Boob(s On Your) Tube: Betty McRae and Sara Lance Finally Make Out on “Legends of Tomorrow”

It’s been a rough week for queer TV viewers, but these three shows were a light in the darkness!

Legends of Tomorrow

Thursdays on The CW at 9:00 p.m.


Ali “Betty McRae” Liebert made her long-awaited debut on Legends of Tomorrow last night, and after the TV week it’s been, it was a balm to my scorched brain and heart. This show is not great, please don’t get me wrong. The writing is fragmented and clunky and the acting isn’t — like, it’s not Tatiana Maslany-caliber, let’s say that. But it’s a fun little diversion and the writers have been really intentional about Sara Lance’s bisexuality, which we all worried would be erased after she was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit on Arrow. In fact, it only made it stronger, leading me to the conclusion that when your life flashes before your eyes, the thing you will wish you had done more of is: make out with women. So let that be a lesson for us all.

This week the gang is headed to the ’50s on the trail of Savage. Stein thinks the ’50s are idyllic! Sara says, “Yeah, if you’re white. And a man. And straight.” She goes undercover as a nurse in a mental institution and runs almost immediately into Betty, who is getting harassed by a skeevy doctor.

Doctor: Is that your new perfume I smell? If you want to drive everyone crazy, it’s working.
Betty: I’m busy.
Doctor: You know what your problem is? You don’t know how to have a good time. What you need is a man who can show you one.

Sara opens a drawer really hard and almost knocks the skeevy doctor over, definitely causing him to spill hot coffee all over himself. He harrumphs out of the room while Sara and Betty share a flirty, knowing look. Betty explains that the doctors here are all harassers and the women just deal with it because they’re looking for husbands. Not Betty though. She doesn’t know what she wants, but a husband is definitely not the thing. Sara cocks that little eyebrow up and asks Betty to give her a tour. They land in the cafeteria and Sara wastes no time straight up asking Betty things like, “Do you have a girlfriend? Have you ever kissed a girl? Did you like it?” Betty is taken aback, but shyly says she did one time kiss a woman but she’s not convinced that makes her a —

Sara: Lesbian?
Betty’s eyes: [open as wide as the moon]
Sara: It’s not a bad word.
Betty: Around here it is.

Stein busts up their flirty coffee break and accuses Sara of seducing Betty. Sara explains she was actually liberating her (with an option to seduce her later).

betty2 betty3

Really, though, the seduction happens much faster than later. Like almost immediately. In a supply room, Betty kisses Sara and Sara kisses Betty, but then Sara breaks apart and runs out of the room. Back in the TARDIS she explains it to Stein like: When she was resurrected, she lost all her feelings, and then all of a sudden she was kissing a girl and it was like kissing a girl for the first time and it was awesome and also super terrifying.

Although not quite as terrifying as the mental institution, where Savage is turning patients into vampires. In the night, one of them escapes and one of the team gets turned and it’s all panic and mayhem and Betty almost gets eaten alive! But Sara rushes in and saves her life! And that’s when Betty finds out that Sara is actually a time-traveling superhero.

Betty: I’m not sure I’m ever going to get fully back to normal.
Sara: Good.
Betty: Thank you for rescuing me.
Sara: Well, you rescued me first, so we’re even.
Betty and Sara: [smooooooooch]
Betty: Shoulda known better than to fall for a ninja.


Sara says maybe they’ll be back this way again some time. Betty hopes so. And so do I, reader. So do I.

Fresh Off the Boat

Tuesdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by Laura Mandanas

fresh2 fresh1

In “Keep ‘Em Separated,” Jessica and Honey are about to have a book club meeting when an exceptionally chatty Louis sits down and prevents the pair from discussing the extremely important issue of who they would haunt if they were ghosts. Frustrated, the women relocate to a place Louis is unlikely to follow them: The Denim Turtle, Jessica’s favorite lesbian bar. (Which she doesn’t recognize as such due to her broken gaydar. Honey’s gaydar, though, works just fine. Remember that summer she was a lesbian? Me too.)

Honey: Doesn’t it feel a little weird hiding from your husband like this?
Bartender Deb, knowingly: Here we go.
Jessica: Louis is great, but ever since he stopped staying late to close the restaurant, he’s just been around a lot more. And sometimes you just want girl time.
Bartender Deb, significantly: Mmhmm!

Unfortunately, Louis soon joins them with a bottle of “pocket wine.”

Bartender Deb: How’d you get that past our bouncer?
Louis: It wasn’t easy. She’s got a meaty frisk.
Bartender Deb, appreciatively: Yeah, that’s Barb.

Over the course of the rest of the episode, we watch Jessica struggle with the idea that her husband can have platonic friendships with person of a different gender. In the end, she agrees that he can play pool with a woman as his partner on one condition: Bartender Deb and two friends (one of whom I believe was a bar patron in “Blind Spot,” where we were also introduced to Deb and her partner Bev; I love the continuity in this tiny lesbian world they’re building!) tag along to supervise. The episode ends with the trio chastising Louis when his pool partner pats his arm. Louis apologizes for breaking Jessica’s rules and the lesbians nod in approval.

How to Get Away With Murder

Thursdays on ABC at 10:00 p.m.

Written by Sadie

And now for the penultimate episode. It starts off exactly where last week’s episode ended: Anneliese on the phone with Eve when Philip attacks her from underneath the bed. She gets away and manages to run out of the apartment, having Eve meet her at the police station.

Flashback. Ten years ago Annalise has just left the scene of the suicide and is presumably at the same police station where Wes is being interrogated. We see that scene with Annalise and Eve behind the glass that we’ve seen like four hundred times. Anneliese then tries to convince the FBI to drop the homicide investigation, since you know, she knows it wasn’t homicide per se. The FBI lady says she has no intention of pursuing Wes but says the the old white dude should probably watch out.

Back in the present. Annalise and Eve arrive at the house. The whole team is excited to see her safe, but Eve quickly pushes Annalise up to her bedroom. Upstairs Annalee starts to ask Eve about her dating life while she patches her up. Eve says that Annalise should just be honest with Wes, and then she should drive up to New York and live with Eve. I totally agree with all of that; this show needs more Eve. Annalise says that Nate will make sure that she’s okay and then — surprise surprise! — Nate shows up. Eve is rightfully annoyed by this, as am I.

Nate has come to the house to inform the team that Caleb has gone missing. This obviously upsets Michaela.

Flashback. Annalise and Frank are talking about where to go next with the case when old white dude shows up and Annalise kicks Frank out. He’s afraid now that there is no hope of winning the case for his son. Now that their only “alibi” is dead. Annalise is convinced that there’s something else going on here and confronts the old white dude about it. Asking him why she was so afraid, why she would commit suicide because of him. Then the old white dude does the one thing he’s good at: thinly veiled threats.


In the present the District Attorney has called the team in for questioning in regards to the video sent by Philip. I don’t really understand why this is going on because I’m pretty sure they have immunity but I guess he’s trying to catch them on something they might not have immunity for. Bonnie acts as legal representation for them but it’s not like they really need it. Each team member knows exactly what they need to say to the DA and it seems to work at stalling him, at least for the meantime.

Back at the house Asher calls Bonnie “Bon Bon” and then Bonnie calls Frank out for killing Lila and it totally goes over Asher’s head. Bonnie and Frank then decide to hash things out in, you guessed it, the basement. Frank’s safe space apparently.

From this point and for the remainder of the episode Annalise decides it’s time to get very drunk, possibly to work up the nerve to finally tell Wes what’s going on. In the other room Asher is trying to apologize for getting everybody into this mess but in reality he’s only a small part of said mess and like Bonnie said: “Stop apologizing, we are all bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common.”

Next we have a series of impossible to describe flashbacks within flashbacks culminating in Annalise asking Eve to tell the police that Rose said she was threatened by the Mahoney family and that’s why she killed herself. Eve wants nothing to do with that mess and tells Annalise that she should be cautious herself if she’s going to move forward. Annalise then storms out to come forward about it herself. On the way, her car gets jackknifed and she ends up in the hospital having an emergency C-section for her baby.

Back in the present Asher is now being called to the DA’s office. This time he wants to talk about why Asher was at the courthouse that night. (He totally wasn’t murdering someone in the parking garage). Once everyone gets back to the house, Bonnie confronts Annalise and tells her that she needs to go ahead and tell Wes everything. That the guilt about this is killing her and it needs to end. Annalise, not liking being told what to do but accepting it, yet again kicks everyone out of the house telling them to go out and get drunk. And they do. She tells Wes to stay behind and begins telling him everything. Telling him about her obsession with the case, how it cost Wes his mother, and how it cost her the life of her baby. She says that it’s her fault his mother died. And then comes the ultimate shocker, except for those of the commentariat who guessed it last week: Old white dude is Wes’s father. (Or you know his bio dad or whatever.)

Later on that night, Laurel shows up wasted to Annalise’s door. At the same time Bonnie is at Frank’s confronting him about Lila’s murder. As it turns out, Annalise knew nothing of Frank’s involvement. Laurel spills the beans to Annalise setting up the conflict for next week.

So what’s next? Eve is clearly still in love with Annalise, fingers crossed Annalise takes her up on that New York offer. Wes is probably going to seek out old white dude in New York, so maybe a change of scenery for next week’s season finale.

The 100

Thursdays on The CW at 9:00 p.m.

Written by Karly

Not this week, kittens. Maybe next week. We’ll see.

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  1. This was the best recap of a 100 episode ever. I’m so glad I didn’t watch it because this recap tells me everything I needed to know about it !

      • I’ve got a hoarse voice from shouting GODDAMMIT BELLAMY to my screen. Like seriously, could someone PLEASE slap some sense into him?

        Best scenes from the past episode were the Raven/Jasper stuff and some parts of Kane’s riot group.

    • It should be instructive that the episode with the least screen time for their main female characters was mostly a shitshow of the dudes being awful. And Raven being awesome. JUST SAYIN’.

  2. Just wanted to point out that Jax pointed out to Stein the 50’s were only great if you were white- let’s not erase his presence in that convo, even by accident!

    • Yes, please correct that. It’s gross to literally re-attribute the words of a black man pointing out racism to a white woman.

      Especially since so much of the episode is a mashup of the show saying “Look how racist the 50s were!” and then BEING racist by turning the black man who is harassed by the police into a literal monster who is a danger to the people he cares for.

  3. Re: HTGAWM

    While overall this was a great episode, probably the best of this half of the season, there were two major disappointments for me:

    1) That Michaela hooked up with Asher when Laurel was RIGHT THERE! and
    2) That AK ran away to be with her mother, rather than to New York to be with Eve.

    Thoughts on who’s going to die in the finale next week? It’s gotta be Philip or Caleb, right? Last year they killed Wes’ girlfriend in the finale, this year, they kill Michaela’s boyfriend.

    • I thought for sure that AK had ran away to New York at the end!!! But, if it wasn’t going to be eve (sob!), her mother is an acceptable alternative for me. I enjoyed their work together last season and look forward to seeing them play off each other next week.

      I’m not invested enough in Philip or Caleb to care who dies!! I actually think that’s a flaw in the show. I guess, if I had to pick, I hope it’s Philip- I don’t want Michaela to have to go through the heartbreak of Caleb dying and Philip attacked Analiese, so I’m fine with him going.

      (Secretly I hope the big murder is Wes killing his “father”. Because I loathe that man.)

      • Oooooh yes, Wes’ father is also a possibility. But how would that implicate the rest of the K5?

        And yes, Cicely Tyson is never really a disappointment, but I had such hopes! Ah well, her and Viola Davis together is always incredible.

    • YES! That’s the only thing that really grabbed my attention aside from me realizing how hot Harper is…

    • Seriously. The only thing I was looking forward to was the Abby-Kane resistance duo and BAM nothing. Not to mention a weird throwaway line about Jaha trying to override free will and consent. What the heck was that about.

    • I do not understand at all. Like is that going to come up in a later episode?? Why would Kane or anyone else not be curious as to why she wasn’t taking part in the attempted overthrow (in which case there would have been at least a mention on the show)?

  4. VIOLA DAVIS BROKE ME!!!!!!!!!!! From the minute the car crashed, I could barely breathe. She nailed all of it. The anxiety to see if her baby was OK, her utter earth shattering devastation when it became clear that the baby wasn’t. All of it.

    Then when I thought I had recovered, she was curled in that bed holding the picture and I SHATTERED ALL OVER AGAIN!!!


    I love Eve so much. I loved her utter care when she showed up at the police station, I loved her protectiveness when she shielded Analiese from the rest of the Scobby Gang upon her return home, I love that she never gives up on the dream of Analiese moving to New York and that she sends flirty text messages. I looooooved the subtle nod to the real life problems that lgbt couples face when loved ones are in the hospital and the anxiety she showed when approaching Sam, who had no idea who she was. Loved it all.

    (Seriously, we need to talk about Eve in those hospital scenes!!! Framke was pitch perfect).

    I truly believe that Eve could be Analiese’s happy ending. I really do.

    Other HGTAWM:

    – I thought the Asher/ Michaela hook up was hilarious! (Still, would’ve been hotter if it was Laurel)

    – I had a feeling that the creepy white CEO was Wes’ father, but to hear them name the rape outloud was still bone chilling.

    – I know this small, but I have to give some props to Nate. And this is why: Nate is a middle aged straight black guy who’s a cop. It would be **so** easy to have written his character as homophobic. It almost would have been typical. Instead, he’s accepting of Analiese and her white ex-girlfriend. Well, he’s a bit jealous, but in the way that most of us are jealous of our significant other’s exes. It’s never played as being about Analiese’s sexuality or that Eve is a woman. It’s small, but an important model to have on tv.

    – I loved seeing the Scooby Gang take down the DA! That was glorious. And their team sleepovers are adorable.

    – I want the details on Laurel’s backstory and I want it now!

    • I co-sign literally ALL OF THIS.

      At one point I was thinking that they really should have put some trigger warnings on this episode, because I have never had, or lost, a child, but DAMN those hospital scenes WRECKED me. I cannot even imagine what those scenes would have done to someone who has shared those experiences.

    • Thank you for mentioning that about Nate because that was something I was thinking as well. The writers did the opposite of what I thought they were going to do in regards to Nate’s reaction to that relationship. He doesn’t seem to give a shit that Eve is a woman. But he’s not dumb either. He knows their is more to that relationship than Annalise or Eve is willing to discuss with him.

      I was also impressed with The Walking Dead for how they handled Tara’s conversation with Father Gabriel and Jesus. They weren’t judgmental of her relationship with Denise at all. And it would have been very easy for the writers to go that direction. Particularly with Father Gabriel. As for Jesus, I know something about that character that a lot of non-comic readers don’t and if that ever makes it to screen the faux outrage is going to be hilarious.

    • – I’ve never used the word “endgame” before, but I feel like it’s time:
      If Eve and Annalise are not endgame, I will never forgive the showrunners. Nate is fine and all, but every time the show pushes him and Annalise together now I just get annoyed. And not just because I don’t think Annalise should be with someone who recently acted like he absolutely despised her, no matter how awful a person she might be… But because Eve exists. Eve exists and there is no other way but Eve. I don’t even love the character, I just love their relationship.

      – I liked the Asher/Michaela hookup too, but would have liked Laurel/Michaela more. Not because I think it would be hot (I don’t find any of them that hot), but because I like the idea of them together.

      – Creepy CEO turned out to be more than creepy. And it matches his face so well. Very easy to hate.

      – I want to know more about Laurel too! How come they haven’t used her family past yet?? A lot of other characters have had (family) drama on the show, but she’s the one with the most interesting backstory (well perhaps except for Wes NOW, not that I look forward to seeing that story evolve – it’s not going to be easy to watch). And I feel like everyone treats her as this naive goody-two-shoes, or like she can’t handle shit… Which a little insight into her life might put a stop to. Also, it would make her more interesting. I root for Laurel, but I don’t find the character interesting.

  5. Great recap for The 100. No Clarke, Abby, or Octavia – just a bunch of men deciding how best to run things while you should have known all along that the best man for the job was a woman…and she got shot, by a stray fucking bullet (still mad)

    I tuned out of Legends of Tomorrow after three episodes – there are no compelling characters (or actors) other than Sara Lance but I can’t bring myself to watch it just for her. I did however return for this *very special episode* to soak up the visual pleasure of Ali Liebert and I was not disappointed.

    And Famke Jansen is an honest to goodness goddess.

  6. I just want Fresh Off the Boat to be about Honey and Jessica’s amazing friendship. They could make it like Cheers and center it at the Denim Turtle.

  7. re: HTGAWM –

    Give Viola Davis all of the Emmys…just go ahead and engrave her name on all of them…

    That performance was gutting…I was gutted…

    She is so good at this, it seems almost unfair that I can watch her for free on Thursday nights. I feel like I should have to pay for a ticket to see Oscar calibre performances on my screen.

    On Eve…

    I know what I said.

    I know that I said that to “know their characters is to accept that they’re not endgame.”

    But after Thursday’s episode I don’t want to accept it.

    I don’t want to accept the hurt that flashes across Famke Janssen’s face when the woman she loves is hurt and each time, a man is called to be next to Annalise.

    Oh, my poor little shipper heart.

    And then, because Eve can’t help loving Annalise in spite of everything else…

    On the Keating 5…

    Those kids are the worst.

    Michaela wants to blame Annalise for not telling her light-eyed boo about Philip? Girl, you have literally been lying to him for your entire relationship. Please climb down off your high horse, Snooty Huxtable.

    Wes sat in Annalise’s office chastising her for lying…which…I mean, has everyone forgotten that he shot her? Do they even remember that the lie they wove for the DA wasn’t the truth? Annalise could lie to Wes for multiple lifetimes and it still wouldn’t justify him shooting her in the gut.

    And Laurel…blaming Annalise for ruining her relationships? Girl, maybe you should stop and think about why you’re attracted to men that kill people.

    How did it happen that the only guy showing some contrition in the face of everything they’ve done is the rich, entitled frat boy? I’m supposed to cheer for Asher “Bye Felicia” Millstone?! That’s where we are now…

    • With you on all of that, except I’m fine with rooting for Asher. They’re not hiding his entitlement, and he says very douch-y things sometimes, he just happens to be a bit more… innocent, I guess, than the others (though he did kill someone, so…). I wish someone else could be there with him in the not-quite-awful camp, but I’m also fine with him being there. Maybe mostly because of the actor though.

      I’m more frustrated with characters who are actually kind of awful, but played like they’re good people so everyone cheers for them (sometimes including me – I can be easily manipulated) despite the fact that they use their power/privilege in all the wrong ways.

    • I feel like I just needed to take a moment and tell you how much I LOVED, just absolutely freaking LOVED everyyyyyyyything about this long comment. It’s perfect! You should consider going into recapping one day :) Anyway, I hope you come back for the finale. I look forward to discussing it with you!

  8. “when your life flashes before your eyes, the thing you will wish you had done more of is: make out with women”.

    I see my life flash before my eyes every time I think I might not ever get to make out with a woman – is that the same thing?

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