Desert Hearts: A Travel Diary

“My Dinah mission was not to party, but to go on an adventure. In three days I crossed four big items off my bucket list: camping under an eclipse, Dinah, Salvation Mountain, and the Salton Sea.”

Queer Girl City Guide: São Paulo, Brazil

You’ll grow to love the glow of the city when it’s sunny outside and also its poetic gloom on rainy days; you’ll learn that the outdoor tables, no matter how gritty, are the most privileged spots at bars and restaurants; you’ll be surprised with how culturally diverse this city is; and you’ll become addicted to the unstoppable activities day and night.

Queer Girl City Guide: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a historic city with the Celtic charm expected of Nova Scotia, overflowing with arts, culture, music and bars, so many bars. As it’s the biggest city in the Maritimes region of Canada, lots of queers from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI make the pilgrimage to our seaside city.