No Filter: Ellen Page Is Behind You

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly collection of celebrity stalkings. This week, we continue to ask the eternal question: why doesn’t Evan Rachel Wood have an Instagram? Why is she trying to hurt me? This week, she gifted us with this:

Girl, we’re so close. I feel like this is a medium in which you could really shine. Let’s talk about it.

Ellen Page is the creepiest person who could possibly sit behind you on a flight, I guess.

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Major bABE 🎩

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Cara Delevingne went to the White House and probably took important meetings about foreign policy.
Probably we’re supposed to be looking at AzMarie’s hair; I have been gazing deeply into her eyes instead.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not pictured: Ellen Page creeping from the seat behind her.

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Laura Jane Grace keeps it very casual in the studio. Stars: they’re just like us!

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If I woke up to these cute faces every day I would never ask for anything else in the whole world. Maybe a smoothie.

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AFTER! @blainestagram @blainedoeshair

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Beth Ditto is just so goodlooking, you guys, I can’t deal with it.

Sure, you’re probably drawn in by Brittani Nichols’ irresistible smile, but I’m here for this serious eye contact between Liz Castle and Bandit.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.17.33 PM

Can confirm.

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I love the white dog.

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Eileen Myles has posted about a dozen pictures of walking her dog this week. There’s the dog, being walked. Eileen Myles’ Insta is cryptic and weird and I’m kinda into it.

Join us next week, when Brittani Nichols storms the White House and has some important and controversial things to say about foods she doesn’t like.

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  1. I’m done following this site and their support of transphobic people. Having a token white trans woman doesn’t even make up for the support of transphobic writers you ladies support. I’m over you guys and telling all my trans friends of all identities to stop reading and following you on social media buck you, buck you big time!

    • Hey Jackie, just so you know, if you actually paid attention to the content on this website, you’d realize that Autostraddle is actually the best queer women’s website for trans women that exists by far. We talk about trans women all the time and featured writing by more than a dozen different trans women, most of them twoc, in the last year alone. AS is one of the only queer women’s sites that actually embraces and prioritizes trans women, so if you’re going to ignore all that because of a picture of two dogs, i really don’t think you’re prioritizing trans women with this post.

      Also, I really don’t think that showing a picture of two dogs is hostile to trans people, especially in an article that features two actual trans people, including one trans woman, which is one more than you’ll find on the entirety of 90% of queer women’s sites. It’s possible to like a person’s picture of their dogs without supporting 100% of the things they say.

      • would like to go on record saying i am not actually a huge eileen myles fan – as a matter of fact i don’t 100% endorse everything every actor or musician or writer or whatever i post in this post literally labeled “vapid fluff” about celebrities at the nail salon or whatever has ever said or done – although i do endorse walking dogs. it’s not that deep, you guys.

        i don’t agree with transphobic statements and don’t support eileen myles in making those statements, i’m just here to talk about azmarie’s hair.

        that said, if anybody has suggestions of *queer* trans women, preferably of colour, that i might follow for this column, i am 100% here for that because it’s a small pool and i don’t like to use the same people week after week. you may have noticed we have quietly stopped featuring straight trans women in this column, and that was an intentional choice on our part.

        would like to mention just one more time that this is literally a column about angel haze buying groceries.

        but jackie will never know, because she will not be backie.


        • I get that this site is primarily for lesbian/queer women, so I understand why you would choose to no longer feature straight trans women – but did anyone actually mind? For whatever reason the only queer/non-straight trans women celebrities I can think of are white (Laura Jane Grace, Lana Wachowski,Caitlen Jenner), and I thought it was great seeing women of color like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock featured in this column. While they are both straight, they’re still LGBTQ women (and amazing LGBTQ activists) and I personally feel like that should be enough to warrent inclusion.

    • I don’t think the overall description of AS in this comment is fair at all, as Mey’s comment explains perfectly.

      And I love the dog picture. I love pretty much all dog pictures where the dog isn’t being treated poorly.

      But can also understand why Jackie is upset. Sure, the column is Vapid Fluff and reposting does not equal endorsement of the entire person. But the general feeling of the column is still “Let’s peak inside the lives of cool famous queers.” Most of the comments on here are about how awesome/adorable/hilarious the celebrity queer dog/cat owners are. So it does kind of feel like adding someone’s picture to the column is putting them down on the list of cool kids. And AS has many positive mentions of Myles in other articles (an interview even).

      So I can understand that seeing someone whose comments have hurt you praised (in other AS articles) and included on here could feel pretty shitty. Too bad Jackie will miss out on a lot of other great content.

      That said, I only really know of Myles from seeing her mentioned on AS. I just tried to educate myself on what it is that she has said that is transphobic. But I haven’t had much luck with the Google. If anyone in the know wouldn’t mind taking the time to drop a link and enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.

  2. How can anyone expect you to look at the camera when Brittani is holding Bandit right next to you? How did all those other people manage to look at the camera? Were Samira Wiley and Ellen Page on the other side of the camera playing fetch with Patter and Duncan?

  3. I wanna gift Lauren Morelli / Samira Weily with Duvet cover + matching pillowcase because come on.

    • That’s so funny Chloe, I was actually getting really jealous of Samira and her doggie because I love the feeling of a naked duvet, all crinkles and air, but I worry about it getting messed up and cleaning it so I use a duvet cover, and my bedroom looks nicer, but it’s not the same.

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