Pretty Little Liars Fashioncap Episode 203: A Stole All the Lesbians and Left Me Without Clothing to Talk About

This week on “Pretty Little Liars,” neither Samara nor Paige showed up, Emily continued to dress in jeans and loose T-shirts, and Spencer didn’t even wear a hat. Obviously, the fashion crew at PLL just wanted to mess with me. Obviously, the fashion crew at PLL is A. I’ll do my best.

We kick off this week, like last week, with a scene too scary for me to comment on followed by Spencer at home. Spencer, who had apparently fallen asleep on the couch busted out with this little number.

No big deal.... I just threw this on to study

This outfit totally makes sense, because who doesn’t study/sleep in a full panted strappy romper? I had a whole thing prepared where I was going to say I looked all over but couldn’t find it but that’s probably okay… except then I found it. It’s at Anthropologie, like all of Spencer’s clothes.


Later, the girls all meet up in bathroom stalls in the girl’s room which definitely isn’t gay at all. Everyone is wearing skirts/dresses except Emily because ABC Family wants you to know that gay girls are just like other girls, except gay girls don’t wear dresses. It’s just science.

What do you mean sometimes queer women wear skirts?!

The most important part of this scene is that somehow Aria got cool feathers in her hair. While maybe we don’t all need to walk around with matching one long feather earring, I still think the hair feathers are cool and queer for unknown reasons. Just look!

$9.98-Struble $42-Singer22 $25-Sephora
$40-Boutique to You $6.99-Tilly’s $30-Swell

Moving on we get to my least favorite character on the show who, despite being the only age-appropriate male romantic lead, rocks the most lesbian outfit of the episode. Do you guys need me to show you olive V-necks, leather jackets and jeans? No, you already all own them? Right, because Toby wore that outfit specifically because he and Spencer had their picture for the yearbook’s “class lesbian couple” photo to be taken after school.

Which leads us to the yearbook meeting. Actually, there was a flashback first, but everything was pastel and I felt really overwhelmed.

You know we're younger because we're wearing pastels

So there we are at the yearbook meeting and that lame dude who liked Hannah a hundred episodes ago is wearing a shirt that says “I heart apple pi.” You guys, this is it. When I saw this, I literally jumped up and yelled “Oh shit! I need that!” and started looking for it. Wants it.

$28-Urban Outfitters

So the episode starts to wrap up, but Spencer swings by where Toby is working just to have some Truck Time. But wait. Wait. That jacket looks awfully familiar…

where have we seen this jacket before?

If I’m not mistaken, Spencer’s jacket clearly came with Hannah’s dress!

Fool me once... You can't get fooled again

Indeed, if you have to buy a suit for a job or interview, you can totally split it apart and wear the pieces casually. Moreover, it’s not actually surprising that these items might have been bought together because PLL costume designer Mandi Line only spends about 10K per episode on clothing (as oppose to Greek’s 25K) and tries her best to keep outfits in an attainable range for high school students. So who knows, maybe Hannah borrowed that dress a year and a half ago and never gave it back. Sounds about right. I wanna be a hater, but lovers gotta love.

Thanks so much to intern Grace for screen shots! Hopefully next week Pretty Little Liars will showcase Paige and Samara in a dramatic (and well costumed) confrontation followed by A revealing why Emily’s mom is the most adorably dressed middle aged woman ever.

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  1. nooooo i was going to get that shirt when it was on sale. i bet uo moved it back to the much pricier men’s graphic t’s after the show aired.fuck

    p.s. why do they make this queero girl look so drab on this show

    • i just clicked the link and the shirt was listed for 16.99.

      if i could bring myself to ever wear a white shirt, i would definitely own that one

  2. okay PLL casting and costuming have it DOWN because Emily’s mom is a dead-ringer for my mom, in looks AND clothes. although my mom is super-nice and was never freaked out by my sexuality. but otherwise, very similar.

  3. I used to have feathers in my hair like that, until I chopped it all off. You’re right, it looks super gay (aka orgasmically awesome). And that shirt is effing amazing.

  4. Personally, I think the jeans and t-shirt look is got on Emily. It’s the rest of them who look ridiculous most of the time. Different strokes…

  5. You’re right, jeans and t-shirts look good on Emily although better fitting shirts would be nice. Drunk Emily wore a dress at that weird fundraiser(?)dance marathon,Presidential history thingie they did last year. If I remember correctly, that dress had quite a slit up the leg.

    I think the girl likes to be comfy but will dress it up for a occasion.

  6. Okay, I’m confused : do teenagers really dress that way nowadays? I recently watched skins(UK) and some of the outfits made me think “really Papi?”, and PLL seem to take it even further (I don’t watch it, just judging from the pictures here).
    When I was in highschool it was jeans & T-shirts for everyone, with the occasional skirt here or frilly top there (and also the “cool kids” with their several-hundreds-euros outfits who dressed like colorful hobos but that’s another thing). Ok I lived in the countryside, but still it’s France so we’re supposed to know our shit about fashion. Do these TV shows overdo the fashion thing or am I just old?

    • Skins is in England which is a whole different story. I would say that is reasonably close to reality for England, because young people there dress in a somewhat extreme manner. PLL on the other hand, is pretty divorced from reality.

    • I went to a preppy, richbitch American high school. They dressed exactly liked the girls in PLL.

    • I kind of wonder if it changed a bit over time. I was in high school from 2002-2006 and sure people tried to dress on trend but nothing crazy. I went back last year to my sister’s open mic night at the same school and noticed how hip and trendy all the kids looked. (i sound so ‘you kids get off my lawn! right now). Everyone was wearing an OUTFIT, you know– not just ‘clothes’. Maybe it’s just how style has changed. In the early 2000s things were pretty basic, whereas now there’s more experimentation and eccentricity. Maybe it’s the ‘hipster’ uprising.

    • I think it depends on the high school. I went to a middle to upper class suburban southern US high school and graduated like four years ago. I dress like this NOW, but it’s definitely exaggerated from when I was 16 or 17. My younger sister’s only a year out of high school though, and it’s pretty accurate for her and some of her friends.

    • When I visited a friend living in London I felt very out of place and weird because people there dressed pretty crazy — hipster, artsy, weird — and I was totally rocking jeans and t-shirts and shit from Old Navy. But I still tend to think Skins takes it far — it’s part of the look of the show.

      The PLLs look like they are playing dress up to me. Emily is the only one who dresses normal. I believe American teenagers mostly do not dress like that — especially ones in a little upper-middle class town in Pennsylvania. Aria and Spencer are the worst offenders by far.

      This is a few years ago, but when I was in college I wore jeans and hoodies all the time. I think my mom thought I was just really gay and fashion-challenged. One time, I had to run to campus while she was with me. She waited in the car and when I got back she was so surprised — she said, “Wow, all the girls here dress just like you.” I was more or less like, “Yeah, no shit. It’s fall and this is how college kids dress.” Some kids wore pajamas to class when I was in high school, literally. I can’t fathom kids are now suddenly putting so much effort into dressing themselves every single day. We’re not even talking about going out — this is how PLLs are dressing IN SCHOOL. I think it’s ridiculous.

      • eww (sorry but pj’s anywhere is almost not necessary) i remember the pj epidemic it was horrible. it was a mixed bag in my school you either dressed up everyday or you didn’t but for some reason you couldn’t do both

        • Truth be told, I was jealous of the kids who wore PJs to school. I didn’t have the brazen balls to be so visibly lazy and unconcerned with how I looked. For Spirit Week, there was always a pajama day. It was often the only Spirit Week day I participated in (because I had the least school spirit of anyone I knew).

          • the kids at my school did it every day for like a whole year. they would get muddy and crusty in the mudd/rain…..that’s all i can think of now, muddy crusty pjs

  7. I keep seeing all these grown ass women wearing those toddler rompers and I have to stop myself from asking: “Do you really take that whole thing off to pee or does it snap in the crotch like a child’s onesie? P.S., it’s creepy that you’re wearing baby clothes!”

  8. Feather hairpieces like that look cool and organic, but they are literally killing roosters for their two tail-feathers.

    Google it.

    I know we think of feathers as these things that fall out onto the ground, but literally, they are killing animals by the thousands to keep up with this trend. I wish the fashion industry (yes, including costume designers) would stop perpetuating cruelty as beauty. Ugh.

    • I was scrolling down to see if anyone else had mentioned this and here you are! I wish more people knew where these feathers are sourced. I realize not everyone cares whether or not they are cruelty-free but I feel that people should at least know where the feathers come from before deciding whether to wear them or not.

  9. I’m really glad to see mentioning of what I immediately thought about those feathers. I personally don’t understand this whole new “fashion” statement being made from the cruel lives and deaths of thousands of roosters. Anything BUT sexy.

  10. doesnt that picture of pastel-emily on the couch look like the person sitting on the end of the couch is Santana? or is this just in my dreams?

  11. Is it just me or was there not a PLL recap? (Even though the fashioncaps are lovely!)

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