Holigay Gift Guide: Let’s Scissor Under the Mistletoe

Scissoring: the greatest sex act in the world? Who would be foolish enough to make that claim? You nerds, and me. I love a good grind! It’s the only form of exercise I’ll do, really. I like that it’s a gender-neutral act that can be performed by anyone. I love that you can do it while wearing clothes. I don’t limit my definition of scissoring to genital-on-genital contact, but rather any form of grinding that can get a person off, but be sure to check out Autostraddle’s coverage on how to scissor. For the holigays and gift-giving season, I’d like to suggest a variety of toys and tools to add to you and your partner(s)’ scissoring experience.

Add Some Sensation!

On Natural Arousal Oil is a rollercoaster of sensations – you only need a drop or two directly on the clit for it to do its job. It works by increasing blood flow to the clitoris and clitoral hood. It’s tingly but also feels almost as if it’s beating/thudding, and definitely changes and elevates orgasms.

Part of what makes scissoring fun is the feeling of friction, but what’s less fun are micro-tears that can happen from rubbing genitals without lubrication. Autostraddle’s already done extensive articles about finding lube. My favorite lube for everything is Hathor Aphrodisia because it’s SO slippery for a water-based lube. Pjur is my favorite for a silicone, which is great at preventing friction and also hypoallergenic just in case you want to cover your whole body with lube so you can rub your whole bod against someone’s bod! Also, try weed lube for a totally different sensation.

Have you ever thought about using nipple clamps not on a chest, but rather on two clits at the same time? Perhaps with a chain in the middle that one partner could tug occasionally while you’re rubbing your bits together? Now you have.

Add Some Penetration!

Autostraddle reviewed a different Shi/Shi — The Shi/Shi Union, but I’m a fan of the 2Fer Dual “Massager.” Not too thick, not too thin, SUPER flexible and each side can be controlled individually. This means one partner could be on a vibrating pattern and the other doesn’t need to feel vibration at all! Having a double-sided suction cup handy means you and a partner can customize which toys you’d like to be penetrated with while simultaneously keeping with a traditional scissoring position, or you can grind against a wall or a chair or some other inanimate object. A thigh harness means one partner can “grind” down on someone’s thigh while both folks have their hands free.

Something To Grind On

1 / The Magic Wand (65.99)
2 / Wish ($123.00)

These vibes are great to put in between two bodies. The Wish has a slight curve to it, making it great to cup a vulva while another body rides on top of it. Don’t forget to add lube, since silicone has a natural drag! The Wish is great for other types of partner play too; the curved shape and thuddy vibration is great for placing along the shaft of a penis or to stimulate the perineum. It’s also one of We-Vibe’s bluetooth applicable toys, making it a super great toy if you and your partner are long distance.

The Hitachi Magic Wand (and Magic Wand Rechargeable!) needs NO introduction. It’s one of my favorite scissoring toys. You just gotta try it.

Get Positioned!

1 / The Wedge ($95.00)
2 / The Flip Ramp ($180.00)

Both of these position enhancers are great for a whole multitude of reasons and are great for a million different sex positions; I like these two in particular for grinding, though. The Flip Ramp allows a person on the bottom to lean back without having to prop themselves up on their elbows. You deserve nice things and you deserve to give your back a break from the pressure of scissoring all the time! The Wedge is awesome because it’s smaller and easier to hide in the closet. The wedge is an ideal position enhancer for getting off by grinding against someone’s ass.


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