Tegan and Sara Just Released TWO New Music Videos for Your Eyeballs

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In the past 48 hours, Tegan and Sara have released TWO new videos, lifting the curtain on what their forthcoming album Love You To Death has in store.

“U-Turn,” released Wednesday, is a masterful execution of the bizarre dance moves and weird faces Tegan and Sara videos are known for. The Quin twins sport elaborate eye makeup, while dancing against a cityscape depicted in animation reminiscent of early 90s educational cartoons. It’s fun and silly and over-the-top.

On a completely different note, “100X,” released this morning on Noisey, is a masterful collaboration with Instagram-famous dog groomer Jess Rona. “I swear I tried to leave you/ at least a hundred times a day,” the twins croon to the rich sounds of a single piano, as tiny dogs hilariously and, somehow, heart-wrenchingly, gaze into the camera, their fur rippling in slow-motion from the wind of an off-camera fan. The twins’ only appearances feature them gazing into the camera with the exact same earnest expressions as the dogs. It’s simple and understated, just like the song, but also entirely absurd.

“U-Turn,” “100X,” and “Boyfriend” (the video for which was released last week), give a great look at where Tegan and Sara are heading with LY2D, which will be released in-full on June 3. They’ve retained their poppy-yet-lyrically-interesting vibe introduced by Heartthrob, while introducing simpler heartbreakers that seem to be more grown-up and retrospective takes on the angst of their earlier work.

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  1. I wonder if album sales will be lower since, ya know, a bunch of us will be on a mountain the morning it comes out.

  2. Maddie! When I watched “U-Turn” the other day, I was thinking of your “Boyfriend” review–so is “U-Turn” literal enough for you? Lol I thought it was fun, and I love their bizarre dance moves and weird faces! After the second viewing I started to get a headache from the bright colors, but I think it was worth it?

    “100x” is the best idea for a video ever.

    • omg U-Turn is SO LITERAL. i loved the dance moves to match the lyrics. they’re so perfect and weird.

  3. U-turn has been stuck in my head for weeks. I finally gave in and googled “which is tegan and which is sara” :-[

    • I literally just opened up another browser tab to Google the same thing

      They need slightly dissimilar hairstyles

      I once didn’t know a person I knew was actually two identical people, though,

      So it could be worse

      You could think the girl in the library is the same girl as the one in history class for months (!!), and then later realize you never figured out which one has which name

      • I think the easiest way to tell one Quin from the other is face shape. Tegan’s jaw is squarer and wider, Sara’s face is a bit narrower and her chin pointier. I think this picture illustrates what I’m talking about pretty well:

    • it has somehow gotten harder to tell! i think because tegan took out her labret piercing.

    • is green eye makeup sara and blue eye makeup tegan?
      if i’m right i’ve figured out a way to tell them apart

  4. The first vid was cool. Love the song. The second one, it’s gonna take me a while to take it seriously. That is until I stop squeeing and giggling about the cute

  5. I watched U-Turn and thought “how are they going to top that?” and then I watched 100x. Damn I love them.

  6. and here I was excited about the 5 seconds of dogs in the Boyfriend video. I had no idea the delights they had in store!

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