No Filter: In Which We Survey The Week In Celesbian Instagram

In our endless quest to bring you more celebrity gossip that does not matter (but matters so much), we have developed this weekly series to share the latest in celebrity Instagrams. How was Tegan Quin’s hair this week? Did Samira Wiley drink a particularly fancy latte? Will we ever get Evan Rachel Wood to join us and post a bunch of 15-second videos of herself singing Natalie Imbruglia into a hairbrush in her bedroom? These are the questions which plague us as we dive boldly into this uncharted ocean.

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#buzzsox double header. #winnersontheinside

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The baseball team that Kate Moennig apparently plays on with Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey lost once again to whatever team Managing Editor Rachel Kincaid is on, apparently. Probably some A League Of Their Own shit went down and Moennig caught a fly ball in her hat while doing a split. Afterwards, Leisha’s mom probably picked up the whole team in her minivan and took everybody out to Pizza Hut to celebrate.


Samira Wiley lived out my actual dream and got to hang out with Detective Benson, maybe got to touch her hair.

Newly single Angel Haze gave everybody a heart attack with this very heartfelt message to their very good friend Noomi Rapace, the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Anyway, they aren’t dating I guess, since it’s tagged #friend and not #galpal…?

In the meantime, her ex Ireland Baldwin reportedly was pretty bored in rehab (for emotional issues apparently, not drugs) and dyed her hair dark, which looks pretty excellent. She’s since left the rehab facility and is back to taking pouty selfies in her car.


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Am I Drake yet? Dedicating this to @carmenriosss

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No clue why Brittani Nichols was home taking selfies when she could have been at the Met gala in her little brother’s 8th grade graduation blazer.


Annie Clark posted this glorious fan art of all of her recent hairstyles.


Our Lady Of Eternal Eyebrows Cara Delevingne reminisced about the time she stood next to Rihanna at the Met Ball last year. This year, Rihanna stood next to NO ONE.


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❤️ #RIHunion #MetBall

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JK, Rihanna allowed Cara to be photographed with her. Rihanna was maybe a little drunk.

Anyway while Rihanna was dragging that giant yellow thing up the stairs, Janelle Monae was sneaking around looking like a goddamn queen.

Miley Cyrus put her hand on Zoe Kravitz’ butt.


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#MetBall 👅

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So obviously Cara Delevingne jumped in the middle of that sandwich.

Tegan and Sara found this cat.


Lastly, nobody wanted to sit next to Samira Wiley on this plane, I guess.


Join us next week, when we hope to get Kristen Stewart and Evan Rachel Wood on the Instagram train.

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  1. I can’t figure out what is happening with Cara’s mouth in that picture with Miley and Zoe. Is it open or closed?! Does she have a GHOST TONGUE? And if she does, is it better or worse for sex stuff?

    Sidenote: my tablet tried to correct Zoe to Zoellick (???)

    • probably ghost tongue, probably better, ghost tongues can float around and walk through walls.

  2. I’ll make totally undignified noises if Angel Haze and Noomi Rapace become a thing.

  3. I don’t like to be a funkiller, but I’m going to go ahead and be a funkiller: If I wanted to see celeb’s Instagrams, I would probably just follow them on Instagram? (I know, I know, “Don’t like it, don’t read it,” but I can’t be the only one who isn’t super thrilled about this being a regular feature.)

    • This seems like complaining about nothing.

      Some of us, I’m going to guess most of us, do not care to have our Instagram feeds bogged down my celebrities we only shallowly care about when they are doing cute or questionable things with other hot lady celebs.

    • I honestly don’t mean this to be rude, but you can just as easily not click an article that has “celesbian instagram” in the title as you can not follow the actual celebrities. I am honestly stoke for this to be a regular column! I think it’s cute and light hearted and I don’t mind looking at pretty/funny/weird pictures of queer celesbians while I’m winding down at the end of a hard week at work. I think it’s just as valid a regular column as anything else AS has!!

  4. It’s a true fact: I cannot handle yet another social network on account of how I am Old. Thank you for keeping in the celesbian galpal loop <3

  5. I <3 the vapid fluff!! I love all the other stuff too bc this whole site is just the loveliest, but it is soo funn to just get to oogle all the celesbians like I did with Justin Timberlake & Nick Cater as a kid!

  6. Got REALLY excited when my eyes latched onto “Natalie Imbruglia” in the description and I thought she was queer for the second before my reading comprehension kicked in.

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