FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Your Favorite Vegetarian Recipes and Hottest Takes

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Hey Forty Elephants and Forty Thieves! Welcome to the Friday Open Thread! It’s not quite a girl gang from Victorian England, but it is a place where queer women and friends can come together and share pictures and gifs and updates and compliments and just do normal gal pal stuff, you know? This is my first time ever hosting an open thread! How exciting! But also, to be honest, I’m a little nervous.

image by Rory Midhani

image by Rory Midhani

My week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I went to therapy on Monday and Did Not Have a Good Time. Thankfully, I have a really great therapist and a really great friend in Heather so I was able to get back to being close to okay. So my week started off on decidedly the wrong foot. There has been some really good stuff though, and I’m making it through!


I recently started listening to the Dungeons and Dragons podcast The Adventure Zone, it’s super great! I got into it because of Carey Pietsch’s terrific fan art (thank you Carey!). I cried so hard while listening to one episode that I threw up! Also, I’m about to start a cyberpunk tabletop RPG campaign (based on the GURPS system) with my brother, their girlfriend and their roommate, so I’m super excited about that! Do any of y’all play DnD or any other similar games? My character is a tough but nerdy mechanic. What kind of characters do you like to play in tabletop RPGs? Have you ever cried so hard you threw up? This wasn’t my first time (pretty sexy, right?).

Did you see the Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History?? I’m head over heels in love with her. I’ve been looking at pictures of her and just crying. Do you love dinosaurs like I do? Did you know that the T. rex is more closely related to modern day chickens that to a triceratops? It’s true. What’s your favorite dinosaur? Normally I would say mine is Therizinosaurus or Parasaurolophus, but I’m falling hard for the Titanosaur. And remember, not all prehistoric reptiles were dinosaurs, so you better not show up here saying dimetrodon, plesiosaur or pterodactyl. I’ll be watching the comments for any cheaters.

I’m also going to be in a local production of The Vagina Monologues (I’m reading the trans one, natch). It’s been pretty fun so far being a part of this production, and I’m really glad that I get to be a part of it because it’s a fundraiser for the local Family Services Alliance, which helps people, mostly women, who have been sexually assaulted. I went to a practice on Wednesday night and I think I’m really getting the hang of my piece. Except for one line that I feel weird about, but hey, it’s cool.

I’m not ready to become a vegetarian full-time, but I am wanting to cut back on my meat consumption. I was a vegetarian off and on one year in college though. In all, I spent about three months being completely vegan spread out over two semesters of college. What are some of your favorite vegetarian dishes and recipes (but not ones with mushrooms because I don’t like those)? I do love root vegetables and squash and pasta and salad and fruit and beans and spicy food though. Also I’m willing to try a lot of things (but not really mushrooms). Bonus points for any salads that you love to eat alone while you laugh.

Finally, I’ve recently been giving out hot takes left and right. I don’t like sourdough bread, I don’t like caramel very much and Miss Piggy is my least favorite Muppet. When I talk about these things (especially the bread and caramel) I seem to shock people and lose friends. They just can’t handle the heat. What are some of your hottest takes?

In case you forgot all my questions:

  • Do you play any tabletop RPGs and if so, what kind of character do you like to play?
  • Have you ever cried so hard you threw up?
  • What’s your favorite dinosaur?
  • What are some of your favorite vegetarian dishes?
  • What are your hottest takes?
  • You can honestly talk about whatever else you want to and I’ll try to reply!

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Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

Mey has written 572 articles for us.


    • I don’t watch this show, but I’m always excited for more queer ladies on tv! I know who Mulan is, but who is Red? Little Red Riding Hood?

    • I hate that I’m going to keep watching this show. I hate myself and I hate this show. I love Mulan Rouge.

      • Oh Kaelyn,
        I have a dear friend who came by a little while ago, and she’s this unassuming sweet, quiet nerd and the biggest Swanqueen fan I know.
        She’s been sending me all kinds of fanfic recommendations, manips,etc. and she hasn’t even watched an entire season of the show.In years!
        What I’m trying to say is, that the whole femslash shipping/Swanqueen thing of Once has grown into its own sweet entity,that defies this traitorous show and simply uses whatever it’s being doled out for the better.
        Like spinning shit into gold.
        So, maybe that’ll help, with the self hate, knowing that there’s an entire community being a little bitter but still going strong out there, regardless.

  1. I want to thank you for making space for those of us for whom Miss Piggy is their least favorite dinosaur – I mean muppet.

    • I’ve actually been really surprised at how many people have said they don’t really like her! I thought that was going to be my hottest take, but it definitely wasn’t as hot as not liking sourdough or caramel.

  2. This is my favorite vegetarian/vegan recipe right now. It’s called the Ultimate Vegan Lasagna for a reason. Also if you’re making it just for you and one other person, I can guarantee you’ll have lasagna leftovers for days. It’s supposed to serve 8.

    Note: I didn’t have a food processor to make the sauce, so I used my mortar and pestle to crush up some of the ingredients. Not that easy or successful, but it was entertaining. Talk about being a kitchen witch. :P

  3. Hey Mey! Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! My birthday is next week (Feb 2), and I love birthdays, so I’m getting pumped. Although I’m not really looking forward to this birthday as much as I normally do because my life isn’t at the place I’d like it to be, but I’m working on it. I have off from work on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to do something that doesn’t involve sitting in my room alone, being lonely. I’m thinking of spending the day at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, watching some shows in the archives for writing research. Ho hum. Here’s to my 26th year!

    • Well, Happy Birthday! You know, if you’re in New York (that’s where the lincoln center is?) than there’s a certain new dinosaur you could go see for your birthday! I’m just saying.

      But also seriously, I do hope you have a really good birthday and that your life gets closer to the place you’d like it to be every day!

    • Happy birthday! I had mine last month, and I was for sure feeling that not-being-where-I-want-to-be thing. Still am. BUT, I kind of decided that this year will be so great and my next birthday will be super celebratory because I will have accomplished so much! I’m totally seeing that for you too.

    • Yay for you! Happy birthday! I hope you do something special, even if it’s just getting yourself a fancy dessert.

  4. Heck yeah I play tabletop RPGs. Pathfinder is more my system of choice. I play(ed) (in no particular order) a nonbinary dwarf paladin who fluctuated between pining over their dead wife and threatening to cut the rogue’s fingers off for stealing, a gay half-orc wizard with a mystical birthmark on his butt who seeks to have the finest butt in all the world, and a elf rogue with a deep and confusing love of bees.

    • Jajaja! I totally love this! One of my top absolute favorite things about tabletop rpgs is the little quirks like that! so great!

    • Oh my god, your characters sound the best. I want to read stories about them. Especially about the gay half-orc wizard & his quest to be the Very Best Butt.

  5. + i do not know what a tabletop rpg is, necessarily, but i recommend the board game “telestrations” to everyone
    + i laugh when i cry, that is about it
    + my favorite dinosaur is the triceratops and i know you’re about to call me out but LAND BEFORE TIME FOREVER
    + okay, fave veggie dishes: stir fry w/ tofu and any veggie you like, cream of [veggie] soups, pasta w/ fresh tomatoes and kale, also i am making a lentil loaf today which i mean, i find pretty exciting, so.
    + my hottest takes: leggings are pants, and also i won’t watch tv shows until after people are done talking about them for years, so. is that a take? it’s just my reality.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, triceratops are the lesbians of the dinosaur world. See: Stone Butch Sarah

    • I mean, I do love triceratops, and I do tend to be on the side of triceratops being their own genus, I’m just not sure!

      also, 100% agree about leggings.

    • I know have a new understanding of why Sarah is my favorite…. :)
      And! I want to know how this lentil loaf turns out. I love this idea but haven’t been brave enough to try it.

  6. I love playing Pen & Paper RPG’s.
    D&D 3
    LE Human Wizard (Acolyte of the Skin) who made a bargain with a devil
    D&D 3.5
    LN Human Monk
    CN Halfling Rogue (Extreme Explorer)
    Vampire the Masquerade (Not sure which edition)
    Shadowrun (Not sure which edition)
    Human Snake Shaman
    Human Physical Adept

    Unfortunately I don’t seem to have time to play anymore. I had such a good character concept for D&D 4, and I also wanted to try Iron Kingdoms.

    • wow! I’m really super impressed by how many rpgs you’ve played! I’m constantly wishing I was able to play more!

  7. I GOTCHU, I GOTCHU ON THE FOOD FRONT. Because I’m a fucking Ravenclaw: Most, if not all, veggie and vegan recipes on the food boards, neatly organized. I also keep a record of the recipes I make and how they go/get modified:

    YES. Currently obsessing over a polenta kale soup that is THE MOST DELICIOUS and sings on my tastebuds like a magical fairy: Also delighted to play with black lentils and beets for the gothiest lentil soup you’ll ever have: And WTF IS SPAGHETTI SQUASH? HOW DOES IT BREAK APART SO MAJESTICALLY? Here:

  8. I love tabletop RPGs! My group plays Numenera quite frequently. Similar to DnD, but there’s somewhat less dice usage particularly for smaller tasks, as we have attention span problems as a group. I like to play as a tank. I enjoy pretending to be a stone cold badass.

    • Nice! Yeah, my new character is a tank, which is something new for me, I’ve usually gone with rogues before. I’m really excited to try something new!

    • How does Numenera play in practice? I’ve had a copy of the Strange on my shelf for ages (same Cypher System innards, different “fictional leakages” outards) and always wanted to crack it open, but my friends are really grognard-y towards 3.5/Pathfinder.

      I feel like the constant adjusting of the target number instead of adding to the die would be super confusing. Does it play that way?

  9. hey everyone! happy friday open thread !

    it may not be the favourite but i just made this for lunch and it is super tasty:

    fyi I’m on my way to a pretty queer night: burlesque show and gay bar yayyy. you guys this is my first gay bar in like 8 months.

    also also february is lgbt history month (at least in the UK. is it a thing in the US?) and the university of Nottingham is organizing sooo many cool things the best of which is a lecture on Foucault and BDSM omg!

    i promise to take notes and report dutifully in the nsfw sunday thread !

  10. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenter.

    DnD is something I struggle with – I’ve played it on and off for 10+ years, but every time I find a group to play with, it is generally a pretty predictable story line. (Let’s kill zombies. Now let’s kill ogres. Here is a dungeon. Oh look, more zombies to kill). In my mind there is just so much more potential for this game and every time I’ve tried playing it just doesn’t live up to what I want it to be. And usually I play a wood elf ranger, because if I could I’d live in Rivendell full-time.

    They aren’t necessarily dinosaurs, but I LOVE mega fauna! Ancient beavers the size of bears! There is a joke in there somewhere, perhaps.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 20+ years and my favorite recipe is this Buffalo Chickpea Dip: I use cow milk and cheese but it’s great for meals or to bring to potlucks and parties. But just to warn you, it’s so addictive you’ll want to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

    • I’m also a long time reader, first time commenter!

      You love mega fauna, I love microfauna. Intestinal microbes are my jam. Also soil microbes. And my intestinal microbes love the fiber in chickpeas sooo I’m definitely going to make that Buffalo dip!

    • Awesome! I’m really glad that your first comment is on my open thread! That makes me really happy! Same for @hannahlaine I’m excited that you’re commenting for the first time!

      Also, I’m totally on board with you about the kind of campaigns you’re looking for. I totally want it to be more role playing and more about exploring or building relationships and creating a really cool story rather than just fighting my way through dungeon after dungeon.

    • You should play D&D with my friends; i’ve overheard some fairly weird storylines. I haven’t played myself in a very long time, but i always choose a ranger because i’m also a LotR person :D

  11. Excited to talk vegetarian recipes! I’m in the same place as you, Mey- not full-time veg but cutting back on meat (for health/financial/save-the-planet reasons). I just got Mark Bittman’s HUGE How to Cook Everything Vegetarian cookbook–it’s super comprehensive. So far I’ve made a great black bean soup, a carrot-beet-chickpea salad, and roasted vegetable stock.

    I LOVE making soups. So easy, so delicious. Last night I made cabbage soup (and pickled the rest for sauerkraut- probiotics <3) but usually I just roast a combo of root veggies (butternut squash, carrots, onion, potatoes, sometimes an apple) and puree them with some flavorful stock and sauteed aromatics (gniger and/or garlic).

    • Nice! I’ll have to check out that book! And yeah, I’m excited to try some new soups! I used to eat soup a lot more when I was college, but have kind of gone away from it in the past few years.

  12. Two things:

    1. My fave vegetarian recipe is just Cauliflower and Potatoes with curry…I’m sure it’s called something. I just like cutting it all up dumping it into a slow cooker and coming home to it’s deliscious smell in my house.

    2. I’m listening to the NPR FreshAir interview with Brittany Howard…it’s magical. I’ve already cried twice. She’s a treasure, and has already suffered enough for 4 lifetimes.

    PS. what kind of monster doesn’t like Carmel?

    • It’s not that I hate caramel! I like it with apples! I just think it’s probably the most overrated candy that there is and I’d usually prefer other things.

      • Ok, we can stay friends. I honestly would put Caramel on everything.

        I grew up in Argentina and we have dulce de leche (milk based Carmel) and it’s on everything: flan, icecream, cookies, cake, pancakes, waffles, fruit salad….

  13. i’ve been playing pathfinder with some friends, and it has been my first real foray into tabletop gaming. (i tried d&d once but the DM was no fun and we only played one night, so that doesn’t really count.) i’ve been playing a ranger archer. best moment so far is a toss-up…either flirting with the female bartender and making my 20 yr old dude GM wildly uncomfortable or the time i shot and killed a bandit while i was mid-air. or maybe the time i bought beers for the dudes in the bar who were apparently planning to try to rob us.

    i have, in fact, never cried so hard i threw up, but it’s kind of surprising because i cry a lot.

    i’m not sure i have a favorite dinosaur?? i’m glad you shared that pic of the titanosaur though, because she’s pretty adorable. pterodactyls (NOT dinosaurs) make me laugh because of that ridiculous awful terrible worst ever pterodactyl porn. like honestly. worst ever. i have a friend who loves sharing it with people and horrifying them, though. it makes her gleeful.

    as far as vegetarian dishes, i made this not that long ago, and it was pretty tasty, though i’m sure not very authentic.

    ummm. i don’t like cheese much. or cilantro. i hate cilantro with a passion, actually. people tend to have pretty strong reactions to both of those.

    see also: you did a great job on your first open thread! i laughed; i cried; it was wonderful.

    • Jajaja! that story about flirting with the bartender sounds amazing! Actually, all of your stories sound amazing.

      I love the titanosaur! She’s so beautiful!

      omg, i really don’t think i want to know what pterodactyl porn looks like.

      Mmmm i do really, really love veggie stir fry.

      How can you not like cheese???? that take might be too hot for me.

      and thank you!

  14. MEY ILU LET’S TALK ABOUT D&D FOREVER. I play once weekly and my character is Bree (short for Breebin), a gnomish rogue and failed circus acrobat. She’s gay and masculine because that never happens in fantasy settings and I’m always all LET’S GAY THIS SHIT UP A LITTLE. This week she talked a cloud giant into a parlay with her party. Cyberpunk mechanic sounds amazing! Tough and nerdy, huh?

    • Breebin! That’s such a cute name!

      Also, my mechanic is gay and masculine too! I’m excited to play a character who’s really nothing at all like me (except for the nerdy part), a femme who can’t even drive, let alone fix a car.

      And I’m not saying that my character was a little inspired by audrey ramirez, one of my top five favorite disney characters, but I’m also not saying she wasn’t.

      • I thought maybe you liked Audrey Ramirez! She’s just wonderful. <3 Gosh, I loved Atlantis. Usually people don’t think of it when they think Disney movies, I feel like.

        • for a while i pretended it was my favorite disney movie (i like it, but not that much) bc i LOVED disney movies but most were about princesses and were therefore too “girly” so little closeted me was really excited when i could finally talk about a disney movie bc this one starred a guy! But I was secretly all about Audrey and Kida and Helga Sinclair.

  15. I’ve been playing Pathfinder and D&D 5th edition for several years now. I almost always play a cleric of some kind. My current game I’m a tiefling cleric living in exile, serving the essence of the jungle itself (a homebrew game, with the world is based on the game Shadow of the Colossus).

    My last game I was an eternally angry dwarven cleric of Morradin; playing the 5th edition D&D Shadows of the Apacalypse module (it’s a modern version of the Temple of Elemental Evil). Eternally angry because of the cults desecration of an ancient dwarven city, along with the lack of fine ale.

    As far as video games…I’m very late to the game, but I’m playing through the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time. I finished ME1 (all Paragon!), and am halfway through ME2 right now. Jennifer Hale’s voice work is amazing.

    Foodwise, I’m not vegetarian, but since I lack a gall bladder, I have to avoid too much red meat and any other high fat foods, so I end up eating primarily vegetarian. I eat a lot of steamed vegetables, and then cover it in some sort of nice savory sauce. I also do a lot with foil packets in the oven (or grill when I’m lucky enough to have access to one). Soups and stews are always good as well. I don’t really have any recipes since I just do everything from memory or experiment.

    • Oh man, Shadow of the Colossus is such a gorgeous game! I’ve never played, but sometimes i used to just watch my brother play because i loved the visuals of it so much!

      I was never really able to get into mass effect. I absolutely adore the dragon age games, and i normally like sci-fi more than fantasy, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into mass effect.

  16. This isn’t even a recipe, but more something I can pull together in five minutes for dinner when I get home really late and don’t feel like cooking AND as a bonus it makes enough for 2-3 wraps so I can eat it again for lunch the next day AND its pretty forgiving with respect to what you put in it.

    The basic step is mashing one can of chickpeas together with an avocado and putting it on a wrap or over spinach. Lots of things taste delicious mixed into this – I usually go for chopped carrots and feta cheese. Celery and a little bit of mayo also work. But mostly spices are key, I usually end up adding a shit ton of cumin.

  17. I haven’t commented too much in a while so I am trying to get back into that and into the community, fingers crossed I can keep up with it.

    I am pretty sure my favorite recipe was found via Autostraddle
    It is my favorite sandwich and forever my go-to lunch choice because it’s just so easy and so good.

    I definitely thought a pterodactyl was a dinosaur, so I will see myself out.

    • Nice, that sandwich does look good!

      And no worries, a lot of people think flying reptiles were dinosaurs, but nope, they just lived at the same time.

  18. I’m with Carmen, everything I know about dinosaurs I learned from The Land Before Time. You want to talk about crying? Seven year old me completely lost it when Littlefoot’s mother died.

    My hottest takes:
    – Luke and Lorelai forever, Christopher can go fuck himself (this one I will FIGHT YOU over)
    – Catcher in the Rye is a terrible book
    – I don’t think Monty Python is that funny
    – tomatoes ruin all sandwiches

    • allison are we soul twins? i, too, am on team luke and lorelai. also, monty python movies put me to sleep.

      • Soul twins! Yeah Luke and Lorelai are my first, last, and really, my only ship. I sometimes wonder how fandom on tumblr gets so heated about Brittana or Emison or whatever, and then I remember I’ve gotten into real-life fights with real-life friends who have tried to tell me she should have ended up with Christopher.

    • Yes tomatoes should never be put near a sandwich. It is fundamentally wrong and utterly ruinous. The only time they should be near bread uncooked is on Bruschetta.

    • ugh yes Catcher in the Rye is terrible and i 100% don’t understand why it’s considered “good literature”

      • Fun story, when I was 12, my mother gave me a copy to read, telling me “Here, you’ll like this, there’s lots of swearing, and sex, and you’re going to have to read it in high school anyway.” I finished that book only so I could have the satisfaction of telling her how terrible it was (partly because she way oversold it, there is no sex!). But she was right, I DID have to read it in high school. And it was equally as terrible the second time around.

        Holden Caulfield is a whiny ass man baby, which is probably why so many male English lit professors like him so much. These are the kind of books that happen when men control the curriculum and get to decided what should be included in the canon of great literature.

        • Holden Caulfield is a whiny ass man baby, which is probably why so many male English lit professors like him so much.

          Truer words never spoken.

  19. I have never played a tabletop RPG, but I think I would like it. I’d probably like it a little too much, really. My character would definitely be anthropomorphic in some way, probably rodent-like.

    I have never cried so hard I threw up. I have been crying a lot lately, though, at anything, really, happy or sad. I don’t mind the crying. I’d just rather do it where people can’t see me. Crying in front of other humans is my least favorite thing. I do not like to be comforted. I like to go hide in a corner by myself and eat my feelings.

    My favorite vegan comfort food, even though I’m not vegan anymore, is definitely vegan shepherd’s pie. I don’t have a written-down recipe for my pie, but I do something similar to this recipe. I use fewer ingredients, though, and Haan packaged gravy because I’m a lazy cook.

    I can’t believe you didn’t invite me to your and Ms. Titanosaur’s wedding, Mey! I’m really kind of hurt.

  20. favorite vegetarian unhealthy meal: white pizza with ricotta, spinach, tomatoes, and extra garlic olive oil. if i could eat this every day i would be the best vegetarian

  21. omg Mey, you are the BEST.

    Carey Pietsch’s art is amazing, & she’s so nice! I bought a comic from her at SPX last year, & if i remember correctly, i asked if she wanted one of my zines & she said yes & i was like “aaaa im sorry, it’s heavy material” & she was like, “No, it’s really important to talk about!” (It was a small compilation of mental illness comics that i made, mostly in 2014. I still have a few copies left, but i traded the majority of them at SPX, which was an amazing feeling. MEY YOU SHOULD COME TO SPX!!!!)

    (i still have a few copies left hint hint u guise pls)

    I have been kinda living on Hoth this past week, since last Friday is when the blizzard struck. The snow’s been melting well, but there’s still streets downtown & stuff that haven’t been plowed at all, so, yknow, good job Bmore City. :P

    My dad made like, half an igloo or something, & i asked him afterward if Les Stroud had taught him how to do that. He proudly replied, “That’s Echo Base five-seven.” The Geek is strong in my family.

    My pupper is still having his issues, & now he’s kind of having them with everybody in the house, so i’m really looking forward to seeing the vet behaviorist on the 15th next month. Meanwhile, we’ve been managing it, which means a lot of treats (my dog loves feta cheese) & me removing him from situations in which he reacts. We spend a lot of time up here in my room. Which kind of sucks, because i feel cut off, & i only have a space heater to warm the room, & it’s not a very efficient heater. So like, right now, i opened my curtain because it’s sunny out, but it’s also cold & windy. And despite the winterizing on the windows, it’s still cold. The heater only stays on for a small bit, & then it’s off most of the time. So i make sure to cover my pup in a very warm blanket. He’s sleeping right now under it.

    I’m also trying to search for jobs, which sucks & i have to talk to my DORS counselor on the 2nd about the fact that i still have no direction, & the evaluation the lady did makes me sound like a special snowflake who just needs to get over themselves & deal, & i should just understand the fact that i will be in retail for the rest of my life. I just want a job that isn’t wholly soul-sucking & pays me enough that i can finally move out of my parent’s house. Yknow? I’m also trying to get done all the free oracle readings that have been sitting in my Tumblr inbox for the duration of this month, & i also need to do laundry.

    I don’t know if i have a favorite dinosaur ; A ; I saw animatronic dinosaurs with three of my friends two weeks ago; i accidentally made a stegosaurus smack a small child. Slowly smack. Maybe didn’t even make contact.

    Actually, wait, i think i’ve always really liked velociraptors. And also maybe dinonychus. I should check the spellings, because my computer insists i mean “velocipedes” & “Dionysus”.

    And idk what my hottest takes are, but that’s good because i’ve already written a novel whoops haha kay bYE

    • Thank you! And yes, Carey is super great! And I’d absolutely Love to go to SPX! I’ve been trying to figure out if that’s something i can do this year!

      your pup under a blanket sounds so cute!!

      I really hope you can find a job that you love and pays you enough! I definitely know that struggle.

      And yeah! I love deinonychus! more than velociraptors, who were way smaller in real life than in the movies.

      • Aaaaaa i hope you can come this year!! It’s always in September, & they’re pretty good at releasing the date on Facebook & Tumblr ahead of time. :) And the energy when you go is awesome!

        idk if these will work bc i’m getting them off of fb, but here is pupper all covered up (he completed this himself):

        and here is pupper wearing my ’14 Camp hoodie:

        Thank you for the good thoughts ♥ I’m gonna need them ahahahahahaaahhh. It’s so demoralizing, especially when you see your age-peers doing awesome things.

        ….oooo, but wait, then i can put a velociraptor in my backpack or pocket or something… hehehe…..

        • Oh no! The puppy!!!!! So cute!!!

          well, velociraptors got to be about the size of a turkey, so if you have a big backpack then maybe?

          • heeeeeeee, he is! c: He’s also very loud & has anxiety. And is reactive. So we’re working with a trainer, & he sees a vet behaviorist next month. That appointment is about $500 :’D But it does last for 2 to 3 hours, & this is a doctor with a more rounded knowledge than the vets we’ve been seeing. He’s reacted all the time to this one vet; the last time we went, she asked if i’d considered euthanization because “he’s very aggressive.” Even though it was obvious to me that he was very scared being there. Sooo yeah, he can be aggressive, but he’s not a bad dog & he’s not doing it for shits & giggles. I’m hopeful the vet behaviorist will see that, & will be able to provide insight & help us make a plan. I’m not going to give up on this pup just yet, even if he can be a little shit sometimes.

            -discreetly stuffs velociraptor into backpack-

    • Sorry to hear that you’re feeling isolated! Good vibes to you and your pup. And good vibes for the job search.

      I would love to see your mental health comics! Maybe we could trade? I write a mental health zine called Small Magic.

      • Thank yooouuuuuu ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ They’re needed & appreciated.

        Omg YES TRADESIES! Even though, i’ll warn you, i’m pretty bad at mailing things out in an acceptable amount of time. I have presents & stuff i still need to send to people. But i’d love to trade!!! :D

  22. 2 fave vegetarian dishes:

    Quinoa tabbouleh (literally: cook quinoa. Mix in lemon juice, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, mint, and parsley with a dash of salt. Ta da!)

    Spinach and tomato tortellini soup (cook a little garlic and yellow onion in a pot til translucent. Toss in chicken broth and diced tomatoes, bring to boil. Put in cheese tortellini and cook for about 15 minutes. Throw in spinach and top with parmesan. Ta da!)

    Hottest takes? I have no interest in Star Wars, Hermione and Ron shouldn’t have ended up together, Moon signs are more telling than Sun signs.

    My favorite dinosaurs are longnecks because they are calm and pacify all around them (idc what the real me is because I’m actually 7).

    I’ve thrown up so hard that I’ve cried, does that count?

    I paid off my car!!! I’m moving to Oregon in six weeks!!! Yay :))

        • I mean, it would probably help a lot, but also i think you can enjoy the new one on its own. It’s really pretty great. And if you want, you could always check out the wikipedias for the other ones instead of watching them.

    • …Ron….and Hermione?
      I can understand with Star Wars, but Harry Potter? No, it’s too much!
      (I’m kidding, my gf ships Hermione/Ginny hardcore, so I’ve had to get over this particular hurdle)

  23. Did you see our girl? Well, we have several more. Just like the Titanosaur, all of these were discovered in Argentina:

    The Dreadnoughtus

    The Argentinosaurus

    Puertasaurus Reuili

  24. BTW Mey, the Stegosaurus lived 150 million years ago. The Tyrannosaurus lived 65 million years ago. That means that T-Rexes lived closer to us than to Stegos.
    PS – You probably already knew that, but just in case, it’s a fun fact.

  25. Happy FOT! Dear Mey, I am sorry you had a hard session this week. I am glad that Heather Hogan and your dinosaur wife were both there to cheer you up.

    I fully approve of your stock photo of a woman smiling while eating salad (didn’t someone compile those at one point? Maybe on The Toast?). I don’t have any vegan recipes for you except to tell you to put olive oil and salt and pepper on everything, and let the natural taste of the veggies sing (of course, I would also top them with some goat cheese or plain Greek yogurt or an egg because yum, but this is why I’m not a vegan).

    I had a good date yesterday! Kissed a cute girl with great glasses. Weekend’s looking up!

  26. First time open-threader here so I don’t know if this is an appropriate place for this?

    I just need to say that my until-recently-BFF is getting married in our hometown this weekend and I feel heartsick about choosing not to be there. She is Catholic and has made it clear that she views my queer “lifestyle” as immoral. She explicitly told me that she views marriage as between a man and a woman, and doesn’t support my right to marry my partner. I feel like I’m doing the right thing by standing up for myself and not going, but it’s still really hard and I feel angry, sad, and guilty all at once.

    How do you guys deal with setting boundaries w/ homophobic loved ones?

    • Oh man, a really really similar thing happened to me after i came out. One of my closest friends (or i guess, i thought she was one of my closest friends) was getting married and before I came out, she asked me to officiate the wedding. Then, when I came out, she sent me a facebook message saying that I was only allowed to attend her wedding if I dressed like a guy, because she wanted her wedding to “honor God” and I wasn’t doing that by being trans. So I totally feel you on this one.

      I don’t know if I have any tips, I’ve mostly lost contact with my homophobic and transphobic former friends. After hearing that they thought I was spitting in God’s face (something someone actually said) I didn’t really try to stay friends with them.

      • @meyrude I’m sorry that happened to you, that’s infuriating. It makes sense to let go of the friendship if we can’t agree on something so fundamental to who I am, especially when I have so many lovely and supportive people in my life. It’s hard though. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

        • Yeah, I’m glad you do have those supportive people! And you’re welcome! thank you for sharing your story!

    • Hi Hannah, welcome to the open thread!

      I’m sorry about the situation with your friend, that’s such a hard thing to deal with. I think it’s super important to set the boundaries that you feel comfortable with, and that’s different for everybody. Don’t feel like you have to respond to her in a certain way just because other people would. The important thing is creating a relationship with her that you feel comfortable with. It helps to ask yourself, does losing my closeness with my friend hurt me more than dealing with her distaste for me? And the answer to that is different for everybody.

      It sounds like the dynamic of your friendship with her has changed. For me, one thing that helps in situations like that is to take some time to mourn the relationship you used to have. It can be really cathartic to just acknowledge within yourself that you will possibly never be as close to this person as you once were, but you can establish a new relationship based on where the two of you are now. It’s likely that the new relationship won’t be as deep or meaningful, and for me that is often the hardest thing to accept. But trying to have the same close relationship with someone who disapproves of who you are can be so emotionally taxing. For me, setting boundaries is about restructuring relationships in a way that acknowledges the people we both are now, not the people we once were or that I hope we’ll someday be.

      • Hi @kadryd. Wow, thanks so much for this clear and nuanced answer (do you write an advice column? You’d be good at it!) Our friendship dynamic has definitely changed and probably will keep changing going forward. I guess that’s part of growing up. I appreciate your kind words!

  27. Ooooh, D&D and vegetarian food! Pretty much pillars of my existence. For food, I’ve found that recipes in the Veganomicon are almost all good. One of the authors has her own cookbook out now, called ‘Isa Does It’, which is stuffed with fast, super-tasty stews, chilis, and other good stuff that won’t break your budget or use up all your dishes. Can’t even say how much I love that cookbook.

    My D&D group has fallen apart due to jobs and moving and other adult foolishness. Which leaves this power gamer pining for a minion smackdown like nothing else. Sigh. Maybe someday I’ll get to play again. (However, I still buy dice on a regular basis. They’re so pretty and full of possible epicness I just HAVE TO GET THEM. Does anyone else have this condition?)

  28. Well that’s excellent news about the Monologues, specially who it’s helping.

    I am vegan, so I eat and look at a lot of vegan and vegetarian recipes. I’ve read that cauliflower, kale, and collard greens, as they can decrease estrogen/increate t production(seen this on a list of recommended food for body builders and trans men); while foods like fennel and fenugreek can help with estrogen production. Side note: I am not sure if going on hormones via pharmaceutical route is for me, so I am looking at and eating foods that can increase my estrogen production. That all said one of my favorite foods that mother makes(I think I think the recipe was linked here) is chickpea burger with quinoa. I can’t find the exact recipe atm, but did find this one that looks. It goes well with Sriracha, avocados, and a glass of wine of course.

    How’s everyone’s week going? Mines has been alright. Had a great Saturday night at a queer house party meeting some lovely feminists, queers, and trans folks. It lead to bit of a depression Sunday, cause the rest of the world isn’t that queer, and isn’t using my pronouns correctly(seriously rest of the world they/them/their isn’t that hard). My relative and her partner came to my work Tuesday, and I got to explore part of the city I usually never walk or explore, specially with tourists.

    Speaking of which a few images from that day.

    A message I think we all can agree with.

    On another note there is a SoCal hike this Sunday that I am kind of looking forward to going. I never hiked that area before so it should be fun doing that and meeting fellow Straddlers!

    Thank you for viewing and reading my post. Have a positive weekend!

    • Ugh, I’m really, really sorry that people aren’t respecting your pronouns. That really sucks and i wish people would stop being such jerks about “they/them”

      Also, another hot take: I’ve never tried sriracha!

      • I’m surprised seeing as you have been to LA a good amount. We can like get it at almost every restaurant. Goes nicely with pizza, tacos, and anything else. Speaking of which Danny Trejo just opened up a Mexican restaurant in L.A. that has a specialty vegan menu. It’s been getting positive reviews.

        • Oh yeah, i mean, i use hot sauce all the time, but i usually stick with tapatio or el pato. And yeah! I’m excited to go to Danny Trejo’s restaurant next time i go to LA!

          • I am too, but I had three conflicting reports the other day. Google maps said open, yelp said not open yet, and another said open for celebs right now. Once I went Sriracha I can’t get back to tapatio(despite being really good).

            There is also vegan Ethiopian food out here that is really good.

    • al, your posts are always my favorite! here’s to an earth with lots of art and very little eh, minus the cute canadian people who say it all the time.

      • Thank you kindly. If you could see my face right now you’d see a blushing queer with a big goofy smile on their face. Yes, I agree, and even meet one in college(though she was from Vancouver so the ehs may have been kept to a minimum).

  29. Hi!

    Sorry your week started out rough. Therapy can be rough, but it’s good you have a therapist that’s a good fit. I’ve found it hard to find a good fitting therapist in the past – I had one who really helped, but she’s out of state now that I moved.

    That museum sounds really cool! I’m not sure what my favorite dinosaur is. But I loved land before time as a kid. Speaking of prehistoric animals, they just found a mammoth under the stadium at Oregon state university, which is one of the places I’m applying to grad school! They dug up the bones the day after I visited!

    I’m a pescetarian, and I love hearty vegetarian entree salads! I usually make a big batch and bring it to work for several days. I’m eating one right now! Some of my favorite things to add in include any combination of the following:

    Vegetables or fruits:
    Chopped apples
    Cooked sweet potatoes
    Dried fruit

    Any type of nuts
    Presoaked beans
    Oil and vinegar
    Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
    Feta cheese or goat cheese

    I haven’t posted on FOT lately. Life has been good, just busy. There are so many exciting adventures coming up (grad school! Travel! A-camp!). I actually can say that I feel excited about my future. And this is especially significant because of my past struggle with various mental demons (OCD, eating disorder, anxiety), finally finding an effective medication about a year ago, and slowly plodding through setbacks and realizing that it’s better to try and fail than not to try at all. I know from past experience that I need to be vigilant of relapse, and that I’m still vulnerable even when things feel fine. But I’m also not going to let fear of failure prevent me from trying new things.

    I visited Oregon last week to visit Oregon State University where I’ve applied to grad school! I took a campus tour and also met with two faculty members that I’m interested in possibly doing research with. Both seemed like really cool people to work with, and they seemed excited to show me their labs and discuss their research. Everyone at OSU just seemed really laid-back and happy, and it was a very positive experience overall. (Except for a rude stranger at starbucks. But such is life.)

    I also stopped by the Oregon coast and walked along the beach at Devils Punchbowl State Park, and it was beautiful. I even saw fossils! I crossed a riverbed, and there were a bunch of shell imprints in the rocks. (Speaking of fossils – I just heard that they dug up mammoth bones under the Oregon State stadium the day after I got back!)

    And in two weeks I’m flying to Florida to tour a grad program there!

    And on Sunday, I’m meeting up with an autostraddle friend to go hiking/geocaching.

    And on Monday, A-camp registration opens up, and I’m determined to go this year. I feel like an excited kid on Christmas eve.

    Anyway, thank you for listening to my rambling. Here are some Oregon photos.


    Pink piano (seen in one of the shops in Corvallis)

    Me and sea foam

    Devils Punchbowl

    Dark clouds on the ocean

    • I’m sorry that you’ve struggled finding a therapist, I hope you find one soon! But also, I’m happy that you’re excited about your future! That’s something I really struggled with for a long time, so I totally get that.

      Also, yes! I heard about the mammoth bones and got really excited!

      Also, what on earth is that sea foam???

      • Yes it was the most prolific sea foam I’ve ever seen! It’s like an ocean bubble bath… A very cold one.

  30. The sarcastic part of me wants to say that my favorite vegetarian recipe is coffee, but alas, I’m going to take the high road. I love a good tofu stir-fry. I grew up in a predominantly vegetarian community, but my family still ate meat like the “Badventists” we are. But that nonetheless gave me perspective on good vegetarian food being a matter of perspective. Narrow-mindedness sometimes makes me see meat as the “superior” option, but then I’ll have a badass veggie burger and I can push away the urge to shove ALL of the In-N-Out in and out of my face.

    In other news, I’m giddy with excitement that I’m almost done writing my “screenplay outline” for my book. Seriously about to write the last scene. While I jump into writing the proper narrative, I’ll keep wishing for a fairy godmother who can make an awesome LGBT artist pop into my life so I can explore my dreams of turning this into a comic.

    • I also grew up in a predominantly vegetarian community (aka an sda hub) but my Badventist family still ate meat! So I ended up with a similar pro-veg attitude where if meat is present, that’s fine, but if meat isn’t around, that’s just as good if not better. At the end of the day I usually end up identifying as ‘flexitarian’ which works for me.

  31. Mey! I LOVE the Adventure Zone! It’s hilarious, and the DM is an amazing storyteller. I listen to several fiction podcasts, but the ongoing story in this one captivates me more than all of them. Not naming any names, but certain persons in this comments section may have listened to every single episode five or six times…?

    Listening to the show has actually made me want to play d and d for real. No local groups, but I have toyed with the idea of joining a virtual game. It’s on my to do list. ?

      • I have a confession to make, and you are the only one who will understand…I totally did not realize Sloane a Hurley were A Thing until I saw the fan art on tumblr. I relistened after my realization and it improves the story so much! I am completely oblivious to latent romance, in real life and fiction, which can make flirting a lil awkward.

  32. Happy Friday pretty people (that is all of you)!
    My week got off on a decidedly interesting foot. I accidentally got drunk enough on Tuesday night to accidentally sign myself up as a contestant on a valentine’s day dating game…It’s not an interesting story beyond that, but I’m not at all sure what to expect. I think I’m the one asking the questions? Which means I have to pick instead of be picked and oh my god I’m already drowning in embarrassment. Fingers crossed for that.

    I don’t have any vegetarian recipes to recommend but I’m definitely going to be raiding this thread for everyone else’s, thank you in advance! I went veg for about a year but now that I no longer have access to a dining hall and I’m struggling with finding the time/energy to cook, I went back to eating meat ): (just chicken & fish usually, though).

    My hottest take: As a die-hard X-Files fan, I never really cared about Mulder & Scully’s romance and I’m not at all bothered that they’re not together in the reboot.

    • I hope you have a lot of fun and a lot of luck at your valentine’s day dating game! That sounds fun, but also, like you, i would probably drown in embarrassment. But I think you’ll do great!

  33. hi everyone last night was the first night of full sleep since pulling a back muscle about a month ago so it’s nice to be back ahahhh get it PRAISE SLEEP.

  34. Yay for Mey hosting FOT! *clapping hands emoji*

    I love to eat vegetarian recipes. Some of my faves are:
    – corn, mint & feta salad
    – lentil & tomato soup
    – roasted veg & black bean tacos
    – pumpkin mac & cheese (using veg stock in lieu of chicken)

    It is Saturday morning here in Australia and I am awake before 8am because I have a mandatory work training day for a job I’ve been doing for seven years. You can probably read how thrilled I feel about this situation. It’s also meant to be summer but currently Melbourne is rocking a not at all summery 11C/52F. Meteorologists promised me a hot summer and I would like to know where the hell it is.

    In other news this is what I’m wearing to said work training day…

      • The pumpkin mac & cheese is SO good. I like to tell myself it’s healthy because there are vegetables into when in fact it is just adding carbs to an already very carby dish.

  35. I have no idea what a hot take is.

    I sort of survived college on butternut squash soup, lentil soup in various guises, and what is now commonly called a burrito bowl (olive oil, onion, garlic, spices like cumin/oregano/chilies, brown rice, water, cooked pinto/black beans, vegetables of your choice, salsa, etc) made a in a 3 qt pot and eaten for days on end. Olives and broccoli in that made me very happy. They still do. Roasted cauliflower with lemon and pistachios is also delicious (salad, pasta, straight off the pan…). Tofu, veg, and rice/noodles in peanut sauce is also delicious and fairly easy depending on which peanut sauce you pick.

    • a hot take is sort of like, a provocative opinion that isn’t really backed up by substantial stuff? like, i have no real reason that i don’t like caramel and it didn’t do anything to me, and i know most people do, but i still tweeted that i don’t like it.

      Oooh, yeah, peanut sauce, yum!

  36. You guys, I’m starting my new job on Monday! And I’m so excited!
    Also, I got an HIV test done for my pre work work up, and it’s really crazy how an HIV test always is one of those things that bring your life to a point, you know, like a summit where everything drifts into focus?
    My first HIV test in 2007 made me seriously reconsider relationships and people.
    Like, I really read up on Lesbians, sex, Lesbian sex, safer sex, I even organized work shops. But I never practiced it.
    I had “The Talk”s, or so I thought.
    Like my first gf and I both went into this without having ever slept with other people before.
    Can’t be safer than that!
    But then, she tells me, four months into the relationship, that her father died of AIDS. Literally. He was one of the first infected,secretly gay, and lived with them for ten years and she only found out after his death.
    It’s like no big deal, and what are the chances of infection, right?
    But then you do the test, and your “vial gets lost” and you wait an extra week, and it just makes you think about the secrets we harbor from each other, underneath everything, even to those closest to us, and how they always do have the power to impact our lives so forcefully.
    Now, for the past few years, there’s been none of that,but I hardly ever use gloves when getting blood at work.
    Now, I have a latex allergy and using vinyl which isn’t viral proof makes little sense, but I have gotten so used and so good with a needle, without gloves, I never switched when nitril came up.
    I’m “careful” and what are the chances of infection,right?
    But then there’s that one young patient, super sick, who turned out to have a fresh infection with high viral load, there was that one time I stung myself on that old creepster, there..
    I’m wondering if it isn’t that same darkness that once, a long time ago, made me stand, indecisive, on bridges and near roads, at train tracks and with knives in my hands,that makes me forego gloves in the bustle of the day to day.
    So, this time around, it’s the undercurrent of my own secrets, that drifts into focus.
    Hopefully, only as a reminder to be a little more careful with myself.

    • Yay for starting a new job! Congratulations and I hope it’s super great!

      And good luck with the test results, I hope everything turns out alright.

      • Thanks!
        Btw., I went to London a couple of years back, and they have “Dippy” The Diplodocus, which is my favorite kind of dinosaur:

        They also have a spectacular dinosaur walk through thing, that makes you gasp along with all of the five year olds rounding the corner. And Christmas Cards with Dinosaurs in the snow. It’s really, really great.

  37. omg i haven’t done a friday open thread in SO LONG!!

    ok ok here goes:
    – I don’t know if I’ve ever played a tabletop RPG, but over the last year or so I’ve been really getting into tabletop gaming in general, and I got 8 GAMES for Christmas this year!! I think tabletop gaming is such a great way to get together and real-life interact with people, which sometimes feels increasingly difficult to do. It’s also a great way to just get to know people and make new friends!

    – I have most definitely cried so hard that I’ve thrown up. The two times I can think of were both in immediate response to a break-up, and both break-ups really screwed me up. I couldn’t eat for days and lost almost 10lbs during the grieving process. Just a really fucked time in my life.

    – I don’t know that I’ve ever really thought about what my favorite dinosaur would be! Although I do find myself always sort of inexplicably drawn to gentle giants, like the brontosaurs.

    – I don’t have any good recipes to pass on because I’m kind of where you are, just wading into that area of cooking.

    – and hey CONGRATS on the V Monologues!! I’m directing a local production in February for I think the 3rd year in a row. It’s such a great body of work and I think it can be so important – especially in rural areas like where I live.

    – My hottest take is this: I absolutely cannot stand Pentatonix.

    • yes! all tabletop games are good, not just rpgs!

      I’m glad i’m not alone in the throwing up, but sorry that you went through that.

      Thank you and congrats on directing! I’m really excited to be a part of it!


    Also, I have a recipe for quinoa stir fry I can share if you want??

    Also also, I’ve cried so hard I’ve gagged, if that counts.

    And BEST of all, my friend said she can make me America Chavez’s jacket, which means I can stomp around pretending to be her.

    (I hope that picture works)

    • Yes! America Chavez is one of my all-time favs! and i love that she’s showing up in two books right now (hawkeye and ultimates)!! I’m sure you’ll look GREAT in that jacket!

      I’d love to see that recipe! thank you!

      another hot take: I’ve only seen maybe ten episodes of Gilmore Girls! But I do like rory/paris a lot

      • I only started reading comics recently, but America is definitely my favorite character I’ve experienced so far! She’s such a badass, running around in those shorts, being a QWOC with killer hair and punching people. I’m obsessed with Amerikate (I maaaay have started an Amerikate playlist on Spotify yesterday). I love them. Love love love them.

        Stir fry!:

        1 cup pre-rinsed quinoa
        2 cups vegetable broth, optional chicken broth
        1 tablespoon olive oil
        1 teaspoon sesame seed oil
        1 cup finely diced carrots
        1/2 cup minced green onions
        2 cloves garlic, minced
        1/2 cup frozen peas (thawed)
        2 eggs, beaten (omit for vegetarian)
        Kosher or sea salt to taste
        2 tablespoons lite soy sauce, Optional Gluten-Free soy sauce, Tamari or Bragg Liquid Aminos, more or less to taste
        In a medium saucepan, add quinoa and broth, turn to medium-high heat, cover, bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook until all liquid has been absorbed, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Refrigerate quinoa until cold, approximately two hours. Save time by cooking ahead and make the stir-fry the next day.
        In a large skillet, heat oils to medium-low heat, add carrots and green onions, cover and cook until tender, approximately 8 minutes. Add garlic, cook one additional minute. Add quinoa and peas, cook until heated through, 5 to 6 minutes.
        If using eggs, push quinoa to the sides of the skillet, add eggs and scramble. Stir to combine scrambled eggs with quinoa mixture. Add soy sauce and cook just until heated, about 1 minute.
        NOTE Brown rice can be substituted for quinoa.

        Gilmore Girls is one of those shows I loved as a teenager/throughout college, and watching now is interesting because I’m more socially aware of everything, and I have a bigger appreciation for Lorelai’s parents than I did as a teenager. Emily Gilmore is baller.

        • omg i love amerikate SO much! they’re so great together! Have you read the Gillen/McKelvie young avengers run?

          And thanks for the recipe!

          • Yes! That’s how I fell in love with them! My Facebook cover photo right now is the “you’re not that straight” panel. She has so much swagger! And I’ve been reading Hellcat, and the two of them sharing a milkshake broke me a little.

            I hope you like it! One of my friends made it for book club and added chicken and we ate alllll of it.

          • I know! It made me so happy! I don’t care that they’re not 100% canon. In my heart, that milkshake represents everything. I’ve been on an Amerikate fic kick for the past 24 hours and I regret nothing.

  39. I’ve been vegetarian on and off for years now (though when I visit my parents, I always eat what they cook) and have tried out being vegan (but it always end poorly due to me doing a lot of sports+not having the time to plan it well enough+being hungry all.the.time). I don’t really miss meat at all at this point. I love making quiches, soups (especially pumpkin), pizza, tacos, sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc. Averie cooks is a good blog with a number of vegetarian recipes.
    I live in southern Germany and it has basically turned into spring here, like I saw crocuses blooming in the park. The rapid changes in temperature have been giving me headaches but the sun shine is really nice after gray and rain all winter.
    I started my internship at an advising center for parents with children with regulation and sleep disorders. It’s super interesting and the people I work with a cool too.
    I did a backflip at trampoline training, still only with the trainer helping me but I’m getting closer to doing it on my own. And volleyball training was super fun today. I laughed so hard and considering last semester after my first training I cried because I was so bad (hadn’t played since school) it was really good to just be able to keep up and have a good time.
    I came out to one of my flatmates on Wednesday. I hadn’t planned to at all and he is the first person, besides my current therapist, to whom I’ve out and out said I’m a lesbian. I hinted at it to another flatmate, but we don’t get a long so well and then I panicked.
    It was hard but it went well! I really only said it because he asked me directly if I was and I value him too much to lie. We hugged and it was actually a good conversation. I mean I think my other flatmates have guessed at it, I tend to be pretty open about finding girls cute , etc.
    I hope it’s true that every time you come out it gets easier.

    • Ooh, i’ve never made a quiche before, i’m gonna have to try that.

      I love crocuses! they’re one of my favorite flowers.

      Also congrats on the backflip and super congrats on coming out to one of your flatmates! That’s super awesome and I’m really proud of you and happy for you!

  40. I’m so excited you’re hosting open thread, Mey, yay yay yay!

    I remember playing a character that would turn into a tree under stress. This was a terrible idea!

    For veggie food I recommend cake, naturellement, but also sorrel and almond pesto. Super easy and tasty – just blend about a cup/ cup and a half of sorrel with some garlic cloves, about a quarter cup of almonds, some olive oil (try a quarter cup), and salt (start with a large pinch).
    The quantities aren’t exact, and you can add stuff to taste, or blend more in after if needed. You could definitely mortar and pestle this without the olive oil, and mix that in after. It’s so so tasty! And easy, did I mention easy?

    Photos for burlesque on Monday, and working on solo too! Also, sewing for solo costume. Aaargh not enough time! I’m really excited about the costume/s I’m making though. I want to show you all when I’m done.
    Eek eek eek a month and a half to go and fitting this all in with full time work breathe breathe I can do it.

    I’ve also started reading George Eliot’s “Daniel Deronda”, and I’m loving it so far – she wrote in a way that can slyly shake you on your head.

    I want to read Gabby’s book too, but it looks like I have to order it from the US – I don’t see a Canadian in-your-hands-actual-book release date so far. Ooh I know, maybe my inlaws could send it to me as a birthday gift??!!

    Hope everyone is having a good week – as wonderful as a dinosaur roller-disco party!

    • Thank you! I’m excited too!

      That pesto sounds good! I’m definitely going to make that.

      Hmm… i don’t know about getting gabby’s book. do they have it on

      • Oh…I forgot!

        The pesto – add in some grated lemon rind too – about a teaspoonful, for extra flavor.

        And if you’re using mortar and pestle, you’ll want to cut up the almonds first (or pre-grind them).

        • We have a sorrel plant on our window! It’s the only edible green thing in this city this time of year. I’m totally trying this pesto.

  41. Last week I mentioned that we were trying to watch the 2005 BBC Bleak House. We finally finished it last night, and it was really good. Gillian Anderson is perfect, and it also had Anna Maxwell Martin in it, and she makes me swoon, too.

    I’ve had a couple of significant FB chats this week. One was with a cousin, and ended up with my coming out to her (or, more precisely, her confirming what she correctly suspected). She was extra wonderfully supportive, and I’m glad I have a family ally.

    The other one was with the woman who was my desperate junior-high crush when we were both 14, before she knew she was gay and before I realized I was a girl. For two people who haven’t seen each other in decades (we reestablished contact a couple of years ago, but live 2000 miles from each other) it seemed like we connect amazingly strongly. It was really weird and kind of sweet and I’ve been processing feelings ever since.

    Work has been a little shitty this week, and will continue that way into next week, but now I get to go home and hang with my folks and later this evening pick up my kid after the play he’s in gets out. The play closes tomorrow, and I’ll go to the closing performance. It’s been a good run. Next up for him will be rehearsals for a play that he wrote. Kid’s busier than I am!

    • Yay for the two good facebook chats! Yay for coming out and finding a supportive family member, that’s the best! Also yay for reconnecting and finding a spark with an old crush! Good luck!

      I hope your work situation gets better soon, and that your family helps you make it through the rough work week.

  42. +If I’m not a mage of some sort when playing any sort of rpg (both tabletop and virtual) then what’s the point tbh. I also really, REALLY want to play Vampire: The Masquerade and/or other World of Darkness tabletops, but I have no one to play with.
    +Trying to pick a favorite dinosaur for me is like trying to pick my favorite cat. How could I ever?
    +Favorite vegetarian dish? Uh, pasta counts, right? Pasta. Anything with noodles, really. Vegetable curry is also delicious. Honestly, when it comes to vegetarian food, I look to other cultures, because any American vegan food I see is…eeeeh.
    +My hottest take is probably that both hot coffee and hot tea are thoroughly meh to me. I’m also eh on sourdough and caramel, so high five to that!
    +I’ve just started college, so weee to that ball of fun. I also went to a club for the first time the other day, and I now see why people have to be drunk for that shit. So there’s that! Also, congrats on getting that role and pushing through this week! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

    • I’ve never played a magic user in any kind of rpg, tabletop or virtual, maybe i should give it a try…

      Pasta definitely counts, pasta is great!

      Yay for finding someone to share my disinterest in sourdough and caramel! thank you for letting me know i’m not alone!

      Congratulations on starting college! I hope you have a super great time!

      And thank you!

  43. I just made a roasted kohlrabi and leek soup- it was pretty good! tough to pull off if you don’t have an immersion blender. but I recommend it. cheapest place to get kohlrabi I’ve found is ranch 99.

    guys we just put our dog down, there’s a company that will do it at your house, and she was relaxed and had so many treats, but oh, honey and I have just been hugging each other and crying today. so rough. gonna make some soup and watch dumb movies later.

    • Oh, I’m so, so sorry about your dog. We had to do that with our family dog when I was in college and it was so hard and i was so sad. I hope the soup and movies help you to feel a little better

      • Thanks honey. Also I sometimes roast a squash and then make a soup with coconut milk and white wine and use that as a base for risotto, and then throw in greens. ‘S good!

  44. Dinosaurs eh, so the teen/idiot in me says Lickolotopus… Because that joke will never leave me…but I’m actually a huge fan of T-Rex, sticking with the classics. It’s the tiny arms, I just love that something so huge and fearsome looking had such wee useless arms. I was super into dinosaurs when Jurassic Park came out, I was 10, but then I got bullied for my paleontological leanings and gave them up. Gutted.
    Hot takes – Bananas are wrong things, and should be banned.
    I have to say I’ve avoided RPGs because I feel like I will lose my life, plus other than the Missus I’m not sure who I’d play with. I have been known to table top and mtg with a couple of folks but I’m not sure they be into it. Plus I’m never sure what to start with, all tips and hints appreciated for when I eventually spiral fully into total nerdom :)
    Have a great weekend folks.

    • Ugh, that’s terrible that you got bullied for being into paleontology! Boo to those bullies!

      My dad hates bananas too!

      As for tips, I’ve found that listening to podcasts where people play tabletop rpgs has really helped me form ideas about what kind of player I want to be. So the aforementioned The Adventure Zone is super great, and i just started listening to Friends at the Table.

      • Oh oh also meant to say have cried to vomiting both as a child and as an adult but I think the adult times were maybe due to an additional stress related reflux issue. E.G. One time I was being broken up with-cue sobvomsobvomsob… Haven’t done it in years now mercifully.
        Will give the podcasts a go, thanks for the tip :)

  45. I’m co-writing a tabletop campaign with my SO right now! It’s inspired by the Persona series, so all the player characters summon battle demons based on their personalities. I’m going to play an idealistic wannabe-hero with a rogue-ish fighting style, and my battle demon is gonna shoot rainbow lasers out of its mouth! So the Persona (ish thing, we’re gonna have to think of another name) is gonna be a caster/support-style thing, and I will be speedy melee with extra criticals. I’m excited about the tentative party comp. I am going to be the only woman playing, which makes me a little nervous, but I think I will rock it! (Also we wrote so many queer NPCs I’m excited about, especially the main NPC, who’s our battle-hardened but kind-hearted mentor. My SO will be playing her, as the GM.)

    Vegetarian meals: I’m still getting the hang of them, but I make my own hummus a lot, it’s simple and very economical! Chickpeas+oil+lemon juice+garlic+tahini+cumin (the latter two are basically a one-time purchase, you’re unlikely to run out of them anytime soon) into a food processor, puree until it’s hummus.

    I also learned to make risotto, but I dunno what you’d put in it other than mushrooms. Basically if you’re not going vegan, various fancy pastas have my vote x100.

    I ALSO learned to make quiche with my mom. We used red potatoes cooked til they were soft, spinach, pine nuts, and lots of cheese. So good. I want one right now.

    Trader Joe’s has a lot of good veggie foods in the frozen section. I usually just get the potsticker dumplings, but I also like their vegetable masala burgers, and I’m trying out their take on channa masala tonight (no idea how good it’ll be…).

    I laugh over salads if they are full of avocados! I would eat a whole avocado a day if I could.

    • nice! that campaign sounds super super awesome! I hope you and your SO have a ton of fun with it! and queer npcs are always the best, no doubt.

      jaja, thanks for the pasta recommendation.

      Yeah, unfortunately, the nearest trader joes is a couple hours away, so no luck for me there.

  46. I went for walk was supposed to be a short 45min hike last weekend which turned out to be a long 1.45 hour long walk but it was such a nice weekend. The sun was shining and the sky was blue and it was shorts wearing temperature. It was beautiful and I actually broke out my camera for the first time sense my surgery, my only regret was not taking my zoom lens because there was a bunch of post off the coast line, each with a Blue Heron on one. Here are a couple photos.




      • Lovely colors, what camera if you don’t mind me asking. Didn’t realize it was also warm in the PNW right now.

        • I have a Fujiflim X-A1 and I was using the stock lens that came with it.

          Ya it’s kind of crazy, I open a window in the morning and again when I get home from work and I don’t even have my heat on.

  47. I did not cry so hard as to throw up this week (though I’ve done that before!), but I had a really terrible week at work. I’m working with a group of students to throw a mini-conference and they are all SO ANTI-LGBTQ that it hurts. I’m largely closeted at work, but some people know, and no one stood up against individuals who said “we wouldn’t want people like that to be part of the situation” and who were refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the (strong, innovative, and creative) work of LGBTQ people. No one in my office is willing to stand up to these students, and I don’t have the power to — I”m really bummed and hurt about the whole process. I welcome all of your virtual hugs.

    In happier news, it’s snowing tonight and that always cheers me up. And you’re looking for delicious and affordable vegetarian food, everything I’ve made from this website has been fantastic.

    • I’m really sorry you had to deal with that. that sounds terrible, I’m sorry no one stood up for you. I always hate it when I’m in a position where I can’t do anything and no one who can is willing to stand up.

      I’m glad for the snow though!

      And yeah, i definitely plan on mining AS for some recipes

  48. it’s not that interesting but toast with any tomato sauce (I usually used canned spaghetti sauce), with avocado and nutritional yeast on top is good.

    I also like making this sauce and putting it in stuff:

    1/2 to a whole avocado, 5 grape tomatoes, white onions, sriracha to taste, lots of salt and pepper, 1 small pepper, 1 garlic clove

    My take on the 100:
    clexa and raven/octavia 5ever and bellarke sucks

    • Avocado in tomato sauce! I’ve never thought of that!

      Also, 100% agree on the 100, i love clexa so much!

      • adds a nice creamyness to it (been going dairy free lately so got to get it somewhere)

        cannon lady couples make me so happy

  49. I have never cried so hard I’ve thrown up. But I have thrown up so hard I cried. The whole concept of throwing up freaks me out and in the last five years have only thrown up once. Never drinking that much again.

    I’m vegetarian except for when it becomes inconvenient for others, so if people unknowingly prepare me a meat meal and there is no other option I shut up and eat it.

    My favorite veg recipe is for veggie burger mix, it doesn’t have any ‘fake’ meats and uses inventive ingredients. I am a slow, messy cook so making this mixture is like an all day affair that has me questioning my choices in life, but the taste is worth it and the mix is a big batch that freezes well.

    I once had an amazing recipe for vegetarian chilli but lost it and haven’t found one as good since.

    • hmmm i’ve always been iffy on veggie burgers. but this one looks different from others i’ve tried, so i might give it a try.

  50. I love the Adventure Zone! Listening to it actually inspired me to get my geographically scattered best friends back together online for a Pathfinder campaign, facilitated by the free browser-based gaming platform Roll20. I play a Dwarven Cleric, and we rolled our base stats and I got stuck with a dexterity score of five, so for storytelling purposes my character is basically permanently completely drunk. Not ideal from a combat perspective, but fun!

    I have also cried at the adventure zone, specifically about Sloane and Hurley. Was that what made you cry, Mey?

    • Jajaja! i love that solution for a five dexterity! so clever!

      And yes! Sloane and Hurley! They’ll live forever in my heart!

  51. I’ve had kind of a shitty week, culminating in waiting for results from a biopsy of a growth on my pup’s mouth. It’s not looking good, honestly, especially since our vet thinks the reason the growth has really increased in the past couple months is a result of the eye medication she’s been on for her eye problems.

    Here’s a picture of me tormenting her with beanies a few years ago:

    And here’s one of her doing her fave thing, digging rocks out of frozen lakes

    But vegetarian recipes!
    My fave is one that is sweet potatoes+black bean burritos–also featuring some onions, cumin, coriander, lemon juice, your choice of pepper to make it spicy (lately I’ve been diggin’ chipotle) and some fresh cilantro.

    Depending on how you feel about eggs, I make a lot of fried rice-ish (sometimes it’s quinoa instead of rice) dishes with various veggies (leeks+whatever else i’ve got lying around generally), throw in whatever spices you want or like soy sauce, and sometimes i throw in cheese on top because i’m of the firm opinion that there are zero non-desert dishes that could not be improved with the addition of cheese

    And hot takes–
    1. Yes, caramel is terrible.
    2. So is peanut butter (tho it’s mostly a texture thing for me)
    3. Also cheesecake–it’s bad and you should feel bad.
    4. Tomatoes are subpar. They’re not even good enough to be a real vegetable and they’re hands-down the worst fruit.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry about your dog, she looks so wonderful and kind and I hope nothing but the best.

      Thanks for the recipes!

      I love peanut butter! But I’ve never had cheesecake and i’m not really knocking down any doors to try it any time soon.

  52. I don’t think I have a favourite dinosaur but stegosaurus seem really cute and friendly.
    My favourite vegetarian dish would be waffles (does that count?). I really do want to become a vegetarian and I think I will one day but it seems too complicated right now.
    Right now I’m headed off to a mad hatter tea party but unfortunately my Alice in wonderland costume is in storage so I had to make myself some rabbit ears using ribbon and paper. They’re not great.
    Tomorrow I’m going to my first pride march so that will be fun but I’ll only get to stay for a bit because then I have to go to school camp.

    • Yes! Waffles definitely count! I LOVE waffles, definitely one of my top five favorite foods!

      Have fun at your tea party! And I hope you have a lot of fun at the pride march! That’s exciting!

      • Waffles are amazing! I could eat them all day. The tea party was alright but a bit of a misnomer as there was no tea. Thanks! I am really excited for tomorrow. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  53. This is one of my favorite veggie recipes (not vegan, I should note): Spinach Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms:

    The pesto can be a bit of pain to make if you don’t have an actual food processor (I fake it using a blender), but it’s worth it.

    Re: tabletop RPGs- yup, I have played them! Played a fair amount of DnD back in high school (3rd Edition for life, yo). I usually played a spellcaster of some sort or another (though, oddly, it never dawned on me to play female characters). Haven’t done too much with them since college, although I was involved with a one-shot campaign for End of the World:Wrath of the Gods, which is where you literally play yourself during the apocalypse (there are several to choose from, we did Ragnarok; high points included the Goddess Freya not only gendering me correctly, but asking me to join her battalion of female warriors).

    In other news, I started taking anti-anxiety medication for the first time earlier this week, and while I’m still adjusting to it, it’s been lovely not to spend almost every free moment fretting about the uncertainties in my life. It’s a definite improvement.

    • Thanks for the recipe! I’m gonna have to take out the mushrooms, but it looks good other than that.

      Nice! that End of the World game sounds really great!

      Congratulations on the medication! I just started taking anti-depressants almost two months ago and I think they’re helping a ton.

  54. Note sure what type of Dinosaur this is, but a staring contest ensued:
    (not sure how to embed the instagram code)

    I’m currently in therapy but I’m also starting the transition to stopping my sessions. I’m so glad I have access to it. It’s helped me so much.

    As for vegetarian recipes…As a vegan, I try to go for easy stuff, since I’m usually pretty tired after work and cooking from scratch + dishes = Blah. But, tofu tacos (just fry it up) and add home made guacamole with some Sriracha sauce. Or, tacos de papa? Those are pretty good /easy to make as well. If you like Korean spicy dishes, I recommend this as a good and easy starter:

    Over a bed of brown rice or trying it as a cold noodle dish – so simple and delicious. And mushroom free!

    • Jajaja! that’s a great picture of you and the stegosaurus! and I’m glad the therapy has helped you!

      Also, thanks for the recipes!

  55. I came out as trans to the woman I have been seeing for over a year now. I think she is the one. I said to her for years I have known I have liked women, that wasn’t hard because people said I was a man. For 23 years I was told I am man, but that never felt right. One day I was watching tv alone drunk off wine and high of marijuana after you went to sleep and started googleing porn and found a site called queer porn tv. It finally clicked that I related to some of the bodies I see there. It also clicked that my desires of wearing your bras and clothing weren’t sexual, but me wanting to wear clothing I could see myself wearing daily. The next day I started reading about it and it clicked I might be a trans woman. I waited a month to tell you or any one really cause I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just an inebriated feeling. She replied with, I dunno what to say, and stormed off. That was a week and half ago, she really hasn’t returned my text or calls. I dunno if it’s over or not(I hope not). I had hopped maybe it wasn’t because I read storied of how lesbians were staying with their trans male partners and the story of Laura Grace, who came out as trans woman, who’s wife still stayed with her.

    Then last Sunday I came out to my parents. My mother was speachless, my father punched me in the face in a fit of confusion, my other brother called me a dyke(he clarified that he didn’t mean it as an insult, but as a term of me being lesbian :=\), and my sister asked if she can have my room. lol

    My dad apologized for hitting my(it really hurt) and said he will try his best to understand. He also asked if I wanted to date women, because that’s what most women do. I said, no I still like women and really love the woman I think I am seeing.

    So, that how my week went. I am just not sure if the lady I am seeing wants to talk to me any more.

    Mey you seem like a lovely lady, hi. I am veterinarian(except when I drink beer, cause I can’t let go of my Newcastle), but this is one of my all time favorite meals.

    -New Sam

    • Congratulations on coming out, I’m glad that you’re able to be yourself now! I’m sorry that some of the reactions weren’t great, hopefully those people will come around and see that you’re much happier and much more yourself now.

    • Congrats on coming out, Sam! I assure you, things to get better, even if the road getting there is pretty tough. The feeling of actually being able to be comfortable in your own skin is totally, utterly, worth it.

      (Also, as another trans lesbian, ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!)

      • YESSSSS! The ability to be comfortable in my own skin is everything. Just everything.

        For what it’s worth, Sam, what Mey says about people coming around has been true in my experience. The switch from unhappily-not-myself to happily-my-true-self has been really obvious to the people I care about.

  56. Hi Mey! Thank you for hosting the FOT this week! Congrats on the monologue- you’re going to do an amazing job. :)

    I lived with a vegan in college, and some of my favorite things she made were tofu-stuffed shells with tomato sauce, fried tofu stir-fry, and hummus. I own Deborah Madison’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” and “Veganomicon”, and if you are looking for some recipes, I’ll be glad to send some!

    I haven’t been on the FOT in ages. I decided to take the certified management accountant exam next month, so I’ve been cramming for that. I have a choir cabaret performance next week, and of course I had to get a stupid cold this week. So I’ve disinfected my cubicle at work and will be doing the same to my apartment and car. (Does anyone else clean to avoid studying?)

    I’m debating if I want to deactivate my OKCupid account. It’s been a year since the divorce was final; I said I wouldn’t date for a year after that. I think I may hold off for a month or two; no need to rush into anything, right?

    A-Camp registration on Monday?

    • Thank you very much!

      good luck with your exam! I hope you do great! and also good luck with your performance! that sounds fun!

      Also, I definitely don’t think you need to feel rushed to start dating again, do what feels right!

      And yay a-camp!

  57. Oh man, it’s been ages since I’ve played DnD. I used to have a campaign going on with my friends from high school but we’ve since gotten too busy with other things (Not me though, I say in my sweatpants and Bob Ross shirt with no bra #homebody) which makes me sad. I recently found my old polyhedral dice in a discarded purse and got a little choked up because I miss going on a weird/way-out adventure with my friends. :'(

    It’s funny you mention dinosaurs because I was actually teaching myself how to draw dinosaurs from an old kiddie How to Draw book just last night while I was waiting for my roleplay partner to reply back on Skype. Sigh.
    I was a huge dinosaur geek as a kid as well as being big into science (I watched “Bill Nye the Science Guy” almost religiously) and my dream job when I was nine was to be a paleontologist. (I think that dream died when I found out it was about more than just digging in the dirt, which I loved doing, lol)
    I think my favorite is the Pachycephalosaurus, the one with the bony domed plate on the top of its head that liked to ram each other like big-horned sheep. Don’t ask why. :P

    • I wanted to be a paleontologist as a kid too! and Pachycephalosaurus is an excellent choice for favorite dinosaur!



    So how’s everyone?! MEY HI!! HI MEY!!! I saw you at CAMP last year!! FIST BUMPS!

    My co worker has this really really yummy salad she brings to work. I think she makes the dressing from scratch. It’s a cross between a Chinese Chicken salad dressing and something kinda vinaigrette IDK but it’s really good. She also adds really thin almonds to the salad. If I remember correctly, it’s lettuce..Spinach?? Sesame seeds..ginger..IDK. I have to ask her. But yes that salad. THE salad to all salads.

    My hottest take is I DONT DRINK COFFEE. I haven’t for about 3 years now. I used to…like 5 cups a day especially at work just cause it was THERE you know..then one day my heart started having some sort of palpitation and I was warm and clammy all at the same time. I couldn’t understand what I wanted to do..lie around..and I wanted to be giddy and laughing and panicking all at the same time. I figured it was coffee and quit. COLD TURKEY. And I can’t do tomatoes on my burger..or sliced tomatoes..that are basically like raw??? NOPENOPENOPE. And no avocados on the sandwiches..or anything HOT..also guac. SORRY GUYS. I grew up with my grandma putting avocados with milk and sugar kinda like a shake..So when I grew up a little more and saw people eating savory avocado I was like WHAAAAAT.

    I got back from hiking last week with my co workers okay. Look at us and tiny tiny Switzer falls. Can you see me? I went to see what the second pool looked was mud. DAMN THIS DROUGHT.

    Christine and I on our first date SEVEN YEARS AGO. OMG YOU GUYS. I can’t believe we had our 7th anniversary on the 27th. AND SHE WILL BE HERE THIS YEAR OMG PANICPANICPANICPANIC
    Like pretty much after CAMP AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    A decent picture of my car. This was about an hour before our hike out on Angeles Crest Hwy. And bad news…I rear ended this cute little Benz like 3 hours ago on my way to the gym..Like I know I’m at fault, I just could not stop in time. It was like traffic was fine then BAM SIGH..the girl has no insurance and now my car’s grill has this HUGE crack OMG. Her car seems fine, we exchanged info. I was like srsly so sad running on the treadmill tonight you guys…like this and my guitar are my only real vices in life. I am literally </3 Not sure if it's fixable or I need a whole new 'nose'/grille for my car..</3

  59. I’ve been a vegetarian since first grade so you would THINK I would have a wealth of recipes, but no. The only thing I’ve got is kale potato soup, which is less about being vegetarian and more about thinking I can make it through some sort of subsistence living scenario. Especially because the recipe is just to cut up some potatoes, put them in a pot with some water, start cooking them, add some milk, wait until they’re basically cooked, and then add some kale. Probably also salt, but I just salt everything through some sort of culinary muscle memory, so I don’t worry too much about that part.

    Confession time: I don’t have a favorite dinosaur because as a child I had a bad fear of dinosaurs, and I almost never tell people this because they laugh and think it’s adorable, but it was less “cute scared five year old” and more “hyperventilating five year old with dinosaur-based agoraphobia.” But it sounds very silly. The dinosaurs probably were not the root of that problem but it has left me lacking in dinosaur knowledge.

  60. Oh have mercy I tried to tabletop RPG once and it was a clusterfuck experience. It would take like 2 or 3 paragraphs to completely explain why, but the short of it is that I joined a game that tried to combine just about all the White Wolf produced games. I wish the “mastermind” behind that game just kept to one of the Werewolf and one of VTMs, but no. I played a homid ahroun Fianna that worked at a steak house in the Quarter because the setting was New Orleans and they wouldn’t let me use Toups Meatery.

    Um I think I have cried so hard I threw up once or twice, but I was under 10 so my memory of it is a lil hazy. However I’m pretty sure I was in mighty fine rage that cooled into hard crying/sobbing. Part of the crying was being upset I lost my temper and broke some stuff while raging. Fairly sure about that.

    As an INPT and as that kid who had the big book of dinosaurs with all the science/etymology stuff in it picking a favourite is haaaaard. But I’ve always wanted a parasaurolophus plushie and really like saying maiasaura. My favourite carnivorous terrestrial dinosaur is def the allosaurus tho.

    My favourite complete dish that is vegetarian (and not a veggie side) is red beans and rice. If you wanna add that to menu it’s super easy and very nutritious, but you really need Tony Chachere’s to flavour the beans right. If you don’t got it just gather up salt, black pepper, powdered red pepper, chili pepper and garlic. You could use red pepper flakes but tha just don’t seem right.

    And because you love root vegetables I have a suggestion; Oven roasted root vegetables
    It’s pretty simple just keep shrinkage in mind when chopping and need a jelly roll pan
    -Oven at somewhere between 350-425
    -Toss chopped veggies with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper
    – bake for 12-15 minutes then stir them and sprinkle with a bit of salt
    – bake for 12-15 minutes more or until tender
    Notes: A jelly roll pan is like a cookie sheet with a raised lip around it. You can totally sprinkle dried herbs with the salt’n’pepper. This a large serving size kinda thing, like serve on Thanksgiving or eat with 4 meals kinda size. A casserole dish or oven safe pot is too deep, it won’t cook even…so jelly roll pan or nuthin Mey.

    I realise that in my family what counts as a meal and what counts as a snack depends on whether or not it has meat in it with the exception of breakfast. Meal = vegetable + meat + starch. So um yeah red beans and rice is the only potentially vegetarian dish I know because veggies are a side for me and my repertoire. Also I cannot stand leaf vegetables because they all taste like grass to me, but sauteed spinach, spinach in an omlette and spinach feta pizza make my mouth water.
    Yes, this does mean I do not eat salad and yeah I have trouble with lots of veggies because my sense of taste is still sensitive like that of a small child. However I love carrots so much. Sometimes I crave them like chocolate. >_>

    INTP- while not incapable of a hot take, ponders so deeply into the why of an instant reaction it ceases to be hot and becomes an analysis of psyche.

    The thought of getting therapy sends me into negative nancy mode and starts a list of all the reasons it could go bad because humans have biases and multiple things about me could trigger those. Example: If a therapist decides I’m ASD they will dismiss the gender things and try to force assimilation because I know that is school of thought for treating AFAB humans with ASD.
    And that’s a tame one, I could quit that therapist and just never go back. But something like the fact I find the prospect of nothing after death peaceful or something to hope for I fear would make them decide I’m a danger to myself. And my negative nanciness just snowballs from there.

    Another thing, I might be becoming a volva which is still weirding me out a little. Was sorta goaded into doing my first runecast today and it was very very very accurate. Did a couple more, also tres accurate. It was just cast of nine, which is for things that are but…this is many steps further from kitchen witchin’ or observing an old holiday.

    Oh and I have cookie recipe that I do as spell I wanted to share for Imbolc but couldn’t seem to compose it right. It’s just thumb print cookies with fruit jelly/jam/preserves in the indent, but with each thumbprint made dedicate a thought to something in the past year and when filling with fruit product something for the future you wish to improve or see grow. If someone doesn’t like the old holidays it makes a great little New Years ritual too.

  61. Ok I’m a day late but, guys, FOOD. OK so a tostada with a whole wheat tortilla, black beans, arugula, avocado, a layer of fresh dill, corn, cilantro, feta cheese and strawberries. You can really throw it together with no general rule of how much of what to throw in.
    With left over ingredients for the week, black bean, corn, avocado, cilantro and lime salad…if you’re trying to get the absolute most out of your groceries because the struggle is real.
    4tbsp butter, 1/4c flower, 1c milk 2c shredded cheddar cheese…and then SOYRIZO, nectar of the gods, your favorite shape of pasta, i use shells, mix it all together, throw into a baking pan and cover with Italian breadcrumbs and bake until golden brown. My two favorite things to eat. Hope you enjoy them if you try them out!

  62. Yay dinosaurs! I’ve been interested and intrigued by dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures since I was a kid. Though for some reason I don’t actually know a super lot about them or the time periods or anything. I just like them a lot, and will watch/read anything featuring dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures, pretty much. :D

    My favorite, though, is pachycephalosaurus. It’s been my favorite since I was a kid in school. Idk, like six or seven years, something like that maybe. If I don’t remember too wrongly (it’s a bit fuzzy and vague but anyway) we used to play dinosaurs at one point, and my choice was a pachycephalosaurus. It was basically because of a story my mom had told me, from when she was a kid (she got into a fight, or some boy/s were bullying her or something, and she headbutted this guy on the stomick *grins* He didn’t pick on her again. xD She wasn’t very old then either, I don’t think.) But yeah, so I chose the pachycaphalosaurus because it headbutts and I thought that was a fun thing to be able to do, threaten the boys with headbutting xD aaah, kids, eh :P
    I have others I like a lot too (I also have a soft spot for longnecks, because Land Before Time <3 ^^), but that is by far my favorite. (I was ridculously happy when it was used in än episode of one of my favorite shows :D)

    So. *cough* Yeah. I may not know a lot about dinosaurs and stuff, but I still like it a lot and could talk for ages. :D

  63. Would love to see the Vagina Monologues bigged up a bit more! Good luck, enjoy it. I’ve seen it several times, it’s always a pleasure and always a little different because of the freedom the script lends the production. I think discomfort with certain pieces and lines is okay, and exactly what you’re meant to feel (in a good way).

    The Vagina Monologues is most often performed as a benefit show this time of year, in honor of Eve Ensler’s V-Day movement which is dedicated to raising awareness about violence against women and to raise money for support networks for women and families.

    February is full of V-Day charity shows, check for one near you!:

  64. How about italian vegetarian soft tacos? Take plum tomatoes and green peppers and any other vegetable and lightly saute them in olive oil and fresh garlic and rosemary. Put the vegetables on the soft tacos like a fajita and add fresh mozzarella and a sprig of cellantro. drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and fresh olive oil and parmesan cheese and you got yourself an italian soft taco.

    I was a latchkey kid. Had to learn to cook for myself.

  65. I know this is a couple days old and I doubt anyone will read a comment this far down the page, but I really just need to vent about something that happened this weekend and I don’t have any other outlets.

    I’m trying to get in shape, but traditional gym/workout/athletic stuff is bores me to tears and I can never stick with it, so I’m branching out a bit. I signed up for a teaser course on aerial silks/hoop on a whim and it turns out I LOVE it. The studio is also super supportive for people who aren’t super fitness types and the instructors were really nice about cheering people on and helping people who are struggling. Everything should be perfect and I want to give them all my money BUT.

    The studio has branded themselves as being “sexy fun fitness for ladies” (they also teach burlesque and pole dancing) in the most heteronormative way possible and it’s just noticeable enough that I feel really uncomfortable about wanting to continue doing this. Several comments were made about being able to “take these moves home to our (presumed cis) men,” and I’m too non-confrontational/closeted to speak up.

    It’s like, I want to feel all my Cirque du Soleil fantasies, but not necessarily in an environment where it’s presumed I’m just doing it to get myself a husband and make cishet babies together? I’m in the suburbs of a mid-tier Midwestern city, so it’s not like there’s any other, let alone queer-affirming, places in the area who teach this sort of stuff.

    • Hey, I read it, and if you’re up for a little advice:
      This sounds like it’s a great and rare thing and really important to you.
      However, right now, it also sounds like you mean to walk out on it.
      Which would be a shame.
      Now, if you love something and it doesn’t work out, you can either change it, or walk out on it.
      And maybe at least trying to change it would be worth the effort.
      However, for something to change, to make you more at ease, people would have to actually know that they’re doing something upsetting.
      Maybe there is a way you can address whatever is bothering you in a way that would be ok for you with someone who you feel you can talk to?
      Like maybe you’d be comfortable asking the instructor for a word after class, or make an appointment with the boss of the studio, or maybe even talk to one of your classmates about what’s bothering you over coffee.
      And maybe you don’t even need to out yourself in the process, if that’s something you totally wouldn’t feel ok with, even on a one on one basis.
      The convo can always go:”Look, I’m here for me, I want to own my body and sexuality and you talking about me doing this hard work out for somebody else is making me really uncomfortable.”
      Maybe you’re not the only one bothered by this! Maybe there is someone else in this class going through a crappy break up who feels horrible every time the instructor makes a crack about bringing it home to “your man”.
      The vibe I get of your studio from your description is, like these are people who are trying to be empowering and their cis/het go do this! sounds like they’re trying to empower people in their sexuality and their bodies the best way they know how.
      Maybe these people would be absolutely thrilled to know they can improve on something and make someone MORE comfortable in their class and their skin!
      Also, to be very honest, even in the suburbia of the midwest, I cannot believe that you’d be the only queer or queer friendly person finding their way to a burlesque/pole dance/circus skills studio.
      Those are hobbies not exactly tailored to the narrow of heart and mind.
      I think you’ve found yourself a spectacularly cool and exciting passion, and I also think it’s worth fighting for.
      All it needs is just a little bit of courage.
      And you’ve totally got that.

    • As the least confrontational person in the world, I feel your pain. Not sure I would have the courage to address it directly, but I hope it won’t stop you from doing something you love! Maybe just stick around and keep an eye out for people who seem chill and open? I hope you can find your niche!

  66. This is embarrassing, but I’ve been worried lately that too much of my self-esteem is tied up in my online presence–particularly the attention (or lack thereof) I get for my fanfiction. I’m in my late twenties, but I feel like such a child. Any advice on how to maintain a healthy attitude towards online activities without disconnecting altogether?

  67. I know that it is in no way Friday anymore, but MEY. I did not know about the Forty Elephants and now thanks to you I do! My evening has been made, so many links to follow, just look at this rabbit hole.

    As a kid, I ran around my backyard pretending to be the Artful Dodger or Robin Hood because I really wanted to be clever and sly and part of a devious underground world the rest of the world didn’t know about.

    The brontosaurus always was and forever will be my favorite dinosaur, even if some paleontologists still don’t think it is real. I believe.

    • pretending to be the artful dodger type character was, like, my GO TO during make believe

      chill as fuck badass with a great accent? yes please

  68. its not friday but

    My fav dinosaur that is only a dinosaur in the most stretched technicality is my timneh grey parrot, his name is Reptar, he’s on the East coast with my dad right now AND I MISS HIM SO, and also I’m really afraid he has forgotten me??? He cuddles with my dad now??? Which like, yay, but also I’m JELLY and I MISSED HIS SECOND BIRTHDAY

    VEGETARIAN: vegan was my 2015 resolution, still goin’ strong, but I’m weird about food as in I can eat the same shit every day and not really care. So, just in case shit gets real:

    You can, in fact, survive for at LEAST a year on mostly peanut butter toast,spinach and banana and peanut butter smoothies with some sort of “SUPER FOOD” ADDITIVE (chia, flax, whatever) if ur feeling fancy, Amy’s microwave burritos, and brown rice / black beans / salsa + vegan gummy vitams

    Like, it’s not exactly a VARIED DIET, but


      You Do Not put the gummy vitamins *in your beans and rice* as that would be FOUL

      You eat them with breakfast and you wash them down with the blackest of coffee

  69. A really good salad for eating alone and laughing is a simple one I had in Italy: it’s basically brown beans (borlotti) with diced carrots, peppers, cucumber and cheese. The dressing is a simple one with balsamic vinegar, lots of salt and oil (more vinegar than you usually put in a dressing). Equal parts of all elements, dress and enjoy!

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