7 Reasons Geeky Ladies Love Doctor Who & You Should Too

Are you watching Doctor Who? You probably should be. See, Doctor Who first began airing on the BBC in 1963 and is the longest running and most successful science fiction television show in the world. Eleven actors have portrayed the Doctor and the show has been the basis for several spin-off series, most notably Torchwood. The show follows a mysterious alien (a Time Lord, the very last Time Lord actually) called “The Doctor” on his adventures through all of time and space. He sets out to right the wrongs, free the enslaved, and usually, stop alien forces from taking over Britain/the Universe. Does it sound completely ridiculous and geektastic? That’s because it is. And that’s why it’s so great!


07. The TARDIS

doctor who tardis

TARDIS is an acronym for “Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space” and it is the Doctor’s time machine. The TARDIS was once able to change its outer appearance to better blend with wherever the Doctor happened to land; but it’s been stuck in the form of a 1950’s police call box for as long as we’ve known it. Vintage, yes, but a bit conspicuous. The TARDIS is obviously the classiest way to travel through all of time and space. It’s much bigger on the inside that it might appear, you know, since it’s a telephone booth. There’s even a pool in there somewhere!


06. It’s time travel, y’all.

doctor who winston

The Doctor gets around. He made a cameo at Pompeii on the day shit went down. He’s even seen the last day of Earth’s existence, and pretty much every moment in between, before or around any historical happening you can think of. When you’ve got access to all of time and space, there’s not much you’re confined to. Throughout their travels, the Doctor and his companions often find themselves brushing shoulders with history’s VIPs. I’m talking everything from chillin’ with William Shakespeare to sleuthing along side Agatha Christie. And that’s just a taste of the stuff in our dimension.


05. It’s funny!


Our intrepid adventurer is hopelessly inquisitive. And while curiosity may have killed the cat, it only lands the Doctor in the middle of ridiculous situations. In the above clip, he is reunited with Donna Noble who, as it turns out, has been looking for him whenever something weird turns up. This time she finds him when trying to discover the secret behind Adipose – a weight loss pill where “the fat just walks away!” Comedienne Catherine Tate is brilliant and the banter that passes between the two of them is nothing short of perfect.


04. It’s scary.

doctor who vashta

Now, that guy might not look very intimidating, but that is what happens when you stand too near the shadows. Vashta Nerada is a practically universal carnivorous swarm that literally means “the shadows that melt the flesh.” Oh… okay! Now imagine he’s chasing you and shouting, “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” Ask any Doctor Who fan and they will tell you that, out of all the fiends, the ones that scared them the most were the Weeping Angels, the Empty Child and definitely the Vashta Nerada.


03. The Companions.

doctor who companions

The Doctor is very old, very nearly immortal and he can come and go anywhere as he pleases. If there’s one thing a man like that needs, it’s something to keep him grounded. Enter his harem of attractive young travelling companions. Even Kylie Minogue came into his world for an episode. Like I said, the Doctor gets around.


02. The man who doesn’t die.

doctor who regen

When the actor portraying the first Doctor announced his departure in the 60’s, the writers were forced to come up with a clever way to keep the show going. The solution was simple: have the Doctor regenerate into a new body when he is near death. While he retains all of his memories, the Doctor becomes a new man with new quirks every time around. David Tennant (Harry Potter nerds, you may know him from The Goblet of Fire) just ended his four year run as the 10th Doctor and regenerated into Matt Smith. Smith’s been able to preserve some of Tennant’s most beloved qualities while still making him his own man. Just imagine what could lie in store for The L Word if Jenny regenerated! Maybe she did, and we just don’t know? Creepy.


01. Full of heart.

doctor who is full of heart

One thing Doctor Who does not lack is heart. (Literally. He has two.) The Doctor is full of compassion, which is arguably equally important. There are no lengths to which the last Time Lord will not go to make things right and rescue various people in peril throughout space and time. You’ll come to love the character.

The Doctor himself said it best, “Outside these doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me… nothing will ever be the same again!”

So go on! What’re you waiting for?
The new season of Doctor Who airs on BBC America Saturdays at 9pm EST and is also available on iTunes. And if you need to play catch up, you can watch episodes free online at DoctorWho-Episodes.com

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    • I did as well. I really loved David and, I am not going to lie, cried a WHOLE LOT during The End of Time. Matt is doing brilliantly though. Although… his version of the Doctor kind of scares me a little. He does an awful lot of shouting..

      • Yes, lots of shouting and exaggerated movements. He’s a bit like David x10. I do think that the 11th Doctor has lost a little bit of his human understanding. Understandibly, sometimes you get a bit annoyed by having to save the earth SO MANY times over your lifetime but sometimes its a bit like he’s lost some feeling. That’s possibly to give Karen the chance to shine as the companion but sometimes it feels like a bit much.

        Wow this comment mentions ‘feelings’ way too much.

        • The bit in Victory of the Daleks with the wrench.. that really made me sad and uncomfortable. I felt like.. what where is David I don’t feel safe.

          I agree though. I think all that time and all the things he’s seen is sort of starting to wear him down. I think ultimately he loves humanity (“you’re like rabbits.. i’ll never stop having to save you!”), but at the same time, I think he’s really weary with all the stupid decisions humans make – always trying to destroy something and/or divide and conquer.

          I’m liking Karen so far. I think she’s doing fantastic. I like it when the companions are capable and can handle shit on their own instead of spending all their time making eyes at the Doctor. *coughmartha*

  1. “Even Kylie Minogue came into his world” – This is perfect and I love you for it.

    David Tennant is my biggest man-crush of all time, I was gutted when he left. Billie Pipers accent is to die for, Catherine Tate is a comedic genius, I want a sonic screwdriver.

    • Hah, I was hoping someone would catch that one. Zing.

      I would like to just agree with every part of your comment. Because it’s all true for all of my feelings as well. I want a sonic screwdriver as well – but I liked 10’s blue one better than 11’s green. I miss Donna. :/

  2. I love the new season of Doctor Who. Hipster Who, as all the cool kids are calling it. I was pretty skeptical about Matt Smith as the Doctor, but he sold it to me about 10 min into the first episode. And I LOVE AMY POND! <3 <3 <3

        • I’m about to watch Flesh and Stone here in a few minutes. But the weight in those periods really makes me nervous. I hate Doctor-Companion love when it does not involve Rose Tyler and a man in a pin-striped suit….

          • Me too! I judged all the female characters on the show by how they related to Rose up until Donna and the Adipose episode, where I had to admit, Donna got my approval. I am so happy to have found a group of people as into the show as I am!

        • ^^^ I am so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! Like seriously folks, has any other companion completely absorbed the Time Vortex itself to save the Doctor? NO, I think not. :P Also, I adored Donna. Besides the fact that Catherine Tate is gorgeous, sassy, and absolutely hilarious, she’s just a phenomenal actress! :D

  3. Love for Autostraddle, this is just AMAZING! I must admit that ive been holding off on watching the new season until im finished exams because I know i’ll want to watch every episode at once! I agree though, the angels episode was scary and it must not have had a huge budget but they still made it work, wasnt it that every time they blinked the statues got closer, flipping epic!! Oh, do you know what you guys should check out-Torchwood, it’s along the same vein as Dr. Who except it’s even more scary and what not, plus it has this great hot Welsh lady as one of the main stars, it’s online anyway, definitely check out the last season, Children of Earth, if you can, it’s actually a lot better than most of these high budget so called thrillers in the cinema! :-D

    • Torchwood was wonderful. I really hope they bring it back with Jack onboard. I’m so glad they shot down an American reboot of it. I hate those. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and say that Children of Earth was one big terrifying weepfest.

      • Jeepers it really was wasnt it, and I love the way they used the children as the voice of the aliens, I mean that wasnt all high tech or whatever but my goodness it was terrifying the first time I heard them speak! And the episode where they think an alien is eating the people in a village and it turns out…well I wont spoil it but that was fantastically scary!! I think I may love Gwen “what’s occuring” Turner as much as I loved Billie Piper as the Doctors assisstant, wouldnt it be great if Gwen made an appearance on Dr. Who! Anyway, I love talking about this sort of thing with fellow gay nerds, best AS topic ever! :-D Oh, and also, I do hope David Tennant finds work regularly now, I saw the special behind the scenes thing that was filmed during his last episode and he seemed like he didnt know what he was going to do next.

        • That episode was ~really creepy. I was legit scared when I was watching it!

          As for Gwen, she and Ianto both made an appearance in the final episodes of Doctor Who series four. And! The actress who plays Gwen was in an episode in series one…the one where 9 and Rose meet Charles Dickens.

          David was filming a pilot for NBC called Rex is Not Your Lawyer. But I don’t know if it was picked up or anything. I hope though!

    • Oh Lord, I looooove Torchwood. I mean, seriously. Tosh. That should be the only word I should have to say. Tosh. I adore you Tosh. Why, why must you be in lust with Owen. Yuck. >:P Hem hem, anywho. SPOILERS! I haven’t seen Children of Earth yet! Haha, I know, I’m way late. Ugh.

  4. Doctor Who is one of my favourite things to geek out over ever, true facts. I love Autostraddle so much for this!

    I’m really enjoying Moff’s rein so far. I mean, I miss Ten and his oral fixation dreadfully, but I’m not sad to see one or two of his hang-ups disappear and Eleven is -adorable-. He’s so wonderfully alien that I just want to be his best friend and maybe write a fic or fifty once his voice settles for me. Also, the TARDIS noise he made last week may have turned me into a squealing, giggly child. IS THAT NOT LOVE?

  5. Ooh, thanks for this! does this mean there might be recaps….?

    My tuppence worth… this season is shaping up really well, I really like the story arc that’s going on (the crack in time and space). The writing is much better, Russel T Davies got too sentimental for me and much as I love David Tennant, his gurning was starting to grate on me a little. I agree that the current doctor is a little less emotional, but I think this is part of the regeneration process (‘I’m still cooking…I’m not done yet’) and you know, us limeys don’t like too much emotion!

    I HATED Catherine Tate as the companion, all that squawking and lecturing. But I don’t like her comedy anyway, and I don’t rate her as an actor. Billie Piper was the best by far, though Karen Gillam is definitely doing a great job and the character is great (albeit possibly crazy?).

    I had a discussion on twitter just this morning with a friend who was speculating whether River Song might be the Rani (an evil Time Lady last seen in the ’80s) in human form. I’m not totally convinced but there is something going on there, last week there was a line about the Doctor not knowing ‘what’ RS was. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it has to be related somehow to the crack. Any thoughts?

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode, the Weeping Angels are truly terrifying!

    • I don’t know if I’m witty enough for recaps. Heh. Ask Taylor, she’s the boss!

      I’m really loving the way this season is building as well. That crack scares me though. All the foreboding just bums me about and worries me. And also, I’m a bit afraid that the crack will have something to do with the Daleks – after the way Victory of the Daleks ended. Which, omg, I am never excited to see them, I’m sorry.

      I loved Billie because she was all the right pieces of a good companion. Capable, smart, funny and didn’t mess things up too often. Karen is definitely giving that impression as well and I really like that. She also doesn’t seem too enamoured of him, which is why Martha was so awful. I’m choosing to ignore your comments re: Catherine Tate because I loved her. We agree to disagree?

      I’m incredibly intrigued by River (though I know many people don’t like her). However I haven’t watched much classic to be able to have a theory on her. (I thought the Master in “Utopia” was a revelation!) I have read though that this second bit will give a lot of answers regarding the crack and her. It’d be interesting for her to become some sort of nemesis, especially with the way their relationship has been shown since the Library.

      This is my favourite comment ever. Talking Doctor Who is my number one feeling and I never get to do it. I want to hug you all!

      • *gasp* you know you’re not allowed to the diss the Daleks if you’re a Dr Who fan, right? ;) Though the latest incarnation was rubbish – they looked like they had been bred with ipods. And I was disappointed with the episode cos I’m obsessed with WW2 but it was pretty flat.

        ok, we can agree to disagree re CT but have you ever seen her ‘comedy’ show? I guess she’s just not my cup of tea. Totally agree re Martha, she was irritating. What is interesting with Amy Pond (I LOVED how he said ‘come along, Pond’ to her in the last episode!) is that she is clearly completely obsessed with him (waiting 12 years for him, terrifying dolls/drawings etc at end of 1st episode) but it doesn’t seem to be a romantic thing. My theory is that she is either bonkers or some form of alien life. She has no fear and keeps solving puzzles… hmmm.

        I really like the River Song storyline, I don’t really get why people don’t like her. Did you know they originally wanted Kate Winslet to play her?

        Transatlantic interwebs hugs!

        ps. Taylor, can we have recaps or some sort of episode blog please please pretty please with a cherry on top? (btw the Guardian’s is pretty good, check it out)

    • I thought about River Song as the Rani last week, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just in case she isn’t!

      Also, my favorite thing about the new Doctor is that he isn’t as weepy whenever the Time War gets brought up. I have this theory that all of 10’s emo was channeled into 11’s hair, where it will stay into perpetuity.

  6. And sometimes, it’s queer! The most queermazing recurring character, Captain Jack Harkness, was given his own spin-off series, Torchwood.
    Former showrunner Russell T. Davies was responsible for both the reboot of Dr. Who and the UK original Queer as Folk series.
    I’m not sure how sexuality will be handled with the new showrunner…
    Also, you can watch many episodes of the rebooted series on Netflix streaming, if you’re a member.

    • It is! There’s also Izzy, Chris Cwej, Ace if you count that interview Rona Munro did about Survival and probably the Master at this point, considering that even the Doctor made a joke about it in Time Crash. Granted, I was willing to make that argument pre-Utopia, but now I sound less like a crazy person. XD

  7. Recaps recaps recaps!

    I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the new Doc. I loved loved loved Tenet, but have enjoyed the first two of this series (I haven’t seen the last two yet).

    Also, hi there, Amy Pond. Hi.

    She’s been my desktop background along with the Tradis and it makes me smile. They should totes make her gay and that’s why she has to miss her wedding.

    I read a BBC article recently that the regeneration of the Doctor was based on a bad LSD trip. Just, ya know, FYI.

  8. Loved Tennant but I’m also like Matt – I think they’ve each bought something new but I’m glad they’ve kept the ‘cheeky’ bit of his character!

    Ok I’ll admit I’m watching it solely for Amy Pond. Could she be prettier? Seriously one look at her kills any negative jokes about gingers with one bullet to the head!!

  9. Oh my god THE WEEPING ANGELS. I *shat* it.

    Strangely, the only eps of Doctor Who I’ve ever caught are that one and The Girl in the Fireplace, which had the fucking terrifying “if the clock’s stopped, what’s ticking” momentOHMYGODTHEFEAR.

    But then The Girl in the Fireplace turned out to be beautiful, so that was all right. Oh! And I saw the Agatha Christie one too. Man that was hilarious.

  10. I caved after reading all this and watched all the episodes instead of studying, they are fantastic, that corner of your eye thing and the whole first episode, it was so brilliant, I was on the edge of the seat for most of it. I think I heard someone say there’s a new writer or something and if that’s the case he’s very impressive. The angels are terrifying, when she was watching the clip of one and it moved, fucking hell, the fright I got! Im not a fan of the coloured Daleks, they look like iPods or something. Anyway, here’s hoping the rest of the season is as good as the beginning!

    • Yeah, Steven Moffat has taken over for Russel T. Davies, who was responsible for bringing it back in 2005. Moff wrote some of the best episodes ever, including The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, The Empty Child and Forest of the Dead.

      Did you watch Flesh and Stone (part 2 of The Time of Angels) yet? Cause that had some really amazing scares!

          • sure did! but did you see that when he first takes her hands he’s in rolled up shirt sleeves? then later he’s sans jacket but with shirt sleeves down…

            narrative or continuity fail?

          • Yes! I think it’s narrative; Angel Bob referred to ‘the Doctor in the TARDIS’ not being able to hear twice (that I can recall), but both times he was nowhere near the TARDIS. The current theory seems to be that there was/is a Future!Doctor running around that came back to that moment.

          • Prisoner Zero and Angel Bob: “The Doctor in the TARDIS doesn’t know.”

            I’ve been reading way too many theories and speculations posts on the Doctor Who LJ community so I’m not even going to start trying to talk about it. It’d come out more wibbly wobbly than timey wimey.

          • I did notice that, and it is curious. But I think the rolled sleeves was more of a goof, whereas the jacket was very literally something serious and part of an arc. Like Erie said.. “The Doctor in the TARDIS” leads to believe that there is more than one Doctor running about. I’ve come to settle, I think, that there is the “Doctor in the TARDIS” who is traveling in a linear fashion with Amy in the episodes – and then there is a future version of the Doctor running about (already having knowledge of the crack and what will happen) and trying to implant himself in memories.

      • I did watch the last episode, I loved it! The bit where he figures out about the gravity and the music starts up and they all fall into the crack is savage! Plus the angels never cease to scare me, when Pond was on the ground and they started noticing her…fucking epic! Damn you AS, I really should have spent that time studying, ah well!

  11. I love, love, love the Doctor!!!! the first episode I ever saw was “Blink” and the weeping angels scared the sh*t outta me!! I postponed the inevitable by waiting several weeks to watch “The End of Time” because I’d fallen so deeply in love with Tennant and his incarnation of the doctor that I didn’t want it to ever end. Needless to say when I finally did watch it I cried like a baby D:

  12. The Empty Child never scared me, but I’ll admit that I’ve had the Vashta Nerada, The Weeping Angels and (most recently) The Silence, all guest star in a few nightmares.

    I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who forever and Tom Baker is still my Doctor. ^_^

    • Have you seen the trailer for the newest episode, though? The Guardian did a story recently about it becoming TOO scary, and I didn’t think much of it (it NEEDS to scare me), but I have to say that at sight of these dudeshttp://doctorwhotv.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Doctor-Who-Series-6-Full-Trailer-20.jpg, my smaller self would have been well behind the sofa.

  13. It is so strange. I started watching Doctor Who couple of months ago and I love it so much it is crazy!! I get actually genuinely upset that these adventures cannot happen for real and I cannot ever hope myself to be a companion to the doctor ever! It is the strangest feeling… To feel so strongly about something completely imaginary, like a TV show.

    I think for me what’s done it is just that I have always liked science fiction books but have never seen a science fiction movie that would actually be any good. But this one has all that the best books have and more – it is so real and relatable and fulfills all the dreams that one might have. The way the aliens look is a bit strange at first, but I got used to it so quickly.

    Since TV has the visual already it creeps into your brain even so much more than the best books. And the 9th 10th and 12th doctor, they are all so… kind and cute and friendly and lovely and lovable. I haven’t watched Matt Smith episodes yet, but I am sure he will be good too. Anyway, I have a serious problem right now finding any point in my real normal (boring ..?? ) life, when such stories exist, such adventures exist. And the people (timelord(s)) in them are so normal, like us and close to us.


    “So do I just go back to working in the shop?”

    No, it just feels impossible!

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