No Filter: Under A Microscope With Jasika Nicole

Welcome back to No Filter, where we examine the juiciest social media posts by our celebrity overlords. This week, we’re delving into the accounts of some prrrretty important celebrities we haven’t touched on much before, but first! Are Jen Richards and Jiz Lee dating?!?!?

 Followed swiftly by this:

 …which Jen liked and reblogged.

Later, Jiz noted:

(Which Jen also liked.)

So we’re not saying, we’re just saying. As a Scorpio myself, I find Jiz’s triple Scorpio status inspirational. Who among us could possibly keep up!?

And now for Instagram!

STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I can’t handle any of this.

Diatoms: they’re just like us!

This buttercup flower is tooootally over all of Cara Delevingne’s bullshit.

Rachel Maddow got a sweet Mike Tyson tattoo because Las Vegas, I guess.

This hydra or whatever posted a series of tweets in support of Kesha and called Dr. Luke actual pond scum, which is refreshing because I’m pretty sure this little dude knows pond scum when she sees some.

This tardigrade was spotted getting drinks at the Abbey with Kristen Stewart last Wednesday; rumor has it that Stewart has already gotten matching tattoos with the tardigrade that say “live tiny – die never.”

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Haha love you @vindiesel #xxx3

A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel’s blossoming friendship.

This ciliate later took to Twitter to refute claims that this picture was Photoshopped prior to posting.

I got to see Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers at the Gender Is Over show at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn last week and can confirm that homegirl has some moves. Also she played “How Low” (my favorite Against Me! song) and read excerpts from her upcoming memoir, which is going to be amazing.

Interesting how this ciliate keeps posting pictures of its symbiotic algae and no photos of rumored new girlfriend Brittani Nichols.

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learning curve.

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Every time I think Jasika Nicole can’t get any more radiant, I look at this progression of photographs and realize the sky is the actual fucking limit. Take it down a notch, Pruitt.

Is St. Vincent trolling us all or what?

Ellen Page’s birthday was this week and she spent it being adorable with Samantha Thomas and their ridiculous dog.

These colonial diatoms are totally inseparable – they recently adopted a rescue hamster.

Join us next week, when Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel jump in an actual lake.

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  1. Those colonial diatoms, is each one secretly two-timing the ones either side, or is there a mass polyamory situation going on?

    I feel like that photo is The Chart, phytoplankton-style.

  2. I definitely saw this and shouted RACHEL MADDOW WATCHES THE 100. And as I don’tget the Mike Tyson reference, that’s the story I@m sticking with.

    • zoink. whenever I google tryophobia it always has pictures of holes in people’s hands which icks me out real good but pictures of things like lotus pods don’t get me.

    • i wish this was the first time someone had mentioned this word to me but it’s the second time in like a month and i will never stop squirming i’m so sorry

    • i don’t know what that is either, and I’m gonna protect myself from google lol. but these photos made me legit nauseous. i hope this joke is a one-time thing.

  3. I love No Filter, but I’ll admit this was the first one when this geek really felt like I knew what was going on!! Is it bad that I feel less lost with pics of microbiology wonders than with famous queers? Don’t get me wrong, love ’em both.
    I agree with @meyrude, this was genius.

  4. Nerd alert: One summer I in undergrad I did a research project looking into the species of pond scum who lived in the local oxidation ponds, identifying them and making unialgal cultures of those ones that I could (forever sad I couldn’t get a culture of my little euglena).

    So basically this post has a giant pun, Jasika Nicole, and algae? THIS IS THE CUTEST POST EVER ??

  5. I am all about this post oh my god.

    Also, Laura Jane Grace dancing is exactly what I needed today. I feel so blessed.

  6. What the heck is a triple Scorpio? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on the planet that doesn’t know what anyone is talking about when they talk about astrology.

    • Me! I don’t know either! (Or really care). The queer community is the first place I’ve ever felt like a minority re: my lack of interest in astrology :)

      (I mean I obviously don’t mind that other people are into it — you do you, and all that)

      • Good point! I should have said, “the queer planet” because it’s really mostly just queermos on the internet I see talking about it, but most of my irl straight friends never do.

        Anyway, glad to know I’m not alone!

    • Lol, ok, so the most powerful points on your chart are your Sun sign, Moon sign and your rising sign (the portion of the zodiac that was on the eastern horizon at the exact time you were born). A triple Scorpio has all three in Scorpio. Fun fact, in order for this to occur, it has to be on or around the new moon because that’s the only time the Sun and Moon occupy the same space in the sky.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s an Axe body spray. I’m sure you have a cousin in high school that bathes in it.

  7. There will never be a better No Filter post; this one is first place forever.

    I saw the ‘under the microscope’ in the title and thought oh how cool would it be if that were literal and not like a reference to idk Jasika’s latest cool textile find (which would also be fun) BUT THEN! then there were WATER BEARS and DIATOMS and MORE OF THEM!

    Here’s how excited I am about diatoms I’m gonna wear this diatom tie for my thesis defense that Laura found on last week’s Friday Open Thread! Thanks @laura-m it’s arriving this week I can’t waitttttt.

    Anyway — thank you for the amazing vapid fluff / microbiology mash-up; it rules!

    (It’s from cyberoptix.)

  8. Jiz Lee is something else and I admire them as a possibility model, and Jen is showing me trans women can be happy. So both of them together is queer dream.

  9. 1. This is so weird I love you 2. TRIPLE SCORPIO jeez I spend all my time trying to hide that I’m a double ??? 3. wtf st. vincent is this art or wat

  10. Jasika Nicole came in to my work a couple of years ago. She was with her wife (also a babe) and I was just starting to really identify as a queer women, who was into other women. I still felt like I wasn’t part of the club, tho. Anyway, when I was done helping them, we made eye contact, and it was the first time I got “queer eye contact”. You know what I mean? Not like sexy sexy, but “Hey I see you. We’re the same”. It was, like, a really important moment for me. To be quietly acknowledged. Does anyone else have a moment like that?

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