NY Mag Sex Diary Stars Lesbian Couple Getting Kinky in Provincetown

Clearly my devotion to reporting up-to-the-minute news regarding lesbian inclusion in New York Magazine’s Sex Diaries has led to a proliferation of such diaries, praise Goddess.

In the past, we’ve ventured into the bedrooms of The Queer Woman Who Sneaks Into the Fitting Room With Her Partner, The Lesbian Law-Firm Intern Hooking Up With Her Co-Worker, tThe 29-Year-Old Lesbian Whose Dreams Are Dirtier Than Her Sex Life, The Single Bicoastal Lesbian Smoking Lots of Weed With Two Gal Pals and The Queer San Francisco Woman Having Group Sex in New York.

This week we get a little more traditional with a 40-year-old butch/femme couple vacationing in Provincetown, one of the gayest places to visit, ever. Both ladies are horrified, then, to arrive at their vacation rental and discover they’re sharing the unit with three other families — all straight, all with children. Take a gander:

We head back into the house to have sex. If seeing us visually doesn’t scare the straight people away, we decide hearing us have sex in the middle of the day will. My partner wants to play Daddy/girl, which is my favorite sex play. She has brought a new toy, a pink pacifier that says “I heart Daddy.” She puts it in my mouth like it’s a ball gag. She does me, first with her hand, then with her cock. She takes the pacifier out for my final orgasm so I can scream.”

We’ve got allergic reactions to pacifiers, Erotic Masseuse/Banker’s Wife roleplay, feathery masks, sensory depriving blindfolds, Daddy/girl play, anal sex, floggers, fisting, strap-ons and lines like “the sun is hot but it’s low tide so we basically just pee and hold each other like a dirty Indigo Girls song that they never wrote” and “my freshly waxed, ocean-douched body is on the edge of the bed while my butch is sucking, licking, and biting me close to orgasm.”

So next time someone says that lesbians in long term relationships stop having sex and enter into lengthy periods of lesbian bed death, you could direct them to this lovely post!

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  1. “the sun is hot but it’s low tide so we basically just pee and hold each other like a dirty Indigo Girls song that they never wrote”

  2. Why? Why did I have to ignore my better judgment and go and read the comments? (on the nysexmag page, not this page). Why do I always.

      • Don’t, they’ll make you want to scream and kick something. A lot of entitled straight males offering headdeskworthy “insights” about same sex relationships.

  3. I did read the comments, but I already disliked this SD before doing it. The sex was fun to read, yeah, but… idk, it’s like they’re trying to sell it as something sexy, and rebellious and glamorous, and I didn’t feel anything of that sort. I actually felt sad for the straight families; what had they done? Also, the ice cream line, come on xD… terrible pun, or whatever she intended.

  4. I will say — the comment “You want to scare me, go walk the Provincetown streets wearing matching Romney/Ryan 2012 t-shirts” is sheer genius.

  5. I often have conflicting feelings about these lesbian NY Mag sex diaries. They kind of feel like they’re trying to be titillating and “hip” and “radical” because of all these LESBIANS having hella LESBIAN SEX. I don’t know…

  6. The comments!! Ugh! I could not even. I tried to leave a comment about my “boi” to throw off all the fuckers that didn’t understand the use of the word butch.

    But you have to have a ny times subscription to comment. I’m broke cuz I gave my spending money to Autostraddle.

    Loved this diary. Dirty/kinky sex needs to be normalized.

  7. What is even her deal with straight people? The sex was hot but she comes off as more than a little antagonistic (and for no clear reason)…

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