No Filter: Cara Delevingne Takes This Whole Movie Star Thing Super Seriously

Welcome back to No Filter, your one-stop shop for queer celebrity tabloid musings. This week, Kristen Stewart got an awkward hug from her girlfriend and somebody described this movie Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood are in as “a gorgeous, intimate two-hander” which probably means something filthy but I can’t tell. Additionally, inquire within if you’d like to hear my theories about Lindsay Lohan being potentially possessed by a demon. Anyway, Instagram!

I tell myself they're depressed without me

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Thought we’d kick off this week with some very famous celebrities we haven’t checked in on in a while – Tegan and Sara’s cats.

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If you’re not a cat person, perhaps you will enjoy this un-fucking-real video of Jenny Owen Youngs making friends with a dog. I have paused several times on the adorable expression of sheer joy on Jenny’s precious face.

Ready for Broadway ??( I also do Weddings.. and Funerals.. ) #HireMe #LizaMathieu

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We haven’t forgotten about you, Soko. Don’t you worry.


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Tallulah Willis, are you one of our people or what? Just asking.

Here’s that super cute tribute post your girlfriend Lena Waithe made for you guys on your anniversary.

High drama in the props dept

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Remember when you fell and hurt yourself (?) and then your cool girlfriend Ellen Page was like, “No worries babe” and showed up at the hospital with a “Get Well Soon” balloon? Me neither, I’m too busy dying alone, but good for you Samantha Thomas.

#tbt TOEMOJI TIME with @margotrobbie @suicidesquadmovie

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Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie are taking promo for their new movie very, very seriously.

@acmoore9 and I headed to work and look what we saw!! ??? Danielle Brooks Tony Nominee! ?

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I don’t know why this is so hypnotic but I’ve just watched it like six times.

like my food like i fall in love —-in n out ?

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Why run, when you can fly? ?#track #running #fromwhereirun #keepitmoving

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Jiz Lee is doing EVEN MORE SPORTS!

Join us next week, when Jiz Lee single-handedly takes on the Olympics.

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  1. throwback to when Angel Haze performed a concert at my college and then attended our queer nipple-themed after party and then changed their twitter pic to them with a student’s nipples… #blessed

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