Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr Is Just The Greatest Thing

Intern Grace’s Team Pick

The Tumblr Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling consists of mostly pictures of the oddly perfect-looking Mr. Gosling with captions on them of him saying “Hey girl” and then something cheesy and gag-worthy. Ryan apparently knows about it and thinks it’s hysterical. I mostly don’t care because I’m super gay and don’t really put a lot of thought into Mr. Perfect-Abs. I didn’t even really like The Notebook.

Enter: Feminist Ryan Gosling, potentially the greatest Tumblr ever.

Described by creator Danielle Henderson as “feminist theory flashcards from your favorite sensitive movie dude-turned-meme,” Feminist Ryan Gosling is a great answer to the weirdly objectifying “hey girl” meme. You have to admit, “Hey girl. My eyes are up here,” is way funnier than “Hey girl. I’m sorry my shirt fell off.

The blog has only been around since Friday, but it’s completely spectacular. Do you remember that feeling you got when someone finally put together lesbians and Justin Bieber? That’s the feeling I have right now. It’s just great. I am so happy right now.


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  1. Because I don’t care about attractive men, this is obviously news to me, but I have to admit the original site made me laugh: “Hey girl. I had a dream about you last night. We went antiquing and got your mom a really nice gift. It was pretty intense.”

  2. This was the greatest thing to wake up to! It is even more amusing because of my inexplicable (I really have no idea why) distaste for this guy.

    I will let Ryan Gosling’s feminist thoughts set the tone of the rest of my day. I will go antiquing and give a girl a flower.

    For Women.
    For the Love of Women.

  3. The one you posted came up on my dash the other day and I LMAO. Things like this are why I love tumblr. It’s like every dumb/crazy/awesome idea anyone has ever had comes to life there.

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