Pretty Little Liars Fashioncap 204: Emily Wore Flannel

Welcome to the next edition of Pretty Little Liars Fashioncap, the article where I talk about how to dress like 25-year-old actors pretending to be 16-year-old high schoolers dressed like 21-year-old lesbian runway models.

The costume designers for PLL totally listened to my critiques last week and gave Samara and Emily some cuter things to wear! In fact, we open on the liars wandering aimlessly around outside, Emily wearing this:

I just read on Autostraddle that I'm supposed to wear plaid now

That’s right, Emily wore a plaid shirt! Look how freaking adorable she is with those mother of pearl snaps and double breast pockets! Although my fact checking was only Google searching “Emily Pretty Little Liars Plaid,” I’m going to say this is the first Emily Plaid Incident. Thus, this is grounds for celebration and the buying of plaid shirts.

$59.99-J. Crew $97-True Religion $19.90-Forever 21
$33.90-Nordstrom $49-AG Jeans $34.50-Macy’s

I’m really not done celebrating, but I’ll move on since we haven’t even hit the opening sequence yet. But wait, Aria? I get that this is a look, but I’m still unclear who’s look it is. Miley’s? Tupac’s? There were too many jokes to make, so I made a collage.

Oh that's who Tupac is

Moving right along, everyone is getting ready for the next day at school. Aria, Spencer and Hanna are wearing boring straight girls things that I don’t care about. Emily, on the other hand, is wearing A SHIRT WITH A G*DDAMN TIGER ON IT. This must be how she gets the girlies. I’m thrilled.

Just go around throwing your cat at everyone

Except here’s the bad news: that shirt (Bianca Tiger Print Tee) is sold out. It probs sold out the second every other girl like me went on and looked for it. But wait! You can totes wear other tiger shirts. I actually think this is a cool look. Also, although Emily is wearing a skirt (I take back what I said last episode) I think this would look really hot with black shorts. Think about it.

$12.87-Forever 21 $39-Urban Outfitters $17.60-Forever 21

Anyhow, then some other stuff happened involving Hanna and her feelings, but I didn’t really care because no one changed their clothing and feelings are out of style this season. But then there was a scene involving Aria which lead me to a completely non-fashion question that I just really need to ask.

What the hell is this?

Two minute basketball montage

Unfortunately, this all transitioned to a five minute scene in the middle of the episode where there wasn’t any clothing to even talk about. Also, I got really confused because I didn’t know they changed actors for Jason. Apologies if you were hoping I was going to link to all of this seasons cute new basketball shorts.

Moving on from the soccer game, two things are very clear: Samara still isn’t wearing any colors, and Pam is still the most adorably dressed mom ever.

Totes Jealous

Samara just realized that Emily's mom dresses cuter than her. Not happy.

Actually, I really like Samara’s tunic. A loose sheer blouse over a tank top is a good way to keep cool while looking nice during the summer. Plus it takes basically zero effort. One thing to keep in mind is to layer light colors over light colors and dark colors over dark colors (as Samara did here).

After it became apparent that there was actual gay stuff to comment on, I sort of stopped paying attention. There were some more vague scenes with Aria plus a really dimly lit one with Spencer. The heterosexual double date didn’t really tell us anything about fashion except that Hanna read our advice about dating and knew to dress to impress. To the tune of a $275 Vena Cava blouse.

Cute that it matches the coke bottle, but no one's going to buy it for $275

Lucas freaks me out, so I was pretty psyched when the show shifted to the next day and we got Super Lesbogay Fashion from Samara. This outfit is so gay that lesser gay outfits orbit it. If this outfit were a TV show, it would be on Showtime and be called The Real Lesbian Outfit Word. If this outfit was a monster, it would be Gayzilla and tromp around closets terrifying your Doc Martens.

They still won't show me her legs

$85-Topshop $40-All Saints $38 Anthropologie

Next week, Paige will find out about Samara, and I’ll show you what outfit to wear when you freak out and egg someone’s house!

Thanks to Intern Grace for the screen caps and Fashion of Pretty Little Liars for help finding Hanna’s shirt.

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  1. “Next week, Paige will find out about Samara, and I’ll show you what outfit to wear when you freak out and egg someone’s house!” BAHAHAHA. Thank you for this. Dear god I hope Paige comes back.

    I find these fashioncaps very interesting/entertaining considering I don’t dress like any of these people. I guess it’s a testament to your awesome. Do you think you’ll do ever fashioncaps for other shows?

    • Probably Glee when it come’s back in the fall. Never the Real L Word because I don’t have Showtime and sort of really hate IFC.

      Basically I write these things for you guys, so if people want more shows I’ll write more fashioncaps and if not I won’t.

      • Oh yay! I was thinking of asking about Glee. Fashioncapping TRLW sounds less interesting because they’re actual people. IDK I guess I’m more interested in what fictional people wear/what their clothes are subliminally telling the audience, like Flannel!Emily lol. Another show I’d like to see get the fcap treatment is Skins. Series 6 won’t be out til early 2012 I think, but I have an inordinate amount of love for the crazy-ass shit they wear on that show.

        • I only pay attention to fashion on TV shows to say to myself, “People in real life don’t dress like that.” It blows my mind that it takes a budget of like $20,000 to dress people for one episode of a TV show. And what the hell — people’s clothes never repeat. It makes no sense! I will give Degrassi credit; I’ve noticed repeating shirts on that show episodes apart (and I’m not talking about their school uniforms) so it feels slightly more realistic.

  2. Who are the queers behind PLL’s wadrobe department- they’re rocking it!
    In other news: whoadang Miley!

  3. Oh my goodness, I am wearing that very plaid shirt right now, pearl snaps and all. It’s slightly alarming how thrilled I am. Good job, PLL costumers.

  4. i dig the fashioncaps. your quips about the fashion choices are hilarious.
    glee’s costume designers tend to put them in more affordable clothing. i’ve seen a lot of target and h&m. but i’d love to read your commentary on the costuming choices of that show.

  5. Watching the entire show in a week or so, I’ve got to say I love that Emily’s coming out process is matched by her clothes. I kept thinking: “Homegirl is definitely reading Autostraddle.”

  6. Why is Aria all of a sudden channeling her inner chola? Has she been spending time in Texas? I feel like Emily has been raiding my closet for v-necks and pearl snaps.

  7. “This outfit is so gay that lesser gay outfits orbit it.” Hah! Not to be all pervy, but Samara’s outfits this week definitely showed more of cleavage than usual and I totally approve of it. That’s honestly all I have to say. Well, that and I read that the actress who plays Samara is Australian. SHE HAS THE HOTTEST ACCENT EVER AND THEY AREN’T USING IT?! Unacceptable.

    • yes i agree, that was more or less the best line of fashion journalism i’ve ever ever read

  8. I believe this is the first EPI(Emily Plaid Incident)that I can recall.

    Does it say something about Samara’s character that she never wears colors? I just think she’s up to some shenanigans.

    I have never dressed like anyone on PLL and I never will. Cargo shorts and t-shirts here. I should have held on to all of those plaid shirts with pearl buttons I had when I was in junior high school.

  9. lizz! i don’t watch this show, but i read this because i love your commentary on the fashion. i would love a fashion cap of glee. and i’m not even into fashion. :)

    • You should watch it too! There’s something sort of awesome going on. The amount that I like it is getting legit inappropriate. Like, I looked for new posts on the article just because I sort of can’t wait for tonight’s episode.


  10. I found a lot of the clothes the girls on this show wear at this site!!! It’s so cool. I personally like Emily’s sense of fashion the best, but they have clothes from all of the characters that you can check out.

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