It’s Sunday Funday, Let’s All Love and Vote and Sing For Each Other

It’s Sunday Funday and if this was the only thing you read until next week’s edition, you’d think that everyone in the world loves gay people and that we should all just go outside and play. You in? I got big cats, big girls, and other big deal news. AND DOUBLE THE CUTENESS.

Lesbian Running for Mayor in NYC

Christine Quinn is attempting to become the first openly gay mayor of New York City. What more appropriate time?

Quinn is currently the council speaker, and she has raised almost twice as much as her challenger for the 2013 mayoral race. That’s $1.32 million for a lesbian running for mayor in New York City. It’s a huge deal. The deadline for fundraising was on Monday, and it looks like Quinn will raise close to $6.4 million for primary fundraising – the limit for the race.

Unstoppable? Hopefully.

San Diego Gay Pride Has A Military Unit

200 active-duty troops and vetarans marched in San Diego’s pride parade on Saturday. It’s the first time a military contingent has ever been a part of a pride march in the United States.

Many service members said they were moved to participate because of the slow, painful, and awkward repeal of DADT.

Weddings on Broadway, In Restaurants: Because People Love Gay People in New York City

+ On July 25, gay people in New York City will have been able to legally marry for a day, and now they can choose to do it in public. At St. James Theatre on Broadway. Ceremonies will be held on the steps of the theater following a performance of “Hair.” I know, right? From the press conference:

“It’s not just a summer of love,” Rory O’Malley, a star of “The Book of Mormon” and a co-founder of the gay-rights group Broadway Impact, said at a press conference Wednesday in front of the St. James Theater. “It’s a summer of equality.”

+ Carol Anastasio and Mimi Brown have known each other for about 20 years and they just want to get married. They even ran out to the courthouse after the marriage vote in NYC to do it, but didn’t realize they had to wait for the law to go into effect. They were featured in the NY Daily News, everyone read about them, and now, Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Meatpacking District is going to take care of it – for free:

“We’re going to supply everything but the rings,” said Old Homestead Steakhouse co-owner Marc Sherry. “We’re doing it first class. This couple deserves a wonderful wedding.”

“A Waria Has A Woman’s Soul”

A new film, “The Waria,” follows three transgender women in Indonesia for a narrative about love, intimacy, and their lives as a part of the trans* community there. It looks beautiful, and maybe heartbreaking too.

Atlantic City Gets Gayer

Atlantic City has been without a place for the gays to congregate / drink / proposition each other since the Brass Rail closed in 2007. Now, it’s reopening – with the additional company of 3 more gay establishments. (Including the first-ever gay casino.)

And I quote: “The gay life is coming back to Atlantic City.”

Chicago’s 26-foot Marilyn Monroe

I love Marilyn Monroe because she was a classy lady and she had a pretty smile. Do you like Marilyn Monroe? Do you like tall chicks in general? Because there’s a 26-foot Marilyn in Chicago and she’s even wearing 26-foot-tall-person-size white panties. “Forever Marilyn” was unveiled Friday at Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Parents Love Their Gay Children

A Note to My Kid is a website that encourages families to share their unconditional love for their queer children with everyone in the entire world. It also serves as a safe space for kids looking into resources to come out to their families. It also serves as a space for recounting memories, and confronting fears – but always ending with love. I’m crying:

I love you and have always been proud that you’re my daughter. It doesn’t matter to me who you love or find a connection with as long as you care for them, they care for you, and you are happy. That’s really all parents want for their kids, and what constitutes a parent’s greatest fear – that their child won’t be happy. One thing I pray every time I’m on my knees at Church is that you and your brother will find fulfillment and happiness in your careers and your personal lives – in whatever form that comes.

Eva Longoria is About to Have Lesbian Sex

“Without Men” will star Eva Longoria as the de facto mayor of a village left manless when guerillas are recruiting new soldiers. So what do the women do with themselves? They try to go on. They fill the roles of their men who are gone. They sweat in the hot Latin American climate they live in, while all stuck close to each other. And they will have lesbian sex. So there.

A disclaimer: I am slightly aware that this film looks a little, um, gender-normy. But the thing is, Eva Longoria is having lesbian sex in it.

NFL Player Apologizes for Using Gay Slurs

Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison used gay slurs to attack the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. And even though he still hates the commissioner, he apologized to the gays on Facebook:

“I also need to make clear that the comment about Roger Goodell was not intended to be derogatory against gay people in any way. It was careless use of a slang word and I apologize to all who were offended by the remark. I am not a homophobic bigot, and I would never advocate intolerance of gay people.”

Lindsay’s Latest Photoshoot

They freed Lindsay and now she’s in this “grope me in a taxi” themed shot by her friend and photographer Tyler Shields:

Totally Gratuitous Shots of Celebrities in Their Swimsuits

Gawker gave me a gift and created a gallery of totally gratuitous shots of celebrities in their swimsuits. So many girls. So much string. And so many sailboats.

Cher and Lady Gaga Are Working Together

Just look at these tweets! Lady Gaga even refers to people like me who love Cher as “the gays.” It’s almost like she knows who I am.

(Psst, you already know this song because it’s one of Gaga’s unreleased demos, and it lives on YouTube.)

Optimists Age Better

People who think the Bourbon bottle is half full will look better drinking it as they get older.

Twice the Cute, Part One: Kitten DJs

Kitten DJs.

Twice the Cute, Part Two: Mama Lions and Cubs

There’s nothing cuter than lions being affectionate, or than mama animals in general.

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  1. Oh that little lion cub is so adorable.

    I love that the servicemembers walked in the Pride Parade, I just really hope that they don’t face any retaliation for it.

    The giant Marilyn Monroe statute kinda freaks me out, because of it’s giant size and the whole people walking underneath and looking up at her knickers.

  2. I had a general question, not sure where to put it. I heard that amazon had shut down California affiliates because of some law that was signed having to do with sales tax. Does that affect Autostraddle’s affiliate status?

  3. An island of women with no men is sort of my dream. Although, in that dream, the women are all lesbians. And all attractive. OK, I just want a hot lesbian island. There, I said it. Video isn’t loading for me so I’ll watch the trailer… I’m sure it’s full of stereotypes that I will find offensive as a woman.

    Adorable lion cubs are adorable.

    Lesbian mayor of NYC! That’d be awesome.

    • OK, it worked. Yep, looks offensive. I’m sure the end moral will be that women kick ass and don’t need men, but not before blundering everything up and falling into stereotypes for laughs first.

  4. holy shit, that “without men” trailer looks so fucking offensive on so many different levels.

  5. That “Without Men” trailer… never has what’s in my head been so conflicted with what’s in my pants.

    Also, for some reason Cher’s Twitter has endeared me to her even more. Her grammar is so bad, but she’s just so excited about everything.

  6. I thought that movie trailer was bad. Then I saw the latest Tyler Shields/Lindsay Lohan collaboration and realized what bad really is.

  7. Without Men looks like the biggest, douchiest pile of WHAT THE ACTUAL FSTARSTARSTAR there has ever been…but Eva longoria is kissing that girl and with the moaning and the kissing and did i mention the kissing?
    You can see the bind I’m in here!

    • Strike my last comment, i just watched THIS trailer for the same movie:
      This looks like the suckiest movie there has ever been. Ever. Including every science documentary, every european B rate melodrama, all the films old enough to be poor quality but not old enough to be cool-to-watch-in-an-ironic-hipster-way, every Hollywood classic remake, and anything with Sarah Jessica Parker. EVER.

      • That trailer makes it so obvious how the movie ends. You just know Eva Longoria’s character hooks up with Christian Slater’s and roll credits.

  8. Christine Quinn?!!!! SHE WOULD DESTROY OUR CITY. I implore you to not support this woman. She’s been brought up time and time again for deceiving tax payers, allocating our money to fake organizations, and she refuses to pass ANY law/bill to reform NYC Animal Care and Control, horse carriage rights, anything to protect our animals and stop the slaughter. I can’t believe she is getting support from Autostraddle. Just because she is LGBT identified and “happy about gay marriage” doesn’t mean she is a good politician. She is notorious and an absolute disgrace.

    Watch Yetta Kurland make valid and important points.

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