BREAKING: Brittani Nichols Releases Rap Track featuring Hannah Hart

Carmen’s Team Pick:

Look, I don’t like to brag or anything, but I totally know Brittani Nichols. Like, in real life. And yes, I’m talking Brittani Nichols: the funniest person on Earth. We’re totally friends, I think. We like Drake a lot together. Also, I once followed her around for four days and ate a granola bar in her bed so there’s that.

Brittani found out about my “rap career” about two weeks after we started talking and I was embarrassed for a very long time, mostly because I knew, even then, that she was probably better than me at both rapping and life. Now, I have video evidence that she is — because Brittani Nichols has released her first rap track and I’m just unbelievably fucking into it. (I say “first” because I am going to continue pressuring her to make more until she becomes famous for rapping and/or agrees to sign to Pretty Money Records and join the Homo Mafia.)

To top it off, the track features not one, not two, but three queermos and one of them is the one and only Hannah Hart. If you appreciate Brittani for reasons related to her writing on this very website, her ridiculously good haircut, her Twitter, her role in creating and gifting all of us mere mortals with Words With Girls, or that one post about her similarly good-looking sister, you’re going to appreciate “Another Day.”

The song is from her soon-to-come (don’t let her say otherwise) mixtape called “Spirit Finger Gazebo.” If that title alone doesn’t make you want to start tagging your Tumblr posts “brittani nichols appreciation blog” like I do on a regular basis then I don’t know what will.

Also, let it be known that Brittani a.) really is hilarious and b.) is not only funny but also overwhelmingly nice and won’t even let me buy her a Frosty to celebrate her birthday, which was on Wednesday.

Tell her how much you wish you could watch her perform live from Section 419 of a huge arena in the comments! Also maybe share your favorite lyrics from her debut. Here’s my pick:

Maybe I should stay anonymous
But when it comes to greatness
Me and it synonymous
Flirting with this track
Now this beat want me monogamous
I tried to give it to ’em straight but I think it’s androgynous

Did you know “Brittani Nichols” is now a listed artist on RapGenius? She’s halfway there.

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  2. Two things I need to say: First, this is totally in my head now! Second, the sip of tea at the end was the most adorable finish!!

  3. This is amazing. Also it made me go back and watch Words with Girls. Can someone please tell me that there is another one coming out soon because no matter how many times I watch it I still laugh!

  4. I just don’t think there will be anything better in life. Awesome work Brittani, Hannah and Sarah!

  5. After watching this yesterday and seeing that it’s on RapGenius I found myself wishing there was a place where I could iterate how awesome Brittani is, and voila, here is that place :) BRITTANI IS AWESOME

  6. On Rap Genius? Oh, she’s totally made it! Super into this.

    My swag live in a monastery, ain’t trying to fuck with nun
    You can’t see me no way, boy meet my Feenie tongue

    Love some clever word play and references. So good! Excited to hear the mixtape. I smell a Drake collab coming on… :)

  7. Well I could continue to read these comments and act like I haven’t seen what’s happening here but I am reading them and I like them and thank you all. You’re pretty and smart and move like the wind. Linsday Lohan circa Mean Girls would probs date you all at once if she could.

  8. Oh Brittani. You are not only funny and attractive, but you can rap as well! Marry me.

  9. I keep saying to myself, this IS the last time I listen to this song, but no. I’ve listened to it like 20 times since I saw it for the first time. It’s gonna be stuck in my head forever

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