Grease Bats: Get A Hobby

So, no one told you life was gonna be this gay! Welcome to Grease Bats, an on-going monthly comic, created by Archie Bongiovanni!

You can now read Grease Bats offline, in the physical world!! Snag a copy for you and a pal.

In a black and white comic, Taylor calls a friend. They detail that they have to finish their thesis, then read another research paper and the friend cuts them off — don't they do anything for fun? Taylor scoffs, but the friend insists that pointless hobbies that make you happy are important! Taylor says that's what their dishes are for. The friend says they need to relax, Taylor responds "I haven't relaxed since 2019. I've given up."

Taylor's friend responds, "your life is all outta balance. You need a vice!" Taylor questions, "like puzzles" and the friend laughs, "no like DRUGS" or "romance novels, drinking, masturbation, online gambling!" Taylor says "ughh, how about I download Candy Crush and we start there." The friend responds, "FINE. But we'll revisit drugs later."

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I'm a cartoonist living in Minneapolis. Co-Author and artist of A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns. Author of Grease Bats, coming out Fall 2019 with Boom! Studios! If I'm not working I'm socializing. If I'm not out with friends I'm drawing. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably depressed. Support me using Patreon.

Archie has written 117 articles for us.


  1. i would just like to offer that doing dishes IS FUN and RELAXING. the water is WARM ON YOUR HANDS!!! things go from dirty to clean!!!! it’s a fun AND fulfilling activity!!!!!

    • YES!! Doing a big stack of dishes slowly, luxuriously, in a sink full of water with a nice sponge and in the correct order is a TREAT

    • Seconding this! And I might add: you get to see the water flowing and forget any grievance for a while, put on the music you like if you’re into it (and even choose a song that is over 10 mins and see if you can finish your dishes before the song ends, if the pile is particularly long!)

      Team WashingDishes4Lyfe

      • Ok. Dishes are indeed fantastic. BUT HAVE YOU HEARD… of sweeping?! My mom bought me a fifty dollar wood and straw broom as a housewarming gift and I love that thing with a frankly worrying intensity. It makes me feel like I’m in a studio Ghibli movie.

    • I am so thrilled to learn I’m not the only one! Like, I do have to be in the right mood, but turning on a podcast, putting on some gloves and doing some scrubbing with the instant gratification of a cleaned dish can be so soothing

    • Yeah! When a new episode of my favourite DnD podcast is out and I’m doing the dishes and afterwards everything is shiny and I can have a nice cup of coffee, that’s just nice. I finally feel seen :’D

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