L Word Generation Q Episode 101 Recap: Let’s Do Lesbians Again

Well, friends, here we are again. Here I am recapping my 72nd episode of The L Word franchise. I have recapped The L Word in three parts of Florida, in New York City and in Oakland and in Michigan and in Los Angeles and in Austin and in middle seats on airplanes, at hotel desks and in the chilly back office of my Mom’s house in suburban Detroit. I have recapped while crying, while drunk and high, while having a violent allergic reaction to my friend’s new cat in her otherwise impressive Nyack lakehouse; in my underwear with my laptop on a pile of pillows and my back against another pile of pillows, my face lit up by computer-screen glow next to a naked sleeping girl who’d wake up for work at 7am and ask “is it done yet” not because she was worried about my physical health (these burdens are our own to bear, I’d made that much clear) but because she wanted to read it on her subway ride downtown. I was recapping The L Word when I started dating my first-ever girlfriend, when I started this very business with my next girlfriend and was recapping The Real L Word when I moved in with the girlfriend after that. Now I host a podcast that recaps The L Word out loud with a friend I used to watch The L Word with when it actually aired. This is the way, it’s the way that we live. These burdens are our own to bear.

Today’s “To L and Back” podcast episode is a live recording of our interview with the Gen Q cast that we did last week at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and on Thursday, the first Generation Q episode of “To L and Back” will debut with its new hosts! In subsequent weeks, the Gen Q podcast will come out on Mondays, like the TLAB podcast did and will again after the Gen Q Season One finale.

TV recaps have changed since I used to do this, though: they’re not popular in the same way they once were. So I’m curious to know what you’d like out of these recaps! Do you want the same formula I did before —  the blow-by-blow? Or would you prefer a shorter review or some other clever and brief format? Let me know in the comments!

Until then, I’ll be recapping in the same manner in which I performed my original L Word recaps, which’s to say I will be counting Sexy Moments and Squabbles and picking a quote of the week. Unfortunately, I cannot do a Jenny Moment because… Jenny is dead.

So, here we go: welcome to the first recap of the first season of The L Word: Generation Q, brought to you by the same network that brought you The L Word, a show about a super-hip skateboard shop called “Wax” and its singular salon chair! Let’s begin, shall we?

We open on a picturesque Los Angeles morning. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the grass is growing, the climate is changing and the lesbians are carpet-munching. Let’s not waste any time!

Just trying to keep it all safe for work

Lesbian Sexy Moment #1: Bloody Heaven
The Players: Dani and Sophie
The Pick-Up: Happened before our arrival but Sophie reveals, post-orgasm, that she ‘woke up so horny’ so I think we can imagine there was some spooning transitioning into sleepy ass-to-groin grinding transitioning into full cunnilngius.
Hot or Not? Yes! What a way to start the show, you know?

Now Dani’s hand is bloody, like Macbeth’s, because everything is normal and our bodies are beautiful. She reminds Sophie that “this happens every month.” You know what else happens every month? Ovulation. As Tina pointed out to Bette in the first scene of the original series! It’s the circle of life, it’s the wheel of fortune, it’s the leap of faith, it’s the elastic waistband of hope.

I got all my teeth removed and my tongue replaced with a tiny spatula, what do you think?

Thus we now know biblically and otherwise that this is the beautiful golden couple: Dani Nuñez (Arienne Mandi) and Sophie Suarez (Rosanny Zayas). I promise I won’t do this for the entire recap, but Rosanny and Ari had a lot of cool interesting things to say about this scene on this week’s episode of “To L and Back!” Seriously it’s not-to-be-missed.

Elsewhere, Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) is creeping out of somebody’s very nice bedroom in her boxer-briefs, clutching a pile of clothes to her bosom, likely in hopes of making $2 at Crossroads.

Ooof that was a LOT of carbon monoxide

Her car won’t start, so she very kindly steals her date’s bike and leaves her dead car in the driveway, probably blocking the live car in that garage, which means the girl she left behind is gonna have to Demolition Derby her way to work this morning, which’s very butch, if you think about it.

Should I spend $8 on a Whole Foods smoothie or $12 on a Moon Juice??

Finley’s flash of armpit hair feels as deliberate as opening the show with a period sex scene between two women of color — we’re still in fantasyland to some degree, but rooted in something undeniably authentic.

We’re then treated to a montage of Silver Lake / Echo Park street life, including Finley biking past a man who tells her to smile. She reminds him that “time’s up, jackass!” Just a note that the original script said “motherfucker” and the preview said “bitch” so that was probably quite the journey for everybody involved.

Hello, Los Angeles, so glad to see you

Finley rolls up to Sophie/Micah/Dani’s little palace and spots a shirtless man with a significant pectoral region carting some boxes and jets inside to interrupt Micah’s phone call with a student to ask him if he HAS SEEN WHAT’S OUTSIDE. (Micah is Dani’s best friend and ex, and is played by Leo Sheng!) You know what? There’s a better view from upstairs, so let’s just run right upstairs and bolt right into Sophie and Dani’s room…

EXCUSE ME somebody’s trying to shove a Diva Cup inside somebody else over here???!!!

I feel like I know a lot of Finleys, you know? Like that friend who just really wants the best for you and gets more excited about your life than you’ll ever be while maintaining only the most chaotic grip on their own. They’ve been through it — but you’d never know, looking at that smile. Finleys can be a nightmare to date but a dream to befriend.

It’s a game called Kitty Paws come on just play Kitty Paws with me!

Sophie cracks that Micah and Shirtless Man will probs get married before Dani proposes to her. So Dani’s definitely proposing to Sophie this episode.

With Finley and Sophie safely off-set, Micah’s like “what are you waiting for, propose!” and Dani’s like, listen, I will, I just have to tell my Dad! [Trivia: this scene was re-shot — the original, which provided us with a very popular episode still of everybody in the window, felt too hokey to showrunner Marja Lewis-Ryan when she saw it, so they redid it. This and more interesting tidbits coming your way when I publish the interview I did with Marja later this week!] [Let the record show that Ilene Chaiken has STILL not invited me over for dinner to look at her birds.]

Cut to Bette’s Enormous Home, where our Lady of Porter looks fantastic on the phone giving design feedback on her campaign materials (her first line is “Hello Again”, as per promotional materials) while her daughter, a now fully grown up Angelica Gaymo, is texting in the bathroom.

Bette calling to her daughter Angelica through the doorway

Angie I need you to close Co-Star and come downstairs for your grain bowl

How the fuck do I have trouble with self, work, spirituality, social life and thinking & creativity ALL ON THE SAME DAY!?!

Angie’s texting with her friend Jordi who wants Angie to “not bail” on their plan today, and Angie says she won’t, and starts to text “I’m sooooo excited” but then deletes it, which means Angelica is gay and has a crush on Jordi. It must be the gay gene. I bet Marcus Allenwood is bi. Angie tries to leave without saying I love you but then is like, JK I love you!

Three generations of queers: I love to see it.

Cut to Nat’s house! Nat (Stephanie Allyne) is Alice’s girlfriend who has two (2) children. Her son Eli is intently reading the back of a cereal box and Alice can’t find the fucking spatula! Alice, like Bette, also looks fantastic!

Alice holds a spatula in the kitchen with her girlfriend Nat

You’ve been a VERY bad girl and Daddy wants to punish you!

Alice: “You know, when i was a kid, my Mom made me split a Slim-Fast Shake with her for breakfast.”
Olive: “You’re not our mom.”
Alice: “Oh yeah sure I do know that!”

Eli reads the back of a cereal box while his sister Olive walks by.

It says here for just $3.25 I can plant my very own Mystery Garden?

Who’s at the door??? IT’S GIGI (Sepideh Moafi)! Yup, Nat’s ex-wife and the Other Mother of these two fine young specimens appears out of the clear blue, pulling off a camel-colored blazer/trouser combo and looking, if I may say so, obscenely attractive.

Nat's ex-girlfriend Gigi looks at Alice, who is shrugging while holding a pink plate

Alice it’s okay, you don’t have to be the little teapot anymore

It’s time for our first throwdown!

Lesbian Squabble #1: A Marriage Story
In the Ring: Gigi vs. Nat
Content: Gigi acts like she didn’t know it was Alice’s day to drop off the kids at school, which Nat finds VERY upsetting as it’s thwarting her plans to get Alice to feel like part of the family as per their deliberately non-partisan shared calendar. The kids, clearly scarred by that time Alice was scream-crying post-yoga in a hoodie and barrettes while car-chasing Dana through multiple-lane roads in Malibu, wanna ride with Gigi.
Who wins?: Gigi. She’s the fun Mom.

Gigi saunters up to Alice and informs her that her manicurist loves Alice’s show and finds it very “cute.” Also, Gigi is emotionally undressing Alice, this woman could probably seduce an oak tree or a box of paper towels. She and the kids exchange some dialogue in Persian ’cause guess what, Gigi is a Persian character played by a Persian actress! HOW FAR WE’VE COME!

Nat wants to process but Alice isn’t in the mood for therapy talk, but… it looks like everybody woke up horny today.

Lesbian Sexy Moment #2
The Players: Alice and Nat
The Pick-Up: “When do you have to leave?” “In seven minutes” “Wanna see if we could do it in six?”
Hot or Not: Feels like they got off to a solid start besides the bleating plush toy wedged behind the throw pillow? I wish them all the best.

Uhh, then we arrive at the um, tarmac? You know, the thing where PRIVATE JET OWNERS de-plane onto a slim red carpet, wearing sunglasses and holding a single duffle. It’s Shane. Shane pauses at the top of the stairs, scoping the air for errant owls and reflecting, it seems, on her return to Los Angeles for the L Word reboot.

Shane walks off a private jet while a flight attendant watches her go, clearly attracted

If In-n-Out is 15 minutes away and the flight attendant wants to fuck in 90 minutes at my new palace which is 60 minutes from here, do I have enough time to stop at In-n-Out, let it digest, expel it from my system, crack my knuckles and go to town on this frequent flier?

“I look forward to seeing much more of you in the future,” says the flight attendant with the perfect ponytail. In other words: they’re gonna bang. And my friends: they do. Shane’s gotta Shane!

Shane, in a shirt and pants, fucks a naked girl on her kitchen counter

Shout out to that French Press holding it down for the kitchen

Lesbian Sex Moment #3
The Players: Shane and the Air Hostess
The Pick-Up: I’m gonna guess “hey.”
Hot or Not? Of course.

Jsyk this is our third set of boobs and we are ten minutes in. Shane remains in full dress for the duration of the scene. Shane does her scoop-in-lean-kiss, she removes her shirt, she unhooks her bra, she lifts her ass onto the kitchen counter, slips the thong onto the kitchen floor and my friends, WE HAVE LIFT-OFF.

Cut to a golf cart outside of The Aloce Show, where Finley’s telling Sophie about her last-night romp, which involved a bartender who just broke up with her boyfriend, texted “u up?” and because Finley WAS up, she hopped right on over. In Finley’s words they “fudged” and it was “awesome,” but then she woke up and her car wouldn’t start ’cause she only had enough gas for a one-way trip, so she had to steal the girl’s bike.

Finley: “Look at us, still on time for work and shit though!”

Firstly, that is b a n a n a s, now this entire town is gonna know Finley as the girl who stole that girls bike. Secondly, I love the ease and the gentle ribbing of this friendship. Thirdly, there is no greater gift than that of how much time TV characters have to hang out before work / school.

Are those…. nuns??

On set at The Aloce Show, Finley’s gotta get Alice’s take on if she wants the one or two lips coffee mug (“vagina lips or mouth lips, impossible to tell at this point”) when an ominous figure jaunts into the arena, clapping her cum-soaked hands for no discernible reason.

Alice and Finley are on the set of Alice's show. Alice is surprised to see someone, and Finley doesn't know why.

C’mon, it’s time! Just throw a junior mint into my mouth!



Alice: “I can’t believe you’re really here! Do you really live in LA again?”

Alice's arm is around Shane, who is impressed to see the set of Alice's show

Someone smells like pussy juice and creamed corn….

Shane’s like, holy shit, look at what you’ve done for yourself, it’s outstanding!

IT’S TIME FOR AN EXPOSITION BRUNCH WITH SHANE, ALICE AND BETTE! One topic not covered in this brunch is how exactly everybody’s skin is so firm, supple and radiant?

Alice and Shane at brunch

Huh, fried squirrel turns out to be pretty tasty

Exposition time:

1. Shane sold her salon in Paris and her salon in New York
2. Shane has not “spoken to her” (her wife, we suppose) since leaving, and “does not plan to”
3. Something spilled in Alice’s backpack
4. Alice got Shane a house, which is big and empty
5. Alice is gonna send Shane a bed and also a Finley to put the bed together
6. Shane doesn’t need Alice to send her a bed
7. Too late, it’s already done
8. Alice keeps stepping on legos
9. Bette and Alice are both parents now wow how we’ve grown
10. Bette missed Shane more
11. In all honesty, Shane believes she missed Bette more
12. NO Bette missed Shane more!
13. No Shane missed Bette more and it’s not a contest
14. Yes it is, and Bette’s gonna win
15. Nat and the kids didn’t move into Alice’s house because it would’ve been a “whole thing”
16. Alice’s Mom is living in her house

Which brings us to…

Do not underestimate oat milk!!!

Shane: …and how is Lenore?
Bette: Oh stop.
Shane: What?
Bette: No, really, stop!
Alice: Are you going to fuck my Mom?
Shane: I’m just asking you how she is!
Alice: I can’t believe you still wanna fuck my Mom!
Shane: She’s an attractive woman, Alice.

In all, the reboot is a lot less wacky than the original, which I have both good and bad feelings about. But regardless I relish this opportunity to bring some wack back. Then, Bette gets a phone call.
As we say in the hit podcast “To L and Back,” IT’S TINNAAAAA.

Angie’s at school, doodling through a Don Quijote lesson in her GAY ASS SHOES.

Angelica sits at her desk in her school uniform, bored

Another day, another white man telling me what to think

But who needs school when you’ve got a badass best friend willing to call the school, pretend to be your Mom, get you out of school on account of your “Grandma being sick” (which is impossible b/c Tina never mentioned having parents and Bette’s are dead) and then pull up in a lil car pumping hip-hop!

Time’s ticking to the beat of your heart / Time’s kicking you to make a new start

It’s Jordi, played by Sophie Giannamore! They’re gonna vape, just like the teenagers in the drug PSAs! I love this trope, all my teenage novels had Jordis in them.

At Bette 2020 HQ (Bette is running for mayor of Los Angeles), Bette, standing of course in front of a giant picture of Bette, is trying to convince imaginary phone Tina that Angie can handle her AP courses and the school play. NOT IDF SHE KEEPS VAPING.

Bette Porter, in a mauve pantsuit is on the phone in her office standing in front of a large painting of Bette

“And you know who’s responsible for this? Your buddy Helena Peabody. That woman’s a fucking dragon, and she’s making my life a living hell.”

Bette’s super important, which’s established by the number of humans who attempt to join her walk-and-talk, including Kacey (Lex Ryan), thus far our butchest character, who took another stab at Bette’s piece; and Bette’s assistant, Pierce Williams (Brian Michael Smith), who has set up a series of meetings with very important political donors who are friends of the party as well as Rodolfo Núñez, head of a minority-owned investment firm with “deep roots in the Persian and Latinx communities.” “Jesus, that’s half the city,” Bette says.

Can you believe that the original series, also set in this city, never managed to have any Latinx or Persian characters played by Latinx or Persian actors? And no Persian characters at all ever?

It blows my mind every day

Cut to an airy office building where Dani walks around in power-suits like someone who can put on a strap-on in less than 45 seconds. Dani’s gonna take Daddy’s Two PM ’cause he got called away for something important and probably terrible. Lucky for her, her Two P.M. is Bette Fucking Porter, who, if elected, would be L.A.’s first openly gay mayor. Dani is Rodolfo Núñez’s daughter.

I am here today because I am gay.


It’s time for a production meeting at The Aloce Show! The team is pitching Alice  ideas like “Dr. Oz,” a noted vaginal steaming advocate. Alice wants to keep her show progressive and queer or queer-adjacent, but the network has bad ideas. It’s suggested that if she goes along with vaginal steaming then eventually they can have Roxane Gay on the program.

Alice: “I did vaginal rejuvenation in ’04. Have vaginas changed since then?”
Sophie: “No they have not.”

Intergenerational dialogue! Sophie’s got a pitch of her own, though:

Alice standing in a production meeting, talking to her team about

Just riffing here — if you HAD to have sex with any of the current or former 2020 Democratic candidates for President, who would it be?

Sophie assures Alice she can secure Kamala Harris for the show and Alice is like, “I cannot wait to ask her real but also inappropriate questions.” Someone’s keeping Dr. Oz warm as a backup. Love a warm man.

Ladies and gentlepeople, it’s time for a top-off!

Constructued graphic indicating a fight between Dani and Bette. Dani on one side and Bette on the other with the words "Dani vs Bette" overlayed.

Lesbian Squabble #2: Prosthetics Don’t Pay For Themselves
In The Ring: Dani v Bette
Content: Bette wants to know where their foundation gets its money, like specifically, does it come from “Big Pharma”?

Bette: And the funding for the biomedical research, does that come from the sale of pharmaceuticals?
Dani: We design prosthetics for wounded warriors.
Bette: I understand. Do you also invest in the production of opioids?
Dani: Prosthetics don’t pay for themselves—
Bette: I see.
Dani: Our only interest here is finding the best person to run this city, and we believe this person is you.
Bette: I’m not buying what you’re selling.
Dani: Our current mayor bought it.
Bette: I’m not him.
Dani: Miss Porter —
Bette: Do you know why I’m running for office?
Dani: I can’t say that I do.
Bette: It’s because of people like you. The products you’re pushing are the cause of suffering, they’ve contributed to the worst opioid crisis our city has ever seen. That property you wanna turn into offices? That could be used as a long term rehab facility. And while I might understand the willful ignorance of a straight white man I’m having a hard time figuring out how you could turn a blind eye. So I guess what I really wanna know is: how the hell do you sleep at night?

Who Wins? Bette — but that being said, Dani holds her own like a future Bette. She doesn’t flinch, and every fluster is quickly finessed. She’s a fucking pro.

Pierce is like wow Bette, I think we blew that one! He also says he’s aware of her “sensitivity” “around that particular issue,” by which he means opioids, and wow guys, I’m really nervous about what exactly has become of Kit Porter!!!!

Back in the glass tower of power of terror, Dani looks out over Gotham and feels pensive, and then learns from her Dad that an employee’s son just died of an overdose and it’s her job to go make sure he doesn’t blame himself or, you know, the company that sold the drugs.

Dani's father is wearing a suit and a stern facial expression, talking to his daughter

Dani can you please make our new ad campaign hashtag into a viral meme

Dani, in a blazer, looks at her father with frustration

Dad, I’ve told you so many times that that is not how social media works

[Also I’d just like to sidebar real quick that in addition to the myriad lives lost or damaged to opioid addiction due to the ruthless marketing of painkillers by the Sackler family, there are also lots of people who genuinely need those medications to manage their pain who now cannot get prescriptions because of how they’ve been recklessly prescribed in the past. I feel like those people often left out of these conversations.]

Dani tells the grieving employee that they’re all a family and they can’t let the media tear them apart because his son is not a statistic? He’s like good point, he was my little boy! Okay.

Cut to Porter 2020 HQ where Bette and Pierce are admiring The Employee’s performance on the news. Pierce says it was clearly Dani who coached him well and Bette’s like “too bad she’s working for the wrong side.”

They’re really gonna never make Susie gay on The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, are they

Meanwhile on the wrong side, Dani’s Dad is like “good job, grasshopper.” She says thanks, but she’s holding back, too: she’s not proud of herself. She wants to use her talents for good.

Micah’s got his sweat band on and he’s gonna make it happen with the hot guy who carries boxes around. Actually scratch that he’s got his sweat band OFF and he’s gonna make it happen with the hot guy who carried boxes around but has now switched gears to poorly moving furniture around. Micah’s nervous but he’s gonna make his move!

Leo looks in the bathroom mirror in a t-shirt with a sweatband


Leo looking in the mirror without his sweatband on. Wearing a blue t-shirt.

But un-make it fashion

The hot guy’s name is Jose and he just moved ALL THE WAY FROM ECHO PARK and Micah’s so excited about how much he loves Echo Park that he slams a chair through Jose’s front door. It’s ok Jose is the new property manager, so he doesn’t even need to call anybody about it.

Leo and Jose stand in front of Jose's door. One window pane is broken. Jose is wearing a yellow t-shirt.

You know sometimes a bird just knows it needs to be free and it takes matters into its own hands

Micah asks him to dinner, Jose thinks it’s a group dinner, and Micah boldly assets that no it is not, it is definitely a date; and he’s like yeah sure sounds fun! A tip of the hat to Micah, asking your neighbor on a date is almost as terrifying as dating your neighbor. So far this is very cute and also, I love dinner!

Back at The Aloce Show offices, Sophie says she was unable to book Kamala, who deemed Alice’s show “too small.”

Lesbian Squabble #3: For the People

In the Ring: Alice vs Sophie
Content: Alice is like, wow, that was “super fucked up” that you said you could get Kamala, and Sophie is like, I really thought I could b/c of [various connections[], and Alice is like, do not overpromise, and Sophie is like, okay, and then Alice is like “I can’t wait for Dr. Oz to mansplain my vagina, it’s gonna be a great day at work.”
Who Wins? What happened here! I’m a person who never really worked under a manager who couldn’t have benefited from an anger management class, some valium or perhaps a tiny fan, so I’m always extremely interested in observing managerial behavior in the media as if I can learn from it what I couldn’t learn from my own. This feels like an uncool way to talk to your employee! I get that Alice is pissed and has a right to be, but damn. I’m giving it to Sophie ’cause there’s no way to just hug her in real life.

Cut to Shane’s Palace in the Hills, where Shane’s developed significant biceps from punching things, just like Kate Moennig! Finley put Shane’s bed together like a girlfriend who’s had a lot of experience constructing GRÖNLIDs and KVALFJORDs, but there’s some screws missing so Shane’s gotta watch out next time she invites twins over. .

Finley: “If you get any more furniture and need me to put it together — or  I can build stuff. Anything! Built ins, tables. I’m like a traditional lesbian when it comes to tools, so.”

On Shane's deck, Shane punches a punching bag in boxing gloves. Finley, wearing a backpack, looks out at the city.

Now THIS is what I thought filming in L.A. was gonna be like

There’s something surprisingly withdrawn about grown-up Shane — young Shane could be wrapped up in her own shit but that attitude felt more incidental than it does here. This feels deliberate — she’s less perceptive, she avoids eye contact. Maybe she’s learned to set boundaries, or maybe losing Jenny changed something, or maybe it’s about her estranged wife and our slow march towards death.

Finley’s oblivious though, talking about being from Missouri and living in a one bedroom in Koreatown with five other roommates. Shane’s been there (in Season One, she shared a one-bedroom with four other roommates) and she says so. Finley’s surprised, but look you gotta start out as Molly Kroll’s bottom and then you’re here. And then, the iconic line:

Finley: Man, this is what I thought living in LA was gonna be like!

Shane mentions off-handedly that there’s some extra bedrooms in the back if she needs some space, so Finley’s definitely never leaving that house.

Then Shane gets some texts.

That’s all

“Who’s that?” asks Finley. “My wife,” says Shane. Chill! Anyhow, “Quiara” was cast a few months back. She’s played by Lex Scott Davis and her character was described as ‘a sensual lead singer whose international travels bring her back to L.A.” So put that on your clipboard!

In the parking garage beneath the Tower of Power and Doom, Dani’s Dad would like to promote her to Senior Vice President ’cause she excelled at convincing a mourning Dad not to create a PR crisis for their company. Also, he’d love to invite her to a fancy dinner. She’d like to invite Sophie, and he’s like, sure fine she can invite her friend, Ms. Kennard, if she wishes.

In a parking garage, Dani is about to open her cardoor. Her father, in a suit, stops her.

Before you get into that car you should know there’s a giant teddy bear in the front seat. I won it at the carnival.

“Dad, you know she’s not just my friend,” she says. Please G-d I hope you will spare us another “Latinx parent being homophobic” storyline!

Dani sits in her car, thinking hard. To her left, she spots the guy whose son died in his car looking very sad. She listens to a voice mail from Sophie, who had a “fuckity fucked up day” and just wanted to say “hi I love you” and “I can’t wait til you get home so I can smack that ass.” It’s real cute. I need her to propose to Sophie ASAP because I’m very nervous about her storing a wedding ring in her car!

At a Bette Porter For Mayor rally, Bette says she’s the face of change this city needs. We stan Mayor Bette on a stage.

Bette in a mauve pantsuit stands at a podium speaking to a crowd at a mayorial race event.

Why yes, every side IS my good side thank you

She opens up the rally to questions from the crowd and predictably, a guy who looks like he probably considered killing his neighbor’s cat but then got scared as a child gets on the mike to verify that she was formerly the Director of Cultural Affairs for the city of Los Angeles and once that verification has completed, has just one more small inquiry, and it’s not “Dana Fairbanks will you marry me?”

A man in a white shirt and blazer speaks on a microphone, surrounded by people

Boxers or briefs?

White Man: “When you were working as Director, do you remember fucking my wife? How does sleeping with Felicity Adams, a married employee of yours, make you qualified to be mayor?”

I think what this speaks to is her powers of persuasion and ability to inspire women to reach their full potential in life, but the crowd does not agree. But also dude, way to announce your wife’s name to like the entire universe? They would’ve found out anyhow but shit.

Bette has some hot breathy sex flashbacks while he yells SHAME ON YOU MISS PORTER.

Don’t think about having sex with her right now don’t think about having sex with her right now

Dammit I’m wet

Bette’s escorted out of the rally like the stage is on fire. In the safety of the elevator, Bette says she’s gotta tell Angie before she finds out on Twitter.

Blissfully unaware of this drama, Angie’s listening to music with Jordi on a bench by a lake, you know, sharing earbuds, probably sharing feelings. Jordi says they should get matching tattoos, which btw did NOT work out for Sharmen.

Lol youth tik-tok snapchat depop

Jordi gets her phone out to take a poorly-lit selfie and is like whoah dude, there’s some shit going down with your Mom! Angie’s phone was off ’cause her Mom tracks it, because of course she does.

Meanwhile at the Palace of Porter, Mom’s having hot flashes (“Death is coming” – Bette Porter) while hashing out the issue with Shane and Alice, who don’t think Bette should drop out of the race. They say she’s not like those male predators, although Bette’s unconvinced.

“That’s shame,” says Shane. YOU TELL EM SHANE. Shane’s come back just in time to be part of the very essential Lesbian Need of a reliable Lesbian Advice Panel: All Grown Up Edition.

It’s Pinot Grigio, Alice. I promise.

Mmm, pretty sure it’s urine!

Alice says it’s ’cause she’s gay and Bette Porter jumps right in there like a tiger, “I think the problem is Felicity’s gay and that makes her husband feel like less of a man.” THERE’S OUR BETTE PORTER. I don’t think it’s morally okay for Bette to fuck a married woman, but also — that’s Felicity’s job to negotiate with the betrayed partner, not Bette’s. Just like Jenny’s cheating was her own to sort out with Tim, not Marina’s. We also don’t know anything about Felicity’s marriage or what Bette knew about it, and that crowd and the media certainly didn’t either. Maybe she wants out but can’t because her husband is [something terrible]? Bette’s comfort with this is disarming to the degree that it makes me wonder/hope there’s more to the story.

Alice wants Bette to be on her show!

Shane: “You can tell them who you are.”
Bette: “I don’t know who I am right now.”
Shane: “You’re Bette fucking Porter.”

Exactly! It’s like she’s got no idea how much fan fic has been written about her, how many blazers with enormous collars have been flexed in her honor, how many men have been yelled at on highways because of her and — oh never mind. Angie’s home and she is UNHAPPY!

I still remember when you took me to Mexico without my sippy cup!

For example, she feels it’s humiliating to be Bette’s daughter because Bette “fucked somebody.” Younger Bette was much more reactive and flinching than Mama B, I’ll tell you what. Like Angelica just yelled at her about fucking somebody and this is what comes next:

Angie: We vaped!
Bette: What does that mean, you vaped? What? Pot? [Bette starts going through Angie’s bag]
Angie: But I don’t have it! Jordi does.
Bette: Angie you cannot smoke pot.
Angie: It’s not illegal!
Bette: Yes it is! You are 16 years old!
Angie: I wanna live with Mama T.


Bette: You want me to call her and tell her what you did today?
Angie: Fine, I’ll just tell her that you fucked somebody!
Bette: I’m pretty sure she already heard.



Bette grounds her and says also, she’s deeply sorry and that it pains her to know that she hurt Angie.

Sophie comes home from her long ass shitty day to find that Dani’s about to start a forest fire in their living room with a candle situation that approaches “vampire lair” or “Boyz II Men I’ll Make Love To You” territory. You know what that means!!! IT’S PROPOSAL TIME!!

Before long you’ll forget you ever smelled any smell besides the smell of these 450 French Vanilla candles

My favorite part of proposals on television is that they are always preceded by a list of small quirks the proposer appreciates about her partner but they generally lack any telling specificity. In this case we learn that Dani loves how Sophie dances with her eyes closed and yells at the TV. So she has that in common with your grandpa.

I think I found the puzzle piece that was missing from Frida Kahlo’s chin!

Sophie says yes, I tear up because I can’t help it. “I can’t believe you’re gonna be my wife!” Sophie exclaims, thus jinxing their relationship forever.

Unfortunately, the ring doesn’t fit, but Sophie’s not stressed ’cause rings are just a symbol of patriarchy! But listen — Dani still wants her to have one, okay? I too was once proposed to with a ring that turned out not to fit. JUST LIKE THE RELATIONSHIP. However, there were no candles at the proposal because we were outside.

Anyhow! Then Micah and Finley tumble down the stairs where they’ve been spying from and are like DID YOU DO IT and they’re so excited because friendship is magic! Also, Micah would like to be the best man.

So what do you think? Núñez-Suarez or Suarez-Núñez?

The L Word: Generation Q is really laying out a juxtaposition of what it’s like to be a young queer person — first dates, marriage proposals, new jobs and new promotions, the beginnings of things — and what it’s like to be an older one, even while sharing neighborhoods and workplaces. This is perhaps what it does best, and so authentically.

The original characters are dealing with parenting, divorce, separation, workplace affairs with lifelong consequences, sorting out how best to make an impact with the important jobs they have instead of just trying to get a job. A lot of their stories start at the end of things, really — Nat’s divorce with Gigi before she started dating Alice and everybody had to move or make space for something new, Bette’s divorce from Tina and the child that remains from it. Shane selling her empire and moving far away from her wife.

There’s a Gen Q trailer where Kate Moennig says — most likely out of context — “this community is no different than any other community.” I know why she said it but I don’t think it’s true. Furthermore, ur differences are what give shows like this one (and shows like Vida, Tales of the City, Work-in-Progress, Pose and The Bisexual) such opportunities to tell new stories, especially intergenerational ones. I’m closer in age now to Shane and Alice than I am to Sophie and Dani, who must be in their mid-to-late twenties (Dani has a post-graduate degree, Micah is a professor), which means same-sex marriage was legalized before they were old enough to be considering marriage at all. I like that Shane and Bette are ostensibly single, heading into potentially a second go-around. I’m pretty close to their age and unlike many heterosexuals of this age group, at least half my queer friends between the ages of 35-45 are single or divorced. And it can feel both fated and random who remains in your regular world and who slips away.

We then cut to The Aloce Show, where Alice is SO GLAD TO BE BACK FROM HIATUS! Her third-cousin Heather (Fortune Feimster), a profoundly gay name, is her hype girl. She lives in a shared studio in the valley and would like to live in Alice’s spare bedroom. C’mon, Alice, just throw Heather in there with Lenore! Is it supposed to be funny that Alice’s show underpays their staff to the degree that they cannot afford to have their own bedrooms? Because it’s…. not???

Listen I would LOVE to make you a dirty martini but all I’ve got back here are some tea kettles filled with poisonous gas

Everybody’s turned up in the audience for this occasion — Shane’s sitting with Nat, Dani’s sitting somewhere that seems only vaguely part of this set, and Alice’s special guest this evening is Bette Porter for Mayor! She also establishes that she’s never been easy on Bette and it’s true, we all remember the “you’re a cheater!” campfire.

Alice: “Do your voters know that you stole a billboard in the mid-aughts?”
Bette: “Borrowed. We borrowed it.”
Alice: “Oh, WE? Are we gonna keep that on the DL? Because I didn’t get that memo.”

Well, I guess if I had to pick just one, I’d say my favorite breed of dog is probably a labradoodle?

So, Bette’s on the show today because she will not! Be! Shamed! Into! Silence! Bette says she’s not okay with causing another person pain, but she also isn’t going to apologize for having a relationship with a consenting adult, which’s another message she’s not comfortable delivering. You know I feel like an apology would’ve been … appreciated.

Alice: “So you’re not sorry?”
Bette: “I think I answered the question. It’s not that simple.”

Bette says the most frustrating part of this whole idea is that it’s distracting. A wanton distraction, one might argue! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT’S EVEN MORE DISTRACTING BUT IN A GOOD WAY:

store dot autostraddle dot com

Anyhow back to this cryptic conversation topic that I’m 99.9% certain will eventually lead to a reveal that Kit is dead!

Alice: “I know that you have a very real reason, a very personal reason, why you’re running. Why won’t you talk about it?”
Bette: “Um, because despite this week’s events, I’ve chosen to keep my private life private.”
Alice: “But those people out there, they wanna know who you are, not just what you stand for.”

Those people out there should just go read/see Lez Girls! Anyhow, what better way to do that than by delivering a list of vague, already-known demographic facts about herself?  She is:

1. a woman
2. gay
3. biracial
4. a mother to an extraordinary daughter
5. an ex wife
6. a friend
7. a really loyal friend
8. a daughter
9. a sister
10. you.

[a bitch, a lover
a child, a mother
a sinner, a saint,
and she does not feel ashamed.]

she’s also:
11. a part of you!
12. that part of you that wants to do better
13. that part of you that loves the city and wants to see all of its communities thrive
15. that part of you that makes mistakes

Also, she knows that she has disappointed people that she loves and she doesn’t want to make that mistake again and she hopes her indiscretions don’t distract from this:

Bette: “I know I’m not the perfect messenger, but I do have the perfect message.”

Her conclusion is strong and full of potential — but to be honest I did expect a bit more from a Bette Porter speech! Perhaps Dani did too:

Night-time montage! Micah and Finley are playing “catch the frisbee in the swimming pool,” a classic evening game for giggling queers who, unlike me, have access to a pool.

I’m wearing swim trunks, you don’t need to do the full frontal frisbee block this time!

Nat and Alice were naked and perhaps engaged in an activity of a sexual nature but then the little tot bounded in desiring a story be read to him. They should teach him to learn how to read for himself! You know the saying: teach a man to fish and he’ll never interrupt lesbian sex any day of his life!

Well there goes my kidney

Bette’s crawling into bed with Angie. Attachment parenting lives on!

Okay fine you can watch with me but do not ask me to explain the whole Sara Harvey situation, I barely understand it myself

Shane’s sitting by the pool in her palace, staring at her rings.

You bet these little fuckers are still in fighting shape

Speaking of rings, Sophie’s got hers on even though it was too big and Dani’s not sleeping. This is a throwback to when she told Bette she couldn’t sleep at night.

I wonder if Dad could hook me up with some free ambien samples though….

It’s the next morning. Dani is awake and on a mission! Her colleague’s son’s death has shattered her illusion that her job was to protect the company who afforded her the life that she has and the people who work there, and:

Dani: “You asked me the other day how I sleep at night. But the truth is, I don’t. I am damn good at my job, but I wanna work for someone I believe in, and I came here today because I believe in you.”

I need to find the suit that you wore to the premiere party in Los Angeles.

It was, like my very presence on this earth, simply a gift from G-d.

Bette’s not sure that she trusts her and Dani’s like ok fair but if you wanna win, you need me! And then, Peaches’ “Boys Wanna Be Her” begins thumping in the background [ETA: This was the song playing in the screener, but it seems the song was changed prior to air.], throwing us right back to a moment way before all this when Shane had to be an underwear model to pay for the injury her half-brother Shay suffered from a skateboarding accident while she was playing a pick-up basketball against a self-described “player” named Papi who Alice met through OurChart. AHEM.

In summary:
Lesbian Sexy Moments: 3, 3 all season
Squabbles: 3, 3 all season
Quote of the Week: I’m gonna give it to Alice, for “I can’t believe you still wanna fuck my Mom”

Also a hot tip: WATCH WORK IN PROGRESS! It airs after “Generation Q” on Showtime and it is one of the most original, hilarious and oddly comforting queer-centric television shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.

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  1. I started this autostraddle account to talk about my feelings after breaking up with my ex who had distinctly Alice hair. I am now dating a Bette. So for them to name the woman Bette slept with after my autostraddle name was weird af but I am very thrilled!!

  2. I just got back from watching a screening of the episode. We had some technical difficulties with synching the audio to the picture in the first scene so I completely missed the bit about period oral sex.
    I really hope that Sophie had a menstrual cup in. Well, she had to have right because Dani didn’t have blood all over her face?
    I was wondering why I didn’t see the scene with everyone at the window! I really liked that bit in the trailer. I thought it was cute. I’m not surprised that they changed “Time’s up bitch” to “jackass” because Finley said that she “fudged” a girl. She prefers fake cuss words over real ones.
    I wonder if that bartender that she fudged was Tess.

  3. I loved seeing Alice’s quirky personality again. The show seems more serious than the original was (or maybe I forgot about the drama lol) but overall it was really good!

    I LOVED reading your recap and commentary. It gave me a happy hit of nostalgia.

  4. As a gay who did not come out until long after the original L Word stopped airing can I just say how exciting it is to get to live through recaps from Riese in real time!!!! Look around look around at how luck we are to be alive right now

  5. Living for your recaps and I’m feeling like a Finlay with my enthusiasm. I’m enjoying the format, love it as it is. Thanks again Riese OG of recappers.

    Ps- Completely unrelated but I am so excited about my early xmas gift to myself, The Dykes hat, Hell YEAH !

  6. A few random and unorganized thoughts in no particular order:

    The period sex scene was awesome.

    I love Dani in a suit.

    I will riot if Dani and Sophie’s storyline is marred by any cheating nonsense, can we get a storyline about a relationship without cheating please?

    Either Jenny or Kit died because of drugs.

    I loved what I saw of Micah and Sophie, but it felt just a bit too little, we are in the first episode though, so that’s okay..

    I found Finley’s character a bit too goofy, might just be because we havent seen enough of her.

    What is Americans problems with putting together Ikea(/-like) furniture? It comes with clear instructions!

    I wanna see more of Angie and Jordi.

    Thank god I wasn’t the only way that thought those Lips look nothing like an “I”.

    I am feeling kinda ambivalent about Shane and Alice’s storylines as of yet.

    I am not liking Bette so far and since it has been a few years since I really watched the orignal L Word, I dont remember If I felt the same way then.
    I do remember always not liking the constant cheating and somewhow connected have always kept with me that “being a Shane” means being a reckless player whose pursuit of pleasure doesn’t really care about the emotional fallout.

    I didn’t like Bette’s take on why the (?Ex-)Husband confronted her. It kinda undermined the idea that idea that participating in cheating is wrong even if you are not the one in a relationship. He is allowed to feel bad about his marriage ending and his wife cheating on him and publicly shaming the person partially responsible may not be the best way to handle it, but it isn’t problematic either.
    Not to mention the whole power imbalance thing was swept under the table awfully quickly. Yes, Bette brings it up herself, but the denial from Alice comes a bit to quick for my liking. Her behaviour was seemingly not that bad from what we were told so far, but to even deny it’s implications may protect us from men, but it also leaves us open for women to become the same predators society already enables men to be.
    It shouldn’t get so bad that we have to read about a female Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer before we act. But maybe I read too much into or becoming paranoid, I don’t know.

    Overall I really loved the first episode, even If I could have done without pretty much everything relating to the OGs.

    • (Not to mention the whole power imbalance thing was swept under the table awfully quickly. Yes, Bette brings it up herself, but the denial from Alice comes a bit to quick for my liking. Her behaviour was seemingly not that bad from what we were told so far, but to even deny it’s implications may protect us from men, but it also leaves us open for women to become the same predators society already enables men to be.
      It shouldn’t get so bad that we have to read about a female Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer before we act. But maybe I read too much into or becoming paranoid, I don’t know.)

      It certainly gives one plenty to pause about. Since even if Bette isn’t like those male predators, she has been occasionally pushy at least when comes to relationship and does seem somewhat aware of it. While can see why women in general and gay women in particular can easy see these feeling as just that sort of internalizing societies shame as Shane puts it, the possibility for abuse of power still exists and should be ignored complexity.

      Still I’m inclined to agree with Riese that it’s hard to judge now when we don’t now what’s really been going on with Felicity’s marriage. If she felt taken advantage of then I think it should be HER place to willingly come forward without her husband putting her name out in public scandal. If it was fully consensual then as Riese said they need to work that out on there, just like with Jenny and Time.

      Really enjoyed the first episode BTW. Don’t if I’ll be watching regularly, but it’s cool to see the reflection of a decades transition.

  7. Loved the recap, Riese. Totally on board with this long form recap, but if you do shake up the format at all, please don’t let it be at the expense of the captions!

    I also fear for the fate of Kit Porter, and can only hope it’s a misdirect. Overall though, a solid first episode, considering the baseline need for exposition. All of the callbacks were cute, if a little cheesy.

  8. I love the recap, and I loved the episode. I was so giddy watching it this morning that I had to pause the show every 2 minutes to talk about their amazing clothing, possibilities of what happened to Kit, talking about how no one on TV maybe has ever shown two women having sex and then actually exclaiming, “I love you so much!” after an orgasm with the amazing shot of bloody fingers, and anything and everything else that went through my head, much to my girlfriend’s chagrin, who wished we could just keep watching quietly and take it all in!

    We both really enjoyed it and were so happy to see so much much-needed diversity. The sex scenes were super hot. I’m super intrigued about the rest of the storyline, and can’t wait ’til next week. I’m constantly reminded of how gay I really am when I watch the L-Word. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    However, I was a bit miffed to hear how Alice introduced her show, “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and everyone in-between” with a little wink to the audience as if she’s with the cool kids and knows about gender now. I know they were trying to give a nod to non-binary folx, agender, and gender non-conforming peeps, but the words, ‘in-between’ just feels really wrong; as if there are just two genders and that there is some sort of spectrum in between male and female. Saying something like, “and everyone else!” or something along the likes of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, “Amen. Awomen, Aalltherestofus!” would have made it feel much more in sync with the times and show that they actually have grown in their mindset around gender.

    • I liked it! I was way too young to watch it when it first came out. I’m mostly excited that I get to watch this live this time around, without “downloading” it, putting viruses on the family computer in the process, and looking behind me hoping no one catches me watching anything gay. Me and my gf had the same giddy reaction to being able to watch something so queer, comfortably, in our living room.

  9. Riese your recaps are pure gold! Please don’t change them.
    Your recaps are the content I’m looking for while I figure out a way to watch the episodes online without killing my computer.
    If anyone has a nice link to hook a little Colombian queer with, she’ll be thankful forever.

  10. Let me add to chorus that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this recap. I don’t really remember reading L Word recaps back in the day, so I was delighted with each scroll and screen cap caption. Can’t wait to read more!

  11. This is so fun, thanks Riese. I’ve been looking forward to your recaps since I heard about the reboot!

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that there was no mention of trans stuff in the first episode? We have 3 trans actors on screen and no mention of trans identity/culture/etc at all. I’m not sure if all the characters are trans, but still–we heard the words “lesbian” and “gay” a lot, why not trans? I’m sure this will change, but I was wondering about this decision, like if they might be overcorrecting for how bad the show portrayed trans characters last time.

    • I counted two, but who is the third beside Leo & Sophie? I think it’s a little refreshing to see it’s not about them being trans. I am sure it will come up with both since Leo is probably going to get with his neighbor & Sophie is a teen.

    • To me at least, it felt like with Micah the show was presenting us with a person first (unclear if Brian or Sophie’s characters are trans). I think sexuality is a lot more widely accepted, while gender identity and expression is a lot more of a hot button topic.

      Introducing Micah’s story in this way, it felt like they wanted us to connect with Micah the full character, rather than Micah whose only defining character attribute is their transness.

      The intention feels right, one episode in. It will absolutely be interesting to see how their portrayal of trans identity and issues play out over the season.

      I hope they dive more into this, in a way that is human rather than preachy, or that plays into damaging tropes.

  12. Loved the recap and the format! Thank you for doing this. 🙂 I watched the episode and really enjoyed it. I haven’t done a lot of reading on the reboot — do we know why Bette apparently has primary custody? Or what Tina’s story is? I can’t remember where the original show left off, but I would have anticipated shared custody at least but that didn’t really seem to be the case. 🤷

  13. So excited about the autostraddle tshirt turned pillow!! Best part of the Aloce show by far. I also wasn’t around/queer during the first run of the L Word so I’m delighted to be here for the Gen Q recaps. Love the format! Love the captions.

  14. My theory was Jenny OD’d in Bette’s pool – not to start applying logic and consistency to The L Word, but Kit is famous. If she had died from an overdose, everyone would know already. But then I remembered that Jenny was sort of famous at the end there too? No idea, excited for this journey!

    • Please God no!
      I mean we already learned this episode Bette seemingly didn’t learn anything when it comes to cheating in the last 10 years, but at least have Dani’s relationship trouble be free of cheating if there has to be trouble!

      • Well, Bette wouldn’t exactly be the one who’s cheating on anybody nor was she with Felicity apparently. It always frustrates me that people tend to blame the person who’s single (especially heterosexual women) for breaking the other’s relationship instead of an actual cheater. It was not Bette who vowed to that guy. I’m not saying it’s fully ethically appropriate, but I also quite enjoyed the answer she gave to Alice (and that comes from a person who’s been cheated on).

        • Of course the one cheating is responsible for breaking their relationship, but the person they sleep with enables the cheater.
          And I don’t think the line between taking charge and being proud of your sexuality and not knowingly hurting someone is that fine. Yes, Felicity may have been confused when it came to her sexuality and her acting on those feelings is understandable, but we can say that and at the same time admit that the way she and Bette handled that situation was wrong. It’s harder to end your marriage and come out as gay and it’s easier to cheat, but that doesn’t means it’s right.

    • My guess is Shane’s wife! (and i honestly don’t know for sure, that clip is not from an episode I’ve seen.) She was cast AND her description said she was “coming back to LA” so she’s coming around eventually AND Jenny is definitely dead AND Carmen is definitely not coming back (which ou can read more about in the interview with Marja I’m gonna publish later this week!)

      • Yeah that’s the most logical scenario. Or as logical as it can get when we’re talking about Shane having a wife 😆

        I can’t wait to read that interview!

        (Also, I love the recaps in this format)

  15. I just finished watching the episode about an hour ago via Crave (Canada, eh?). Was a pretty good start, but was hard not to try and compare it to the original series. Will take time getting used to the new cast/kids? Was great to see Bette, Alice and Shane again. I almost lost my mind a couple times when Shane drove up in a Jeep! and Shane is boxing now! I texted my best friend two things during that couple of minutes… “FML, Shane drives a Jeep in the new series (insert groany face?, heart eyes, and eyes crossed out emojis)” and “Shit, she also boxes, I’m gonna die (insert the xD equivalent in emoji form)”.

    Shane has been my favourite character on The L Word from the start (as in when a friend of mine in high school (circa 2003ish?) let me borrow her Season One – Three? DVDs. I watched the last seasons on television through Showcase), and was one of the surest ways I realized I had a thing for women. She has stayed one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I’m so glad she’s still beautiful. I remember the very first time I saw her on television, was a random episode of the series (before I was watching) and at first glance, I thought she was male. Don’t ask me why, but I was curious from then on.

    I’m sorry if this is getting a bit wordy (I tend to be like that sometimes), so I’ll finish with good episode, can’t wait to see how it goes, can’t wait to see more Shane! and also…great recap! ♥

  16. i’m sure alice alluding to some personal skeletons bette has on national television won’t in any way result in anything terrible happening!!!! also it was very sad when a bottle of pills pushed jenny into the pool :(

    i for one would like to know what became of sounder 2.

  17. Riese I cannot even watch this show without subscribing to some tv channel that I don’t want to support to begin with, but your recaps remain great. I

    I am an older 47 year lesbian who mainly loved The L Word first time around, mainly for the stories and representation, but also for your recaps. You could recap The Bible and make it sound complex, satirical, poignant and funny. Please remain true to who your voice is, I love your voice and your funny observations, even in a terrible L Word original episode, you managed to tell the truth about where it failed or succeeded, please continue to be a sharp and enthusiastic critic.

    I am also very interested in where the writers take the characters of Alice, Shane and Bette. I do intend to watch this show and make up my own mind about it, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have reservations about the writers’ abilities to entertain/inform/tell a compelling and truthful story. But in the same breath, I am thrilled that this show has returned with the original actresses and some new actresses/actors and new writers, who have a great love for the characters and good storytelling. I am cheering, I want to like this show, but even if it isn’t up there with Lauren Morelli or Natasha Lyonne storytelling ability, I am still keen to watch it because Lesbians taking up space on TV and representation.

    Riese I am very interested also in your perspective on this show as an older lesbian who is less Fresh off the boat in terms of being a baby dyke, and is more of an older been around the blocks a few times lesbian, like myself. I hope that you are not offended by my description, any life experiences that have comprised you and made you more human and compassionate and knowledgable and mature can only be a constructive thing, it is just that fucked up parts of our culture give preference to immaturity, competitiveness rather than contribution and participation. Anyway, please keep true to your voice and your truths Riese, you are a wonderful storyteller.

    • no I am not offended at all and know exactly what you mean! it’s a very interesting experience to have recapped the first and now the reboot while around the same age as shane and alice and jenny (RIP)

      and thank you for all the kind words in general!!

  18. Of all the possible reactions I thought I might have to this hour of television, getting emotional and teary-eyed at not one but two scenes (the awkward proposal that was so much more realistic than typical TV proposal scenes, and the overdose storyline that was hard to watch for personal reasons) was not one of them. The writing seems much better this time around and I will continue to be cautiously optimistic.

  19. I’m so antsy about how they’re going to include (or not) non-binary people! I liked that the new neighbor’s ex used they/them pronouns because it was such a small and subtle but simple way to include they/them pronouns in the very first episode. BUT I hope that’s not all we get!! I’m nervous about doing ham-handed intergenerational nonsense with pronouns or nonbinary identities. TBD I guess, everything else I really enjoyed.

    Also am I totally naive to say it seems like they’re trying to avoid cross-generational relationships like Bette/Dani?? It feels like the set up is that the older folks will mentor the younger folks and good boundaries but I know the old L Word would DEFINITELY have gone there. SOS I’m already invested in Dani/Sophie! Heartbreak’s a comin

  20. I got really excited when I heard someone speaking Persian(Farsi is the dialect Persian is the language) & subsequent googling that a Persian is playing Persian. They at least learned from one mistake. Also, I felt like this line, “deep roots in the Persian and Latinx communities” was alluding to Carmen for some reason.

    Things I didn’t like: to mention of Jenny, which I wonder would ever be talked about or alluded to. Same with her movie. Also, where is Kit? I really wanted to see Pam Grier. I really hope they bring her back & not just talked to over the phone.

  21. I am loving the new season. It feels very updated and socially aware. It’s a bit glossy but that’s to be expected with new shows. The people are beautiful and the romance is fun. I’m enjoying all the various plotlines. I am curious about what direction some of the secrets will go. I really enjoy these long-form recaps. I first watched the original show when I was 18, and it was way after the show first aired. My lesbian friend shared her crave password with me so I was lucky to watch it the night it aired.

  22. i would just like to note with gratitude that i asked a question of everybody in the introduction and like almost every single comment has answered that question which means everybody actually read the intro which means this is the best day of my life

    • Hello, I would like to clarify that I also read the intro and want homework credits for it, but probably like everyone else thought the format was sufficiently perfect to not warrant further comment


      if you ever wanted to slip in a pic of Marisa from the real l word episode 203 saying this is crazy, I can guarantee that will go down a storm in at least one household globally

  23. I love the blow-by-blow format, please keep it! I also… loved this episode? It felt like the right combination of throwbacks, new character development, and ridiculousness.

    Also 10/10 use of “So put that on your clipboard!” in this review.

  24. This format is great, give us lots of reading material! I was literally guffawing while reading this. One suggestion: it would be rad to keep track of the OG series callbacks somehow (i.e. vaginal rejuvenation in ’04, Shane wanting to fuck Lenore, stealing the billboard)

    I think it’s interesting how they’ve set up each of the new female characters as a successor/mentee of one of the OG characters (Bette-Dani, Alice-Sophie, Shane-Finley) but at the same time they’re not carbon copies by any means. But with those parallels, I was like omg New!Bette and New!Alice are a couple??? Wild.

  25. I’m so excited about this show! I can’t afford a showtime subscription at the moment, so if you have a link to share @avasommer or someone, please let me know :)

    But even if I can’t watch it now, I love reading your recaps Reise! Please continue with the blow-by-blow format with funny captions & screenshots. It’s good to see that The L Word is updating things, becoming more inclusive & keeping up with the times. But I also like that you’re critical and you make note of where they could improve with language/diversity/incluvisity/etc.

    I wasn’t really interested in the show back when it came out, but I was in high school (so a little young & prudish) and I also didn’t know that I was bi. I didn’t even know that bisexuality was a thing back then haha. When I came out in my early twenties, I tried watching it but didn’t really like the show. I don’t really watch a lot of dramas…But I did skim through certain parts because it is *such* a big part of gay woman culture. I’m really enjoying listening to the To L and Back podcasts too because they’re much better than the show itself and I’m still hearing about the references!

  26. The format is great! I particularly like the captions! I laughed out loud with Angie’s reference to when Bette ran away with her and with the one with Mangus’ song. I loved the episode but I hate that I have to believe Tibette got divorced. Why aren’t Alice and Shane still friends with Tina though? I had already prepared myself emotionally for Tina being dead, so now I have to adjust the story in my head.

  27. When Bette was talking to Tina I pictured Laurel Holloman’s terrible phone acting and thought of y’all. Great recap, the screencaps really tie it together as always and I hope Ilene invites you birdwatching.

    Aren’t the sleepless nepotist and Sophie the overpromiser a bit young to get married? What’s the rush? Get a puppy and move into your own apartment first!

    I get that they had to make an excuse for Pam Grier not coming back, but I will be really bummed if they killed her off with opioids; it echoes the way they randomly sacrificed Dana because they wanted to tell a story about breast cancer.

  28. I’m somehow very behind on To L and Back and so tonight listened to the Season 2 mail bag episode, and Riese mentions how she’s going to recap Generation Q, and she really hopes people comment on the recaps. So here I am.

    Also I refused to get out bed and get ready for work today until I had finished reading this recap, and I’m so so glad to be on this journey in real time reading the recaps after I actually watch the show in real TV time.

    Also also the captions on all these screenshots speak to my sense of humor in a very deep, personal, wonderful way.

    That’s all.

  29. Riese, thank you for this glorious recap.

    Really love this old school recap format. It just feels right to have the recaps in this fashion.

    L I V I N G for the captions, honestly the best part of the recap (the rest is very good too). Also love the sex scene and top off round ups.

    So happy to be able to watch, then keep the episode living on through your recaps and To L and Back – what a gift.

  30. I laughed out loud at the ‘Aloce’ show every time – thanks Reise :) Also, Alice’s jumpsuits are amazing. Just really loving the I’m only going to wear a version of pajamas things she’s got going on this time around.

  31. living in in europe we cant offically stream the show,so we have to do some tricks ,use vpn etc…Im too much of a chicken to do it,sadly(its not being shown on tv here yet) so an left wing PUB in a squatted house did show the pilot yesterday here in berlin. it was an delight to watch it with a couple of exited lesbians who giggle at the sex scenes ,or squirm and turn red like me ;-)and “woo…hoo” and clap, WHEN ALICE, Shane or bette appears the first time on screen and later together, also clapping& woohoo at every bette speach which no one fucking delivers better than our “girl”. and she is is still so ..uber-hot…..that was fun there but isnt probably a regular place to show all episodes as many of you guys in queer places over there in the US have the opportunity without the feeling of “breaking the law”. very good sound-boxes there, the bass of that hip hop song angie listens to in the car was solid,angie `s very sweet and well casted btw …whats the name of the song ? maybe in lATE SPRING/early summer l word will be ON SKY tv over here but that monhly fee is too pricey for me and also probally dubbed with german over the engliash and i refuse to listen to anything other than the orginal language,so many wordplays gets lost in the sychronsation in another language…a delight and sometimes it feels a bit forced with the namedropping of current queer namesor current stuff to show that “we’re hip and aware thats its 2019” but overall i enjoyed it and already have a crush on sarah ( miss toboni) who i predict to become the new shane of her generation, (yes there can only be one , but she sure will break some hearts ) will hope for a bigger friendcircle,beside the 4 new ones we met, and some women with more full figured or even “fat” being cast,these body types are still criminally underepresented .. . aidy bryant,danielle brooks(who played an lesbian in “girls”,jemina kirke goes down on her )would come to mind , Some cool indie bANDS OR QUEER ARTISTS playing a showcase there….

    • sorry of course her name is finley not sarah.. also,im glad i understand 80% of it , if youre not a native speaker sometimescause of mumbling or fast pace of the speech of the actorsyou miss out on things so i sadly didnt catch why bette was so upset, and only learned through the recap that it was opiates that dani`s company was selling. looking forward to an hopeful dvd release in the future with english or german subtitles to catch 100%,


    I’m thinking the show will get better and better (I hope?). Right now it feels a bit trying-too-hard and exposition-y, but I can forgive a pilot for that. LOVE your recaps as always Riese, can’t wait to follow them.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Jacqueline Toboni who I LOVED in EASY.

    Also cute: extremely last minute, we hosted 8 queers at our apartment to watch <3

  33. same as many i think that bette is so passionate about the opiod situation as there is no mention of kit in the pilot that kit might be have died of using opiodes, but also hoping we are wrong.as i mentioned in an comment earlier, what i want to see; next to full figured, fat women,ONE THING I FORGOT: I MISS REAL BUTCHES ON L WORD. I understand the limitations of an network , but whats the problem? why not add add some butches in the mix. the further they show is finley/shane in the androgynous sprectrum…..please marja, please add some butches in the mix!to refuse to do it you refuse to show such an important and big part of the queer community.

  34. Adored this recap. Also, am I the only one that found no chemistry between Alice and Nat? I love Stephanie Allyne, but I just am not buying this relationship. I sense Alice is kind of over it already. Interested to see how it unfolds!

  35. Oh man.
    As a gen Q myself i feel like my interactions with the L word were purely watching and reading recaps like YEARS after it all first aired. To read them in real time makes me feel like I’m 12 and waiting for effing dykes to load on my family computer again! Excitement mixed with fear!

    also the format’s great

  36. Does anyone have a sippy cup!?! Hahahahaha easily one my favourite scenes of the entire series. Loved the recap, can’t wait to read the next one! I SUPPOSE I’ll listen to the podcast recap seen as though you’re gonna be in some of them! Sending love from the UK, Alex xx

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