Playlist: So You Read Vanessa’s Essay

By now I’m sure you’ve read Vanessa’s gut-wrenching goodbye essay (or selectively not-read so you can pretend she’s staying forever). In her most on-brand moment ever, Vanessa made us all cry barrels and barrels of tears, so now we all have to listen to Sad Lesbian Music so we get as close to inhabiting her brain as possible. To help you out, here is some music to listen to as you weep softly into your tea. It includes the most overwrought songs I could think of from an actual going-away mix CD I made Vanessa earlier and also some hit songs from my go-to breakup mixes that fit tonally if not thematically. Anyway. Here are some songs that make crying feel normal.


So You Read Vanessa’s Essay


Great Big Plans – Jenny Owen Youngs
But I Do – Now, Now
How to Be Alone (Sideways Sessions Version) – Allison Weiss
Whisper – A Fine Frenzy
Free – Ingrid Michaelson
Divided (Live) – Tegan & Sara
Overseas Now – Mal Blum
I Know You Will – Ranchael Cantu
The Story – Brandi Carlile
Comfort Me – Feist
My Heart Is Split – Vienna Teng & Kait Kerrigan
They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Ella Fitzgerald
Still Hurting (Instrumental) – Jason Robert Brown
July 25, 2007 – Allison Weiss
Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
All My Little Words – The Magnetic Fields
As I Am – Paper Bird
Waterfalls/She Keeps Me Warm – Marni Kellison & The A-Camp Family Band
Go Slow – Haim
I Miss You – Beyoncé

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    there’s nothing wrong with rocking slowly, head tucked against your knees, glass of wine in hand on a monday night. totally normal and ok.

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    Between this virtual see-you-later and navigating LDRs I’d say that crying and wine is appropriate. Also, a closing scene just played out in my head Jenny Owen Youngs style. Thanks Grace

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    There’s a playlist on this website to help us process our emotions about another post on this website.

    This is why I love Autostraddle.

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    Vanessa is leaving and I am going through letting go of someone personally. I will cry about both simultaneously while eating vegan ice cream and listening to this wonderful medley of wondefulness.

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    This is the perfect tribute.
    Well, this or some really profound Buffy the Vampire Slayer quote.
    “A day without an autopsy is like a day without sunshine.”
    (Grace is better at this)

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