Holigay Gift Guide: Funny Grrl

I like to think that everyone could use a laugh at all times and this is never truer than during the holiday season. The great thing about funny gifts is they require very little thought and if you don’t like it, that means there’s something wrong with the other person and has nothing to do with your impersonal, bordering on tasteless gift. So if you don’t have anyone in your life that is not only interested in accruing items they don’t really need but in accruing hilarious items they don’t really need, this is the gift guide for you.

A Gift Guide for Laughers

Funny T-shirts

I would say every five months or so I cruise sites like Busted Tees looking for funny t-shirts to bookmark and never purchase. It takes some work to find a few I like but once I do, I imagine how great they would be to own. To be the person in a witty but not annoying t-shirt. To have dozens and dozens of nerdy girls that would usually walk past me stop, adjust their glasses, and start a conversation based solely on the dopeness of my t-shirt. All of this and more could be yours… I mean, theirs. Because ’tis the season of giving if you’re into that.

Nerf Gun

Imagine all the movies you can quote! All the surprise attacks you can launch. So what you’ll lose all the darts under the couch. So what you’ll forget you own it after a week. Paintballing isn’t for everyone, but Nerf guns are. It’s only the second item and I’m already done pretending these are items I would get for someone else. These are items I want so just pretend all your friends are just like me. Have I told you how much I like your friends?

Surprise Mug

Don’t you hate when people come over your place and you’re all, “Do you want coffee or tea?” and they say “YES.” The nerve of these people expecting niceties and hospitality. While they enjoy the beverage it took you a few to several seconds to prepare you can chuckle under your breath. Douche indeed.

The Wine Rack

I cannot imagine a single scenario in which I would be so desperate to imbibe liquor that I would resort to such measures as The Wine Rack but I am seriously obsessed with any device meant to sneak liquor anywhere.

Ninja Cookie Cutters

Show me a person that doesn’t like cookies and show me a person that doesn’t like ninjas. YOU CAN’T. Please kick me in the mouth with chocolate now.

Slang Flashcards

This is my life and I’m tired of sending text message links to Urban Dictionary.

Cards Against Humanity

I like to describe this game as Apples to Apples for people that should be in therapy. It’s dark and hilarious and should be played with friends rather than acquaintances for best results. Also under one to several influences.

Grenade Mug

Not only is this mug funny, it looks like I made it in 6th grade art class. I can already see myself forgetting that I haven’t finished my McDonald’s-lawsuit-hot beverage and pretending to pull the pin and throw the fake grenade. This could only result in a burn so red that it forgoes pain for impressiveness because of my coloring.

F in Exams Book

I still find it impossible to hold back a smile when I see the “Find x” picture and thus believe this book would be endlessly entertaining. Funny people like to laugh, too. Let’s join the rest of the world in laughing at our academic system.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

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  1. I’ve liiiterally run out of people to text hints to about getting me Cards Against Humanity for christmas.. I’m worried it will escape my grasp yet again.

    Obvs I’d buy it for myself, but all my moneys are dedicated to buying my gf a prank-size box of Nerds so she will indeed love me forever. Or else have a rly tough time getting away from me with that giant box in her way.

  2. I would get my girlfriend a Nerf gun if she didn’t already own, like, seven. That’s what happens when you’re in college and date one of the campus’ most dedicated Humans versus Zombies players, I’ve discovered.

  3. Oh my god. Cards Against Humanity and witty t-shirts are my jam! It’s like you made a list of all the things I love in this world. But seriously, as a girl with the sense of humor that’s a combination of a grossly immature teenage boy and a highly disturbed person, Cards Against Humanity is the best thing that has ever happened to my Saturday nights.

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