper meat in front of me. They all whisper amorcitos to me. They all want me. And I do too. I devour them so much the boys’ mouths have all faded from so much kissing. In my room they’re all alive, pleasing me as I say.

S L I C K: Constellations #2 — Paige & Tacey A Good Girl by Sinclair Sexsmith

tacey lays across paiges lap on a couch, face buried in a pillow, her ass exposed as she gets a spanking
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

Tacey let out a long breath that became a moan as Paige started to pet her cunt…

She gasped as Paige’s hand came back down, slap slap slap, in quick succession on both of her cheeks. Paige murmured, “Good girl,” and smoothed her palms over Tacey’s wide ass, using her nails to scratch and tickle. She’d asked for her nails to be extra sharp points when she’d been at the manicurist this week because she knew how much Tacey liked the different sensations she could make with them.

Continuing to whimper, Tacey was also already dripping wet. She was the kind of girl who had never ejaculated when she came — until she found kink, the psychological play of being a little, and the shameless exploration of toys and desire that came with it. And, of course, Paige, who had been the first person she’d squirted with. But now, she couldn’t come without squirting, and she would dribble as she got more and more aroused. Paige loved to watch her soak through her panties and drip down her thighs, and tease her for it.

Now, the wetness was starting to flow. Now, Paige’s hand teased Tacey with slaps and scratches, caressing her labia and the crack of her ass, touching everywhere she could reach. Paige kept her other hand in Tacey’s hair, stroking it and cooing to her about what a good job she was doing

….And check out Constellations #1, #3 & #4 for more of Sinclair Sexmith’s polycule tales.

S L I C K: Lesson Learned by Kiki DeLovely

woman with sexy grin on her face on the phone and thinking about being spanked with a ruler
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

I’m deep in my role now too, feeling breathless and, yes, even a bit shaky. I can envision your office in my mind’s eye, can conjure the feel of the chair’s woven fabric embossing the backs of my bare thighs. “I gaze up at you with big doe-like eyes, an innocent expression beaming with longing.”

“I get so fucking hard when you look up at me so shy and coy at the same time. You’ve snapped my last lingering threads of resolve and I pull you up to my mouth, offering you my tongue to see just how capable you are.”

“All my shyness falls away in that moment and my instincts take over as I wrap my lips around your tongue and begin to suck.”

“Sucking me off like that makes my cock rage with envy.” I can tell you’re unsure how much longer you can hold out but you want to draw out the tension just a bit more. “I pull away despite your protests and take you by the shoulders. You know, Ms. DeLovely,” you continue, “I’m very concerned about your performance in class as of late. Do my lectures bore you?”

“No! Just the opposite, Dr. Luna! I-I…” Stammering over my words, I barely manage to explain myself. “When you get going about the atrocities of the kyriarchy or the pleasures of queer theory, it…turns me on. I’m entirely captivated…but you gesture so emphatically that I can’t help but fantasize about your sizable hands on my body. My fantasies take that thought and…run wild with it.”

“Ah, so is that why I’ve caught you eyeing my cock? Do you know how hard you make to keep my composure?”

I’m blushing deeply now. “I-I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t know you noticed…” I trail off.

S L I C K: Come Inside by Riese Bernard

Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

Beneath her collarbone, tickling the top of her now-muscled chest, a Gloria Anzaldúa quote in block letters:I Change Myself, I Change the World.She descends, the soft electricity of her fingertips teasing my nipples, circling like a stakeout, and I’m breathless with how much better this moment is than any recent memory.

Then she sucks on one nipple, the other, they harden and I thinki have been inside for so longand I sayI need you inside me.I have been entirely contained I have been safe I haven’t let anybody in now I need her whole hand.

I want her to break me open so I can go from feeling nothing to feeling everything at once, every light on the Operation board buzzing, every body part and every minute up for grabs. She yanks at my hair with hunger like a thing she might eat so I can’t move, her mouth hot on my mouth, her leg shoved between mine, rubbing me, we’re drenched in sweat and come, which is fine, this already feels like swimming and also trying to swallow an entire swimming pool, but in a good way, and everybody’s hair in the sun afterwards will be perfect

Between my thighs she bites me, soft at first and then firmer, getting closer.

I haven’t um, in a while I say when she reaches to slide my boyshorts off. Surely she knows what I mean.

She laughs,I could not care less.

Pretend to be into it, I request, say you have an enchanted forest fetish

I don’t have to pretend, are her words before the tip of her tongue is at the tip of my clit and it is as cool and precise as my cunt is sweltering and everywhere as she takes me into her fully, palms seizing my ass like lifting a bowl to drink from,

I want all of you inside me.

Her whole body seizes in delight, like I’ve handed her an unexpected gift, twitching and aching to unwrap —

Are you sure?

I can take it.

S L I C K: Yes, Daddy by Ana Valens

dom in a short black skirt holds a basket of sex toys with a speech bubble that says "how about DADDY"
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

Daddy and I had kissed plenty of times before, and we’d spent countless nights cuddled against each other in dimly-lit bars and in the backseats of late-night Ubers. I’m sure somewhere along the line I had slipped in a topless photo or two. But this was the first time I was actually about to show my bare breasts to her in person. I got up and pulled my dress up gingerly, slowly exposing my supple chest.

As I threw it over my head, Snow gazed down at my tits, sizing up their round shape, as a tent unmistakably pitched in my underwear.

“My, my,” Daddy laughed. “Your tits are adorable.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yes. Very soft and cute. They look perfect for pinching.”

I squirmed. “I wouldn’t be opposed to that.”

Daddy read my cue. She plucked my nipples and watched me wince in pain. Another slap rippled through my flesh, this time across both tits. Daddy laughed and flashed that same sweet smile. She adored the way my breasts jiggled from the force, stinging just as much as her own initial smack.

“Now, lift your arms up,” she said.

S L I C K: Something’s Happening to Rylen by Mx. Nillin Lore

woman on all fours looks over her shoulder at a purple werewolf biting off her pink thong
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

In what seemed like just two, maybe three movements, Rylen had her pinned to the ground by both arms. The full weight of their wolf-like body bearing down on her exuded a heat that made her sweat even more than her desire already had. Looking down, Dee saw that their click was completely erect, dripping with excitement, and hovering just above her panties. The warm damp tip of it pressed firmly against her vulva, making her shudder and moan while a feeling of aroused exhilaration swept over her. Their eyes met briefly, hers silently begging for them to slide deep inside her, theirs only too glad to oblige.

Rylen opened their jaw wide and bit down onto her dress with an almost surgical precision, managing to hook one of their big, sharp teeth under the front band of her bra. All it took was the one chomp and a firm pull to completely shred her clothes. Her breasts spilled out into the open air, the chill hardening her nipples almost instantly, a shiver of delight running down her spine.

They then bore down on her with an animal lust. Their enormous, warm, wet tongue licking her now bare body from between her legs, all the way up her stomach to her neck in one fluid motion. It was warm, wet, and made Dee tremble with longing. She raised her hips, and pulled her panties down to her knees. Then she lifted her legs in the air to pull them off, but Rylen beat her to it, taking a deep smell of her pussy on the flimsy cloth.

S L I C K: A Date To Remember by Anna Sansom

illustration of a woman riding a purple strap on, covered in sweat and wrapped in gold rope.
Illustration by Raisa Yavneh

I watched the way Dee moved as she went to the bar for our drinks: the confident swagger was there, but I also noticed a slight hesitation as she set down my wine glass. Conversation and laughter flowed easily and I was both entertained and intrigued by Dee’s presence. As she spoke, I gradually shifted closer until my thigh touched hers and noted that she applied just a little bit of counter pressure to my leg in response.

When she came back with our second round of drinks, I reached into her lap and cupped my hand over the shaft of her strap-on. Her breath caught in her throat for a split second before she regained her composure, placed her hand on top of mine, and molded my fingers more firmly around her. Her eyes sparkled hopefully and I saw her lick her lips: she thought I was going to let her fuck me.

“Come on then,” I challenged her and headed towards the restroom.

I stepped into a stall and Dee quickly followed me in. Her mouth covered mine and she maneuvered me up against the wall, her hands pressing against my shoulders and her thigh encroaching between mine. Our tongues danced in time with the low thrum of the muffled music from the bar outside. I reached down to undo her zipper, and her lips stilled for a moment as her brain registered the movement of my hand drawing her out. When her kisses resumed they were even more eager than before and her body began to rock rhythmically against me.

I let go of her dick and moved my hands onto her hips. We were matched in height but I had the weight advantage: one quick shove and I’d positioned her against the opposite wall, my thigh now pressed between hers. Before she could protest, I took hold of her dick again and gave it a playful tug. She groaned deep in the back of her throat and closed her eyes. I can’t help but get wet for a chick with a strap-on and Dee was no exception. I wanted to feel her slide inside me, but first I wanted to make this butch go weak at the knees.

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