Autostraddle Reader Survey 2012: Tell Us Things, Please

Hello, reader! Fancy seeing you here. I was having a Lorna Doone dipped in chocolate syrup because we’re all out of Milanos when my mind started to wander and I found myself daydreaming about you and your life and your online spending habits and what you like best about me.

What do you like best, reader? Do you enjoy a good Get Baked as much as the next gal? Were you hoping there’d be more music? Did you come by yesterday or is this more of a weekly stop for you? What’s your annual household income?

I want to know so much, reader! The more I know about you, the better we can mold ourselves to appease and delight you indefinitely. But also I want to know all there is to know about you and then I want to brag about you to my mother, and probably also advertisers and media-makers and anyone wearing a large fancy hat. Do you like large fancy hats, reader? I have so many questions for you! So many, in fact, that we put them all into this fabulous and only mildy invasive survey!


Autostraddle Reader Survey 2012



You may remember taking the Autostraddle Reader Survey in 2011, when we were all just guppies and no one had even tried the Dorito Taco yet. The results from that survey helped us steer our content, develop our team, plan areas of expansion, entice advertisers and feel better about drinking microbrews on Mondays. It’s likely that you can thank yourselves for a lot of what’s happened here since then. You can even read all about the interesting shit we learned from you:

+ Who The Hell Are You? What The Autostraddle Reader Survey Told Us About You

+ Listling With Minor Commentary: 21 Words You Invented To Describe Autostraddle

But wait! Just because you took the survey last year doesn’t mean you should skip the survey this year. In fact, you should all take it! If you all take it, then we’ll know more about ALL OF YOU, which is the goal here. So take it! Take the survey! Please.

I took a screenshot for you, so you’d know what to expect, visually.

this is what it looks like

Here is what you can expect on an emotional level when taking the Autostraddle Reader Survey 2012.

this is what it feels like

And then after you’ve completed the Autostraddle Reader Survey 2012, you can expect this, emotionally:

So really get in there and give it all you’ve got! TELL US EVERYTHING.

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  1. Ok, so this is the first time I’ve commented on anything (while I actually just wrote I never comment here :)), but I think there’s a minor mistake in the question asking about how often you do Autostraddle-related stuff, such as meeting people you met here, going to a party etc. I couldn’t tick a box ‘none’ or leave it open.

  2. I would like to use this opportunity to wonder out loud if I’m getting a PLL recap from Autostraddle this season? Fashion-cap, even?

    • Hi Ric! Lizz has been in Europe for the last two weeks. recap/fashioncaps will resume upon her return. there haven’t been any gay parts yet, so

      • Thanks, Riese! And you’re right, if there are no gay parts we really shouldn’t bother :) I am loving Emily and her messiness/teen angst this season, though.

      • I just wanted to say that I have all been missing the PLL recaps/fashion-caps and I am excited to hear that they will be returning soon!! YAY

  3. Question 18 doesn’t have an option for “none”. Clearly Autostraddle doesn’t influence my life enough, but nope, I’ve done none of those things, so clicked made offline friends.

    but this isn’t true. the cake is a lie.

  4. Also to be a pedant, I think you have used i.e. throughout when you mean e.g.

    Unless the examples you give are the only ones of that type you wish us to consider.

    even whilst typing this I am having flashbacks to english lessons “how to design a survey” which I hated, and hence try to never do.

  5. For some reason the survey won’t let me get past question 21- once I hit the next button it cycles me back to the beginning of the survey.

    • Please try again if it isn’t working for you – it may have been stalling because I was editing a couple of questions.

      If it doesn’t work please let me know!

  6. Thanks for all the feedback on the survey so far! All the issues mentioned have been corrected.

    • I love the fashion articles!

      I’d love an article about hats, especially hats that suit different face shapes/hairstyles. I can never seem to make hats work.

  7. “Did you come by yesterday or is this more of a weekly stop for you?”

    Oh you mean some people don’t come here daily?

    • I thought the same, there are people that can go a full day without Autostraddle???

  8. I’ll be honest… I lied on about 5 of those questions…
    But I’ll say I’d like to see more health, tech, sports and fashion up on dis here website.

  9. BUT WHERES SPORTY SPICE WHERE’ES SPORTY SPICE!??? IS IT CAUSE SHE’S SPORTY SHE’S ALL NO FAGS FOR MEEEEE! SPORTY SHORTY (I dont ksnow what a microbrew is but cornoaaaaaaaaa liggth and gardens of hoe as I survery about autostraddle yo

  10. Why is there only one kind of a “serious” relationship? Open relationships can be pretty serious, too. Like when they involve two main long term partners and some casual things on the sides, for example ;-)

    • sorry, i didn’t realize when looking over the survey to give it the go-ahead that you could only pick one option for that category — these are the same categories we used last year and there was no comment on that, so we didn’t re-evaluate. I think meredydd modified it to include an “other” option now but i guess you can’t change the pick one/pick more than one situation after the survey has been launched.

      i think the “serious relationship” was not meant to be interpreted as being in contradiction to the seriousness level of the other relationships, but rather a way to describe a relationship where you’re not living together but it is serious and it doesn’t fit into any of the other options there. i never considered an open or poly relationship as LESS serious than any other options on the list, so i never looked at the question from the direction you’re looking at it? but yeah, thinking about it more i guess that was clumsy wording, we’re sorry!

  11. Sweet cherry Jesus. The accuracy in which you determined the level of my emotions while taking the survey was unnerving.

  12. They used the same pic (Sebastian + Falcor) I posted awhile back on a post, for this post, cool, it made me LOL.

    • Damn it, the perfectionist in me goes nuts on this site, when I can’t correct my spelling errors, etc. Sebastian*

  13. I don’t mean to be picky, but I always find it annoying when surveys ask whether I’m in “an open relationship” or “a polyamorous relationship”.

    No, I am in *a* relationship. I am in *multiple* relationships, all of which are important to me.

    I know it wasn’t the intention, but everytime I find myself with the best option of selecting something that says “a relationship” it feels like the person who wrote the survey is privileging one of my relationships over the others.

    And I totally admit that there are plenty of places where people are in *a* relationship that is a certain contexts and the others are secondary and that should totally be a valid option for people. But it is not wording or an option that feels like the best fit for me and I wish there was another option or better wording that I could select to describe the status of my relationships.

    • > I don’t mean to be picky

      Okay that’s a lie. I do and did. But it’s still important to me. <3 you all.

  14. More science, please. Not just the techy stuff either. The techy stuff is great (Hi, Taylor!) but I would love to see more hard sciences stuff. Possible topics include: queer women in science, the latest interesting sciency topics (in things other than biology/medicine, which sometimes Lizz writes about), sciencey debates on things that most people who aren’t scientists think are actually undebatable when in fact they totally are thanks to the scientific process?

    Ok that comment got a little out of hand but you get my drift?

    • Please please please pretty please?! Pretty much all of the queer women I know were people I met in the context of science!

      Also, have you ever said a word so many times in your head that it stops looking like a word and you wonder why it’s called what it’s called? Because that just happened. Sciiiiiieeeennnce

    • I totally agree! I’d also like to see a more scientific original autostraddle analysis of the Science of the Gay, the way there’s such awesome original analysis of legal and art things on here. I feel this strongly enough (and love writing about science enough) that I’ve been tempted to submit some writing. Maybe soon!


    sometimes my town mails me surveys about the water service and i’m like YES PLEASE I HAVE AN OPINION

  16. I wish there was an option for qu. 17 along the lines of “I think A-Camp is effing awesome but I have no interest in going to one or reading about it”. I picked “none” instead, so you’ll know that one of those means “not for me but you rock!”

    Also I’ll join djcapelis above in saying that I was a bit miffed to be presented the options “live in/serious relationship” and “open/poly relationship” separated as if they were mutually exclusive. You can live with (one of) your partner(s) and be pretty serious without being monogamous, which seemed implied in the survey.

  17. It was a pleasure to have helped you in the rigorous research of the distinguished participants of this acclaimed informative community. Cheers.

  18. I really appreciate the picture from the Neverending Story. It’s true, that was how I felt after the survey.

  19. Just did the survey so I’m still here mainly for that Spice Girls picture. They’re publicly reuniting tomorrow again yay!

  20. Gotta admit, that Rex photo is pretty much my exactly how I looked during Brave.

    Also, yay for surveys!

  21. I said there was too much sports on Autostraddle even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything sports related. Oops. I just don’t like sports. :/

  22. Oh and the tv question made me feel like a lazy butt even though I only watch two hours a day tops, but that’s 14 hours a week, which is a lot, I guess?

    • I don’t watch tv at all, but that’s ok, I spend 10 hours on the internet all day (sort of, you might as well call that my tv), but I’m usually reading/researching/surfing shit, that’s relevant to my current interests. Apparently, interacting with people outside my house is not of interest to me because I don’t learn anything from them and I’m slightly misanthropic, but I learn a shit load from the internet! Yay, “I have no life,” the internet is my anti-drug and we can be losers together! *snorts a pixel* Hoorah!

  23. Got all the way to the end and accidentally hit ‘student’ instead of ‘working full time’ as I was pressing the send button…how unsatisfying when I was trying to be as accurate as possible. Oh well

      • I wish there had been a “I’m self-employed” option. I work full-time, but I don’t consider myself “employed”.

      • I didn’t see them mentioned in the survey, but the first-person columns are one of the things I like best on Autostraddle. More of those, please!
        (see you next month, said the monthly commenter)

  24. There was no space for requests for types of articles, but, more from Laneia please! She’s my favorite AS writer!

  25. The weird thing about A-Camp is that I got super excited that it was going to happen, am glad that it is still going on, and really wish I could go, but given the cost of camp+transportation to the other side of the country, that’s just not going to happen. I feel like after A-Camp was announced I just got sad hearing about it, and I also somehow feel like I’ve found fewer interesting articles on Autostraddle since/been less interested, idk if it’s because people were focused on A-Camp or just because I wasn’t part of it or what.

    I haaaate giving criticism to Autostraddle because I love it and it’s so important to me but I figure this is the place!

    • Sadly I’d second you on that! Acamp is in the wrong country for me. (Wahhh). Would it be better to focus more on meetups maybe? I’d kill for an AutoDublin clubbing night/coffee thing.

  26. Thanks so much for the survey!

    Wish you had a fill in the blank for what I like to drink because clearly it would be Baileys- the yummiest thing in town.

    Also Rachel’s political recaps are one of my favo things on Autostraddle.

    Additionally, Sunday is a Funday because its Sunday Funday! And I love it – being so happy and encouraging and celebrating our lovely love!

    • Me too. I get unreasonably excited when our input is put into bright colourful graphs and charts!

  27. There wasn’t anywhere in the survey that I could put this, but I have to commend your technique of using pictures of adorable kittens with adorable pleading kitten eyes to get your readership to do basically whatever you want.

  28. To add to my answers …

    There was no choice for, “I think A-Camp is a great idea, but I’m too f’ing old. :)”

    I know others want fashion, but have mercy on those of us for whom fashion inspires horrendous flashbacks of awkward high school moments.

  29. I think there should have probably been an option for ‘everything’ in the preferred drink question.

    I promise I’m not an alcoholic.

  30. Most questions do not apply to me because I am in the Philippines, like AS-related activities and purchases. Booo. But I am done with the survey and I hope I was able to help. Go AS! ^^

  31. I wish there was an option for A-camp that stated “I’d sign up and give you all my money in 10 seconds flat if it was within 300 miles of Columbus, OH”

  32. ooh, I forgot that I wanted to emphasize how awesome Unicorn Plan-It is!!!
    it’s like
    “what am I doing with my life what is my purpose on the earth”
    “shhh it’s okay, Unicorn Plan-It exists.”

    cannot wait for more!!!!

  33. I’m a full time student AND I have a full time job. I work hard and I’m bummed that autostraddle is skewing the statistics of how really super hard many of us work by not allowing us to check multiple boxes to that one question that asks us about work and school and stuff. It devastates me when I want to pick multiple boxes but I can only have one. I want all of the boxes.

    I forgot which number it was. But I’m sure you want to glow with pride at how many super busy girl-liking people work really hard and still have time to write unnecessarily long posts that assert one argument that probably could have been made in like 3/4 less post.

    I love you guys. I just got off of my 10 1/2 hour shift and I’m a little delirious. I’m sorry.

    • ps- i see you baby and you’re the shit. work hard. get the life you want. check all the fucking boxes. hug me if you see me in the street.

    • I am also a student and work (and couldn’t tick both boxes… noooooooo….). For the record (’cause it ain’t on that record) – full-time grad student and part-time job.

      Also. Feelings. About the Falcor/Bastian photo and the rainbow jumpingcat photo.

  34. I know this is a marketing survey, not a scientific one, but I’d really like to know if our ring fingers are longer than our pointer fingers. And how many of us are left-handed.

  35. The survey is closed?

    You said in the article that one of the questions is about the frequency of readers visiting the site. Closing the survey five days after it’s posted excludes weekly/monthly readers from participating!

    Disappointing – I have filled in every survey and enjoy contributing to the success of the site in any way I can. I’m pretty bummed right now.

    • I feel the same way too! I make a point to check AS every Saturday, so this hadn’t been posted when I checked last week, but it was closed today. Surveys are like my favorite thing ever and I love feeling all included and like I have a say in stuff so not being able to be counted in my favorite site’s survey was pretty upsetting!
      I dunno if it’s just me but it just seems like 5 days is A) way too short for any survey and B) especially too short for an AS survey, considering (I’m assuming) there are tons of weekly readers who got missed out on here! I feel like leaving it open for a week would have been more inclusive of all us ASers? I know it’s already closed but something maybe to keep in mind for the future…

  36. I missed it too! I’m so bummed, I LOVE SURVEYS. They remind me of my school days and the massive crush I had on my statistics teacher.

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