LIVE STREAM: Tegan and Sara’s Halloween Concert Tonight!

It’s Halloween and it’s also Monday which means you probably spent the whole weekend celebrating and didn’t think much about how the Holiday Itself is today. Perhaps you showed up at work this morning bleary-eyed with vague traces of glitter and/or eye makeup and/or glitter eye makeup lingering in your hairline, a smudge of body paint in the crease of your elbow. You probably ate a Snickers for breakfast from the stash you “bought for your neighbors” because Snickers have peanuts, which is protein, right?

While you might already be scheming about next year’s costume, don’t pack up your festive pumpkin lights just yet. We have a very special Halloween event just for you: It’s Tegan and Sara, renowned queer twin angsty-guitar-duo-turned-pop-sensation, streaming live from House of Blues Boston and presented by Live Nation!

via LiveNation

via LiveNation

Tegan and Sara are touring for their EIGHTH album, Love You To Death, probing further into the pop side that they began exploring on their 2013 album Heartthrob. The album is extremely danceable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not deep. The Quins explore their relationship as twins for the first time, push back against the normative expectations that come with marriage equality, and spiral through the confusion of falling in love with a girl who just wants to be best friends. Tegan and Sara may have cracked mainstream appeal in the past few years, but their music is still unapologetically and undeniably queer.

So come on in and watch this live performance with me! The show starts at 9:15pm EST. Then share all your feelings in the comments.

And also in the comments, tell me: What’s your favorite song from the new album? What old song do you hope they’ll play? How many plays do “Boyfriend” and “Closer” have on your iTunes? What’s the biggest feeling Tegan and Sara have made you feel? How was your Halloween weekend? Will you post a picture of you all dressed up?

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  1. Tegan and Sara’s Proud made me feel like I was bad ass who could do anything. They gave me a much needed boost of confidence, especially since I just recently came out when I discovered their music.

  2. I’m gonna be there tonight! Something like my 15th time seeing them probably. The first time I saw them I was a wee 17 years old and they were opening for Melissa Ferrick.

    My favorite T&S memories: I met one of my best friends in the entire world at one of their shows almost 14 years ago. And once my big sister, her then husband, and me drove to Montreal to see them play. It was dumb and perfect.

    • omg that’s so cool you saw them so long ago! How far they’ve come! Have a great time tonight!!

  3. This is the most beautiful Halloween present anyone’s ever given me, and that includes when my mother shipped a whole bag of candy corn to Italy so I wouldn’t miss out. Well, it’s a tie. BUT STILL.

  4. I’ll be there dressed as Christmas being commercialized earlier and earlier! It’ll be my first time seeing tegan and sara, I’m excited because it feels like a queer girl milestone and I hope they play nineteen since that’s a queer coming of age song for me!

  5. I had a chance to see them this Friday in Toronto and it was amazing! Best concert I’ve ever been to. I’ll also be watching tonight because who needs to go out to Halloween anyway.

  6. I’m seeing them in 2 weeks in Orlando, for the 6th time!!! The best thing to happen to me during this otherwise shitstorm of a year…

  7. I saw them in Dallas this tour and they played “I Was Married”!! It was the first time in the four time I’ve seen them that I heard it live. They also played a bunch of old favorites like “Living Room” and “Nineteen”.

    I saw them for the first time in 2010 with my very first girlfriend. Someone in her dorm building had put up posters advertising the show and she stole one for me. It’s my tiny piece of T&S history. ❤️

  8. I feel like a jerk because this makes me sad, since I got Tegan and Sara tickets five months ago but then unwisely came out to my parents a week before the concert, which they then did not allow me to attend since they apparently love me and were worried I’d be the victim of an anti-gay shooting, since it was a “gay show.” I seriously have no idea what to do with this.

  9. I was at the show and had a blast and danced my butt off! A little bummed they didn’t do Where Does the Good Go but overall it was definitely the funnest night I’ve had in a ridiculously long time.

  10. I think this tour is my favorite of the tours I’ve seen them on and I was lucky enough to see it the 3 times they were in LA.

    It’s just the right mix of Lots Of Songs, time for talking, re-imagining old songs (!!!), light show, matching outfits, awesome band that aren’t all just white dudes (LADY BASSIST), and their relationship with each other has matured so much and reached a point of real mutual love and respect.

    And that’s not mentioning the cordless mics and dancing and playing to the audience like the actual rock stars they are.

    They’ve really put a lot of thought into making sure the audience has a great time and it’s just a fucking awesome time to be a Tegan and Sara fan. :)

  11. I’ve cried to My Number so many times. More recently though, I really enjoy BWU and Now I’m All Messed Up. Saw them in Montréal last week for the first time! I’ve been a fan for years, so it was a massive buildup. Loved it. Love them.

  12. So I missed like 90% of this. Anyone know if there’s a way to rewatch the livestream or if someone downloaded or recorded it?

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