MTV Video Music Awards 2013 Liveblog and Open Thread

Welcome to the MTV VMAs! The only music award show where fame matters more than talent. Just kidding! That’s all of them! MTV is just much more upfront about it.

It all starts at 9pm EST.

Thoughts/Feelings from the Preshow (8pm EST-9pm EST):

+I’m so happy Sway is still hosting the red carpet, because I know who he is. I feel so calm and comforted that he’s here for me.
+Lady Gaga is dresses suspiciously normal

Who is this?

Who is this?

+How old is Ariana Grande? She can really sing. I feel threatened and like I haven’t done anything with my life.
+Who is the little girl wearing the “Ain’t No Wifey” hat. Because I find that she might be changing her tune by the time she’s 25. Just a thought.
+I used to wear my hair just like Miley Cyrus in middle school.

Put that in me.

via mtv.tumblr.comPut that in me.

+Naya Rivera looks so hot. Then again Naya Rivera would always look hot.
+Austin Mahone doesn’t do anything for me. I feel like he’s the poor man’s Justin Bieber.
+I was just informed that apparently One Direction was formed because the guys weren’t good enough individually so they made them a group. Harsh.
+Taylor Swift isn’t wearing a white dress and a pony tail! This is revolutionary.

The Show
9pm EST: First thoughts: Is Lady Gaga a marshmallow?

9:02pm EST: Nope! Just a stunt for her new song! Followed by a swim cap!

Followed by a dramatic New Anchor costume!

Followed by a bikini!

IDK how I feel about Lady Gaga or her new song Applause yet. We’ll see. 

9:05pm EST: I feel like I should be upfront with you guys about the fact that I’ve already consumed some red wine. There’s a box of it. More is coming. And Chinese food. I’m eating some lo mein right now. As of right now it’ll be the best part of the night.

9:07pm EST: Look!  First award is being given out by One Direction! SO many lesbian hair cuts. Also every time the screen pans to Selena Gomez my chick on the side says “Aria?”

Best Pop Video goes to Selena Gomez for Come & Get It

Chick on the side: Wait. So that one is Aria right? Aria?

Yay for Selena Gomez! I like her dress, but I feel like it makes her look older than she really is. Also, for the purpose of the VMAs I won’t be speculating on whether or not people “deserve” awards or not because we all know this shit is totally random.

9:10pm EST: I forgot the VMAs have sooo many commercials.

9:16pm EST: So they just announced all the “professional awards” aka the awards for direction, cinematography and other such things that actually make video good. I wont’ repeat them because they didn’t even announce the names of the people who won them. Just the videos that won.

9:17pm EST: Okay so a Miley Cyrus impersonator just introduced Miley Cyrus. I’m both confused and aroused.

9:20pm EST: Holy shit. Miley Cyrus is wearing Chuck E Cheese on her body.

And dancing with stuffed bears.

And I think faux masturbating? Slash playing air guitar on her vagina?

9:23pm EST: Okay so now that Robin Thicke has joined Miley Cyrus on stage she’s stripped down into skin colored plasticy underwear. I’m okay with this development.

I am, however, confused by the simulated heterosexual sex going on between them.

Hey remember when Robin Thicke looked like this:robin thicke

And Miley Cyrus looked like this:hannah-montana-forever-pic-by-pearl-hannah-montana-13062891-1024-768
Now they look like this:

9:26pm EST: Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and changed my underwear, there are apparently more awards going on.

Macklemore wins for Best Hip-Hop Video for Can’t Hold Us

9:31pm EST:  So I know that Taylor Swift is like the anti-feminist, but I can’t help fan-girling out when she and Selena Gomez hang out. Can someone please write that slash fic?

9:35pm EST:  I’d like to comment on Kevin Hart’s stand-up moment, but my friends and I are too immersed in a conversation about whether or not Hart is actually only like 5’2″.

9:38pm EST:  It’s time for Kanye! None of us have heard his new album because: Med school. That’s right. Cat is out of the bag, this liveblog is being brought to you by three med student and one very cute chick on the side.

9:40pm EST: Why is Kanye rapping in the dark? Is this a metaphor?

Friend: I don’t want to make a preemptive judgement call, but I hate this.

Chick on the side: Maybe he’s just super hungover. Like he’s just like “Guys, I can’t.”

9:43pm EST:  Shout out to Wasteunit for this comment:Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 9.43.43 PM
9:46pm EST:  Is Pharrell happening live on my TV or is this prerecorded?

9:47pm EST:  Nope, it was prerecorded. But now we get to see a bunch of Rick James impersonators. Even though I said I wouldn’t say who “should” win best female video, I sort of wish Miley Cyrus would win.

Taylor Swift wins Best Female Video for Trouble


Yo. Peep Ellie Goulding’s Face.

I can’t watch this video without thinking of this:

In case you missed it, Taylor just thanked the dick who inspired the song. Nice work Taylor.

9:52pm EST:  It’s time for the Best Song With a Social Message. Hmm wonder who could possible be winning this one? I think we know….

Macklemore and Mary Lambert win for Same Love


Me: I think my ex has that haircut.
Chick on the side: Which one?
Me: All of them.

I have mixed feelings because we should be letting queers tell their own stories. Are you gonna let the lesbian speak? Nope. Don’t let the queer speak about her experiences or give her thanks on the goddamn fucking gay song. Only straight cis men get to sing on this one.

10:00pm EST:  It’s finally time for Justin Timberlake!! Yay! I hope ‘N Sync reunites!

10:02pm EST:  I wish I didn’t hate his new album. But I don’t hate JT’s dope shoes or the fact that his backup dancing girls don’t seem to be wearing pants.

10:03pm EST:  Wait. Was that prerecorded? I feel hoodwinked.

That bald backup dancer directly behind JT to the right is totally having his moment. He’s like, “This is it. My hair is never growing back so I better take this opportunity to outshine Justin.”

10:04pm EST:  I totally forgot JT can totally totally totally dance. This is the best thing I ever remembered in my life.

10:05pm EST:  I can’t even handle this medley. It’s ever song I ever loved.

10:06pm EST:  There is a large group dance party of med students going on in Providence Rhode Island right now.
Did anyone else just see that girl n the audience hold JT’s hand for waaaay too long?

10:07pm EST:  Is ‘NSYNC coming?! OMG guys. Remember when music was good? That’s what’s going on.
Is it time for ‘NSYNC yet?

10:08pm EST:  There was just a great shot of Lady Gaga in the audience. She’s dressed like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I’m jealous.

10:09pm EST:  I wonder how long this took to choreograph. Just kidding, I’m sure this isn’t choreographed– JT is just dancing and everyone else is following along.

10:10pm EST:  OH MY FUCKING GOD THERE THEY ARE. IT’S ‘NSYNC! And Justin is in the middle. Because he’s still the most important.

10:11pm EST: Oh my god boy bands. Joey, trying so hard. Does not have the stamina he used to have. Sit down One Direction, you don’t have shit going on.

Me: Ugh it’s time for Suit and Tie. I hate this song.
Everyone else in the room: Shut up and sing along

10:15pm EST: This is the longest moment of continuous music ever to air on MTV. Also is Taylor Swift the only celebrity who bothered to show up? Because the camera hasn’t panned to anyone else yet this show.

Justin Timberlake Accepts the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award for Dick in a Box

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.19.11 PM
10:20pm EST: So sweet that JT dedicated his award to ‘NSYNC! What a mensch!
10:24pm EST: Still recovering. If only Britney had joined JT on the stage. Ellen
10:27pm EST: Um. Kevin Hart you are not funny. What did you drink before this started? Your comments about ‘NSYNC’s weight and Lady Gaga’s butt are unwelcome. Please see yourself out.
10:30pm EST: I’ve now had enough wine to have strong opinions about who should win awards. Best Song of the Summer should sooo go to Selena Gomez. Blurred Lines is a fucked up song.

One Direction wins Best Song of the Summer for Best Song Ever

Ew. You can’t just name a song best Song Ever. Tenacious D basically already did that and it was so much better. Also I think there are people booing in the crowd.

10:30pm EST: What up Jason Collins! I don’t know who your small friend is, but his emphasis on “homosexuality” was hilarious.

10:34pm EST: All of the previous statements about queer people making their own music. All of them. Also I had no idea you can say “faggot” on TV.

10:36pm EST: Please someone put the fucking spotlight on fucking Mary Lambert. She’s the goddamn queer person in the song. Come on MTV, this doesn’t need to be the Macklemore song.

10:37pm EST: Holy shit. Is Jennifer Hudson, the straight chick, singing over the queer woman’s contribution to the song? Is that really going on? Also once they start singing together they have the weirdest mugs on looking at each other.

10:40pm EST: What’s up with these hamster commercials? Are hamsters in style now that Miley came out as a furry earlier tonight?

10:43pm EST: Emeli Sande looks so gay. So does Adam Lambert, but like, yeah.

Austin Mahone wins the Taco Bell Artist to Watch Award

I’m over it with Austin Mahone. Bro, you’ll never be the second coming of Aaron Carter. Because no one is waiting for that.

10:45pm EST: Damn. 2/3 of TLC. I love that Chili still wears those outfits. Like it’s still 1991.


10:47pm EST:  What up Drake! I know Carmen loves Drake but I’ll always think of him as the guy from Degrassi.


More importantly, the camera has to stop panning to Rihanna. She’s just so sleepy. Pretty soon they’re gonna bust her fast asleep.

10:50pm EST: I’m so confused about Jaden Smith. Why does he always look so pensive? He’s the least excited kid under 30 to be attending the VMAs. I’m just waiting for his thoughtful tweet about how we’re all just humans trying to live in this world and make beautiful music to connect people.

10:50pm EST: What is going on with Taylor Swifts walk? I have watched too many seasons of America’s Next Top Model to be forced to witness that poor of a cat walk.

Bruno Mars wins Male Video of the Year

10:55pm EST: I like this song but everyone else in the room disagrees. The general consensus in the room is that any other song ever should have won, including any other song by Bruno Mars. I’m just glad Blurred Lines didn’t win because it’s so problematic.

11:00pm EST: How are we still on commercials? When does this go until? If I’m going to watch this until midnight someone better come out as a homosexual.

11:05pm EST: Why is Selena Gomez on my TV announcing more Bruno Mars instead of singing herself. I just want to see her sing! Instead I’m being subjected to Bruno Mars dressed in a bad Halloween costume rendition of the Crocodile Dundee. I love my mother, but I think she has that blouse.

11:06pm EST: No one in the audience is enjoying Bruno Mars as much as Will Smith. No oneso bored

11:14pm EST:The best part of the last 15 min has been the Pepsi Beyonce commercial. You know you feel the same way.

11:16pm EST: So it’s time for Video of the Year as given by Joseph Gordon Levitt. I don’t much care about Joseph Gordon Levitt and I don’t know why he’s doing this weird voice. But The man can sure dress.

Video of the Year goes to JT for Mirror

I think Mirror is kind of not an awesome song. And also I don’t know anything about the video. Because music videos are over. But I appreciate that he dedicated it to his grandma. Unfortunately someone should tell him that it’s almost 11:30pm in Florida and his granny is definitely asleep.

11:20pm EST: I need everyone to stop telling me that Katy Perry’s biggest hit yet is Roar. We all know her biggest hit was I Kissed A Girl, if only because of how many girls it got me. Yup, I’m coming out to you as someone who like I Kissed A Girl.

What I’m saying is that this song sucks, and not just because of this weird boxing stage performance.

11:22pm EST: Girl just roar already. If you’re gonna talk about roaring so much you really need to do it. Shit, this really is just like I Kissed A Girl. Like, do it or it doesn’t count.

11:23pm EST: Wait. I’m confused. The VMAs just cycled back to the beginning. Does that mean it’s over? Is this the west coast feed now? Am I done? Did this shit seriously just end with Katy Perry singing some shitty song?Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.28.24 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.28.33 PM

I guess in conclusion this:

Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye

And also this:intern grace

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  1. Selena Gomez winning the first award of the night alrady annoys me. Not because I don’t like Selena but best pop video over the other four nominated? Eh, I’m not feeling it.

    What Am I Even Talking About? These awards are as much popularity contests as every other awards show.

  2. Award shows, like sports, are more exciting to watch inebriated. Similarly, award show liveblogs are more exciting to read when inebriated. Keep that wine box nearby, I’m grabbing a bottle.

  3. I’m pretty much only watching for NSYNC. As are 80% of the people on my Twitter feed. I have a lot of feelings about Lance Bass because he was totally my #1 boy crush when I was a baby lesbian.

  4. Miley Cyrus just slapped her vagina a bunch, right? Like I’m not imaging these things, right?

  5. I stopped watching when I heard robin thicke was coming up..and i reeally dislike that guy..and the show was already getting annoying… but I love these liveblogs!

  6. I love Miley but I remain utterly confused by everything that is happening on my screen right now. If eel so damn old!

  7. I’m just so…EMBARRASSED. I made myself look silly being team Miley and seeing her perform just ruined my life. Well, I’m being dramatic but her performance was very awkward and tense like watching a preteen try to be sexy.

    Also, Macklemore just said ‘HOMIE’ I’m upset.

  8. I think Taylor and Selena should kiss in honor of the Brit/Madonna kiss 10 years ago since they are looking so buddy buddy tonight. I approve.

    • If anybody is gonna kiss. I would rather it be Katy and Rihanna. I feel like I was denied that the previous year they were all in each other laps. Remember that? The camera crew was loving them that year. They were looking like they went to the hotel and fucked each other afterwards. Come on MTV. Make me happy for once.

  9. I gave up looking for a good stream after the Miley Cyrus thing b/c I was legit frightened.

    Naya Rivera looks like a really hot Morticia Addams and I approve.

    Also my foremost thought about this whole thing is that I can tell they closed so many streets near the Barclays Center that it must be an absolute nightmare down there.

  10. I KNOW!!!! I was like WTF why isn’t Mary talking?! She didn’t even get to thank anyone or say a thing!!! Like WTF!

  11. Taylor Swift always takes one step forward and two steps back with me. I continue to wait for her to act like the adult I know she is and not the 14 year old girls who listen to her music. I just watched her throw shade at one of her MANY famous ex-boyfriends that she’s gotten rich off of writing songs about and then the camera crew immediately panned to One Direction.

    I would love for each of those men by the way to start writing songs about her. Jon Mayer seems to be the first. It seems appropriate since we only ever hear TayTay’s side of things. They can’t ALL be assholes, right? Some of these failed relationships have to be her fault as well. Mainly I’m just over this shit altogether.

    • The only song I know of hers that is about her being the bad guy is “Back to December” which I believe was about Taylor Lautner.

      • A good number of her songs are about her famous ex-boyfriends. She has talked about this alot in interviews and even named them but I don’t remember which song correlates with which ex-boyfriend anymore. I do remember a magazine article breaking it down for me one time.

  12. This late 90s boyband nostalgia would be much more exciting if 2Gether and DuJour came back from obscurity and formed a supergroup called DuGether.

  13. Ewwww I don’t even know this one direction song and I went clubbing all summer. How is this possible it is the song of the summer?!

    • Because the awards are voted on by fans. Which basically just means a bunch of pre-teen and teen girls voted for days at a time so their favorite boy band would win an award. That’s about it. Artistic merit has nothing to do with things anymore.

    • I never heard the song either until the local radio station I listen to out here in L.A. played the beginning when they were talking about how The Who are like suing them for having a similar sounding opening to their classic song Baba O’Riley(Teenage Wasteland), which after hearing the beginning it does sound similar.

      And the only reason I know about One Direction is at work all these teen girls keep coming in asking for their perfume(and most don’t even know how it smells, the just like it because it has their name on it).

  14. I’m watching live from, and one of the audience cameras is right where Lady Gaga is sitting. I swear, every time she stands up, I just can’t stop laughing because her ass is just smackdab right up in the camera.


    I cried (yes I am drinking whiskey ginger ale).


      Because it gets annoying when Dan Savage and gay white male incorporated keep using Civil rights vs. gay rights and you know…gay black people exist.

      Oh I chuckled when A$AP Rocky pointed “Homosexuality,” oh straight people!


      • I wish the ground would open up and swallow A$AP Rocky into oblivion! What kind of name is A$AP Rocky anyway?

  16. You guys, Chili is still so hot. Also they’re apparently making a movie about TLC. I legit almost screamed.

  17. Brooklyn’s MTV VMA awards is the gentrified Brooklyn, I mean Macklemore won for best Hip Hop video.

  18. I love how utterly bored Will Smith’s look throughout the night. You would think they would be grateful to even be there. Do you know how many people would kill for those seats? Bitch, let me have your spot next year! Will Smith, however, seems to be having a blast. I am loving whatever weird friendship he seems to be cultivating with Lady Gaga. Their reactions shots to each other are the best of the night.

  19. Question: why is blurred lines problematic? Someone please educate me. I barely know the song and def don’t know the lyrics except for one or two words but I am curious so I will be well informed!

  20. My roommate just walked in and saw Katy Perry on TV. He asked, “Is that Sporty Spice?” He said it in the most earnest, sincere voice ever. It basically changed my life.

  21. Macklemore thinking he freed the gays and then not even letting actually queer Mary Lambert talk during their acceptance speech.


  22. THe only good thing about the awards was J-hud,kanye west,nsync and bruno mar the rest of the show I was channeling Rihanna.

  23. I’m pretty shameless when it comes to my love of Miley…but I could not handle that performance. I just don’t think I got it. I felt like she was trying too damn hard. Just sing girl!
    Have you all looked at the reaction photos. Will Smith’s family is the best one.

    ALSO one of the 1D boys was wearing a Joy Division shirt! I can dig that.

    I’m not a fan of Gaga but that ass did impress me.

    I though Selena seemed very uncomfortable with the exposed-ish boob…like she kept trying to hide it. Maybe she should have picked a different outfit?

    Mack and Ryan Lewis were the only ones who spoke both times they got on stage…they did not share that shit with either of the “guest” or featured artists.

    And lastly, my major feelings are summed up with JUSTIN MOTHERFUCKIN’ TIMBERLAKE. He basically made the show for me. Clearly I had a lot of feelings about the show but JT was certainly my main one. And Jimmy Falon should be his hype man forever and ever amen.

  24. I still can’t comprehend what this is meant to be- it has long disturbed and haunted me- yet as such I think it’s an accurate representation of how I feel about popular music:

  25. What’s he thing with Miley’s tongue?! Put it back in there, I don’t wanna see it anymore!

  26. the only reason i forced myself to watch vma’s is because of the nsync performance. i was surprised that Mr. Justin Randall Timberlake still has the touch. he can still dance like it’s nobody’s business. finally, jc chasez, lance bass, chris kirkpatrick, joey fatone. my four other childhood crushes along with jt sharing one stage. my 2013 is complete! what can i say? christmas came early. they reminded me how an award show should be. you won’t ever lose interest watching them because they know how to entertain right.

    the unimportant details that i noticed.
    1)was rihanna too high or was she low?
    2)if miley cyrus wasn’t pro lgbt marriage i won’t even look at her for the reason i’m not going to say because it’s too mean.
    3)taylor swift needs to keep it to herself sometimes. we knooooow taylor we knooooow!

  27. Agreeing that Selena Gomez should’ve won and HELL YES there was booing from the crowd for 1D. They need to sit the fuck down while NSYNC is singing because NSYNC has boy band status GODS. Justin Timberlake sang a whole album right? Bromance moments with Fallon.

    Nice Macklemore song at least we know there are straight people who care about our feelings as gays?

    And WTF is up with Miley Cyrus? No, Miley, don’t go down the Lohan road!!!!!!!!!!

  28. oh god, Miley Cyrus is trying so hard and using black women as props for her performance. Slapping black women’s asses and wannabe twerking? RAGE. So fucking disgusting. Her whole get up is racist. I wish she would go away. Someone tell her this is not okay. What the fuck.

    Also, don’t even get me started on New White Boy Savior, Macklemore, champion of gay rights and Intelligent Rap Music. I could do with 100% less of him.

    At least Rihanna was there I guess.

    • I personally like intelligent rap, music, but not his. I think he’s trying to be a bit like Atmosphere, except he trying to champion a specific cause vs Atmosphere.

      • Well, I don’t think Macklemore is making more intelligent music than other rappers. My point is that “intelligent” rap music is condescending because it assumes the genre’s default is offensive and meaningless, which is inaccurate and also not Macklemore’s place to change even if it were true, imo.

  29. Thank you for doing this. I feel like I got the full VMA experience without having to sit down and sacrifice precious hours of my life to do so.

  30. Two Words: Naya Rivera ->

    Rihanna made me laugh all night. She was the most entertaining. Also the way MTV trolled ASAP Rocky. The irony of that whole situation was not lost. ASAP’s stance was so “please no one think I’m gay” and yet next to Jason Collins it was ASAP who my dad assumed was male-seeking.

    Anyway it reeked of homophobia, but the awkwardness of it all made me laugh slightly.

    • Also! I didn’t know who Ariana Grande was until last night. She’s amazing. This whole summer I thought her song was a Mariah re-release.

  31. ariana is 20 so it’s okay for me to be crushing on her right??
    fantastic voice, and her acting is petty decent too.

    also does anyone else get a gwen stefani vibe from miley’s hair?

  32. Whoever told Miley that sticking her tongue out at every given opportunity was a good publicity ploy should be fired!

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