New Music: Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm”

It seems like this is just a week of Really Exciting Gifts From The Goddess, because yesterday I got to tell you all about the 100 Most Stylish dapperQs and today I get to tell you that “She Keeps Me Warm,” a brand new gorgeous single from Mary Lambert, is now available for purchase on iTunes! What will tomorrow bring? And the next day? Why is the future so bright and shiny?! I don’t even know, but let’s focus on today’s magic and talk about how incredible Mary’s new song is, because oh my gosh I love it. You know what, before I say anything, let’s just listen together. We can hold hands if you want.

Isn’t it just the most beautiful perfect love song you’ve ever heard? The vocals and the music are spectacular, obviously, but as a writer I’m always most interested in a song’s lyrics. Mary does an exquisite job capturing the way your heart and your brain feel in the beginning, in that space you want to stay in forever, when things feel easy and fun and exciting and new, when each brief text or touch is a revelation and absolutely everything is a possibility. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? “What’s your middle name, do you hate your job, do you fall in love too easily? What’s your favorite word, you like kissing girls, can I call you baby?” Isn’t it wild to realize the human experience is really so universal? I guess that’s why love songs are so well received – we all just wanna meet a cute smart human and wait until just the right moment to call them “babe” for the first time.

The origin for this song is, of course, Macklemore’s platinum hit “Same Love,” on which Mary collaborated with the sweet chorus that is the foundation of her new single. While “Same Love” was obviously rooted in politics (back in 2012 Carmen reported that it will melt your heart and invigorate your politics and she was and is still correct), Mary explains on her blog that this new release is really more a love song than anything else.

Releasing ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ today is a massive and scary step. Simply because this song is not political. It’s not about oppression or marriage equality. This song is a love song. That’s all it is. It’s an honest love song, an extended version of my chorus from ‘Same Love.’ It’s another side of the story. The only difference with this song is that there are female pronouns. I’m not trying to be shocking. I suppose it’s inadvertently making a statement, but I hope this song sits in all hearts- gay or straight. It’s not about any of that. It’s about love. It’s always been about love.

Mary’s appearing on HuffPostLive today at 4pm EST (1pm PST) to talk more about the song, being an out musician, and more. You should head over there and listen – I’ll be over here hitting repeat on this track all day and doodling hearts in my notebook.

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  1. I am really upset because my job involves listening attentively to sound files but all I want to do is listen to this song over and over again because it’s perfect.

  2. I found this song on Tumblr right after I woke up this morning. It’s so perfect.. Not sure I can stop listening to it now lol

  3. the song just blown me away !!!

    BEST birthday gift this year so far, thank you Vanessa :)

  4. I am so, so happy about this. This was my favorite part of “Same Love”, so I am overjoyed to have this whole song. I will never get sick of girl/girl love songs.

      • I did a search around the time I first heard it to seem if there was an extension of her part. :D

  5. This is a song that warms me from deep in my heart.
    The lyrics, the voice, the tune, everything about this song.

    • This is incredible. Thank you for staring this. Mary Lambert might be my new favorite person.

  6. i can’t listen to “same love” without crying as soon as mary lambert starts singing. i ended up sobbing through all of this song, too. it’s the chorus that gets me– i’m not out to my parents yet, and i’m scared to come out because of how homophobic they are. but i’ve known who i am since i was a child, and i’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year now. i don’t know how to convey the fact that the way she makes me feel isn’t wrong, and that i wouldn’t change a thing about us– or myself– even if i could.

    i don’t know. i guess this is the first song i’ve ever heard that’s expressed all of that at once– the simple, helpless, elated admission of loving someone so wholeheartedly and having it returned in spades. thank you for sharing this, vanessa. it’s perfect.

  7. But really honestly, look up the video of her singing it live. She has got some kind of glow coming from some special place.

  8. The chorus was the bit I liked best in terms of sound so I’m really pleased to hear it’s got longer.

    ‘Same Love’ gives me chills.

  9. I love this song. itunes will not let me even look it up though! Says it is not available in US stores. How can I fix this???

  10. I hate cheesy love songs. Especially when they make me tear up because they’re actually genuine and well-done.

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