Holigay Gift Guide: Proof We Have the Perfect Merch for Every Kind of Gay

The top of everyone’s Holigay Wish List this year seems to include Autostraddle merchandise! We’ve had some iconic and popular merch in the past (scissoring anyone?), but the energy feels especially STRONG right now and we are so here for it!

Maybe that has a little to do with our nine new gorgeous, eye-catching, and – if we can say so ourselves – very funny new designs on the softest material, released just in time for the holidays! (Carmen speaking here: If anyone wants to send me a “Girls Just Wanna Do Girls” shirt in a large, I’ll love you forever! Kidding! … or am I?) There’s also something about closing out yet another long, hard year by celebrating and being your very best gay self:

And hey, maybe you want to get that special queer in your life something really extra gay, but don’t know what pairs perfectly with a t-shirt? Team Autostraddle is here to the rescue! So far this season we’ve chatted about what to get your scissoring partner underneath the mistletoe, the Mommi you want to emulate, and the radical activist in your crew who loves a little herstory to go with her Lavender Menace protest signs. Let’s keep the party going! Here’s four more themed suggestions to spark your imagination! Just because we love you.

Soft Butch, by Heather Hogan

Of course our Soft Butch tee is super comfy and it looks like your old childhood softball jersey. Pair it with a classic, sturdy, cozy as heck flannel that will last a decade. Butches love money clips and leather wallets, and this is both of those things, with a hardworking and adorable badger — the soft butch mascot — engraved right there on the front. Paddywax’s Library Collection features candles that smell like the places your favorite writers worked. Oscar Wilde’s is cedarwood, thyme, and basil: slightly masculine, an intimate library with comfy leather chairs and a crackling fire. You know nothing makes your soft butch happier than helping; they’d be so proud to whip out this antique corkscrew and bottle opener to assist with libation consumption during the holidays (and throughout the year). Finally, I’ve never met a soft butch who doesn’t love face masks. Maybe it’s because a lot of soft butches don’t wear makeup, so they want their skin to have an extra glow? Maybe it’s because they’re so busy taking care of everyone else and they really cherish a ten-minute break to luxuriate in taking care of themselves? Either way, Sephora’s face masks are always a favorite.

Make Me Feel, by Carmen

They’re might a few reasons that the love in your life would want a “Make Me Feel” shirt. When Janelle Monáe’s music video released last February, it rightfully set the queer world ablaze. Janelle was inspired by the late Prince. Perhaps a tribute poster in his honor would go a long way? (And even if your cutie isn’t a Prince fan, I think that we can all agree that “Dance. Music. Sex. Romance” is one hell of a motto!) Following that same theme, what about this gorgeous tube of purple lipstick? It’s going to look amazing on someone’s lips that you might get to kiss. Throughout her career Janelle has pulled themes from Afrofuturism, so a feminist anthology dedicated to the legacy of black queer science fiction writer Octavia Butler might be exactly what the book nerd in your life is looking for. Or hell, maybe your friend is just really huge fan of Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson as human beings walking this earth! In which case they are going to squeal with glee at that Tessa inspired POP and will hang that pink vinyl Dirty Computer record framed on their wall with pride.

No matter what, you are going to be the Android Who Saved Christmas!

Tomboy Femme, by Rachel

1 / Tomboy Femme Tee ($25)
2 / Candle ($13)
3 / Noto Oil ($55)
4 / Dopp kit ($23)
5 / Watch ($125)
6 / Contour Key Ring ($16)

Tomboy femme chic is comfortable but put-together, grownup but chill. Accessories with accents like leather (why do we all love that cognac color leather? Don’t know, but we sure do!) or metal help keep your tomboy from dressing and feeling like she’s still a kid, and God knows we love some minimalist gold shit like these delicate gold key rings. Noto’s products are all multi-functional; the tomboy babe in your life can use this scented oil on their hair, skin, whatever needs some winter moisture and hot unisex scent. Obvs throw it all in this cute dopp kit for them, and top things off with a leather-scented candle for the apartment.

Gal Pals, by Valerie Anne

Keep it cozy and nerdy this holiday season with some cute tv-inspired outfits! Imagine it: You and your gal pal (or pal pal) – one in a cute Gal Pal tee (or hoodie!) and one in a tee with a message that would make Kadena from The Bold Type proud. You slip a Southside Serpent jacket over their shoulders like Toni gave Cheryl, or lesbian style icon Jughead gave Betty, and a Gal Pal enamel pin right over their heart. You exchange Nico and Carolina POPs because your love is so powerful. Fill up your WayHaught mugs with some hot cocoa (add a splash of whiskey if you’ve got a little Earp in ya). You’re all set to cuddle up on the couch and get cozy watching Sara and Ava kick ass on Legends of Tomorrow.

Don’t forget – with every dollar spent in the Autostraddle store, you are directly putting money into the pockets of Autostraddle’s staff, writers and contributors. We wouldn’t be here without you! We sincerely mean it when we say, thank you for shopping with us.

Holiday Delivery Deadlines

To get your deliveries in time for the holidays make sure to place your order by

12/16 — UPS Mail Innovations & UPS Ground (East of TX)*
12/18 — UPS Ground (West of TX)* + USPS Priority Mail*

* These dates are for domestic orders–we have no guarantee for international orders ♡

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