It’s Sunday Funday and Nobody’s Gonna Mess With The Gays This Week

It’s really hot out, right? Is it hot out? I didn’t notice; I’m eating chocolate sorbet. But if it’s actually really hot out, you should stay inside and read the  Sunday Funday in your underwear. Or naked. Because I’m about to deliver to you a wonderful world where everyone is fighting for our equality and getting down.

Like this

This Sunday Funday, people are coming over to the gay side, holding hands, watching porn, and getting married. Plus, there are baby animals inside!

Miami-Dade County Takes Action Against Gay Bullying

1.55 million students in Florida – almost 60% of the state’s total school population – are now protected from bullying based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This means Florida is fourth in the nation for number of students safe from that kind of harassment and violence. It also means the fourth-largest school district in the nation has added gender identity to their antiharassment and antibullying policy, and that everyone else should, too.

The measure was approved on Thursday to protect LGBT youth, and is the result of over 10 years of work by Equality Florida and the Miamia-Dade Safe Schools Coalition around the issue.

Keep Holding Hands, It’s Cute

Two lesbians at a Gertrude Stein exhibit at the San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum were told to stop holding hands. A guard told them, actually, that “manual touching” was not allowed. Sounds frisky! To make up for the huge mistake they’ll never make again, today is the museum’s “Hand Holding Day.” Go. Go hold hands! Girls look really nice holding hands in the grass, but I’m sure a museum setting will be fine, too.

The Phillies Think It Gets Better

The Philadelphia Phillies will be producing a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign around the time of “back-to-school.”

The French Like Sex, AIDS Testing, Colors

Believe it or not, this is a PSA about getting tested for AIDS that came out of France:

Gay Marriage in NY is Romantic, Silly, Newsworthy

Nobody is ever going to stop talking about the marriages in New York. It’s finally here! So while we’re on the topic…

+ All We Do Is Wed: 823 couples entered a lottery to be wed in NYC. All 823 couples won. And last week’s Sunday Funday headliner Christine Quinn was super happy about it:

“Everybody wins!” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “This Sunday, all New Yorkers will be winners when we make history and move human rights forward in all five boroughs.”

+ The very first gay marriage in New York, though,was not in New York City: it was at midnight, and it was at Niagara Falls. And it was a lesbian wedding. I’m swooning. Seriously.

+ Rod and Ricky, the gay male puppets from Avenue Q, joined in the festivities and made it official – right before a matinee.

+ And the NY Times has an etiquette guide for all you wedding n00bz.

From NOM to NOME

Louis Marinelli already apologized to the gays for working at the National Organization for Marriage and took it all back and promised he wanted us to have equal rights. And nobody really knew what to do, since, I mean, c’mon, awkward. But Marinelli took a big, pointed step toward our equality by creating the National Organization for Marriage Equality, or NOME. From its mission:

Specifically, the organization is dedicated to the following objectives: to protect marriage equality in states where it exists; to educate the public about the importance of marriage equality in states where it does not exist; to grow support for civil marriage equality among conservatives, Republicans and Independents; to separate misinformation about the LGBT community from the facts.

And to make it even more awkward, Marinelli is already taking swipes at Obama for national marriage equality:

“Frankly, if I, a conservative-Republican can change my mind and evolve from opponent to advocate of marriage equality, it’s about time President Obama does, too. This announcement, while an important step forward, is a situation of ‘better late than never’ and I certainly hope it doesn’t take him too much longer to lend his full support to marriage equality.”

Other People Who Notably Support Gay Marriage

+ John Kerry, who ran for president via the first state to legalize gay marriage, has only supported civil unions for a while now. But Kerry “quietly” came out as supporting full marriage rights recently, probably because of how long it took him.

+ Maryland Governor Martin O’Malle has said he will sponsor marriage equality legislation next year and make sure it succeeds.

2nd Annual Day of Being Gay In the USA

The Advocate’s second annual Day in Gay America is on August 12. They want you to start getting ready; go dig up your lace-up boots now:

So get your cameras charged and ready, because we want to see what happens in your lives from dawn to late at night all over America on Friday, August 12, 2011. We want to see every aspect of gay life, from the mundane to the insane, from the glamorous to the gritty, whether you’re on an adventure or experiencing a quiet moment of solace. 

Gay Vets Honored in Chicago

Gay veterans will be honored at Chicago’s 9th annual salute. It’s the only municipally sponsored salute to gay veterans by the military, according to the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. It’s an important show of equality for gay people serving in the armed forces, and it echoes the recent news that DADT is finally, finally going away.

Skyler Cooper is Still Hot

Image via the advocate

Famous butch lesbian Skyler Cooper was on RuPauls’ DragU and talked to the Advocate about it. Cooper, a lesbian actress who is known for her gender-bending roles, underwent a bioqueen makeover on the show. When it came to the Advocate, she talked a lot about her feminine side:

A personal trainer in what little spare time she has, Cooper has been a body builder for nearly two decades. She says she identifies “as having two spirits in one body. So when I inhabit something that is completely opposite of the other I can really feel the shift. Internally, I straddle the line of masculine and feminine for most if not all of my life. But I’ve got to say feminine sex appeal is really powerful. I now see why for some women it can be intoxicating to know you don’t have to lift a finger to control someone.” 

Let’s Watch Porn

Melinda Wenner Moyer’s Scientific American piece called “The Sunny Side Of Smut” speaks out in defense of pornography:

The most common concern about pornography is that it indirectly hurts women by encouraging sexism, raising sexual expectations and thereby harming relationships. Some people worry that it might even incite violence against women. The data, however, do not support these claims. “There’s absolutely no evidence that pornography does anything negative,” says Milton Diamond, director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. “It’s a moral issue, not a factual issue.”

I don’t know how this makes anyone feel or how anyone feels about sexism in porn, but Moyer claims that a rise in porn’s accessibility (thank you, world wide web) might even be responsible for lowering rape rates. You heard me right, so go read it for yourself. Or go watch porn. I won’t judge you.

My Little Pony, Hungover

This parody is almost like The Hangover for girls! Or was that what Bridesmaids was? Either way.

*A disclaimer: I loved The Hangover / The Hangover II, don’t judge me because I’ve already judged myself.

More Gay Comics: That Dude in Archie Has His Own Strip!

This week I stirred controversy about gay comics and then we kept talking about gay comics and now, on a completely weirdly relevant note, the gay dude in Archie is going to have his own comic. Kevin Keller has been described as “a cool kid” by his creator, Dan Parent, in the NY Times’ recent ArtBeat about the character. It’s the perfect interview to end your Sunday Funday, because by now you know that nobody is going to mess with you. Even the people behind Archie are on your side, for God’s sake. And just take a listen, in Parent’s own words (emphasis mine):

The whole Kevin thing came up pretty organically. I had an idea in the back of my head about Veronica chasing the “unobtainable” guy. In her case, a gay guy. And the humor would stem in everybody knowing it except Veronica. At the same time, our fearless leader, Jon Goldwater was looking to bring more diversity to Riverdale, so things just seemed to meld together.

As far as the reaction goes, I haven’t really been surprised, since I know most of our fans are pretty cool. I was relieved though, because we were sailing into unchartered waters, for sure. The best experiences since Kevin’s introductions have been his broad acceptance by our readers and the heartfelt feelings from the gay community. Many gay readers have explained how Kevin would have made a difference in their growing up and how much Riverdale played a part in their childhood. But the best part is the reaction from parents of gay kids, as well as the kids themselves.

I think we sometimes overlook the parents of gay kids, and how they worry about their kids in society. And when there’s a positive gay role model in print or film, it can be meaningful to a family dealing with gay issues. As far as negative experiences, there are always the haters out there, but they’re not really worth the ink on this page, so who cares about them?

OMG Baby Cheetah Alert!

There’s an entire gallery of these cheetahs getting their first check up at ZooBorns. Obviously it’s the cutest thing ever besides lions.

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    • It certainly worked…i will now never have unhygenic sex, or touch anyones dirty bits again because that PSA managed to make sex gross.

    • i would watch the shit out of my little pony anything. Instantly fixes everything ever in life.

  1. The tagline for this article made me thing of a porn-themed gay wedding where everyone holds hands. Nuff said.

    A Gertrude Stein exhibit? RLY?

    Also, thank you for introducing me to Skyler Cooper… where has she been all my life. Delicious.

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  3. so NOM (like NOM NOM NOM IMMA EATCHU) is now NOME (i know i’m not the only person pronouncing it like gnome. like those creepy dudes on peoples lawns)

    i think we should probs quit with the acronyms and just go with equality, this is starting to feel like I’m in the military again. But hey, whatever floats your boat dude. glad you saw the error of your ways. Let’s see if he sticks to it :)

    • Lol “NOMNOMNOM” is all I ever think of when I hear NOM, I just couldn’t take them seriously.

      I’m also amused that ROMA is trying to take on DOMA.

  4. Christine Quinn?!!!! SHE WOULD DESTROY OUR CITY. I implore you to not support this woman. She’s been brought up time and time again for deceiving tax payers, allocating our money to fake organizations, and she refuses to pass ANY law/bill to reform NYC Animal Care and Control, horse carriage rights, anything to protect our animals and stop the slaughter. I can’t believe she is getting support from Autostraddle. Just because she is LGBT identified and “happy about gay marriage” doesn’t mean she is a good politician. She is notorious and an absolute disgrace.

    Watch Yetta Kurland make valid and important points.

    • xposted from the thread linked. I just want to understand Autostraddle’s reasoning for supporting her. Why mention her when there are tons of other LGBT identified politicians that made more of an impact that are actually valid, well meaning, and honest people?

      “This historic victory wouldn’t have happened without the leadership of New York’s six openly LGBT state lawmakers – Harry Bronson, Tom Duane, Deborah Glick, Micah Kellner, Danny O’Donnell and Matt Titone.”

    • She would destroy your city if…. what? Since your city is obviously still standing.

      Let me guess, Yetta Kurland is running for some public office, or something. Clearly unbiased.

      If you just believe one side of any political story, you are not nearly cynical enough…

      I’m sure Christine Quinn has made decisions you don’t agree with, and I’m sure she changed her mind, but to overshadow the good she’s done (even if its just bring visibility) with the stuff you disagree with, then you will have no one left to do good, only bad.

      The world is gray. Anyone who believes its white and black is not grounded in reality.

      • “She would destroy your city if…what?”

        …if she was elected as mayor.

        I don’t even know of Yetta Kurland, I just appreciated the issues raised in the video and Christine Quinn’s inability to argue the points raised.

        I am not believing one side of any story, I am an active member of the rescue community in NYC which is how I initially became aware of her presence (I am not a very political person), and after that I have thoroughly researched her history. Her choices and lack of choices.

        Of course the world isn’t black and white, I haven’t seen anyone else post about her embezzlement (which she still cannot disprove) and felt it was my duty to bring it up in case Autostraddle did not know these details about the person they are supporting. I’m not saying she has done no good at all, but I’m saying she has done A LOT of illegal, questionable, and not okay things and to advocate for her to be the mayor of NY is not okay to me after doing said research. If you want to vote for her because she “brought visibility”…remember just because someone did one good thing it doesn’t negate the 10 terrible things they have done. I just urge you to vote carefully.

        • I didn’t write/edit this article or anything about Christine Quinn, so I’m saying this as a civilian, but in 2009 Brooke dragged us to a benefit of some kind that I think was for Christine Quinn and when we were there Kim Stolz told us that Michael Jackson had just died and it was true, Michael Jackson HAD just died.

    • autostraddle hasn’t endorsed christine quinn and probably never will since we don’t endorse… anyone. i’ve written about her twice because she’s come up twice, and she’s a major lesbian player in nyc politics.

      • Featuring her as a headliner and then saying “Unstoppable? Hopefully.” makes it seem like you are declaring your public approval of (endorsing) Christine Quinn. Politics are politics, if you do like her and want to vote for her for whatever reason then that’s clearly your choice and I have to respect that. At the same time I also have to attempt to educate others if they don’t know about all of the not okay things she has done which is why I commented.

  5. I have feelings about this porn stuff.

    I think if there’s sexism in porn, that itself needs to be addressed. However, the assumption that sexism is part and parcel of porn is wrong. There are so many rad feminist performers out there who serve as excellent examples re how porn can be an awesome, positive thing.

  6. ARCHIE! The one place that had a polyamourous relationship as normal and no one made a huge deal out of it.

    I personally always figured that Jughead was queer one way or another; sure, in the Life After Married series he’s with Midge both ways, but hell I can’t see why he wouldn’t be bisexual. And I’m sure Betty and Veronica have had their own private time…

    • lol I have never looked at the Archie-Betty-Veronica triad like that. Interesting… *enlightened*

  7. I think it’s pretty funny/obnoxious that the conservative group planning to protest all the gay weddings this weekend is called New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.

    They’re fighting for a constitutional ban on same sex marriage.

    Yes, keep fighting the good fight for constitutional freedoms, like bans on freedoms. Group naming win.

  8. Last part was the best. I vote for a regular feature called “Cute pictures of baby animals being cute.” Just a thought.

  9. I WILL be digging up my lace up boots. And I will be getting rainbow ribbon to lace them with, because the lavender I have right now is just not gay enough. I plan on being more too gay to function than I already am on August 12th.

  10. So… sexy naked ladies, equal rights, ponies, and kittens? All in one post? Are you TRYING to give me a happy-things heart attack here!?

    Well, go right ahead. What a way to go :D

  11. I am currently accepting applications for a position involving hand holding in museums. May include cappuccinos & almond croissants after followed by cuddling in the park. Cute girls please leave your name and number and I will get back to you in a timely manner. ;)

  12. From Parent’s article:
    “[Kevin Keller’s] going to be the class president,” said Dan Parent, the writer-artist who created Kevin. But it won’t all be a good time. “Even the most popular kids are not popular with everybody,” Mr. Parent said. “There’s some adversity he’ll have to deal with.”


  13. i remember one time i came across a psa from france about condoms/aids and it was a cartoon about a gay dude that went through a bunch of dudes but it was ok cuz he used a condom.

    whole thing was like a dick acid trip. there were dick roller coasters going in to mountains of man ass.

  14. “Obviously it’s the cutest thing ever besides lions.”

    Ok so this article was awesome and all but BABY CHEETAHS have to out cute lions! Right? They have that adorable faux hawk and tear stain thing going on

    • You make a persuasive argument, it’s hard to find anything cuter than animals with alternative lifestyle haircuts


        sorry, i love lions. i will bring more baby animals to all of you soon and we can love them all though.

  15. “I had an idea in the back of my head about Veronica chasing the ‘unobtainable’ guy. In her case, a gay guy. And the humor would stem in everybody knowing it except Veronica.”

    I totally had a crush on that guy in high school. Everyone knew he was gay except me – and him. I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t come out to himself, despite being queenier and fancier in some ways than any of the gays I’ve met in music school (which anyone who has attended a performing arts school knows is a strong statement).

    So Veronica, I feel you.

  16. There’s so much negativity lately. It’s like the media’s decided either “just because you have marriage in NY, you MUST STILL REMEMBER how far you have to go” or “Just because you have marriage rights in NY, DON’T YOU DARE THINK you can get away with it.” If I read one more article about Michelle Bachman, I swear, I’m going to scream. It’s nice seeing positivity for a change. Yay newfound support! Yay new legislation! Yay happy gay awesomeness.

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