FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Zodiac Signs, Hogwarts Houses, Myers-Briggs — What’s Your Preferred Personality Sorter?

Lordy, what a week!

It is actually Monday as I type this, but based on the previous weeks of the last — oh, two+ years, I think it’s a good bet to guess: Lordy, what a week! What have I been up to lately? Sweet of you to ask! Mostly just the usual: Working, cuddling with my cats and Stacy, reading (I’m currently in the middle of Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti series), playing video games (on my second play-through of Breath of the Wild), riding my bike, meditating, and practicing my cursive writing with my fountain pen. This week is the one-year anniversary of the major endometriosis surgery I had last year, and it feels good to look back on what I’ve been doing and realize it’s just the calm, gentle, peaceful life I’ve always wanted.

I’ve been thinking a lot about personality sorting systems lately. I think it’s because Riese has been crunching the numbers on the Lesbian Stereotypes survey and discovering so many fascinating things, like only 28% of queer women believe in astrology (it feels like so much more than that!), but also that queer women are more likely to believe in astrology than god. (Although my favorite finding from the survey so far is that queer people who own lizards are the most likely pet owners to have seen ghosts.) Also, Jeanna’s Starstuck series gave me a lot to chew on. Also also, Sarah Sarwar did some kind of wild and wacky The L Word/astrology mash-up on Twitter and it intrigued me!

I’ve never actually been much into astrology because I find it really overwhelming. It’s so much information. And also, generally, I don’t like people telling me my business, which is like half of astrology! But this year I’ve really enjoyed learning about it because I think any tool that a person can use to gently self-examine their actions and motivations and relationships, any tool that helps empower people to live better and happier lives, that’s nothing but a good thing! And when I think about it like that, like a self-examination tool, it helps me put it in the larger context of my two personal favorite personality sorters: Hogwarts houses and the Myers-Briggs personality test!

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My main thing in life is being a proud Hufflepuff. I’m also definitely a Myers-Briggs INFP. I don’t feel very Sagittarius-y, but thanks to Starstruck I can truly say that I feel very Aries Moon!

So I’m wondering: What’s your preferred method of personality sorting and self-examination? What’s your sign and your Hogwarts house and your Myers-Briggs personality type? Do you see similarities between them? And why is your favorite your favorite? What’s the most accurate? What’s the most inaccurate? (I think McGonagall secretly reads her horoscope.)

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  1. Hufflepuffs unite!

    Here’s the thing: I hate hard work. Hate it! “Unafraid to toil” is not me, by nature. BUT: I think that your true Hogwarts house is the one with values that you admire and aspire to. I want to be a hard worker! And I’m already very loyal. So, yeah: Hufflepuff all the way.

  2. INFJ Hufflepuff Aquarius here. But I don’t really read much into any of them. I’m very partial to what pet a human owns, and how that plays into their personality. There’s quite a difference between dog people and cat people! And lizard people, obviously, because they see ghosts. I’ve gone on a few dates with a cat mom, and she’s allergic to my dog. Is that a dealbreaker?

    A couple colleagues and I were talking about astrology today. It honestly kind of freaks me out because I’m anxious about my birthdate dictating my life…IDK dude.

    • Oh, that’s wild! Isn’t it usually the opposite? Aren’t people usually way more allergic to cats? I bet she can take some allergy meds for it!

      • As a person who is extremely allergic to cats and who also has three cats, it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker! (Also, I’m more allergic to dogs! Didn’t know it was usually the other way around.)

          • @caterrachel you’re welcome! My body most definitely did NOT adjust haha. I take allergy meds and also get allergy immunotherapy injections (my allergist is not happy about all the cats lol). I think it depends on how allergic she is and how willing she is to put up with and/or treat the allergies. I hope it works out okay! :)

    • as a cat person i avoid dating dog people whenever i can. your date being allergic to your dog SHOULD be a dealbreaker, IMO!

  3. I’m a Scorpio but I’m still not really sure what that means? But I do know what it means to be a Hufflepuff and it’s great! I saw a video essay by screenprism last week about why the world needs more hufflepuffs, and it made me feel good about myself. :)

    • Everyone I know is a bloody Gryffindor, and I’m struggling to accept Hufflepuff as a good, strong house–it’s all about revalourising those devalued femme traits of caring and patience isn’t it?

      • You are so right about this. In a lot of ways I think we should all strive to be Hufflepuffs. Most of the best people I know are Hufflepuffs.
        Personally, I’m a Gryffindor (and Aries/ INFJ, which basically means I’m a hot mess 100% of the time). But I consider myself a Gryffindor in the same way Neville or Hermione were Gryffindors… I’m a big nerd who’s afraid of everything but I have been learning to be brave and it has made my life better.
        I love the theory that Harry Ron and Hermione each represent the other 3 houses but they’re in Gryffindor because they chose to be… that anybody can be a Gryffindor because anybody can choose to be brave.
        tl;dr: you are good and strong and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

  4. The thing about Myers Brigg is that I feel I’m both an introvert and an extrovert. I talk a lot and disclose personal trauma really easily so people assume I’m an extrovert but I also love solitude, silence and being away from people to recharge. I don’t know, I’m a bisexual Libra, what is making choices???

    I’ve had a tough week, but it’s been very fulfilling. Over the weekend a group of friends and I took part in the 48hours film project and that meant we wrote a script, cast it, produced it, filmed it, composed music for it and edited it in 48 hours. It was very stressful and I went 41 continuous hours without sleep. Pre production was particularly bad because as the production designer I had to make sure I had enough options to make something look good in whatever genre we got sorted. I somehow managed to sneak a first date in the middle of it? And that was great, I’m seeing her again in a couple of days and last night I finally got a good night’s sleep.

    Things are looking up, my birthday is coming up and today I’m wearing a sweet outfit.

    Hope y’all had a great week and have an even better weekend!

    • > The thing about Myers Brigg is that I feel I’m both an introvert and an extrovert. I talk a lot and disclose personal trauma really easily so people assume I’m an extrovert but I also love solitude, silence and being away from people to recharge.

      OH HI FRAWND. This is also me. I’m loud and enjoy attention and am fine disclosing personal information up to a certain point, and there are very few people who ever get beyond that point. And if I don’t get plenty of alone time, I lose the ability to be that outgoing. But everyone thinks of me as an extrovert because when I’m out and around people, it’s because I’m up to projecting that energy. :shrug: I dunno man, I found out I was a Leo rising and was like …oh yeah, okay.

  5. INFP Hufflepuff Sagittarian (with strong influence from Capricorn) and my fave typing system is actually the Enneagram. xD I love how it acknowledges and embraces human dynamism, that we behave different ways in different situations, but still have a core way of approaching the world. I’m a 2w1.

    • I think I would love ennegram but it was way too close for comfort on my weaknesses and annoying traits! But also: Hello, fellow INFP Hufflepuff Sagittarian!

      • I legit tell people new to the Enneagram that one way to figure out your type is to read the descriptions of each and see which one makes you feel the most attacked. But that’s kind of a good thing! The whole point is to be aware of our weaknesses and grow into being the best version of yourself. I’ve found it really helpful.

    • Hi 9w8 here, I love the enneagram too! It has a special place on my heart because learning my type helped me come out. But I also love it for exactly the reason you said – more than any other system I’ve found it let’s you inhabit different types and explore how different approaches to life are part of your personality (there’s wings and directions of growth and disintegration which means you have at least 4-5 types that you connect to and inhabit regularly, plus the core types being grouped into different traids that share things in common… I could go on but I’m gonna stop nerding out now).

      Also re: the painfully close to home aspect of finding your type: I learned about the enneagram from the roommate who I had an unrequited crush on. Living with her was the catalyst for coming out because it forced me to admit to myself that I was attracted to women. When I first moved in with her and another friend we were sitting around swapping stories about our dating experiences and she was also telling me about the enneagram and trying to guess my type. She was like, “you might be a 9” and I was like, “naw, nines avoid conflict and I feel like I’m good at conflict” and she was like, “you literally just finished telling me a story about how you were on a date with a guy who asked if he could kiss you and you said yes not because you wanted to kiss him but because you didn’t really mind and it was less trouble than saying no.” What could I say to that? “Oh damn, you’re right. I might be a nine.”

      • As a result of owning up to the fact that there’s a part of me that is overcommitted to keeping the peace and taking the ‘easy’ way out I’ve grown so much and made a bunch of choices that have changed my life. And that’s just the negative side of my type, but the positive side is so beautiful and really fits for me too.

        I guess the best thing about any personality system is that it makes us feel seen as queer folks and helps us see ourselves, which is a really powerful and transformative thing to do with yourself.

  6. The Sorting Hat!
    I‘m a Leo and a Gryffindor, but more importantly, I‘ve arrived at „The Order of the Phoenix“ during my audiobook journey and the whole Fudge aggressive denial thing, the carefully ordered Umbridge cruelty are hitting dangerously close to current politics.
    Also, I was randomly doing something random, when I suddenly had to pause at Molly Weasley‘s breaking down over the Boggart at the beginning of the book.
    She’s unable to Riddikulus it, because it keeps turning into her murdered loved ones, and it just slew me, how her deepest fear came to pass in the end.
    Have a good weekend everyone!

  7. I don’t have preferred method of personality sorting, but I do believe what someone’s preferred method of personality sorting can tell me something about them in conjunction with other

    The romantic in me (think the gothic art movement not hearts and flowers) adores western astrology and but adores the alchemical symbols related to it even more. I really like symbols they’re like puzzles that tell a story.

    I’m a Gemini, INTP, Goat and probably a Ravenclaw with Slytherin and Gryffindor battling for secondary.
    I do see some similarities in them, my waters run deep. No matter how glazed the surface looks it’s constantly teeming and churning down below.

  8. Not really into this whole sorting as I find some of it to be inaccurate personally. In the past, I would have participated in the Hogwarts houses, but since J.K.R. hasn’t been the best of humans recently and has been digging herself a deeper hole, I’ve been turned off by it. It’s disappointing really.

    How is everyone’s week going? Mines has been good. I spent most of my Sunday at Cuties and what I really hope wasn’t their last Sunday event. It was really good, yet a bit somber. It might have been the last time I see a few people from the community there(some rather not go to the local bars). It was also very packed and a few celebs were there, like Brittany Nichols, which is a good thing. I really hope they can stick around cause again we need spaces not focused on drinking at night and that is cis gbq man-centric.

    So far this week I have matched with 3 different cis couples(all of them the woman is bi and it’s her idea) because it’s pictures of her and I was too lazy to read the bio. One of them I asked you do realize I am a trans woman and somewhere between femme and butch(like lipstick and want to own heels, but also like clothing marketed towards men). They unmatched me quickly. Another one I asked if they wanted to come to the gay leather bar, and linked the AS article that featured said bar and got a reply of, “oh ummm,” then nothing else.

    Here is a flower for all of you lovely gentlebeings this week.

    Thank you for viewing and reading my post. Have a positive and safe weekend!

    • JKR’s bad opinions have been really bumming me out too! I haven’t engaged with any of the new content in years but I’d *just* started getting into this podcast called Potterless (where this guy reads all the books for the first time and talks about them with his friends) and settling in for some nice nostalgia when this whole business with the next movie started happening. Like I just wanna relive my childhood in peace, please!!

    • I agree about JKR. The more I hear about the new movie, the less I want to be involved with it and its fandom. I’m afraid her sayings in the last couple of years have made me really uncomfortable supporting her and her material. I’ll always keep the original saga in my heart because I started reading it when I was 8 and kept on until the last book came out when I was 16 or 17. In a lot of ways that symbolized the end of my childhood. HP introduced me to fandom and online spaces. I’m actually really sad and angry that JKRs being so awful and tainting her work this way.

      Thank you for the picture, as always! Dating apps are a wildcard, I usually get one good match out of 20 and even that’s generous. I’m actually considering adding “not the unicorn you’re looking for” to my bio, I’m tired of getting cis straight couples. I did manage to have a good first date with a tinder match last week so I’m sending some of that good energy your way.

      • Thank you kindly, hope it turns out positive for you. I don’t even think they are straight as I’ve seen usually the woman says she is bi/pan or in some cases queer and just want to share the fun with her husband. Like really? Even the one couple I matched with where both were not straight and she was partnered with a trans guy, and he sounded like a bit of a creeper, she seemed fine(?). (My friend also matched with them and said she got similar vibes, yikes).

        The original saga was great, but now that’s she adding more back stories and whatever else info to make her look better or what not, isn’t helping her and in fact ruining some of the classic-ness of it, at least for me. Is it bad of me I just want to tell her to shut up? Because I feel like that would make me a target of transphobes or something, which she has shown us to be.

  9. I love that Myers Briggs is in with Hogwarts Houses and Zodiac Signs, cuz there’s the same amount of science in all three.

  10. I have recently read a lot of criticism of personality tests for work but I still freaking LOVE them.

    Myers Briggs and eneagram are the ones I have found most useful. BUT I don’t believe personality is all that static so I don’t tend to really take my results as part of my identity. They have been indispensable for questioning myself and understanding myself better. It’s easier to be open to and aware of change when you have some idea where you are.

    I am, however, a Ravenclaw for life.

    • Yeah, I agree with this completely. All of these things are just tools, right? They’re not some kind of personality law. It’s just interesting to use them to think about who you are and how you relate to the world and other people, and your strengths and your weaknesses, and how you can live a more emotionally honest, more fulfilling life!

  11. Because I did a psychology degree I should have a favourite personality sorter right? But I don’t! I found the thing I most disagree with about psychology is the scientific side of it that attempts to carry out studies and reduce us to statistics. Because for me, people aren’t like that. We’re not quantitative, we’re qualitative – we’re all individuals.

    (That being said, we are also all the same, because we’re all human, but that’s getting a bit too meta for a Friday evening)

  12. While I feel that Hogwarts Houses (Slytherin) are more fun and quicker to tell you what a person is, Myers-Briggs is the more accurate one.

  13. I loooove taking personality tests because I’m desperate to give up control and have someone else tell me who I am. (I’m sure that says lovely things about me.) So I know what I am on like every personality scale, and I like halfway believe all of them even when they contradict (can one be both a Cancer and a Slytherin, as Pottermore claims I am? Unsure).

    I have my full astrology chart downloaded somewhere but honestly it feels overwhelming! I have no interest in reading all of it. I really like the idea of moon and rising signs though. I feel like it’s similar to enneograms (I keep meaning to read more about those, seems like it would be up my alley) because it reflects how we can change based on our environments and stuff!

    • Yeah, I really loved reading Jeanna’s Starstuck series for that reason, like exploring that there’s the you you present to the world and the you-you and the very loosened up you, and all of those things play out differently depending on the specific alchemy we have with the people we’re with at the time!

  14. INFP Scorpio Enneagram 5 Ravenclaw with a Hufflepuff wing (probably – never been officially sorted).

    Not sure I care that much about any of them but Meyers-Briggs and Enneagram feel like the most useful /accurate.

    I would never say that a relationship didn’t work because of astrological signs but I do think that one of my close friendships didn’t work out because I’m a 5 and she’s a 2 (and neither of us were very healthy versions of our types – I kept wanting more space and she kept wanting to take care of me / get closer and it wasn’t pretty).

    • That’s one thing I really love about Enneagram, how it’s like “And here’s what this looks like when you’re healthy and here’s what it looks like when you’re stressed and here’s what it looks like when you’re off the dang rails.”

      • Exactly! And somehow reading about unhealthy things my type does is easier to take in than reading about unhealthy things I do.

    • Hello fellow Ravenclaw 5! I am pretty new to the enneagram but I actually really like it, although I always end up feeling pretty attacked by what it has to say. It’s explained a lot about me though, and has made me aware of some things about myself – so that’s cool, I guess.

  15. My preferred quick and simple sorting method is the LaVeyan synthesiser clock (courtesy of the book The Satanic Witch). I’ve spoken about it here before. 12 o’clock is the ultimate dominant personality, 6 o’clock is the ultimate submissive personality, the right side of the clock is introverted and the left side is extroverted. 3 and 9 are flexible and neither very dominant nor very submissive.

    I find that once you get into it, it’s super useful. You realise why some people just don’t get along, or why some people are attracted to certain people or activities etc. It gets to the heart of motivations in a really uncomplicated way.

  16. My favorite methods are ones that allow in betweens, probably because I have a hard time choosing. I’m somewhere between ravenclaw and hufflepuff, and an I???. I can never remember because I’m pretty in the middle for at least two of the other three letters.

    One thing I like is “what two characters from are you?” because then you find out how people see the characters as well as themselves, and what parts of each character they relate to. Like the character/astrology mashup, but without me having to know anything about astrology :)

      • Hi Heather! I meant to say “what two characters from (insert fictional thing here) are you”, so, which fictional thing?

        The one I’ve thought about most recently is brooklyn99–I think rosa/boyle, but I’m indecisive! What about you, what two brooklyn99 characters are you? Harry Potter characters?

        • Oh, I love that! Okay, I’m definitely an Amy/Holt. And for Harry Potter, I’m a Hermione/Neville. (What a combo!) Who are you from HP?

          • @heatherannehogan Haha, half of two gryffindors makes a hufflepuff I guess! :) I’m not sure, but I might be a Ron/Hermione. Like I said, I’m bad at committing! But, I do feel pretty good saying I’m a Michael/Chidi.

          • Hahaha! Did you do that on purpose? “I’m bad at committing… I’m a Chidi.” It made me laugh.

    • This! I’m too much into spectrums to feel comfortable with definitive boxes and making choices, I like your pick 2 approach.

  17. In other news, I posted this pic on FB yesterday with a little note about how I came out as bi in 1991 and then re-came out a few years ago after I realized that everyone in my life assumed I’m straight because of my (cishet) husband.

    65 likes. Likes from former students and former colleagues. Likes from people I probably should have told in person but I’m just so bad at those conversations. Likes from distant cousins.

    Some days I really like FB.

  18. I used to be a Ravenclaw but then I changed my name and started smoking weed, and now all the online quizzes say I’m a Gryffindor. It’s related, don’t ask me how.

    Folx, I came out to my roommate as enby last night!! I was so nervous but I think it went well!! I told my gf to start saying my new first name around my roommate more, so hopefully it will stick. It feels really good to be out <3

  19. Hufflepuff/INFP/Cancer (Leo moon, Virgo rising) here!

    I absolutely LOVE personality tests and always have done, I think they’re such a fun way to make sense of yourself and of others.

    Wrt astrology, I think the reason it seems like more of us believe in it than do is a lot of us engage with it/interact with it in a way that makes it seem like we have more belief than we actually do (for example, I myself will reblog memes that might imply I believe wholeheartedly in astrology when actually, I’m pretty agnostic about it). I think this is partly because astrology seems to have become an almost shorthand/language for communicating within the lesbian/bi community – it’s a fun way to talk about personality traits and relationship dynamics regardless of how much you actually believe in it. (As to why astrology has become so popular in our community in the first place, I’m super interested in that and have a number of theories and am planning on doing a little digging and writing an article about it.)

    I would guess that probably the MBTI is the most accurate. However, I think if people choose their Hogwarts house based largely on what they value most as opposed to personality traits (which seems to be how it works in the books) that can really tell you a lot about a person.

    • “I think the reason it seems like more of us believe in it than do is a lot of us engage with it/interact with it in a way that makes it seem like we have more belief than we actually do (for example, I myself will reblog memes that might imply I believe wholeheartedly in astrology when actually, I’m pretty agnostic about it)”

      YESSS, you’re dead on. I love going on about how being a bisexual libra is redundant because balance, seeing things from “both sides” and whatever, and I don’t believe in astrology, I just think it’s fun when things apply to me or friends, as fun as when things don’t apply and make sense.

    • “Wrt astrology, I think the reason it seems like more of us believe in it than do is a lot of us engage with it/interact with it in a way that makes it seem like we have more belief than we actually do”

      Yes! I like to look at astrology as a reminder to take a look at different aspects of my life and work through those issues. Do I think that Venus rx is what is making me feel especially lonely and isolated and painfully single right now? No, that’s just a part of who I am (someone who likes being in relationships) and the hard parts of that rear up for me every so often. But I can use this time to think about why it is painful and introspect and all that good stuff and hopefully come out on the other side of it. I guess I like to use astrology as a psycho-spiritual tool for self improvement. Anyway…

  20. INFJ Capricorn Ravenclaw here.

    Houses are my favorite because they’re about what you value most rather than being about inherent personality traits. So when you tell me you’re a Hufflepuff I know that you value individuals and their feelings over knowing something or doing something or being outwardly recognized. And when I tell you I’m a Ravenclaw you know that I value knowing and understanding things at a deep, complex level, that I will tell you the truth even if it hurts, but also that I’m more interested in the why than the doing of the thing.

    That said, all three of my labels definitely line up and give pretty consistent information about me!

    Also, I accidentally just bought a 13th Doctor costume for Halloween! JK it was not at all an accident I just HAD to have it in my life and also I will wear all the elements separately all the time because it is comfortable and practical!

  21. hello, i am an ENTJ gryffindor leo/leo/cancer enneagram 3. i like to say i’m a gryffindor with a ravenclaw moon and a slytherin rising. no-one wants to be friends with an ENTJ, but let me just say that i try not to be bossy ALL the time.

  22. INTJ, Sagittarius and Gryffindor. I get a bit stressed by this, because I don’t feel like an adventurous sag or a brave gryffindor (I have a lot of Slytherin gear that I bought before Pottermore existed) so idk.

    But what I do like about horoscope is people telling me things I don’t necessary need in a cozy way – always like “be careful about buying new property this month” ok, sure. I have this need to verify information every time someone tells me something, but I don’t know anything about the people behind horoscope or what they know or don’t know about love, finance and everything in between so I just take their kindness and don’t think too much.

    Also, I was thinking really hard now about my house, how I always wanted to be a slytherin, was sorted into gryffindor and every quiz I made put me into ravenclaw. And it led me thinking with whom I identify more in the potterverse and for sure is Ron. Ron wasn’t the bravest, most intelligent or important, he was just like Xander from Buffy, never the special one but really trying to be his best self for his friends. So maybe I’m a Ronald Weasley Gryffindor. :)

    • I think wrt Hogwarts houses there isn’t really a test out there that can tell you – the Pottermore one seems particularly inaccurate (a lot of the questions don’t tell you much about a person at all, and then you’re only given a fraction of the questions to ask), largely because the house system is supposed to be about what a person values the most as opposed to personality traits. So it’s more about just figuring it out yourself, and figuring out your deepest values can be difficult and take time!

      • I think Dumbledore was right, and Hogwarts sorts too soon! You kind of have to know yourself a little in the wide world to really know what House you are/want to be in!

    • OK, I only glanced at the article on my way home and thought we’re talking about this . I was surprised by Slytherin/Gryffindor because Pottermore and any other test I took told me I’m Ravenclaw.

  23. So as a kid I always thought of myself as a Ravenclaw, but then I took the Pottermore test and after seriously angsting through some of the questions, got sorted into Slytherin. I was immediately like “no that’s wrong!” and started to go make a new account to skew my answers to ensure a Ravenclaw sorting when it dawned on me– doing that would be *the most Slytherin thing I could possibly do.*

    Hogwarts houses are definitely my favorite personality sorter, such that I like to sort characters from other fandoms into their hypothetical houses (Sam Gamgee is the ideal Hufflepuff, fight me).

    It also helps me to predict how people will react to things. Recently, my little sister sliced her hand badly while cutting apples and had to go the emergency room, and afterwards all she had to say about it was that she was sad she hadn’t gotten to eat the apples. I described this to my friend as “the most Gryffindor response ever” where I (Slytherin) would’ve taken immediate action to fix the problem and then milked the injury for sympathy and to get out of things I didn’t feel like doing, she (Ravenclaw) would’ve taken care of it slowly, examining it curiously the whole time, and taking notes on what the doctors did, and a Hufflepuff might (gasp) actually be honest about how much it hurt and how it got better.

    Of course, I know that this is silly and people are people and there are way more personality traits and values than bravery, ambition, intelligence, and loyalty or whatever, but it’s fun and I enjoy it so *shrugs*.

  24. I love personality systems….
    I’m a Ravenclaw, definitely INF but pretty evenly split between P and J, and Gemini sun/rising, Aquarius Moon. I’m also an Enneagram 4w5. Enneagram is my favorite personality mapping system, I find it super helpful in understanding both myself and others.

  25. I don’t “believe” in personality systems, BUT some of them have clearly helped me. Like enneagram, I’m TOTALLY a number four, in every way, and reading about it regularly, seeing how I can improve myself and my relationships with others, it’s so helpfull. I also love that there is a lot of ressource in catholicism and enneagram, because I love being able to analyze my spiritual life. Any other number four here ? I feel like there is not a lot of them. When I do a quick introduction to enneagram to people, everybody’s like “oh i’m totally the type who gives everything to others !!” and I end up being the only selfish girl there.
    Also 100% a Ravenclow, and I have all of the bad things that comes with being a capricorn and none of the good things !

    • Hello! I’m not sure about my Enneagram type -though it’s probably 7- but I know two things : for one, countries have Enneagram tendencies, because we’re obviously heavily influenced by the societies we grown up in, and so you should definitely come to France if you want to meet types 4 at every corner! The other is that usually, a person’s type tends to be precisely the one they avoid. Unlike Hogwarts Houses, Enneagram doesn’t seem to take personal preferences into account but aims at pointing out our flaws and weaknesses. I feel like it’s definitely the personality sorter that requires the most introspection.

      • I’m French, from Toulouse ! (are you too ? Mahault is one of my favorite name)
        I’m not surprised at all that French people tend to be 4, but I wonder how much it changes from region to region – people from Paris and people from rural Pyrénées are not from the same world, really.
        I read an enneagram book while I was alone and depressed, far away from home, and first I wasn’t drawn to 4 at all – because the book talked about them as artist and creative, and I’m a very traditional person (yay capricorn ! yay rules !), classical music player (I don’t create music, I just follow blindly what other people did before – not an artist, but an artisan.) and 4 seemed so self centered. But then I started reading about it more seriously, and while it hurt – it was just, like, the truth.

        • Yup, I’m silly, I thought you might be French too when I read your pseudo (or name! But that would be wild!) and then I forgot. I’m from Marseille, lived in Paris also and both cities have this type-4 feel to them, a form of exuberance and individualism that I didn’t find in England or Germany. But of course the less represented parts might differ vastly from this general idea we get of the country!

          I’m curious what you think your mbti type might be?

          • (That’s not my name ! And it’s not because I love Racine either, it’s from Jacqueline Carey’s book “Kushiel”)
            I’m trying to think which enneagram number would go with where my family is from (Ariège, the Pyrénées, but not where you go skiing), and I really don’t know.

            I always get a different result, the last one being ENFP-T. What is yours ?

  26. It doesn’t really matter how far they stand from any scientifically-sustained theory, personality sorters will always have my vote as long as they get people to question themselves a bit.

    I was highly skeptic of astrology because so far I understood it as determinism, instead of another opportunity for introspection through the words we choose to put on something as arbitrary as an horoscope. But well, I’ve spent the last few days with a bunch of psychology nerds and revised some of the prejudices I had. Although I still believe that an horoscope doesn’t carry any sense in itself, I’m curious to hear what people have to say about theirs; what interpretations they make and how they willingly let it affect their lives.

    I’m a Leo with Leo rising, Gryffindor primary and secondary (that’s a sortinghatchats thing if I’m not mistaken?) and an ENFP, loud and clear. It should make me a wonderful revolutionary symbol but instead it mostly means that my hair looks like Wolverine’s and Hermione’s had an uncared for baby.

    Cognitive functions are the tool I like best, I don’t like the productivist turn Myers-Briggs took though. This indicator is also very complementary with the Enneagram, which makes it all the more interesting!

    • I was highly skeptic of astrology because so far I understood it as determinism, instead of another opportunity for introspection…

      Yes, this was me too! You said it so much more brilliantly than I did! Thank you!


      He usually loves clothes. He has a lot of t-shirts. But I’ll tell you what, he *hated* that hat! I think it reminded him of the cone he has to wear when he won’t stop chewing on his feets.

  27. Um this week I had a thought which made me go digging for an artist I used to follow the exploits and work of. Remember the pictures of her Freddie Mercy burlesque but did not see a vid of it

    Y’all it’s glorious

    So um the thought I had popped up while I was listening to Dio while making my 5th loaf of bread.
    It was this: drag king performance of Rainbow in the Dark and Holy Diver with the slaying or banishing of a Cheetolini or Mike Pence effigy with a sword or a pride flag.

    Then upon reviewing the music video for Holy Diver today and a 1983 live performance of Dio I think pride flag cape with pauldrons would be a better idea. Also the story of the \m/ according to Mr.Ronny James Dio himself was it was a gesture his sicilian granmother would use to ward off evil so doing that during a performance that culminates in the destruction of 2 Destroyers would be fitting as fuck to me.

    I mean look how much he uses the gesture

    So uh good idea, bad idea?
    Bury it in a vault 600 feet deep or make it a GOAL?

    Cause this person has swords already.

  28. I’m a Ravenclaw, a Sagittarius, and an Enneagram 5. I don’t know my wing, and my Myers-Briggs seems to change every time I take it! I’m really loving the Enneagram right now, as it is able to explain a lot of my weird quirks and habits – and being aware of them is pretty cool! Being a Five, though, I tend to deep dive into whatever I am finding interesting at the time, so probably I’ll move on from the Enneagram at some point, but it’s fun at the moment. I think that’s an important thing about personality sorters – they’re often a bit of fun, and if they help, that’s amazing, and if they don’t, there’s another one. We’re just trying to put ourselves in boxes and make sense of the world, right?

  29. INFJ Hufflepuff Leo/Cancer moon… I like Myer Briggs the best because
    1) It’s based on your answers not random chance (unlike astrology)
    2) It has lots of levels for deepening the analysis, and it includes the understanding that everyone contains parts of every personality type, just with varying levels of skillfulness in implementation.
    When I first read the description of INFJ, I wept because I suddenly felt like I wasn’t broken and crazy. There were some things that my therapist at the time picked out as strange, dysfunctional and difficult–and they were totally typical INFJ traits. It’s helped me understand what’s fundamental and what’s maladaptive…. but basically, I like anything that helps people think about themselves and how they relate to others

  30. I love being a Scorpio and an INFJ. I’m less 100% sure about my Hufflepuff sun, Slytherin rising situation.

  31. Gemini Ravenclaw and most recently an ENTJ, but was once INFP.

    At work we use the social style model and I find that Ravenclaw matches perfectly with Analytical and Hufflepuff with Amiable, but the other two styles of Driving and Expressive not so much. Does anyone else like social styles?

  32. Love all of the the personality typing systems because to a certain extent I’ve always been fairly comfortable in who I am, and it’s nice to know where the boundaries of those natural instincts are and how to push beyond them.

    INFP Taurus/Gem/Sag (love making the joke it means I’m a grounded asshole) Neville Gryffindor and enneagram 9w8

    Each of them have been helpful in figuring out why I think and behave the way I do, but enneagram has been the first to show and encourage me that I’m not beholden to them.

  33. Let’s see… *checks notes*

    Apparently, I’m a Slytherin, INFJ, and a Leo. I have long theorized that this is why it’s hard to make friends for me. It’s hard being secretive, empathetic, and center-stage. Lots of contradictions in there!

    Shout out to my Slytherin crew!

    Btw, I prefer thinking of personality through the lens of the cognitive functions that Myers glazes over. I used them to back into my own Myers type and I found thst to be a bit more useful than just taking a quiz.

    • Cognitive functions for days! That’s where the real complexity comes in, as well as ways of talking about our internal contradictions, the ways we behave under stress…

    • Yes yes! I love reading about all the queering the map spaces/people/experiences. I was lurking earlier today!

    • Dude, we’re so similar! I’m INFP but also enneagram 4 with a 5 wing and Gryffindor with a Ravenclaw wing, AND Aries sun! (Pisces rising, Aquarius moon)

  34. I have to admit, I don’t put much stock in personality sorting systems. I think they’re useful for getting you to reflect on and analyze yourself, but I don’t really want some person or system sorting me into a group. I’d rather do it myself! Plus I like being part of all kinds of different groups, and most sorting systems aren’t nuanced enough to consider multiple personality facets.

    Hope everyone is having a good week! Mine has been crazy, but really good. Yesterday I made things official with the woman I’ve been dating, so now I have my first girlfriend! And tomorrow is my local Pride, it should be tons of fun. Happy weekend everyone!

    • Congratulations on making things official! That’s a big brave step and I’m sending you and your gal pal so much love!

  35. I organized the entire CGC event so everyone in NC & SC please come out.

    Beyond that I am going out with someone and being with them is like a slow crescendo. Men can be to forté, this is different. It sweet and slow.

  36. I am fascinated by the fact that it seems everything creates relatable patterns.

    It makes me wonder whether our brain filters the potentially useful and creates recognition, or whether there are inherent patterns on micro/macrocosmic levels as part of the functioning of the universe. Do we recognise meaning or create it?

    I feel as though I simultaneously believe/disbelieve everything. The awareness of potential is what draws me onwards. And in that regard I’m interested in all systems…like others here, I feel their ability to be a tool for greater awareness or change seems more valuable than as a mere categorizer.

    Personality-wise I do feel torn between feeling and questioning, with the desire for justice and beauty underpinning it all ~ which fits an Aquarius sun & mercury, a Pisces moon & venus and Libra rising…but would I associate with other traits if it were otherwise? ENFJ and Slytherpuff are entertaining ideas to taste the shapes of, but the idea of being restricted to them makes me itch.

    • Do we recognise meaning or create it?

      I love that. I think about that all the time because I think about stories all the time. I think it’s like how we form constellations out of unrelated points of light to create stories to help us navigate our way through life/around the world. Brains are fascinating like that!

  37. I’m an Aquarius Hufflepuff INTP-A. Meyers Briggs is waaayyy better. INTP-A (Logician) makes sense to me. But I’ve taken the pottermore test 3 times under three different emails and I end up a Hufflepuff everytime.
    What else is weird? MY patronus is a Black Mamba…

  38. Hi it’s Saturday morning and I drank too much last night oops!

    How come you guys aren’t talking more about the L Word astrology thing?! I’ve been sitting here like ten minutes trying to work mine out. I’m feeling Bette sun / Alice moon / Helena rising (in reality I’m a strong Capricorn / CANCER UGH / Libra combo).

    Also, I did go through the whole Enneagram thing because of Autostraddle and found it interesting. I learned that I’m a Type 1, made my girlfriend do it and she’s a Type 3 so we are some kind of crazy power couple and we should probably open a business together.

  39. Ohhh, I don’t necessarily believe in either astrology, personality-tests or anything of the like. But I of course have done them all, frequently do my own tarot-readings and have a horoscope-app which also tells me my moon, rising, and all other alignments. So maybe I do believe in it a bit.

    I am a pisces, my hogwartshouse is usually a mix between hufflepuff and slytherin (I dont know what that says about me?) and my myers-briggs type is ENFJ (but the E is quite soft at 56E/44I). I don’t think I have a favorite, but I do relate a lot to the general pisces-traits.

      • I have never met a Hufflepuff-Slytherin person or a Hufflepuff-Slytherin couple that wasn’t so good and so powerful!

  40. Honestly, I’ll take anything/everything that can help me explain (mostly to myself) who I am.

    Astrology is fun ‘cause it has a lot of elements and possibilities. It allows me to accept all the ways I contradict myself.

    People usually think I’m a Ravenclaw, but all the tests I ever made say I’m a Gryffindor.

    I’m not a fan of the Myers-Briggs, my results change every time (mostly regarding to feeling/thinking).

    And I really really love the enneagram. I’m a type 4 and that kinda explains why I’m so obsessed with trying to figure out who I am

    • Hahaha! I love when personality tests are like, “This personality test shows that you’re the kind of person who loves personality tests.”

    • It seems like there are a lot of type 4s here! I always describe being a 4 as living in a constant state of existential crisis forever and always.

  41. I kid you not, I’m also a Hufflepuff, INFP, Sagittarius!
    Myers-Briggs is my favorite personality gauge. I love how comprehensive and in depth it is. It helps me really understand myself and others, how we process and move through the world.
    However, my primary identifier when getting to know new people is first and foremost the Hogwarts houses!

  42. Oo fun! I am a pisces sun/moon/mercury, Aries venus, Taurus rising. Enneagram 8, E/INFJ, and Ravenclaw-Slytherin cusp. I loved reading everyone else’s personality types/opinions about personailty-typing.

  43. I’ve always felt like I’m not really sortable. I’m an INTJ or ISTJ depending on the day I take the quiz. I usually get 50% Gryffindor and 50% Slytherin on HP tests (although Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor). I’m a Pisces but identify with very few of those traits. Personality tests are just kind of frustrating for me!

  44. I am a week late to the party but I am obsessed with personality typing systems too.

    I am a Ravenclaw / Ravengryff (I do love a good house combo), INTJ, Enneagram 9 wing 8.

    My favourite system is the Enneagram, closely followed by Hogwarts house (because you know what makes absolutely anything better? Imagining that thing in the HPverse.). Myers Briggs is last I guess, but I discovered it first. Definitely got hooked on personality system when I devoured a whole book on the Myers Briggs types and typed myself at the tender age of 12… so I might be an INTP now because I’m way more laid back and open to options than I was back then.

    I read in that book that you aren’t supposed to type yourself as a kid because your personality is going to change but why should grownups have all the fun?

    I am also deeply curious about how our personalities change over our lifetimes. My guess is that in any of the above systems your type might morph a couple of times as you age and in response to big life changes. I know these systems are all generalized models, not meant to be accurate or definitive in a scientific sense, and I think they become really powerful and helpful when you approach them expecting that you are a fluid human. But I’d love to see more work done on and in them to explore and account for how our personalities change.

    • Also I want to learn about astrology but I really don’t get it or resonate with it yet. Apparently I am a Pisces?

      Any recommendations for learning more about how signs work?

  45. Ey. As an ENTP-T Gemini-Slytherin I can opinionatedly say that Astrology is the only way to sort people. :p

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