Sunday Funday Made A Double-Womb Gayby

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Happy Sunday, my winter wonderqueers! We’re one week into December. We’re drowning in Baby Yoda memes. I’m working three dayjobs, writing jokes about straight weddings and performing in a late night show where everyone gets covered in soup. Now let’s wrap up the week with queer art and science and, of course, KStew’s fashion shorts.

+ British lesbians gave birth to the first “two-womb baby”
Turns out you can harvest eggs from one lesbian, pop them inside another lesbian and cook up a bundle of queer joy. Somebody call 2004 Bette and Tina.

+ KStew wore shorts to the Chanel Metiers d’Art show and made it fashion

+ A gender non-conforming model helped an angry mother understand her child

+ Charli XCX thanked LGBTQ fans at a Russian concert

+ Marvel’s Hero Project honors a 10-year-old transgender girl

+ Crossin’ Borders magazine features work by undocumented queer artists

+ These gorgeous photos celebrate transmasculine people

+ A study found that hiring LGBTQ, disabled and indigenous astronomers will lead to “more significant discoveries”

+ Spiral Theory Test Kitchen turns sustenance into queer art

+ Psychedelics might help queer folks become their fullest selves

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  1. longtime silent lurker chiming in to say – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for linking to Rain Dove. life feels a lot better knowing that kind of compassion exists. <3

  2. I mean, but queer women have been doing partner ivf for ages – where you use the eggs of one partner but the other partner carries to term. In fact, my sense is that here in Aus at least, it’s become kind of expected. What that story is talking about tho is taking eggs from person A, fertilising them, putting them back in person A for a day or so and then taking them out and putting them into person B which, like each to their own, but I don’t know why you’d risk it?

    • Yup–my spouse and I did reciprocal IVF back in 2002 (my eggs, her womb), and we weren’t the first. Even the part in the latest news about putting the embryos back into Person A for incubation isn’t quite new–two couples in Texas did so last year. Difference is, as I understand it (I’m not a doctor), that the device the Texas couples used goes back into the vagina; the UK device goes into the uterus. Same basic idea of incubating the embryos inside the body after fertilization, though.

      The companies that make both devices say that incubating the eggs in a person’s body after fertilization (in their special device) is a better environment (more stable pH and such) than doing so in a petri dish, a la regular old IVF. (That’s what they claim; I don’t personally have the knowledge to judge.) Also, as I recall from when we did it, too, letting the embryo develop for a few days before implanting it into the uterus leads to a higher success rate. If you let it develop inside the special device, and then have to take it out of the device to implant the embryo into a uterus anyway, it may not matter whether it goes back into the same body or that of a different person. So the risk wouldn’t necessarily be greater. Again, that’s just my layperson’s view, but FWIW….

      • Thank you! I was confused about the whole, putting the embryo in then out then in again.
        Regardless of the ins and out, congrats to this couple for the new shape of their family.

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