National Gay Equality March Needs a PR Makeover & Kelly Clarkson Needs a Facially Haired Dream Date


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Speaking of taking photos of fun summertime activities, our photoblogger Robin visits Provincetown, the gayest gay & lesbian vaycay spot in all the land, and takes some stunning photographs!

On Top Chef lesbian contestant Ashley finds the bachelorette party challenge “beyond comprehension,” and wasn’t shy about saying so. Fired up? Laneia tells you all about it.


+Life & Culture

rachel_maddowBUTCH VOICES: NPR covers the four-day “Butch Voices” conference, a chance for men, women, and transgendered people to talk about what it means to be masculine — even if you’re not a man. Jezebel covers NPR’s coverage of the Butch Voices Conference and the breakdown is fascinating, w/r/t how “butches are not only expected to conform to stereotypes about masculinity — being “strong and silent” — but are vulnerable to a stereotype more traditionally associated with femininity as well,” and also checks out what the Butch Voices has to say about “butch intellectuals.'” (Rachel Maddow being the first famous butch intellectuals).

SEX: The Ex-Banker Living on Alcohol, Hookups, and Unemployment: I think maybe they just had Brett Easton Ellis make something up for this week’s sex diaries. (@nymag)

TECH: More images about Gender & Technology, including “If Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc. was a woman” and a man choosing a Game Boy over the woman tied with legs spread on his bed. (@contexts)

+News & Politics

DOUCHEBAG: In Utah, it is legal to fire someone for being gay or transgender. However, the governor, in response to questions about told reporters he doesn’t believe sexual orientation should be a protected class in the way that race, gender and religion are. (@ontopmag)

EQUALITY MARCH: I feel like this is like a vacation where they keep cutting entertainers The Equality March seems increasingly pointless, yet still a good opportunity to get drunk with our interns, which is probs the best way to feel equal to the rest of this gdforsaken country. (@queerty)

ADOPTION: The actual tagline for this article is: “Is the state’s law forbidding adoption by gay people protection for children or bigotry? A Miami appeals court must decide.” I’m sure that will be  VIGOROUS DEBATE as that decision is SO COMPLICATED. (@herald)

1356208046_529335c3ddRIP TED: Ted Kennedy was “our greatest champion: “On gay rights, he was absurdly helpful for a straight senator back before gay rights were popular,” he said. (@cnn)

SEX ED: Abstinence-Only Sex Education Center offers Derek the Abstinence Clown, Apparently Without Irony. (@feministe)

BTW I TOTALLY CALLED THIS: Heather Had 2 Mommies. Now She’ll Have THREE. Thanks, Science!“Scientists have managed to rip the DNA out of a donor egg, then implant the egg with another mother’s genetic muck, and then put a male’s sperm inside the whole thing. So far, they’re only doing it with monkeys” (@queerty)

DADT: DADT, No Time-line For Easing it.“That process is still ongoing. There was not a definite time-line put on that request,” Cynthia Smith said of President Barack Obama’s discussions with Secretary of Defense Bob Gates on easing the policy.” (@advocate)

+Arts & Entertainment

natalie portman

NATALIE: Jake Gyllenhal interviews Natalie Portman in Interview Magazine:” .. we can take solace in the fact that we now have the time to pursue the things that we really want to pursue because now the option of doing things just for the money isn’t necessarily there. (@interview)

THREE RIVERS: Three Rivers, starring our ladylove Kate Moenning, will premiere October 4th on CBS.

END OF THE RAINBOW: Reading Rainbow’s final show will air today on PBS and NPR explains why you can blame G.W. Bush. Reading Rainbow taught kids why to read. You know, the love of reading — [the show] encouraged kids to pick up a book and to read.” (@ npr)

MOVIE CROSS-DRESSERS: Top Ten Cross-Dressers includes Julie Andrews, Barbara Streisand, Gwyneth Paltrow and a bunch of dudes! (

TEEVEE: Heathers, Cult Classic to be Revived as a Television Show: “While the project will be updated, classic characters, including Ryder’s Veronica Sawyer and Slater’s J.D. will still play a role.” (@under the radar)

LOHAN: The Week of Bi-Bis – Bisexual and Biracial Identity in New Movies and TV: “Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan was a guest judge on Project Runway, and she was, to my knowledge, the first out female judge they’ve had on the show. She commented that one of the dresses looked “sexy” on the model wearing it, and I realized she’s probably been the only judge ever on the show who actually has sex with women and is therefore speaking from a very personal perspective.” (@bilerico)

STRAIGHT PEOPLE: Kelly Clarkson on Logo! Here she talks about facial hair and dream dates, here’s her word on Gay Fans:


commenter-friday-71709This was a hard one as I feel like we had 25 interesting conversations in the comments this week — about organized religion, Italian birthrates, sex crimes against children by church people, the color of vampire blood, the economy of Dubai, dreams about Autostraddling, scissoring, and various potential entries for the Summer Scavenger Hunt.

Lottie, Late Add Award to the NewNowNext Awards, pretty much summarizing our feelings about The Paradiso Girls: “question: is that girl band gay? if not what were they doing there? I found them a bit obnoxious, sorry.”

The Riese’s Mom Commented on Autostraddle Award goes to Riese’s Mom for: “and to think, if I had just let you have Barbies how different your life might be …” on Barbies Teach Lesbian Sex & Gay Dance Crew Vogue Evolution Kicks it Kung Fu Fighter Style.

bcw on Lesbian Top Chef Gets Fired Up: “is there anywhere i can see this clip that doesn’t blatantly discriminate against my canadian location? it’s a bit much, laneia, inviting me to participate in this internet event from which i am barred based on my geography.”



from Intern X:
So I’ve heard that the lesbians enjoy tattoos generally? I’ve been looking for some ink myself and while looking for inspiration have come across this tumblr Fuck yeah tattoos. Some are really awesome and some are regret worthy, regarldless they’re all cool to look at. Hop to it!

green-iconfrom Laneia
Look, I know it’s nowhere near Easter, but maybe you don’t need a religious holiday to make these Naturally-Dyed Eggs? They’re so pretty!

riese-icon3from Riese:
Eva is a 26-year old queer female with cerebral palsy. She has a video blog where she tapes videos of people treating her bizarrely, using a video camera (very discreetly) mounted to her wheelchair. She edits the videos, comments on each event and writes about each situation on her blog: The Deal With Disability.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
This chart in New York Magazine says Quentin Tarantino films are as much about female empowerment as they are about the macho shenanigans of the men. He’s no feminist, obvs, but this is very true. Girl powah!

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  1. I was so disturbed by the GameBoy ad I can’t even tell you. Like, that is a product aimed at children.

    • Well, its still disturbing but its not always aimed at children. tons of my friends who are 19 and over all still play handheld games.. not all videogames are for children.

  2. so many fixins in this daily fix! i don’t know where to start and it’ll probs take me all wknd to read them all.
    this, from the Feministe article, caused me to have several feelings about Ohio:
    “BUT… maybe you’re saying that wearing a condom is still better than nothing. Hmm…interesting idea. Tell you what, I’ll go out to the parking lot after school and we’ll have a demonstration about that point. I’ll run out into the street and stand in front of a car. Before I let it hit me, I’ll put on a football helmet because it’s better than wearing nothing.”
    ALSO READING RAINBOW! *bloodtear*

    • i don’t leave my house because a car might hit me. <3 abstinence-only!

      the kitchenaid tattoo from x’s pick is INCREDIBLE. i don’t know why you’d get a mixer tattooed on you, but if you do, that is the way to do it.

      • I think the taco one is my favourite of the terrible/awesome ones. Been looking at them all afternoon and now I want a tattoo more than ever.

  3. I must say I seriously haven’t heard anything on the National Equality March. Kudos for saying something! =P I think I might go up there to do a little filming of the event. (mini documentary-ish?) Howevs, I haven’t heard anything about it from anywhere! I was beginning to get discouraged. Yesterday was the first time anyone I know actually expressed knowing about it and asked if I was going. To drive 4 hours or not to drive 4 hours, that is the question!

  4. reading rainbow is ending?! is this some kind of sick joke? omg…. whyyyyy!! this sucks. im going to go cry in the corner while singing the theme song.

  5. WELL, I will be attending the National Equality March. I am sure my type A self will be frustrated with the disorganization and I’ll have a lot of feelings about how we as a movement and a community need to get it together, but i will be there. 90% of life is showing up, you know.
    Maybe we’ll set something up ourselves?

    • i support this idea. like, i want an autostraddle tent on the steps of the lincoln memorial with a big sign that says “WHERE THE GRRRLS AT?” also, equal rights.

      also also, x, fuck yeah tattoos is my #1 obsession.

      • I third this notion. That would make the march a helluv a lot better. Dontcha think?

        There should be stickers involved.

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