NEW MERCH ALERT: Tees and Sweatshirts for Dramatic Dykes, Eternal Bisexuals, Non-Binary Babes and GAYS GAYS GAYS

Hello, beautiful gay angels! Happy holigays to you and yours.

I’m so excited to introduce this years Autostraddle Store holigay merch! We’ve made you nine — YES NINE — new pieces of unbelievably perfect merch, rounding out an already tremendous selection of tees, sweatshirts, enamel pins and stickers. We have merch for the chill Autostraddle enthusiast, the dramatic dyke, the eternal bisexual, the scissoring aficionado, the undoubted queer, the non-binary babe, and everyone GAY GAY GAY. Plus, your merch purchase will help us continue to exist!

When considering our models, size inclusiveness and diverse representation of bodies is super important to us. We’re making sure that moving forward, these ideas will be the blueprint of everything that exists in the Autostraddle Store. We’ve always been committed to size inclusivity and finally suppliers have started catching up with demand to the point where now we’re able to guarantee that not just most, but every, sweatshirt and tee will go up to 3X or higher and will be modeled by at least two different body types. Additionally we know it can be hard to figure out what size to get, so in the store we’ve made bio cards like this, which tell you what size the model is wearing, plus their height, bra/binder and jean size. We’re still working on building these features out fully for new and legacy merch alike, so please be patient with us while we grow!

Another thing I’m genuinely excited about is that all of our models are Autostraddle readers! Seriously! Molly TK Adams (our photographer) had this brilliant idea a few months ago so we placed a model call on Instagram and were so lucky to connect with incredibly rad readers willing to help us out! We’ll continue to do this for future merch, so keep an eye out for the opportunity on our Instagram stories.

As always, when you buy our merch, you are directly putting money in the pockets of the Autostraddle staff, writers and contributors, SO THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US!

Now — onto these gorgeous humans wearing our gorgeous merch!

Basic Scissoring Sweatshirt

Printed on Alternative Apparel Champ Eco-Fleece / S — 3XL

Jordan is wearing a Small.

“I am a bisexual Filipino girl that just turned 18. I found Autostraddle on Instagram and I love your content.” — Jordan

Noemi is wearing a Large.

“[I’m an] AfroLatina queer femme, vegan, animal rights advocate, cupcake enthusiast and salsa dancing machine.” — Noemi

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Girls Just Wanna Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Sarah K. is wearing a Small.

“Grateful for the genderless fashion movement that is just beginning and I can’t wait to see how it evolves.” — Sarah K.

Chloe is wearing a 2XL.

“[I’m a] queer, first generation Latina. Masculine of center, soft butch, soft body. Plus size, fat dyke.” — Chloe

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Still Bisexual Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Sarah F. is wearing a Medium.

“Over the course of this latest Venus retrograde, […] I’ve undergone a new embracing of the femme and all realms considered (or derided as) traditionally feminine, including the vulnerable, the emotional, and the intuitive, and have started to become more at ease in my natural femme-of-center identity.” — Sarah F.

Jordan is wearing a Medium.

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GayGayGay Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Janell is wearing an XS.

“Sometimes I will say my presentation is David Bowie Femme. Wigmaker/sculptor/makeup artist. So gay. (This feels like a personals ad, will this get me dates??)” — Janell

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Who All’s Gay Here Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Dafne is wearing an XL.

“I identify as a gorda Chicana femme with invisible disabilities. Femme is my gender rooted in Chicana, chipster, country cali queer existence and aesthetics. Essentially lots of red lipstick and hoops, combined with some semblance of style. My research intends to give visibility to fat qtpoc because fatness and body positivity don’t often align with queer culture.” — Dafne

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Dyke Drama Tee

Printed on Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey / XS — 4XL

Janell is wearing an XS.

Fun Fact: “I have a bifid uvula.” — Janell

Chloe is wearing a 2XL.

Fun Fact: “I have a tattoo of a stove on my butt because I lost a bet.” — Chloe

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Non-Binary Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Ella is wearing a Small.

“Shame holds a power over us that can shape our lives and eat away at our sense of self. And the only way I know how to tame the beast is to watch, read, and tell stories that look it right in the eye and say: I’m not scared of you. Autostraddle does that for me.” — Ella

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Queer as Fuck Tee

Printed on Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey / S — 3XL

Marouge is wearing a Medium.

“[I’m the] cuddliest Scorpio you’ve ever met.” — Marouge

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Autostraddle Logo Long-Sleeve Tee

Printed on Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey / XS — 3XL

Nicole is wearing a Medium.

“As a bisexual Filipino-Chinese American, it’s important to me that I am out and proud and representing all my communities so that we are never in the shadows.” — Nicole

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Alright we’ve shown you ours, now show us your dollar bills! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments — I’ll be around to help ya out!

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Holiday Delivery Deadlines

To get your deliveries in time for the holidays make sure to place your order by

12/16 — UPS Mail Innovations & UPS Ground (East of TX)*
12/18 — UPS Ground (West of TX)* + USPS Priority Mail*

* These dates are for domestic orders–we have no guarantee for international orders ♡

Photographer + Styling / Molly Adams
Conceptual Ideas / Riese + Sarah Sarwar
Designers / Sarah Sarwar, Rory MidhaniAlex Vega + Erin
Printing / HelloMerch
Models / Jordan, NoemiSarah K., ChloeSarah F.JanellDafneEllaMarouge + Nicole

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Sarah is gay.

Sarah has written 39 articles for us.


  1. Are these the same sweatshirt materials from the past camp? Cause it is super soft and I love it

    • Yes! It’s the same sweatshirt and I agree it’s literally the only thing I wear during the colder months because it’s just so darn COZY.

      • Thanks for this important info! My A-Camp 2017 sweatshirt is my favorite ever – it fits so perfectly. I think it needs a friend…

        Also, I’m loving the new merch designs!

        • Thank you Anna!! Yes important note, it’s the 2017 sweatshirt garment, not the white one from this year!

  2. Whee! I wish I’d seen the pics first cause I’ll probably end up wishing I’d ordered the logo tee in medium instead of large. But who knows maybe I’ll just get another one anyway..

    • I’m glad the bio card helped you figure out your ideal size! The big one can be for sleeping and the smaller one can be for going out and parrrrrtying!!! If you do end up ordering let me know what your order # is via email ?


  3. I love this so much! What a great idea. This is the rare clothing catalog that actually appeals to me – I could look at it all day.

    And all the models look fantastic.

  4. I am so going to pick up that non-binary shirt. Does it on the back or anywhere out of curiosity have the AS logo on it?

    Can I also make a suggestion for a glow in the dark pin that says agender babe or the pronoun pin ones that glow in the dark?

    • yay! i was hoping you’d like the nb shirt Al! There is no Autostraddle logo on it anywhere.

      you’ll be pleased to know that after asking over the last two years, I’m finally updating the they/them pin. It’s gonna be much bigger (1.5″ tall) and it will be a minty green color! aka much more legible in many situations!

      it’ll be in our store in early January!

      • Thank you. Will go great with the pin backs(that lock) I just ordered from Amazon(50 for $9 shipped). How tall is the current pin? And will it glow?

        • New pin is 1.5” tall and the old pin was around 1” high. It won’t glow. Are you in dark social spaces a lot? Maybe we should get one that lights up! ?

  5. I keep thinking it would be nice to do a merch exchange fundraiser for Autostraddle. I have a shirt that’s too small and one that’s too big, along with some other Autostraddle swag that is awesome but just not my style. I’m working on going through things. A lot is getting donated locally, but I thought it might be fun to list certain items on Autostraddle so they could find the perfect home. I could pay the shipping and just ask that people make a donation to Autostraddle in return.

  6. Do you know if/when the Safe Space sweatshirt will be back in stock? I’ve had my eye on that one and was going to ask for it for Christmas but it’s sold out. :(

    • Ah I am so sorry Ava! We won’t be reordering the sweatshirt because of how long it took to sell. I’m so sorry!

      We still have 2x and 3x available, and I personally love wearing my 2x in that sweatshirt, even though I’m a M/L. It feels even more cozy and I wear it with leggings.


  7. Mostly what I learned from this is that all of the people you have modeling your merch look HELLA FUCKIN’ GOOD in it. Like, they look powerful. All of them. Every one. Utter perfection. And I think that’s what’s gonna get me to buy myself a shirt.

  8. Janell! Janell I know what a bifid uvula is! *feels special*

    And uh Chloe so you don’t feel left out I know what a tattoo of a stove on your butt is too…uh, I mean, in theory, not your specific stove or butt… *feels awkward* ;)

    All you models look great and AS thanks for the very useful sizing info and being serious about model diversity.

      • Whoa that is…a misreading to remember.

        I actually came back here to say that on slightly less sleep-deprived reflection I realized I should specify I felt special about seeing “bifid uvula” because I had literally just been reading about oral/pharyngeal anatomy, not because I assumed I was the only reader who would know what a bifid uvula was. Also autocorrect has just tried to replace “bifid” with either “birdie” or “infidelity.” So there’s that. :)

    • Amazing! My bifid uvula def peaked during my oral/pharyngeal anatomy lab, haha it won’t ever be that cool to so many people again ?

  9. I love love love the different models for the merchandise. As someone who consistently hovers between a few sizes, it’s a lifesaver. I now have a few more entries on my “Autostraddle Merch I will Someday Own” list. (Also, Janell, that definitely could serve as a personals ad. You sound great.)

  10. My only question was why couldn’t I inherit a significant estate from a dead relative so I could buy the NB shirt, the bi shirt and gift the rest
    But I know the answer to that, no such relative existed as all side of family only achieved middle class or close to it in the Post-War boom.

    But I think I have a legit non-rhetorical question; How long y’all think you might continue to have the NB shirt as a part of the stock?
    I don’t expect an immediate answer cause that shirt just launched.

    • We keep shirts on depending on popularity, so we usually decide to reorder if the first run sold within the first 3-6 months. For context we only order 100 qty per design!

  11. I bought two new shirts today!

    I so want to get the Queer as Fuck shirt, but I can’t imagine a day/place I would wear it. I am either with clients or with my kids. I can explain it to my own kids, but explaining it to all their friends? Also, I’m unsure they’d even let me on school grounds to pick them up. I do plan to wear the Gay Gay Gay shirt to pick them as often as possible.

    • Totally makes sense. You could wear it to the grocery store or a queer holiday party, but I think the GAYGAYGAY shirt definitely has the same sentiment and is kid friendly too! GREAT CHOICE!

  12. I keep thinking that the “Dyke Drama” shirt would make a great gift for almost all my grad school friends, except for the token straight people, but I don’t know how they’d feel about being called out by a gift like that…

    Queridas/queridxs, if you see this, let me know!

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