No Filter: Eclipses and the Stars Who Love Them

This week in No Filter, the sun and the moon did some crazy shit and all the celebrities we pay attention to responded accordingly! At least, most of them did. Also, some of our problematic faves got caught up in the latest nude photo leak (or whatever), which we’re not gonna write about here because it’s violating and gross! Know what isn’t violating and gross? Dorky eclipse glasses.

We did it! We also gave our extra pair of glasses to a food delivery guy and he was… less than impressed.

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Stephanie Beatriz took some time out from looking really goodlooking to… nope, she multitasked.

Happy eclipse!

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The Quin cats know how to handle a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, let me tell you.

There are two Jasika Nicoles and they’re both better at everything than twelve of you.

??? #sexico

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When you’re a cool sexy famous person like Cara Delevingne, you can swim with whale sharks that look suspiciously like one of my favorite Facebook stickers of all time:

Knitting into the eclipse #imanalligator #sarcoidosis #rashesNlashes the beth ditto story

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Beth Ditto spent her eclipse time knitting adorably.

?? City of.

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Nobody even told Stella Maxwell there even was an eclipse…

went outside to get some sun ? but, it wasnt there ?? oh well #SolarEclipse2017 ??

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…while Chelsea Manning was the actual sun in the sky, so.

I guess ERW is upset that we’re still in a fight because she performed this very sweet rendition of “Edelweiss” and dedicated it to her son. I FORGIVE YOU.

All the TNG/TOS crossover novels are now mine

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It’s no Joan Didion, that’s for damn sure.

I love being gay

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Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher enjoy eclipsing responsibly.

Sarah Paulson and her costars (all playing different characters in Riese’s real life in this season of American Horror Story) went to a Cher concert and she fucking livestreamed it and nobody has ever wanted to watch anything less than I want to watch your Instagram livestream of a concert I’m not at… but I will forgive you this one time.

Join us next week, for whatever extraordinary celestial something-or-other leads famous people to take goofy selfies.

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