2010 Winter Fashion Styles For Various Shapes, Sizes, Gender Expressions

Hello ladies, and welcome to the winter fashion guide! Today you’ll be viewing things that will hopefully keep you nice and warm until you can get back indoors and de-robe with your ladyfriends in front of the fireplace or whatever it is you do. So, from the bottom(s) up, let’s do this.


Why do you need boots, you ask? Because they’re amazing. A good pair of boots can make your winter a whole lot more comfortable. Sometimes even practically. I definitely feel better walking amidst icy tree-roots when I’m wearing workboots, and since that tends to happen to me, especially in the winter, I like knowing I have a slightly better chance of not falling. Boots can also simply be pretty and warm and sleek looking, so really there is a boot for everyone, you just need to find it.

Vintage Trim Ankle Boots ($47)

(1) Mustang Gabriella Bootie ($29.95)
(2) Suedette Combat Boots ($32.80)
(3)Haute Homesteading Boot ($44.99) from ModCloth

(4) Chippewa Men’s Boot ($159.10) (comes in smaller sizes!)
(5) Qupid Neco Brown Faux Fur Boot ($49.99) This boot makes me think of viking lions in a good way. If you’re going to do “fur”, don’t settle for anything less than awesome.
(6) Bass Women’s Nikki Ankle Boot ($96.00)



The beauty of a peacoat descends from it’s versatility. They become, in a phrase, ‘a staple to have in one’s closet’. Like the little black dress or a blue blazer, peacoats can be at once sharp and casual.

“Beautiful Peacoat” ($39.80) from Forever 21

(1) Kenneth Cole Reaction Coat ($98.99)

Steeper in cost, but offers a lot of charm. It comes in an array of colors in case charcoal isn’t your skeeze; the pearl bracelets are optional, per usual.

(2) Jacket from Alloy ($39.99)

A less expensive yet still nice. I’m a fan of the tall neck jacket–it partially eliminates the need for a scarf and has a hood.

(3) Vintage Suede Sweater Jacket ($32)

Vintage sweaters like this one from HolySmokeVintage are perfect for the winter, make good gifts, etc. I feel like there was a time when giving sweaters was an embarrassing or uncouth gift. Personally I’d be stoked if someone gave me any piece of clothing as a present. Anyway, surely you’ll have at least one facebook event asking you to wear an ugly sweater and drink eggnog (if not, you should probably organize that event), so you might as well be prepared.

If you’re looking for something more light-weight to go over all of your sweaters:

Mini For Many ($81)

The Outnet.com says they are the most fashionable fashion outlet. Now, I’m not one to be hierarchical, but this site DOES have a “dress me” application, so it can’t be too far from being true. Cover-ups like this one are good if you like layering sweaters and/or are tall. Long coats are also good for stockings and generally keeping your bum warm.

And if you have the money, feel free to step up your game even more with something like this beautiful Berizlo Coat ($205) from All-Saints.

Less Frill

(1) Oldnavy ($40) (2)  Southpole ($39.99) (3) Lands’ End ($49.50)

I think of less frill coats as the more short, rugged type. You could potentially climb a tree in all three of these without caring if they get a little worn. If you’re of smaller stature, try looking in the boys department.

There are of course nicer versions of rugged coats too. This one’s nice if you like expensive snowboarding coats:

Sessions Force Stripe Snowboard Jacket Kripto Green ($89.95)

The Steffe Jacket ($50.95) is good if you like snowboarding coats but ones that aren’t too expensive. Go over to Amazon.com– they will help you find things.

And don’t forget layering! You’re going to need warm clothes to drink hot chocolate in because coze chilling outfits are a must for optimum coze chilling, you know? Rachel B knows. She suggests a men’s grey zippered cardigan from H&M. She says they’re wonderful and I believe her.

Asos Long Sleeve Speckle Hoodie ($31.03)

This looks really warm/ like space, so I’m a fan. Perfect for layering and talking to girls about space.

Plus Size

Also if you head over to Torrid you’ll be able to get the sweet animal print overcoat you’re regretting not having purchased when we talked about them in the Fall Fashion Guide.

Faux Leopard Swing Coat ($35.96)

Also there’s this Wendy Toggle Coat ($29.99) that’s a good light weight option from this awesome site called FredFlare that you should probably check out. You can also get things like this pocket watch or these texting gloves there. Christmas lists’ ho.

There are also really good vintage options for plus size coats:

Nemres’ vintage Dolce and Gabbana Coat ($99.00)

Also check out this way cheaper red wool coat from VintageGoodnessPlaid & Red Wool Coat ($29.95)

Wildcat Bomber Jacket ($79.60)

How cool does this jacket look? Too cool for you? Wrong. You’re the bees knees. Just like that kid in School of Rock. For the goods, Marc & Ecko has the hookup. Also they have this thing where their muse is Lindsay Lohan, so I guess that means they create the kinds of clothes they think would make Lindsay Lohan attracted to you…thus I think this site is good for like-minded lesbians (who have the money). Even though we would never objectify Lilo quite to this extent, they still have nice sweaters.

Less frill raincoat:
Boss Yellow Rain Jacket ($12.67) and sweet cardigan sweater:
Lotus Fleece Cardigan ($36.99)


Once upon a time my cute Russian photography professor had a fight with her boyfriend and bought herself some new winter threads to cheer her up. One item she picked up was a scarf with a hood attached; because as she put it: “there are lots of times when you don’t think you’re going to need a hood, but then you do.”

You can find a nice cheap one over at Belt Outlet ($12.95) or Amazon ($13.99); or if you’re feeling ambitious, knit your own.

So I know I just mentioned this, but I’m going to mention it again. LOOK. Texting gloves ($22). That’s actually what they’re called.

If you’re one of those people who likes wearing dresses no matter what the season, you might want to check out these super comfy looking fleece-lined tights ($35) from Singer22. I think they’re overpriced because famous people shop there or something.

If you want to be adventurous consider putting these over them.

These Thick Black Warm Knit Ladies Winter Legging Tights ($11.99) would also work, and I really appreciated how the title is just a bunch of descriptive words and nouns. Anyway they also look pretty warm and are only 12 dollars.

Other Stuff That’s “In” Lately
And That I Haven’t Really Mentioned…

…military-esque things (go figure), lace, velvet, wearing thick socks with your heels, button-ed up collars, et al.

I think dressing like a mountaineer can be cool too. Maybe get a vest and turtleneck thing going on. Maybe just some brown slacks and an orange sweatshirt with the British flag on it. I don’t know. What do you think mountaineers wear?


Winter and I have quite the difficult relationship, mainly because I hate it. Once the temperature dips below 35 degrees and Santa goes back to the north pole, my seasonal affective disorder (also known as “why the fuck is it so cold and dark?” disorder) kicks in and my wardrobe turns into five ugly sweatshirts unattractively stuffed underneath a highly inadequate fall jacket. But this year I am destined to change my ways. I am going to look cute goddammit! And so are you! Here is how.
This lady looks nice and warm all while managing to maintain her attractiveness—which is the key to life is it not? I never understood the point of hats until I experienced the cold—they apparently do wonders for keeping you warm, who knew!?

This Stockholm Aviator Hat ($36) is a really cute faux-fur hat that will go with anything.

You will probably (definitely) also need a coat. I really like this parka by Spiewak:

Plus the faux fur trim is removable so you can take it off, and then put it back on, and then take it off, and then put it back on! It’s like a really fun game for when you’re bored and/or on drugs!

Here are some other examples of super cute coats:

(1) Dear Creatures Catalina Coat ($210),
(2) Quinn Boucle Coat ($120),
(3) Pins and Needles Hooded Dress Coat ($148)

To finish off this particular look you’re going to need some tights (which you can really get anywhere, I suggest the cheaper the better because they will rip no matter what). Some booties like these:

(left) Lace-Up Crocodile Wedges $58
(right) Seychelles Lace-Up Boots $114.99

…and a bold shade of red lipstick. My favorites are Nars’ semi-matte lipstick in “Red Lizard” and “Fire Down Below” (they have pretty ridiculous names…fire down below makes me think of fire crotch which then makes me think of Lindsay Lohan which then makes me think of Samantha Ronson and by that point I’m pretty content with my train of thought).

Other fantastic essentials for winter:

Long thick socks and thick leggings! Sometimes I just don’t want to put on pants. If my legs were not affected by temperature I’d most likely walk around pantless all the time. Unfortunately this is not an option, but leggings, tights, and socks are fantastic ways to get around the hassle of wearing pants. American Apparel has some great leggings made specifically for the winter! And their thigh-high socks look fantastic when worn with a dress or skirt and some long boots.

Sweaters and Vests

Large bulky sweaters with kitties dressed as snowmen on them are necessary for sitting beside a warm fire, drinking hot chocolate, and singing about Jesus. But if that’s not what you plan on doing this winter, you should still find a couple of great cozy sweaters that work for your everyday life!

(1) Portal Sweater ($62)
(2)Namaste Pullover ($88)
(3) Fuzzy Oversized Pullover ($168)

These may not have images of Santa embroidered on them, but they’re still perfect for the winter!


We at Autobody like guest writers. Especially ones who have different bodies/mentalities, knowledge of good deals, and are fashionably inclined. If you match really any one of these categories, think about shooting me an e-mail ([email protected]) and contributing next time around! Now, without further ado…

Guest Writer Franco!

(This is what I wore on Halloween)

Hello! I’m Franco, a dandy little queer cublette transboy from the Northeast.
Some background on me: my first year of college was spent in some delusional world where I thought I was going to get a degree in fashion merchandising, aka fabulous gayness. However, four weeks into my freshman year I knew that corporate, i.e. finance, marketing, accounting, was more my style and promptly switched majors but continued my passions for fashion and retail. I’ve worked at American Eagle Outfitters, Express, and Armani Exchange thus far on my travels.

Here are my top five choices this winter:


I’ve been on the hunt for a great couple of cardigans to add to my wardrobe for a few years now. I’ve finally started to find a few that I’ve liked. When I think of the perfect cardigan for a guy like me, athletic framed but smaller than most bio guys, fit, styling, and overall length definitely need to be taken into consideration. Same goes for you lady loving ladies; although I’ve just become hip to the fact that women’s cardigans are extremely long in most instances.

From my own personal collection (THANK YOU discounts from working at A/X)

Double Zip Cardigan from Armani Exchange

Now, anyone can really wear this, believe me my smaller and gayer co-workers have to fend off women with sticks for extra small at times.  I don’t want to be gender normative and make a “ladies” version, so here are just couple of different options from Urban Outfitters and JCrew.

Some Options at Urban:

[left] BDG Tipped Grandpa Cardigan $19.99
[right]BDG Striped Lambswool Cardigan $48.00

Some Options at JCrew:

Fine lambswool tipped cardigan $59.50

My second option from JCrew was called “hideous”, “god awful”, and “gross” and is being substituted with an approved suggestion from Tulle from a femme friend of mine.

Button Down Cardigan $46.40

Last year in the great Northeast there was blizzard that shut my entire campus down including an unfortunate power outage, where I had to sleep on the floor of a dining hall, gross. In that time, with the mounds of snow, I was probably the only fool outside in converses and no socks so this year my number two essential is SOCKS.

Socks are pretty much the (insert the most androgynous queer lady you can think of here) of the clothing world. Practically any one can wear any style.


[left]All Over Dino Sock $8
[right] Fred Perry Multi Stripe Sock $18

Sock Dreams is another personal fave, from fancy socks to even fancier sock garters, they keep the dandy boy in me satisfied.

[left] B.ella Gennaro Placed Square Blocks $15
[right] Diamond Rib Knee Highs $8

My next winter must-have is functional yet fancy and definitely better than my current over sized Timberlands, boots. Strong, sturdy, functional, a great boot should be all of these things and keep you warm.

This is my mecca boot for 2010/2011 Winter.

WOLVERINE: 1000 Mile Boots in Rust $325

Find something similar to it in black, brown, or whatever and just wear.


Now, denim is personal to everyone, so I’m not going to tell you to favor one fit over another. For me, my winter denim shifts to a much slimmer leg to tuck into aforementioned boots and to darker washes with browns and reds. It works for me but not everyone. Personally, I like Diesel’s Tepphar Jean and Armani Exchange’s J130 – Resin Coated Slim Fit Jean).
So I’ll leave your denim picks up to you, but I will say–do wear denim this winter; do own it, and try not to wear anything with holes that you can feel the wind through. Own your body and buy accordingly, you’re all beautiful, hot, sexy, etc.

Okay, moving on…

Last pick!

My constant need for this surpasses all. Its my favorite year round thing because it’s so versatile. However, I do love winter in regards to all the different kinds that come out during the year. It is my pleasure to give you Franco’s cherished fashion advice. The Number 5 but Number 1 item I must have this winter is Underwear, yes underwear. I know you ladies love underwear.  And just because its winter time and we are all bundled up like the Wampa from Empire Strikes Back doesn’t mean we neglect our under bits. Think about it, if your a Vickie’s kinda girl, the runway show just happened, if your not, Black Friday just passed–everything including skivvies are NOW ON SALE!

Why just a week ago, I got these lovely Hugo Boss trunks on sale, $8.

Alright here is a quick cheat sheet covering basic underwear deals from high femme to stone butch and everything in between.

Victoria’s Secret
Vickies always has some crazy 5/$25, 3/$25, or some jazz promotion going on from their Lacy Collection to their Pink Collection.

American Eagle Outfitters AEO and analogues of AEO run generally the same underwear promo for anyone who buys men’s underwear. I know for a fact AE runs a 2/$20 deal on boxers, boxer briefs, and athletic trunks. [Briefs are a rarity unless you have a ‘grade A store’]

Think VS’s Pink collection by American Eagle Outfitters. A little more accessible and has much better choice in clearance underwear. Keep an eye out, The Very Aerie Sale should be underway soon and undies have been known to go starting at $1.95!

Target (or Kohls or whatever else you can think of for your “go-to” and “tried and true” basic styles). From solids to some surprisingly cute styles from Fruit of the Loom, Champion, Hanes, and more, these stores have you covered. You’re sure to find something you want…maybe even in a MULTIPACK!?!?! (score)

And for the true bargain hunters check out something like TJ Maxx for closeout and discontinued stock of many, many favorite brands.

That is my must-have list this winter, all you straddlers out there. I hope you enjoyed my guest blogging!

And for those of you who DID NOT get the Star Wars joke, this is a Wampa.

Warmest regards, Franco the Dandy Cublette

Alright that about wraps it up! REMEMBER there’s a lot of cool stuff out there, but ONLY YOU can find the look you want for your body shape. Go through a bunch of different options and don’t get frustrated! Hopefully the spirit of giving finds its way into your life this holiday season and drops some sweet new ropas into your lap.

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  1. I like that hideous, god awful, gross cardigan that was pictured, though somehow I don’t think I’d be able to pull off a men’s large/extra large.

    Also, the shoes(on the right) that are on the Featured Stories graphic, anyone know what those are?

    p.s. I want all the boots.

    • I didn’t actually get to put the photo of the ugly sweater. I was told it was too ugly had gross zipper and such, and that I should never pick out women’s clothing. However, that JCrew Male identified cardigan is so so swell and unfortunately sold out in every size except xlarge now, for shame.

        • You should move to Montreal. It gets hella cold here. And you’ll be able to imaginary cuddle with your imaginary lover, Terracottatoes

          • But that is not where I live. Remember when we discussed that you were moving in with me? What happened to that? I sent you a U-haul and everything. /stupid joke to get back at you for the clam thing

          • actually i’m going to claim e for my own because i like to pretend we have the same name even though secretly deep down inside of me i know her real name is [A SECRET].

          • I will not allow you to OBJECTIFY and CLAIM e as your own as though she were a piece of LAND or a sack of SILVER COINS you found in the middle of the ROAD. e deserves RESPECT, not to be APPROPRIATED. I AM DISAPPOINTED. I am SO disappointed that you have FORCED me to randomly CAPITALIZE.

            (would you be amenable to timesharing e?)

          • stop trying to make this about [A SECRET] when clearly your JEALOUSY has OVERTAKEN all your ability to think RATIONALLY. just to let you KNOW the THREE of US might all go to the SAME school NEXT YEAR. how are you going to DEAL with that PROXIMITY.

            (timesharing sounds fine. i get her tuesday, thursday, and saturday. sunday can be family picnic time.)

          • I am so upset right now. I think e is a little hussy. She’s clearly been making a lot of promises to a lot of people. You can have her. Do you hear that, e, do you?! THEY CAN HAVE YOU. I DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE. YOU’VE GOTTEN THE LAST PICTURE OF ME WEARING A DILDO THAT YOU WILL EVER RECEIVE. NO MORE DILDO PICTURES. EVER.

          • I feel like making popcorn when you kids get going.

            Take that anyway you’d like. I know you will.

  2. for the love of winter don’t waste your money on those texting gloves, knit them yourself (OK, those ones are crochet, but you can knit them too). They don’t even have a freaking thumb gusset because, I don’t know, maybe thumb gussets are hard to make when you’re crocheting (hookers, man, IDK) BUT ANYWAY WHATEVER. It’s real simple and goes like this:
    1. Knit a square.
    2. Sew it up the side and leave a hole.

    OKAY NOW YES those ones aren’t exactly garter stitch BUT buy a stitch dictionary and make a pretty lace square, that’s OK! You can do it in the round too and then you don’t have to sew it up. OH HEY LOOK WHAT’S THAT IT’S LIKE FIVE FREAKING ZILLION FREE PATTERNS (OK, 1271, that’s a lot of patterns) ON RAVELRY SORTED BY POPULARITY (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#photo=yes&craft=knitting&view=captioned_thumbs&query=fingerless%20mitts&availability=free&sort=queues but you have to be a member but here, how about a hers’n’hers couple pairs of Dashing (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/PATTdashing.html) and Fetching (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html)? I gave a pair of Nalu mitts (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nalu-mitts) to one of my fave lesbos last year and she was pretty into them. Pair of those and a matching hat and you’ll be as warm as if you sliced open a tauntaun and climbed inside. (And way less smelly.) Or you could knit Ysolda’s totally hot garter mitts (http://ysolda.com/2007/11/25/garter-stitch-mitts/). These ones look a lot like the ones in the photo (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emerald-green-handwarmer).

    oh my gosh you guys, I know knitting isn’t for everyone and for some stuff (sweaters) it’s cheaper just to buy. But mitts are like the funnest things in the world to knit and I reckon they’d be a great starter project. and you know how many queers there are in the crafty world. SO MANY. it’s like middle aged housewives, hipsters, and us. don’t get ripped off buying those things (TWENTY DOLLARS for reals the yarn is probs only worth 5 and it’s not like they’re handmade.)

    Also: that studded scarf thing on the first page. man. I want that. I would never look as hip as the invisible person wearing it in the photo. but it’s so cute.

    • I just ordered some of their, uh, damnforgetthename…Like boxer briefs but lowrise and shorter. trunks or something? whatevs, they came in bright green so i snagged some!
      (along with some cute aerie undies for my girlie. :D)

      Good to hear they’re awesome. Are they soft? I love me some soft underthings. mmm.

      • Low Rise Trunks? Oh yeah they are awesome. I have a ton from my working at American Eagle days. They last pretty long time and stay pretty soft. They keep their color pretty well too. The new waistband is also much more comfortable than their old just elastic waist band. Woo for bright green!
        And good call, gotta do one for her one for you.

        • Haha, well, more like 4 for her, 2 for me. They’re part of her christmas present after all. ;) (Rockin’ 5/$25 deal).
          Good to hear they’re nice trunks.

          Ugh, now I has a sad though. AE lied to me and my package is being shipped UPS instead of USPS like I was led to believe…thus package is being mailed to the wrong address and I probs won’t get it in time. facepalm.
          such is life! I have other things for her.

          • Darn that aerie! You can get a billion ladies undies during sales for 20 bucks but you can get two maybe three on a boxer/brief sale.

            Did you try contacting either? With a lite legwork they should be able to update you shipping info.

            If you have other stuff for her, no face palm. more like high five for planning ahead!

          • Oh yes, I sent them a slightly annoyed but respectful e-mail. We’ll see what they come up with. :P

            Ahhh, I know right. 5/$25 ladies vs 2/$20 mens. :( Lol at least I wear both so I snag some aerie ones every so often.

            And more like high five for spending-more-than-I-should cause I want to buy her ALL THE THINGS. Her birthday is pretty soon after christmas though, so even if they’re late I can turn them into birthday gift.

      • oh yes the low rise trunks are the ones i’m talking about. they’re worth the money! and you can get some on clearance too for ~$8. (i hope you checked that?)

  3. This is clearly not written for real winters. A cheap wool coat will not be warm enough once it gets below freezing.

    • it’s true that sometimes what you can afford just isn’t enough to keep you warm… :( that’s where layering comes in. like onions. and ogres. and parfaits (yumm)


        oh my god. so many points you just earned for that reference i have been making to clueless glares for the past nine years.

  4. My favorite boots ever are Doc Martens. I’ve been wearing the classic 8-eye style forever; they are unbelievably comfortable and supportive in all terrain and most weather (they are not insulated, so I wear them with cozy socks on frigid New England days). The best part is that they look super stylish while also alerting the world that I do, in fact, mean business.

  5. I’m currently so hot I’m considering divorcing my wife and marrying the air-conditioner instead (turns out they were right. Marrying inanimate objects relly does come next) and I STILL want that fuzzy hat/coat/tights/boots combination.

    Damn opposite hemispheres. The internet is forever making me want things I can’t have/

  6. Dear Autostraddle, my cousin is fashion-y and might be interested in writing a similar piece for us southern hemisphere/not-so-cold northern hemisphere peeps? Would that be something that you would be interested in? She blogs and things so knows how to write (if that makes sense). Just an offer x

    • It is something *I* would be interested in. Maybe if AS doesn’t want it she can just email me pretty clothes? And then maybe organise someone to buy them for me…

      • Awesome. I shall get her to do that, she’s pretty good at things like finding awesome clothes. She does it for a job even.

  7. Hey, I could use some advice! Sooo I want to wear boxer briefs because I love them and the men shouldn’t get to have all of the fun. BUT sizing is an issue for me! I want my undies to be around my hips–I wouldn’t mind a little waistband peekage, but I don’t want the band actually at my waist and covering my navel and all that. Do I need to give up that hope? If not, how do I find a size that fits comfortably around my hips but isn’t gigantic in the ass? You see, my waist is approx. 11 inches smaller than my hips, and I have a tiny ass. Not very conducive to boxer briefs.

    • Here are some suggestions
      Calvin Klein’s men’s Hip brief:


      Its not a Boxer Brief but a brief that sits lower on your hips.

      Emporio Armani Lady version of their popular men’s trunks if that might help your hips


      And lastly actual advice: No you don’t need to give up that hope! Waistband peekage is swell and you can have it too! If you want a trunk/ square cut boxer brief, try 2xsist. They fit pretty well in the waist but stretch well all over. Or even try a low rise trunk/boxer brief/ etc, they are actually sized to fit your hip and give a tiny bit of peekage. Word to the wise, try and find an underwear that doesn’t have the word contour pouch so that you don’t have an oddly shaped front region.

      Try some of these sites: mensunderwearstore.com (free shipping)
      macys.com (all types most designers actually offer an identical version for women)

        • Hi, I’m butting in to suggest some more to you! :)

          I wear the Hanes Premium Comfort Flex boxer briefs. They fit nice and smooth and snug on your thighs and don’t ride up at all when you pull up your pants, etc. They also come in “trunks” if you like the legs a bit shorter instead of mid thigh. They’re the ultimate in comfort and I’ll never ever wear a different kind.

          The only unfortunate bit is that the two packs don’t come in anything other than black/grey and dark blue/light blue.

  8. Here is a photo of me enjoying said H&M zippered cardigan. It has one a collar and big, deep pockets and it is the warmest thing I have ever put my body inside of. Idk, probs everyone should wear one and enjoy their coffee wrapped inside its magnificent warmth.

  9. My favorite part of winter is getting away with wearing my ridiculous hats. You can’t argue against a girl wearing a penguin/ mohawk/ wierd beret thing etc. when it’s keeping said girl warm.

  10. Those lace-up boots on the front page are SO MINE. Also someone needs to tell Jeffrey Campbell to make vegan versions of his shoes. Seriously so much fierce style.

  11. Franco, can you write more often??? I love your Star Wars references and Sock Dreams endorsements! SOCK DREAMS FTW!!!

    Also, warm vintage woolen peacoats and LL Bean hiking boots would totally impoverish me IF I bought them at a real store. But I bought them at a thrift and still have money for food and firewood.

    • I would love to write more often whether for AS or for myself (I lazily blog on occasion).

      My whole life is filled with Star Wars references and I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT! In fact, in honor of you, I’m going to watch star wars now and recite episode 4 line for line.

      Bartering also works. I traded for a bag full of clothes and hats with a lovely gent moving to Canada for a woolen bomber jacket that was too small.

      I will trade woolen peacoat for the secret to making fires anywhere….it would make me a much more marketable cub for the lovely muscle bears!

  12. I love winter soooo much because I get to wear weird hats originally make for children and sweaters with pictures of kittens on them!

  13. I wear my boots by Justin: yep, country. Specifically, these: http://bit.ly/eMBXDW
    They look like regular boots when your pant legs are down around them, not cowboy boots. Plus, they are way more comfortable then regular boots, almost like running shoes.

    Also, ALSO-you would not believe how many times I have been wandering around the forest, looking at all the new fallen snow and budding saplings thinking: you know what this moment needs, A GIANT BASS DRUM. Where can I get the giant fucking bass drum?!?! I must have it. It would be the perfect winter accessory.

  14. I could SO write a feature ALL ABOUT mountaineering clothes. Hey, I wear them pretty much all the time at the moment because it’s fuggin freezing in the UK right now. Honestly, all my disposable income gets spent on mountaineering clothes / gear.

    I am trying to master the near impossible by combining practical with cool right now, and surprisingly, most outdoors shops are wising up and actually designing some great stuff to keep you toasty AND fashionable in the sub-zero.

    My favourite winter purchase thus far:


    They are perfect with an iPhone, touchscreen camera, mp3 player etc.

    I also bought a trapper hat, which is my new love.

    I could spend a while day writing this… but I’m at work, so will get back to it.

    Dot x

  15. “. . . figuring out whether or not you should ask that cute girl to go ice skating.”

    Hint: yes you definitely should.

  16. Exceptional post! Perusing the images of clothes y’all selected felt like drinking a hefty mug of peppermint hot cocoa while a kitten in a santa hat snuggles with me in front of the fireplace. I particularly enjoyed all the boots suggestions, as well as the anecdote about the Russian photo prof. Her logic was really sound. Bravo, Becks! Can’t wait till spring!!

  17. Urban outfitters made the top ten list of anti-gay stores because the owner donates a lot of money to anti-gay campaigns. I know. Super upsetting.

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