Dallas/Fort Worth 4/8: DFW Straddlers Mall Meetup

Venue: Starbucks @ Parks Mall in Arlington

Event Date: 2017-04-08
Start Time: 01:30 pm
End Time:


Description: Hey Dallas/Fort Worth Autostraddlers! Join us for an afternoon of coffee, bowling and general awesomeness. We’ll meet at the Starbucks inside Parks Mall, then continue on to Round 1 for bowling once we’ve caffienated, and then maybe hang out/wander around some more after that.

When you get there, look for Lauren (aka Ace on Autostraddle). She’ll be wearing her queer-gal uniform of buffalo plaid flannel and a shirt with a cat on it.

Don’t forget to bring socks for bowling!

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/460121904031552/
The event is posted on the Dallas Straddlers FB page. Please join the group (yay) and RSVP there, or, if you don’t have Facebook, you can message Ace (aka Lauren) on Autostraddle. Or just show up! The more, the merrier.

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  1. In the spirit of resist/persist, I’ll be making a handy-dandy form to write down the contact info for all our local reps. We can google your individual reps while we’re hanging out at Starbucks.

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