S L I C K: Something’s Happening to Rylen

Dee wasn’t sure what to make of her enboifriend, Rylen, suddenly going radio silent on her but the half-hour drive up to their parent’s cabin was giving her plenty of time to think, and to worry. Luckily she had gotten hold of one of their co-workers and apparently they had left their car behind, were not answering their phone, and ran away, barefoot from the office. This awful communication and recklessness would normally piss her off, but in this case she was scared more than anything else.

Of course, logically speaking, the chances of them having actually made it all the way out to the lake, especially without any socks or shoes, were very slim. It was at least an eight hour hike by foot. But she just knew, somehow, they had made it.

So much of what had been happening in the last month alone, was enough to make her believe anything at this point. Rylen was changing, and not in the ways either of them had anticipated. It was overwhelming, and Dee felt an uncomfortable distan...

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MX. NILLIN LORE is a queer, non-binary, greyromantic, polyamorous, award winning sex blogger and author who also provides LGBTQIA+ diversity training & inclusive sex education around the Canadian prairies

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