25 TV Shows You Should Watch on DVD: Our Favorite Marathon-Worthy Series



I didn’t get a chance to watch The X-Files series when it first came out, because I was five. I mean I guess I could have watched it but I think a lot of it would have gone over my head, and it would have been a little too soon to make me gay. But I started watching them casually at someone else’s house last year, and then casually noticed every season was on Netflix Instant, and then started blocking out parts of my weekends to devote to it. I’d like to be really highbrow about this and claim it’s because it’s so well-written and had better protagonists than any show that’s on the air now, or else get a lot of gay street cred by playing the Scully Card. Both those things are true, but also, man! Monsters! Aliens! Creepy dark woods in small rural towns where teenagers disappear! What’s not to love? The best part about watching the series all at once is that I feel like I’m somehow smarter or at least luckier than the people watching in the ’90s — whereas they had to wait like six weeks to find out whether Mulder actually died in that underground bunker full of smallpox aliens (uh, sorry for the spoiler I guess?) all I had to do was click “next episode.” TAKE THAT, PEOPLE IN THE ’90s. You may have had jobs, but I have the beginning of Season 4 in under 30 seconds. It all evens out in the end.



I used to wish I was a gay man. I don’t know why, really. I think it was because I was gay but there weren’t any images of gay women in the media so instead I focused on gay men, which was a suitable derailment. I’d get jealous if I watched movies or TV shows about gay guys because it’d just make me wish I was one, and I couldn’t be, so I often avoided gay shows to avoid the jealousy. I avoided The L Word, too, because I was afraid it would make me wish I was a gay women, but eventually I watched it, and I was right, it did. And only then was I ready to start watching Queer as Folk. It was the winter of 2006, and I worked late, ’til one or two in the morning, and I’d be itching all night to get home and get back to my friends: Brian, Justin, Michael, Lindsay, Mel, Emmet and Ted invaded my consciousness.

This was before I’d started recapping teevee shows and I didn’t think too critically about QAF’s representation. I loved them all uncritically and fully, and for weeks after I finished the last season I found myself depressed, I missed them like I’d missed The Fishers, and still do.

I know I’d find Brian Kinney less hot if he was straight, I’d find that dance scene ending Season One less romantic, less Top-Ten-Best-Scenes-Ever-Worthy. In fact, I’d probs find him chauvinistic and unkind. It’s not that I wanted to date Brian Kinney, but if I’d been a gay boy I would’ve. I was about to write: “He’d probably break my heart,”  but no one ever thinks that’ll be them, that guy with the broken heart, right? You’re going to change Brian Kinney. You’ll be the one to break Jordan Catalano or Shane or Frankie or Brian Kinney right open; and you can’t do that simply by getting them literally naked, because we all know they’ll do that for anyone. Maybe that willingness for physical revelation is what makes the illusive, walled-off interior so much more appealing.

Anyhow Brian’s storyline with Justin was as tender and full of tough Relationship Moments as ever. The lesbian couple, Mel and Linds, were probably my least favorite characters ’cause all they talked about is babies. Emmet Honeycutt is just so funny and lovely. It’s a queer show about queer people and so if you’re gay or lesbian or bi or queer I think you’ll like it.

Get the complete series on Amazon.




Firefly was one of the first examples of great shows that built their fandom around DVD sales. Hardly anybody watched it when it was TV, as FOX made damn sure that no one heard about it. They also marketed it wrong, aired the episodes out of order… all the usual cases of shows being killed by their networks. But somehow, someone discovered the DVDs on Amazon, told their friends, who told their friends, and little by little, a fandom was born.

That was how I discovered the show, too: through a friend. My best guy friend, who loves sci-fi as much as I do but knows considerably more about it (due to both parents sharing that interest, whereas my mom hates sci-fi and she always controlled the TV), introduced me to this show in my sophomore year of college. I had heard about it before, but not enough to really take the initiative and watch it. (I was a few years too young for Buffy, so I wasn’t aware of the cult of Whedon.) But the fact that he liked it was enough to get me curious, so I followed the link he sent me to the show on Hulu. It didn’t take long before I had watched all five episodes and I was feeling anxious that I couldn’t find more. This was before I knew much of anything about Megavideo or file-sharing, things that would help me in the coming years. So I resorted to begging everyone I knew to buy me the show on DVD for Christmas. I was apparently such a pain in the ass about it that I got the same DVD from two different people. I quickly watched the remaining episodes and became obsessed with it enough to try to pressure all my friends and family to watch it. (Friends, I was mostly successful with; family, not so much). It would be the first time, but not the last, that I did that with a TV show.

See, I was never a big TV person before college (I only watched cartoons), so Firefly, along with Glee (which hit me around the same time), was the first big TV obsession I had. It is interesting to note the difference between the way the two affected me, since I watched Glee on TV and saw it unfold little-by-little. Firefly, though, I got all at once. So for Glee, a lot of my obsession was that excitement about not knowing what’s going to happen next. With Firefly, it was because I got to know the characters very deeply very quickly. They felt like my friends, and I could discuss them as if I actually knew them. In that sense, Firefly is a lot more like something like Skins than your typical sci-fi show, and that’s probably why its fandom is so huge: it transcends genre boundaries. Firefly has all the beautiful world-building typical of its genre, but none of it really matters; its yours to take or leave if you want it. Because ultimately, the futuristic technology and outer space scenery are really just backdrops to the real point of the show: the characters’ development and relationships. The people are what made the show for me.

Of course, that’s also the problem with Firefly: you get super-attached to those characters, but before you know it, they’re gone. Because the show only lasted half a season, we only got 14 episodes to get to know them. Even a Skins generation is longer than 14 episodes! The DVD fandom was enough to bring us a movie, Serenity, but it didn’t perform so well at the box office. We’ll probably never get anything else about the crew of the Serenity, other than fanfiction and, like Buffy before it, the comic books (I own 2 out of 3 of them, and they’re quite good!) But don’t let the disappointment keep you away from it! The show is one of the best things ever aired, it’s very feminist and, anyway, it wouldn’t be a Joss Whedon show without it playing with your heart! (And oh, it does. Especially Serenity.)

Oddly enough, Firefly was also one of the things that helped me discover my bisexuality. Because I realized that I found almost everybody attractive on that show (though Simon, Inara and of course Saffron stick out). I have discovered through the Internet that this is a very typical bisexual reaction to this show. So if for no other reason, watch Firefly for the sexy people!

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About a month ago I watched an episode of The Good Wife with my mom. I’ve now seen every episode. The thing the show is that every single character is interesting. I don’t care what critics say about all the “you go Alicia!” moments, I could (and have) watched Alicia Florrick kick ass all day. Obviously I’ve got a thing for bisexual, aggressive, femmy Kalinda. I’ve found myself rewinding scenes where Eli Gold chews up and spits out Becca, Alica’s son’s bratty high school girlfriend, because Alan Cumming is just that good. I even like Cary in all his smarmy Havard-boy-ishness. If you enjoy underrated dramas, Law and Order: SVU, shows that acknowledge that we live in an unequal society, Angus from The L Word, and/or pretty women tearing shit up, this might be a show you want to watch.

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I didn’t watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles while it was originally on TV because I was pretty into Dollhouse and it’s hard to be into more than one likely-to-be-canceled-at-any-moment-sci-fi-show-featuring-Summer-Glau at once. Also in my head Terminator was still something that involved Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Linda Hamilton’s pull-ups didn’t make quite the impression when I was three as they do now. And then someone told me how good it was, and also pointed out that Lena Headey, who plays Sarah Connor, was in Imagine Me & You, and that was that (Lena Headey and Summer Glau are basically the best parts of this series. Recurring dreams in which your MacBook is secretly Skynet is the worst.)

The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn’t going to make you use your brain the way something like Mad Men or The Wire might make you use your brain, but it’s awesome all the same. Watching all the episodes at once, you get a sense of a narrative arc that might have been easy to miss if you were only watching once a week, and you can feel better-outraged at the less feminist-friendly aspects of the show, like how Sarah Connor is the title character but her idiot kid is the future leader of humanity. Also fair warning: the show was canceled and the ending of season two was the ending of the series, and when you get there it will feel awful.

Get Season One and Season Two on Amazon.



TV on DVD is not only the best invention since tabbed browsing, it’s also the perfect answer to my shocking ability to procrastinate anything and everything. I pretty much only watch hour-long dramas (plus Modern Family), but which ones in particular changes with the seasons. In January, I’m usually all about The West Wing. For some reason I feel more capable of thinking about things like national security and budgets when it’s cold.

But if I can’t go outside because my flip flops will melt to the sidewalk, I only want to watch Dexter and Bones. These are both shows that I don’t have to think too hard about, but they still pack some serious entertainment value. I mean, all I really want are dead bodies and witty people who talk about (and/or create) those dead bodies.

So, Dexter. It’s one of the best written shows on television and certainly has the best opening credits. There are seriously shocking twists, tons of interesting moral conflict, great villains, very attractive people, and of course Miami. Who doesn’t want to watch Michael C. Hall run around a gorgeous, sun-soaked city eating Cuban food and taking his boat out for a spin? It makes me feel like I’m actually participating in summer while remaining cozy in my air-conditioned house. And you’re guaranteed to yell “WHAT THE F*CK” at least once every season. Great stuff.

Get Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four or Season 5 at Amazon.

Bones is definitely lighter fare. It follows the forensics show model a little more faithfully. They start with a gross crime, throw around some science words, and then arrest the bad guy. But they also show you personal relationships between characters, which makes me keep coming back for more. The chemistry between Boothe and Bones is crazy, but hopefully you already know that because you watched that episode with Julie Goldman in it, right? You better have. Don’t you want to know what happened before then?! Of course you do. Also Samantha Ronson loves Bones just as much as I do. Have we mentioned how attractive Samantha Ronson is in person? Very. Go watch some Bones. Season 1-3 are on Netflix and season 5 is on Hulu+.

Get Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four and Season Five and pre-order Season Six on Amazon.

Next: Dara, Six Feet Under, LA Ink and more!

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  1. Yo, all of “Summer Heights High” is on YouTube. I HIGHLY recommend it, if only to witness Ja’Mie and her “unique” relationship with the school’s most popular lesbian. And, of course, Mr. G and Celine.

  2. Also, I marathon my DVD set of “Freaks and Geeks” about twice a year. If you were anything of an outcast in high school, or if you just appreciate smart humor (and awesome characters – especially Lindsey Weir, and Kim, and Bill… all of them, actually) you’ll find something to like.

    • Totally my favorite. Whenever I travel I always take Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire with me. Such. good. tv. :) I could rewatch all of these ad infinitum

  3. If you’ve only got time for a mini-marathon, the UK Queer as Folk is only ten episodes long and is super-enjoyable! It’s also kind of fun to watch if you’re a Doctor Who fan — when crucial plot moments hinge around K-9, it’s hard to care about the parts that kind of suck.

  4. Ahhh, I want to hug Riese and Laneia for shouting out MSCL. The aching vacuum that Angela, Patty, Graham, Rayanne, Sharon and Brian left is still palpable. Did Patty and Graham stay together? I hope so. How long did Angela and Jordan last? I’m seriously tearing up thinking about that time he walked across the hall and held her hand in front of all his friends and wait, Angela, the geometry review but it didn’t matter. Did Rayanne stay off booze and what the heck did she grow up into? Please did Ricky find self-acceptance and a hot man who saw what a beautiful person he was? Did Brian Krakow finally find a way to talk to a girl and the miracle of Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious conditioner?

    Oh, uhm I really like and miss Firefly and Buffy too.

  5. Oh no. I feel a Buffy marathon creeping up. Goodbye outside world. Ugh I have to stop this from happening. I have things to do! The entire series is only feet away from me in a box :(. Must…resist…

    Still waiting to go on my dream date with Michelle Trachtenberg. She was so hot as a brainwashed christian & and evil bitch on Gossip Girl. <3 (I'm weird)

  6. This is an awesome list, especially for those of us who are all dried up and empty because we haven’t got Mad Men this summer. I already added The Good Wife to my queue, and FINE, I will now give FNL and The Wire a go. Thank you!

  7. Okay so you mentioned Doctor Who in passing, but um. Number one recommendation: DOCTOR WHO. All five and a half seasons of resurrected tv glory. (Okay season 1 is not my favorite and neither is season 3 except for “Blink” and about half of 5, but: seasons 2, 4, the other half of 5, and the parts of 6 that are out are SO GOOD.) I only started watching this January, so my obsession is about half a year old, but it is exceedingly strong.

    Also, this show called “Downton Abbey” is fabulous if you enjoy drama-dramz with British accents and people in period clothes. So many characters you will either love or love to hate. There’s only one 7 or 8 episode season, so it will only suck your life for like 3 days, but you’ll be thinking about it for weeks after. Bonuses: Maggie Smith as a crabby rich lady, house maids with Irish accents, fancy clothes, girls with huge eyes, one proto-feminist daughter campaigning for women’s suffrage circa 1914, and an upcoming second season. It’s fantastic.

    One last show: Better Off Ted. Two seasons of 20-minute long episodes full of hilarious hijinks in an evil company. And Portia DeRossi. Should have gone on for at least 3 more seasons.

    (All of these things are available on netflix instant!)

    • thank you for mentioning Downton Abbey. It can also be imbibed straight, which will lead you to ask yourself at four in the morning if you are insane, AND, why there aren’t any MORE episodes. Don’t forget the one gay character, who is an ambitious young footman, and damaged goods, which comes to expressionm in his doing lots of plotty eeevil, but of course, his character is hardly one-dimensional. Oh what a fine show.

      And let us not forget the 3 part series (more coming in the fall) of Sherlock. So, so good. That guy from Office UK plays Dr. Watson, and Benedict Cumberbatch rocks the cell-phone-pinching modern Sherlock to a tee (tea?) I can’t wait for more in the fall. But I am a ho for good Holmes… So there you go. GO UK!

    • Yes, Dr. Who can be fabulous, but its spin-off, TORCHWOOD, is perhaps even more so. Pansexuality & 51st-century characters & aliens, set in modern-day Cardiff. Also, Gwen Cooper’s Welsh accent is a joy & Captain Jack’s greatcoat is a thing of beauty (still searching for one, cause I’d really love to have one as this year’s winter coat).

    • I’m more into Doctor Who than Torchwood. So glad others are shouting out “Blink”, as far as I’m considered that’s the single best hour of television that’s ever been screened.

  8. So many awesome shows recc’d. However I’d add Arrested Development to the list myself.

    Fun Fact: Firefly was the show that made me realize I was uber-gaymo. First there was Kaylee, but then there was that b-plot where Inara serviced her female client (the senator) and…. yeeeah I’m gay.

  9. The Office (U.S.) is mine. It’s my favorite TV show with re-watchability. It’s true the past couple seasons have been pretty awful, but seasons 2 and 3 were something pretty special and I would argue the show stayed pretty awesome through at least early season six. Season one is a poor representation of the show (although Diversity Day remains a hilarious episode) so you could start with season two if you wanted. I can just watch that show and still laugh even though I have the jokes memorized. It was so pitch perfect at one point.

    Other favorite shows of mine that are re-watchable (so, like, not the Amazing Race):

    Felicity – I wish my college experience was like that

    Daria – I agree with this one. But by the time they introduced Tom, the show started to go downhill. It’s like they were worried Daria was too much of a loner (and seemed too much like a lesbian) and the show seemed to inherit the values it rejected early on. Tom was just kind of smarmy and useless.

    Lip Service – Only six episodes, but it’s like a better version of the L Word. Season two is coming at some point in 2012, so get ready!

    Degrassi – Major guilty pleasure, but I’m not sure what it is about this show that I am always perfectly willing to watch it when it’s on TV. The show has been around for a while (it’s in its 11th season now) so seasons vary in quality. Last season, season 10, was universally praised as being a strong return to form for the series and there’s a lesbian and MtF trans character, so it’s worth watching. At 44 episodes (half hour), it will keep you busy for a while.

    I honestly don’t watch that much TV. I’ve heard good things about shows like Weeds, The Wire, Madmen, etc. It’s just such an investment. I’ve realized I don’t really watch shows unless there are lesbian characters (or strong female leads), which is pretty limiting. If not, it was by accident.

    • I work in politics but I couldn’t get into the West Wing. I don’t know, I’ve never aspired to end up working in the White House like so many of my colleagues do. Plus the characters remind of people in D.C. I hate. I think real issues and real government action are more interesting. I like to follow the real thing — if there was a documentary like the West Wing, I’d be all over it. The War Room, a documentary about Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign is one of my faves. I’ve been trying to find a part fiction, part documentary show called K Street that aired for a short run about lobbyists in D.C. I may need to just rent it if I want to watch it.

    • If you like strong female characters, though, you should watch “Mad Men.” PEGGY OLSON. I think the first two seasons are on Netflix now, and in the most recent season, there was a badass lesbian character.

        • Watched a clip on YouTube. I’m gonna download the series. It looks pretty good. I’m fascinating by advertising and the tipping point is the time era its set in. I’m always drawn to the 60s. Seems like an interesting time in America. Hopefully the actual stories and characters can interest me as well. Thanks!

      • The fact that you say there “was” a bad-ass lesbian character makes me think she was on the show for one episode, two tops, and probably during sweeps. I usually only watch shows with regular lesbians characters. There’s literally no other explanation as to why I put up with Pretty Little Liars. It’s just Emily’s lesbianism and her beautiful flowing hair. That’s all.

      • Totally! My mistake was I kind of watched it out of order. I don’t know why since I just went through the entire show anyway, but I watched season two last. I’d recommend someone get the DVDs and watch it straight through in order to get all the storylines and jokes! I wish I could go back in time!

    • i am so glad you brought up felicity because I have so many feelings about that show and no one ever seems to share my enthusiasm for that character. i always thought felicity’s character was a lot like angela chase. felicity got SUPER weird towards the end (time travel? really, jj, really? thats what we get? thats some IFC shit right there), but the first season was really meaningful for me as a 13 year old girl. i was a bit too young for angela chase the first time around (dont worry, i have since discovered the magic), but felicity was the first time i experienced that type of female character and it was pretty powerful for me. I think they were both introverted, sensitive, intelligent, unknowingly beautiful, and huge fans of enormous clothing. oh and they both had great hair that became a major defining characteristic for each of them. i would recommend the first season if you havent seen it.

  10. VERONICA FRICKIN’ MARS is right. I cannot say that enough. Easily one of the best television shows of the 2000s, if not ALL TIME.

    Alias is also good for marathoning, especially the first two seasons. The third is really good for drinking games and despair at how awful it became. Four and five are back to being good.

    Also, a series that never really got its due, but is super great, American Dreams. Annika, if you like TV set in retro times, this is the series for you. 60s pop EVERYWHERE and Brittany Snow in a role that doesn’t make me want to rip my eyes out. It’s astounding that it got three seasons, and it’s probably my favorite show of all time. Did anyone else watch this when it was on, because I’ve never been able to find anyone who actually cared about it.

    • Thank God someone finally mentioned Alias. My best friend in high school and I were obsessed with it. Only years later did I realize that my overwhelming and somewhat confusing adoration of Lena Olin should have been the first sign that I liked women. Especially nicely muscled ladies with accents and perfect hair.

      Screw it. I’m going to start a season 2 mini-marathon right now.

  11. I would also add Sports Night to this list. I didn’t not to expect to like it as much as I did, but I was so sad that it was over after only 2 seasons. Felicity Huffman was perfect on that show, she is wasting her talent on Desperate Housewives.

      • Ha! I accept your correction. I wish I could gush about my feelings for both the show and Claudia Black more often, but sadly not many people I know are aware of their utter awesomeness.

    • ZOMG FARSCAPE!!!1!eleventy

      Yes, I do like Farscape.

      And I highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi even a little bit. A lot of people have avoided it because some of the characteres are puppets (although I don’t know why. Think what the world would be like if people had avoided Star Wars because Yoda was a puppet), but honestly you’ll forget all about them being puppets pretty quickly. Soon enough, they’ll just be Rigel and Pilot to you and it won’t seem weird at all.

      The first two-thirds-ish of the first season is a little shaky because there was some behind the scenes stuff going on between the writers, production company, and the SciFi Channel trying to figure out if this was going to be an adult show or if it should skew younger because of the Henson Company involvement. They finally settled on ADULT and from about ep 16 on, it’s one of the best TV shows that’s been on TV. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun is one of the greatest TV relationships ever, too.

      Also, Claudia Black gives me a lot of feelings.

  12. If I wasn’t already committed to a Sunday of watching all the HP films in a row (including a late-night 7.2 3D showing) I would be all over this. My 90s nostalgia is running deep (I bought a stash of fun dip and warheads yesterday) so I could definitely go for some Daria or MSCL.

    Also, Doctor Who. I plan to (possibly via acquisition of a time turner) block out enough time to watch all 5 1/2 series again before 6.2 starts at the end of August. I always do this to myself. Like how before any HP release I find it necessary to re-read all the books leading up to it. Sleep is for babies?

    Finally. Even though this would quite possibly be the shortest marathon ever… Sherlock (BBC) is also worth an afternoon. Plus, another three episode mini-series this autumn!

  13. “Chuck Bass basically makes the best male-identified attempt at a hot butch lesbian that I’ve ever seen.”


    Additionally, I am convinced that every week there is a distinct lesbian moment between Blair and Serena. It’s amazing.

  14. BSG is one of those shows you have to marathon since about every episode ends on a cliffhanger. First time I watched it was when I powered through the entire series during Christmas break via Netflix. Best way to avoid hanging out with extended family ever!

    • Gah, I know. I always think, “Oh, I’ll just watch one episode before bed” and then wind up watching three in a row because holy shit, what’s gonna happen next?! Is everyone going to die? Will I get to see more of Starbuck’s abs? Who’s really a Cylon?

  15. great list, i’ve seen some of those (absolutely loved six feet under, not even ashamed to admit i cried during the finale), and i will definitely check out a couple more! these are some other shows i really like:

    in treatment
    pushing daisies
    breaking bad
    the o.c.

  16. By the way, before anyone jumps on this:


  17. Definitely Veronica Mars, love it! I have all three seasons, but unfortunately my second season is still locked (with that plastic thingy to prevent thieves) and I have’t figured out how to break it off yet since I am afraid of using sharp things and clearly I would suck as a thief sighhhhh. I speak the sad truth.

  18. MSCL. *sigh* I honestly feel like, if someone doesn’t love MSCL we can’t be friends.

    I need to finish Weeds. I left off in the middle of season 4 (I think) b/c whereever I was watching it from stopped working. Mary-Louise Parker is so incredibly sexy I can’t even.

  19. Beautiful days outside, yes, but it’s soooo hot and I don’t like sweating unless there are orgasms involved, so yesyesYES to this post! Buffy is soooo my Slayer (Buffy nights are fun, my gay neighbor lusted after Angel as I enjoyed watching women kick ass. Bottles of wine round it all out, of course), Six Feet Under sucks you, er, in, or under? 30 Rock cracks me up out the DOOR. As long as out that door is also air conditioned. I apologize to our planet, cuz fuck, freeon and tv sometimes are just what we need…

  20. I’m so disgusted with my computer right now because it didn’t work all day, but I’ll take a minute to talk about TV before I throw it out the window.

    Buffy, Firefly, The Wire, Queer as Folk, The X-files, Battlestar Galactica, Six Feet Under, Daria and Dexter are all shows I’ve watched and loved. Well, uh, I’m still working on The X-Files.

    Of course, I’ll take any opportunity to talk about Buffy. I consider it a huge part of my childhood, like many of you feel about MSCL. I missed most of it; I was (almost) eleven years old when I caught the last fifteen minutes of Season Six as it aired. After that, I found myself filling at least 20 VHS tapes with reruns. It didn’t matter that I was too young to understand the adult humor or old pop culture references(Farrah hair, anyone?), I loved this damn show. My friends did, too, and it turned out they didn’t share the same affection I had for Willow. That – coupled with my complete distaste for Spike – helped me realize I was gay. The show ended three days before my 12th birthday and I started coming out soon after that.

    It also made me contemplate a world without shrimp.
    Oh, Anya.

      • I just watched episode 411 El Mundo Gira, which’s the first episode I’ve watched in over a month now. If there were more cliffhangers(of the smallpox-aliens variety) I’d probably be nearly finished with the series by now, to be honest. How far have you gotten?

        • I got stalled for a long time between seasons 5 and 6 because the first movie goes between those two, and they took that off netflix and I was deeply discouraged. But then I went to great lengths to watch it illegally and now I’m starting season 6. I think I am just apprehensive about reaching the end? I mean how can this end satisfactorily? You know?

  21. the wire, weeds, dexter, 30 rock, yes.

    yeah, arrested development? and true blood? that’s on dvd. the opening credits of tb are the best.

    i kinda like damages too, although it’s totally bad, but it has rose byrnes and glen close, so y’know.

    my so called life — liked it, but was for sure the in thing at my school, not like the alternative kids thing.

    thanks for the post, good motivation to check out some shows.

    • wait, why is Damages bad? Is it because it kept getting nominated for awards and people think that means it’s not cool/alternative enough to be good? Is it because the storylines were too well plotted out and it was so difficult for the average viewer to follow (read: “elite,” as the Republicans like to say) that it didn’t build the kind of following of, you know, 2 1/2 Men? What’s “bad” about it?

  22. ‘the sopranos’ is brill; the uk’s ‘the thick of it’ is ridiculously funny, as is ‘peep show’. ‘misfits’ is also great. ’24’!! and ‘heroes’ was good for the first two series

  23. i am flailing so much over this post! TV IS MY FAVORITE THING OF ALL THE THINGS.

    shows i would add would definitely be arrested development, doctor who, and sherlock. ALSO, COMMUNITY. COMMUNITY NEEDS A LOT MORE LOVE.

  24. Gilmore Girls! Best week ever!
    Veronica Mars would probably be a good one too. And Lost. And Community. And Daria.
    Also, I just got into Game of Thrones and must really control myself not to watch all 10 episodes at once! I’ve seen 3 so far… off to watch the 4th!

  25. I’m going to need to see a pic of hillary duff kissing a girl.

    also i had daria but my ex borrowed it and refuses to give it back. but i watched that shit all the time. my mom swears that daria is the reason for the way i act today. i was really shy until i watched that show and discovered sarcasm.

    also i was daria for halloween last year.

  26. The Office (UK only)
    Skins (UK only)
    Once and Again (and for goodness sakes they need to put season 3 on dvd)
    Hex (and for goodness sakes they need to put series 2 on dvd)
    Twin Peaks
    Strangers With Candy
    At Home With The Braithwaites (and for goodness sakes they need to put the rest of the seasons on DVD)

    Last of all – Hopefully Sugar Rush will be put on DVD

  27. Veronica Mars. Please, just everyone, watch Veronica Mars. Her total badassness made me realize the awesomeness of being gay, even though I was crushing on all her boyfriends. Except Duncan. Obviously. There is just something about a smart, snarky, beautiful, tough girl on my television that makes me smile.

  28. scully <3

    speaking of great 90s mystery series, twin peaks was pretty awesome/crazy. i mean, david lynch!!! the audrey horne character is just.. wow. sadly there are only 2 seasons, although i'm not sure i could handle more. and then there's the movie.. which i found a bit disturbing but also is it supposed to be a prequel or sequel or wtf?

  29. How can two of the hottest series on TV in the last few years be missing from this list?! Both on Showtime.

    1. United States of Tara (writer/producer Diablo Cody)Tara played brilliantly by Toni Collette. Gay friendly storylines.

    2. Nurse Jackie ( writers/producers Liz Brixius & Linda Wallem: both lesbians)”is at turns wicked, heartbreaking and funny.” Jackie is played by Edie Falco, previously Carmela on Sopranos. Jackie’s best friend is a lesbian. Interesting portrayal of a strong friendship between a straight woman and a lesbian.

  30. Anyone seen Bad Girls? Its a UK show, set in prison; long off the air, but in its time the gradual development of the relationship between the 2 central women over many seasons was sizzling hot :)

    Helen & Nikki…just youtube it :)

    Share the Sorkin love!
    And yes, Firefly. always <3

    Veronica Mars, of course. if you like buffy/whedon/mscl, you'll like it

    Doctor Who, it happens to be my favourite show ever made
    Game of Thrones, if only for lena headey.

    I must give a shoutout to Coupling. it's absolutely hilarious. best sitcom ever. yes,better than friends. and even better than how I met your mother. which is also awesome.

    life on mars/ashes to ashes
    british music,70/80's aesthetic, mindscrewyness. plus keeley hawes. and the guv.

    someone mentioned american dreams! yes, I loved that show.

    oh, and Castle!
    starring Captain tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion, in his second-best role ever. also there's Stana Katic who's definitely worth watching. and it's funny and sweet and at times even a bit scary.

    Leverage also hasn't been mentioned. witty thieves who ruin bad guys and help good peoople while making doctor who references.

    I could go on. I do watch a ridiculous amount of tv.

  32. Ok Big question here:
    Why didn’t you put The L Word in the list or did I miss it? I am curious to know. Beyond being a Lesbian show, it was a great show (until season 4). Was it too obvious?

    Oh and you girls don’t like 24? I found it one of the most amazing tv show of the past decade.
    But you put six feet Under so I love you still. :) *Best ending ever by the way*.
    Also, The Walking Dead has to considered, it first doesn’t seem to be targeted for women at all but it is actually a very good ’emotional’ show, so well directed and edited. If you want to feel 100% into what you are watching, that’s the show!

    Oh I am also really surprised not to find Nurse Jackie! I thought she was your kinda gal!

  33. No Nip/Tuck? The first few seasons explored sexuality in a social and personal sense. For the time, having characters that were transgendered and gay without it being a big deal and portrayed in a positive light was pretty groundbreaking.

  34. Just watched all series of Ellen Degeneres’ sitcom “Ellen”. So funny.

    Some of my other marathons over the last 6 months include…
    Criminal Minds.
    Twin Peaks!
    Flight of the Conchords.
    Gossip Girl.
    Summer Heights High.

  35. Honestly disgusted by the recommendation of The Wire. I mean, I get it, it’s supposedly the best show ever. but talk about a show that doesn’t even TRY to pass the Bechdel test. I can count on 1 hand the female characters who were at all developed in 5 SEASONS. Literally hundreds of male characters with well-sketched out storylines, and the women get nothing? Oh, but wait, they get to be “lesbian,” or the TV equivalent of “having an interesting character trait we won’t really discuss, elaborate on, or deal with in any sort of meaningful way, but will use to get ratings ’cause straight dudes sure love lesbos.” Yet, when they screened the show for ACTUAL GANG MEMBERS, one of the main complaints? THE LACK OF FEMALE CHARACTERS. Even GANGSTERS noticed. Yep, talk about insulting.

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